PickYourSkills Review (2024): The Best SaaS Solution

PickYourSkills Review 2024:

Are you looking for a great SaaS solution? Then you are at the right place as we have something special for you. As businesses become more competitive, the teams present in a company have to work really hard in order to provide the best results. Well, there are some times where a team isn’t able to work through their project and deliver really bad results. Most of it is related to poor project management and lack of some necessary skills.

If you want a solution that can help you in managing the schedules as well as the skills of your team then PickYourSkills is a great place to start. Today, we will take a deep dive into the company and all the features that it provides. And whether you should use PickYourSkills or just simply avoid it.

What is PickYourSkills?

PickYourSkills is the only SaaS solution that allows you to manage your team’s schedule and skills at the same time. Most of the time, teams only get an Excel sheet to work but PickYourSkills optimizes the resource scheduling in a way so that your team can be more effective and thus reproduce results that are outstanding. It is hard to build the best project teams but with PickYourSkills, it is really simple. Teams are allocated to a project through a resource request process.


You can then identify the teams that are the most relevant. Intelligently plans your workloads and optimize them and keep completing projects. In this way, you can easily build an amazing project team without much effort. You just need the right techniques.

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There are two types of products in PickYourSkills:

  • Assignment
  • Skills

1- Assignment:

The first thing that PickYourSkills focuses on is assignment completion.

  • Optimal Assignment Process

The optimal assignment process is the one in which the load plan is optimized and the resources are allocated. PickYourSkills digitalizes and combines all of your assignment needs. The project managers easily find everything in a single place which allows them to process them faster. A great way to reach the optimal assignment process is by setting up intelligent notifications and validations. They make sure that the employee is informed of the assignment.

You need to build all the solutions from the assignment itself. There is an intelligent search engine that you can choose to easily identify the most relevant profiles for a project. Another great feature is that you can manage your resources without any effort. There is also real-time monitoring present that allows you to change something if deemed necessary. You are also able to customize the reports as well.

  • Assignment Requests

PickYourSkills has simplified the assignment request system. There is no need for requests by e-mail rather you can find all the resources in a single place. You can view all the search criteria and suggestions that are associated with every request. The search engine answers each request accordingly. You can distribute requests based on the scope. There is also the functionality of viewing the processing status for each request.

  • Automatic CV Report

You can even import and export your CVs. PickYourSkills automatically combines all the company’s CVs and generates a pre-built template. You can then choose the experience and skills of your employee depending upon the need of the client. In this way, the CVs of the project team are going to be suitable for upcoming business opportunities. You can further export your CVs in the format asked by the client without altering the template. If there is any update then the CV gets updated accordingly. You can also use the search engine for searching a relevant employee’s CV.

  • Reporting Assignment

Using PickYourSkills, you can easily analyze the occupancy rate of your teams. You can immediately check if there is any overload and avoid any of the under loads as well. This can be done by controlling the occupancy rate of each employee. You can then measure the impact of assignment on the projected load rates. In this way, you can identify the availability date of each employee and plan the project according to the date. Thus, you can optimize while avoiding any major conflict.

2- Skills:

The skills of the employees are the main keys to the project and their commitment to it.

  • Active Management of Competencies

You can easily centralize the skills of our employees and this allows you have a dynamic mapping of all the skills. With the dynamic mapping, you get an updated and actionable tool. It works using the 360-degree evaluations and feedback integrated directly into the software. In this way, you can promote more teamwork and collaboration. You can increase the transparency with your employees and set up more career paths.

  • Centralization of Aspirations

Through PickYourSkills, you are able to motivate your employees as you also get them involved with the assignment process. Thus, you can increase the visibility of the collaborators on future as well as current projects through direct access to the project. With the help of the “like” function, you can motivate the employees to express their interests. You can also give them a chance of choosing the project that they prefer.

  • Career Path & Mobility

With the help of PickYourSkills, you can build job descriptions that are more in line with your activity. You can build a database of the positions through which the employee can navigate. For each of the jobs, you can indicate the skills that are required for reaching a specific position in the company. There is also the option of specifying the expertise required for guiding employees. In this way, you will give your employees a way to freely express their job descriptions. Thus, you will be able to find out their level in real-time. The employees will also be able to compare their own skills with the project. This will help in increasing transparency.

  • Feedback & Evaluation

With an automated system, you can save a lot of precious time. You can directly import a customized your evaluation forms to PickYourSkills. The forms are also pre-filled through automation. The notifications are also automatically sent to the teams. So, in this way, you can build an evaluation process that is completely unique to your company. The employee appraisal data is securely stored and can be segmented.

  • Competency Reporting

PickYourSkills allows you to analyze recruitment and training needs. You can visualize every skill available in the company. It displays in real-time the skills that employees have or want to develop in them. You can also get the average score of every employee based on a certain skill. This helps in developing precise knowledge about your employees. You can follow the progress of each of your employees and accompany teams in the projects.

You can also start training if there is a shortage of skills. It also allows you to use upskilling and integrate it with the development strategy. Using the skill analysis, you can easily adapt to your newer needs.

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  • Optimizing Project Planning
  • Mapping Employee’ Skills
  • Managing Staff Requests
  • Identify the best team for a certain project
  • 360-Degree Feedback
  • Ease of Use
  • Online Support


  • Online Support isn’t very comprehensive

Final Verdict:

It is hard to come by project management softwares that will actually improve your workflow. But PickYourSkills is special as it provides you with a lot of features, all of which are designed to provide you the best project management experience. There are features that increase transparency so that the employees can express their own interests in a project. The whole system is very well-thought-out and works really well. If you are looking for project management software, then PickYourSkills is definitely worth it.

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