PDL Profit Review: Is It Best Finance Affiliate Network 2023

PDL Profit Review:

A Global Economic Recession is upon us. Not surprisingly, the Payday Loans market is expected to reach new heights. Loan offers are HOT and will only get HOTTER.  If you’re not running these recession-proof offers, you’re missing out!

If you are a publisher looking for ways to earn extra money or you are an advertiser with many financial products such as payday loans, this article is definitely for you. 

Below you will get acquainted with a Ukrainian CPA network that has been operating on the market for several years, paid its publishers when Covid-19 started and continues to pay even after the start of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. Their business model is sustainable, as PDL-Profit is focused on working with TIER-1 and TIER-2 countries: USA, Latin America, Asia, Europe

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What Is PDL Profit?

PDL-Profit was founded in 2019 and in such a short time has managed to make a name for itself in the industry thanks to its excellent services. The company has been growing its network at such a fast pace that they are now generating up to 10,000 leads daily in the payday loan vertical. It also claims to have more than 1,500 publishers connected to it. PDL-Profit operates in payday loans, cryptocurrency, and insurance niches, among others.

So, what is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a type of short-term loan that a lender provides to a borrower at a high-interest rate. After the introduction, let’s see what else we can say about the platform.

Does It Serve Internationally?

The company has more than 200 Payday offers and currently serves in the United States, Philippines, Latin America, India, and Europe. This vast list of countries makes it a platform that is being used by people of different cultures and languages.

How Are The Payouts?

You do not have to wait to withdraw your payments after receiving them. You will receive instant 0-day payments, which means that you can withdraw your profits literally minutes after they are shown in your affiliate dashboard. The minimum threshold for your withdrawal is only $50. Being an internationally working company, they offer you to receive your payments through a wide variety of platforms. These include PayPal, Payoneer, Tether, WebMoney, Visa, Mastercard, etc.

What About The Offers?

They currently have more than 200 offers for their customers, but they are very open to creating new offers for you. If you are looking for some offers that are not on their list and you think that they should be, talk to them, and they will get it for you!

What Else Are You Getting Access To?

If you join the network and start working with it, you will not only receive the offers and benefits mentioned above, but you will be getting access to a lot more than that. Some of these include:

1) SMS-Sender Services:

The company allows you to send more than 4000 SMS per month to your potential leads. You will just have to add the number and the text message and press ‘Send’ to see the magic happen.

2) Showcase Builder:

Showcase Builder will help you increase your CR or conversion rate to up to 30%! The company keeps a full history of every borrower that you had and will have their offers customized such that every targeted person sees a different and most suitable one. It is the most user-friendly showcase builder on the market right now. You do not need to face any hosting-related fuss to avail the offer too.

3) Smartlink:

This will take your CR up to 150%! Their highly efficient and intelligent algorithm will analyze every user and then show him or her the most relevant and suitable offers. This leads to the best chance of conversion. They will attract your traffic to a single URL, and then the system will direct it to where it will convert the best.

4) Mobile Applications:

Are you looking to own a mobile application for your company? Yes? Then they have a perfect solution for you. You just have to text their customer support, and they will give you the relevant code and the most suitable advice for that.

5) API Integration:

Why Choose PDL-Profit?

With all the discussion that we have done above, we are not done yet! There is so much more you need to know about the platform that will get you to keep going with it. Some of the major features that make it stand out in the crowd are:

  1. Financial offers in any GEO: As mentioned above, if you think that none of their offers suit you, you simply have to contact their customer support, and they will come up with a solution within 15 days.
  2. Maximum bids on the market: This means that the company focuses on earning with minimum margin and earning on volume. This leads to the most profitable rates for publishers. They say that for almost 90% of their offers, the rates are 5% to 15% higher than the market.
  3. Bonus payout bumps for big traffic volumes.  (Payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Tether, Webmoney, Visa, Mastercard etc.)
  4. Instant payouts: withdraw your profits as early as minutes after it shows up in your affiliate dashboard.  (Minimum threshold $50.)
  5. Advantages related to technology: They not only assist you with what you need but will also help you technically. Smartlink, mobile applications, etc., are some of the examples that prove this point.
  6. Personal Manager: You receive not only a list of offers to choose from but also a personal manager that is an expert and will help you in choosing the most profitable offer for you.

Who Does It Suit More?

The company is proven suitable for both publishers and advertisers. As a publisher, you will be receiving a number of benefits, including help from the company, whereas as an advertiser, you will get to choose from more than 1500 publishers that are connected to the network. Qualified account management and fast integrations are also some of the other small surprises that you will encounter after joining the network.

How Are They Reviewed?

The company has some amazing reviews on the amazing work that they have done in such a short period of time. Their website displays some of the reviews from advertisers and publishers that have worked with them in this period. They take pride in their work, and the display of reviews is proof of that.

Final Words:

Join PDL Profit Now!

To conclude the discussion, all we have to say is that the recommendation that we have for you is not on any superficial bases. We have done a deep study of the company, looking at what they can provide and what they cannot. And guess what?

They have what you need to work. They can benefit you as a publisher, and they can benefit you as an advertiser. Being international is another perk, and their withdrawal policies will make you go for them no matter what. I mean, who does not let their partners wait for their payment? They do not. The way they have started their growth is also phenomenal. With the number of clients they are getting every day, you cannot even imagine what great is coming for them in the future.

So, do not miss your chance and go give them a try! 1.5k satisfied affiliates are already working with PDL-Profit!  Ready to join?

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