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10+ Best PC Cleaner 2024 (According to Experts)

PC Cleaners

There are times when your PC will be suffering from slow processing speeds and certain processes will start to lag and bring down your whole system. And sure, certain times those things can happen due to some kind of malware that may have hijacked your PC. But it is most likely that your PC is facing performance issues due to certain optimization failures which can occur due to junk files piling up that you haven’t erased.

These kinds of junk files may be present in locations that you do not know about, or they could simply be cache files or temp files from your computer softwares that haven’t been deleted yet. Overall, the presence of these useless files can cause significant storage issues and your entire system will crash due to that.

In these cases, the need for a PC cleaner, an app that can erase such unnecessary files and optimize your PC, is needed. Using a PC cleaner can help you clear up significant space on your device and speed up its processing so that you won’t have to face further performance issues. Your system will become fast and efficient once again.

The trick, though, is finding which PC cleaner you should go for since most PC cleaners paint a pretty façade but are generally unable to perform such tasks and thus are fakes.

So in a world full of bogus PC cleaners, which ones legitimately optimizes and clean up your device? To answer that, we have compiled a list of some of the best PC cleaners on the web.

Let’s start.

What does a PC Cleaner do?

Since we know the gist of what a PC cleaner is, the next question would be how much functionality a normal PC cleaner has. To answer that, we can highlight the specifics of the basic features performed by a PC cleaner.

In order to clean up your device and thus optimize its performance, a regular PC cleaner should be able to clear up basic temporary files stored in several drives, like the software or system caches, temp files from file downloads, duplicate files that may have been created, and other such files that serve no purpose. In most cases, the erroneous files that may have been caused by malware are also removed. Clearing up your PC.

All of these tasks are assigned to a PC cleaner, and they help in restoring and boosting your PC’s performance.

Best PC Cleaner 2023:

The following list shows some of The Best PC Cleaners of the year 2023 and 2024:

  1. iolo System Mechanic – Speed Up Your PC
  2. CCleaner – Number-One Tool
  3. Ashampoo – Enhance Your Operating System
  4. Norton Utilities Premium – Optimize PC’s Processing Power
  5. AVG PC TuneUp – Cleans up your PC
  6. Razer Cortex –  Gaming Optimization Software
  7. Advanced SystemCare – All-In-One PC Utility
  8. Microsoft Total PC Cleaner –Clean System Caches
  9. Advanced System Optimizer – RAM and Junk Cleaner
  10. PC TuneUp Maestro –PC Cleaner Software

1- iolo System Mechanic:

IOLO System Mechanic

iolo System Mechanics is one of the best and most used PC cleaners if only for the fact that it has a lot of experience up its belt considering it has been around for a really long time. But perhaps the testament to its longevity has to do with how distinct and advanced its features are and how much it helps in optimizing your PC’s performance.

Thus, in a world full of scams, this PC cleaner has certainly wowed its users with how effective it’s working. Your device will be cleaned up and any lingering parts that may have been damaged can also be fixed through iolo.

Among its feature set, is the tool for cleaning up temporary or sometimes error files by running scans on your device. Once the perpetrators are detected, they are quickly removed. These temp files can also be browser histories, cache files, download data, etc. All of it can be removed. Other features include defragmentation of your hard drives and creating blocks against viruses and malware.

2- CCleaner:


Another cleaning tool that excels in advanced optimization features as well, is CCleaner. It has a great user interface, allowing it to be understood clearly and thus more people can make full use of its features without worrying about anything.

It helps you in clearing up your device, where you can search each and every device for redundant data or other such inconsistencies that may hinder your device’s performance or cause storage issues. You can also make use of its defragmentation tool which can help you fragment your hard drives into separate partitions.

A distinct feature that CCleaner has is the Task Killer tool that can help you stop certain tasks that may be running in your device’s background and are taking up valuable storage and processing speed. You can clear up your device by using this feature as well.

3- Ashampoo:


Clearing out data redundancies and improving system performance is all in a day’s work for Ashampoo WinOptimizer, a PC cleaner that excels in providing the best possible features for your PC so that your system won’t face any issues caused by storage issues or outside malware influence.

It is made specifically for Windows OS, so you can make full use of it.

The basic scans that other PC cleaners also run are also present in Ashampoo as it does a deep dive in your files to look for any errors or duplicate files or temporary files. Anything that may lag your device and slow down productivity.

With Ashampoo, no irregularities will be left behind as it incorporates advanced technologies to find what is causing these said irregularities no matter where they are hidden in, and thus remove them immediately. Truly a marvel.

You can also use its defragmentation tool for partitioning your hard drives to free up space.

4- Norton Utilities Premium:


Norton Utilities Premium is also a PC cleaner aimed at Windows OS operating PCs, so a lot of you can make full use of it. It has a plethora of features that work perfectly in tandem with your device to clear out any redundant or harmful data files that are causing processing failures and system crashes. By clearing them out, you can experience an optimized device, free of obstacles and hindrances.

