pCloudy Review 2024 – Is It Best Mobile Application Testing platform?

pCloudy Review 2024 – The best online platform for mobile and web application testing

Whether your brand has a web application or mobile application, which can also be termed as the online shop is the greatest source of communication, branding, and service providing a medium for your business. An excellent web/mobile application can serve all your business goals like increasing the acquisition, conversion, and retention rate.

Hence the quality of web/mobile applications matters the most, therefore brands are looking for web or mobile application testing platforms to enhance the quality and speed of their applications.

pCloudy is a cloud-based continuous testing platform designed to enhance the quality and speed of a web and mobile application. pCloudy consists of two independent clouds called the browser and the device cloud. The browser cloud is the cloud of laptop devices for testing desktop web applications whereas the device cloud consists of mobile devices for testing mobile applications.

The browser cloud and the device cloud consist of 2000+ and 500+ respectively device browser combinations to ensure cross-compatibility among various devices which helps users to perform mobile application testing and web application testing on almost all the devices available in the market.

pCloudy being a continuous testing platform enables the users to perform testing at high speed and get qualitative results. Apart from this, it integrates many test automation tools and frameworks like Selenium, Appium, Espresso, etc to enable test automation at high speed.

It consists of a number of out-of-the-box features to make testing simple and seamless. It also consists of AI-enabled futuristic features like “Certifaya” an AI bot which gives health check-up report of the application under test.

pCloudy being a cloud platform, you can access it 24/7 from anywhere and at any time and also helps in saving you from investing in physical labs. Also, pCloudy is highly scalable which helps you in adding and removing any number of devices enabling you to invest only in the number of devices required in a particular project.

Let’s discuss some of the key features of pCloudy:

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Wildnet: Wildnet is a feature that enables the testers to test their private or local servers in any accessible device in pCloudy. For security reasons, many organizations opt for staging platforms for testing their private servers, but Wildnet in pCloudy eliminates this task. It reduces the time and cost required in setting up the staging server by providing a security shield between the customer’s private server and the devices in pCloudy.

QR code/barcode scanner: The QR code scanner enables the users to scan the QR code for any device present in pCloudy. Many mobile apps use QR code scanners for a product or user identification. So the QR code scanner in pCloudy helps to ensure that the QR code scanner present in your application works smoothly.

The object spy feature makes the automation testing very simple for users to identify the object elements of an application. Recently this feature has been made available for Android 11 and IOS 14.

Capability Configurator:

While creating automation test scripts you require certain capabilities like platform version, device name, test suites, test cycles, time to run the single device, etc to execute the test cases. The capability configurator is one of a kind of filter that simplifies the testing task by automatically providing the required information through filtering.

Data Persistent :

The data persistent ensures that all the older data like reports are deleted through some settings. This feature is used by the admins of pCloudy working in the data maintenance department. The users are informed well in advance before deleting any data from their accounts.

App Language Change

This feature helps users from overseas to use pCloudy in their native language. The “App Language Change” enables the users to change the language of the installed application in their native language.

Why choose pCloudy over others

Now let’s discuss some of the unique features that make pCloudy stand out among other testing platforms.

Supports web application testing as well as mobile application testing :

pCloudy supports two independent clouds called the browser cloud and the device cloud for testing desktop web applications and mobile applications respectively. The browser cloud consists of 2000+ device browser combinations and the device cloud consists of 500+ device browser combinations which help in maintaining cross-compatibility with almost all devices available in the target market.

It’s a continuous testing platform

pCloudy is a continuous testing platform that enables to perform testing at a high speed. It also supports all the high-end technologies like mobile DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery to accelerate the speed and enhance the quality of the application under test.

Integrates multiple test automation frameworks

The pCloudy platform integrates a number of test automation frameworks like Appium, Selenium, Robotium, XCUIT Test, etc to accelerate the speed of application testing and provide efficient results.

Highly scalable

pCloudy is an extremely scalable mobile application testing and desktop application testing platform. It consists of multiple devices for testing your applications and you can add or remove any number of devices as per your project requirements.

Highly accessible

pCloudy is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed for 24/7 from anywhere and anytime. It is highly beneficial for teams geographically separated and can maintain business continuity in odd times like pandemic.


  • Supports multiple integrations like Appium, Selenium, Robotium, and XCUIT.
  • Supports continuous testing
  • Highly scalable
  • Its pricing plans include an unlimited number of minutes for manual and automation testing
  • Real iOS and Android devices
  • App performance statistics
  • Access to detailed reports (logs, screenshots, videos)
  • Real-life network simulation
  • Localization testing


Applications are the main source of communication and providing services to the users. This has led to the evolution of test automation and testing platforms which helps to enhance the functioning, look and feel, and overall performance of an application.

The evolution of web and mobile applications is also leading to dynamic demands of the market and users and any delay in the services might be a deal-breaker. Hence organizations are looking for a testing platform that is faster, qualitative, and convenient. pCloudy is a testing platform that is a one-stop-shop for testing mobile applications and desktop web applications.

Being a cloud platform it is highly accessible and can be used from anywhere and at any time. These qualities make it highly recommendable for building high-performing mobile and web applications.

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