This software utilizes optimization tools as well so that users can have a fully formed experience. All parts of your device will be thoroughly looked over to remove any erroneous files that are causing your system harm. All of those files are completely destroyed so that there are no remnants left behind.

Plus you can make use of its defragmentation tool to create partitions of your hard drives. Truly a win-win.

5- AVG PC TuneUp:


Another on this list of PC cleaners that deals directly with Windows operating PCs, AVG PC TuneUp is a great choice for Windows users to improve their performance and free up ample storage space that is being occupied by sometimes malicious or unnecessary files. Your overall PC performance will definitely be enhanced by using AVG PC TuneUp.

You can also use a kill switch on any background processes that may cause hindrances. The other basic function of doing a full PC scan to deduce if storage can be cleared is obviously also present in AVG, and you can make use of many other optimization tools that it offers as well.

It is therefore an adequate and fully rounded PC cleaner that you should definitely consider.

6- Razor Cortex:


Razer Cortex is another solid PC cleaner that is aimed at clearing up space for heavier processing speed using softwares. And to achieve such a feat, Razer Cortex utilizes advanced technologies to reach optimal PC performance speed. This sort of PC cleaner can come in handy for gamers who have loaded up heavy gaming softwares and wish to achieve maximum optimization.

It does the basic and full searches of your PC to find any anomalies to remove and to make use of the tools at its disposal to render fast CPU functions.

Using Razor Cortex, you can fully optimize your device.

7- Advanced SystemCare:

advance system

Advanced SystemCare is a great PC cleaner in the sense that it has all the tools available that are necessary to clean up your PC from damaging files. It optimizes your PC so that you can experience fast processing speeds and error-free directories.

The cleaning of your device ventures into deep cleaning mode as it scans through your files looking for irregularities or redundancies and removing them if they serve no purpose. Your system speeds will improve exponentially through this software and result in a fully optimized device that serves its multiprogramming features well.

Advanced SystemCare also helps you protect yourself from outside harmful experiences through different mediums like the internet or secondary storage devices that get plugged in. This software will take care to thoroughly look through all of them to remove all problems and issues that the system may be facing.

8- Microsoft Total PC Cleaner:

total PC cleaner

Another open-source PC cleaner, Microsoft Total PC cleaner is Microsoft’s own foray into the world of system security, and since the name Microsoft is attached at the helm, it is quite obvious that this tool will be extremely efficient in its performance. Also, the fact that it is aimed at Microsoft users is also a plus point.

The thing with Microsoft Total PC cleaner is that it helps remove all the unnecessary data that might be stored somewhere on your device, which has started to cause storage issues and as a result, your device has started to lag. This software clears out those files and helps restore optimal CPU processing speed. And since it’s available freely on every PC using Microsoft Windows, you can make use of it even more easily.

The in-depth knowledge that it has of your PC, along with its deep view scans, and the fact that this is available at your disposal at all times, makes it the perfect candidate for a PC cleaner.

9- Advanced System Optimizer:

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is a PC cleaner tool that was designed for Windows users, as it was built with the Windows framework in mind. As it is an optimizing tool does not insinuate that it is only an optimization tool, but it also comes with a slew of other features as well whose primary goal is to enhance your systems’ overall performance.

As such, Advanced System Optimizer goes through your computer drives and scans them thoroughly to vet out any abnormalities or redundancies that may be present in the form of files. All such files will be quickly detected and then removed, helping boost your system. Your system will thus face better operability and it won’t crash as a result. And since Advanced System Optimizer frequently searches through your files, you won’t have to face future issues either as they will be nipped in the bud quickly.

Another thing about Advanced System Optimizer is that it is free of cost, and you can easily load it onto your PC, provided of course that you are running on a version of Windows OS.

This tool has other features as well, such as defragmentation of your local hard drives, and additional security protection against viruses and malware.

10- PC TuneUp Maestro:

An advanced PC cleaner software, PC TuneUp Maestro is open-source software and has brought about several features that can help you increase your system performance by several degrees.

It has all of the basic tools that are necessary for a PC cleaner to possess if they wish to clear up your device from what plagues it, like files that serve no purpose other than to lag your device by taking up too much space. You can also make use of the defragmentation feature that it offers as that is also top-notch.

Other than that you can use the various tools that it has just for the purpose of scanning your device for inconsistencies and repairing damages caused by a system failure, storage issues, malware, error files, etc. All of these metrics are dealt with, thus ensuring you that your device status is fully healthy.

Which PC Cleaner Should You Choose:

In the end, it is apparent that there need to be tools set in place to help you clear up storage space that is being taken up by tedious files that serve no purpose but have evaded your notice. So by making use of PC cleaners, you can remove such files and clear up your device.

The only question is which tool you should use, and for that exact reason, we have compiled this list of intuitive and highly functional PC cleaners that aim to increase your PC’s performance by major degrees.

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