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Platformly Review 2024: Is It Best Marketing Automation Platform?

Platformly Review 2023:

Are you looking for the best tool to manage your business needs? There are a lot of marketing tools present in the market that are designed to help you in managing your business. This software makes it possible for you to get your business to new heights.

The most important thing to get more popularity is a good advertisement. With proper advertisement, you can easily reach out to more customers. If you want your business to reach new heights, then Platformly is the one tool that you need.

There is a lot of software in the market that is really good at some things but bad at others. Platformly is the one tool that will provide you with all of the tools needed to up your business. So today, we are going to take a deep dive into Platformly and see why it’s the best tool for businesses.

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What is Platformly?


Platformly is basically a business and advertising management tool. It is designed for people looking to grow their businesses in the most effective way possible. It’s a very user-friendly platform so beginners won’t have any issues. Everything is laid out in a very understandable manner.

Advertising is straightforward with this tool as it allows you to track precisely. All of the user activity can be tracked even if they are on other websites for various campaigns.

With Platformly, you can quickly get the most amount of detail, which will help you in understanding your customers. It will also help you know which activities result in the most significant number of sales. In a nutshell, you can better understand your customer base and what they like about your products.


Some of the main characteristics of Platformly are:

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Real-Time Overview
  • Dedicated Command Center

You get a trial that will help you to understand better all of the tools that are available to you. It is straightforward to access Platformly for any big or small company.

How Does Platformly Work?

Platformly uses Customer Relationship Management to keep track of all of the customers and their engagements. All of the information is available to the user in the form of a customizable dashboard.

There are many useful integrations present in this tool, such as Facebook, Zapier, and Google Analytics, to name a few. You also get an automation tool that provides you with more advanced features like automatic responses to emails, template automation, etc.

This tool helps them grow their business much faster. Platformly is also designed for mobile devices as well, and you don’t necessarily need a laptop or a computer to use it. You can use your smartphone to check all of the analytics. The user doesn’t feel that he is wasting his time as he gets a really optimized experience.

Platformly Features:

Platformly is a very feature-rich tool and provides its users with a lot of really great features. Some of the more prominent features provided by Platformly are:

1- Dashboards:

The dashboards on Platformly are fully customizable. They are also beautiful and simple. Newcomers can easily understand what’s going on. With the help of this dashboard, the users can quickly check all of the analytics in real-time. It shows you all of the relevant data in a very presentable manner. You can easily take a glance at all your business and campaign activities.

2- Link Tracking:

Link Tracking is another one of Platformly unique features. This feature is provided by some other tools as well, but none of them works as seamlessly as on Platformly. The tracking is very accurate and the fastest in the market as well. You can easily manage all of your campaigns and track everything in no time.

3- CRM:

If you want to improve your relationship and interactions with customers, then CRM is the way to go. It really helps you get in touch with your customers and provides you with an overview of your interactions with your clients. All of the updates are delivered in real-time, which makes things much more manageable. All of the customer’s blogs, information, and social media are available to you. Their previous interactions with your company are also shown, which helps maintain a good relationship with your current customers.

4- Automation:

One of the most extensive features of Platformly is its automation. You can easily set up automated emails and messages, which can then be sent directly to the right place. If one of your customers already has the product, then that mail won’t reach him as it is not required. So, this is an excellent way to advertise your business to the masses.

5- Reports:

You get a really detailed report of every activity if you use Platformly. All of the messages are optimized for both computer and mobile devices so that you can check them out on either one. In this way, you can easily have every business report when you are making any crucial decision.

Using Platformly:

It is straightforward to use this platform. If you have a lot of customers, then you can handle all of them due to the Platformly CRM system. You can use Platformly in your business in the following way:


There are many features present on Platformly, and you might be intimidated for the first time you use it. You should go through the UI first and check out all of the available categories:

  • Dashboard
  • Tracking
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Automation
  • Forms
  • Reports

Contact Importing:

You have to spend a lot of time importing the contacts on other platforms. But on Platformly, it is possible with a single click. You can easily use your CSV file to import all your contacts into your profile.


After you’ve completed your profile, you have the option to create tags based on your needs. There are segments available which allow you to split your contacts into various groups. This allows you to communicate with everyone easily.

CRM Filters:

There are various filters present on Platformly which will help you in finding specific clients. You can take advantage of the CRM filters to send the clients an email.


You can create a custom email template for your emails by using Platformly’s email builder. There are tons of templates to choose from, and this will really help you in getting the attention of your customers.

Forms and Landing Pages:

The opt-in forms are a really great way to boost your leads and get more sales. You have the option of creating these forms and landing pages from the plethora of templates available to you. Various elements of the forms can be removed based on your liking. You can also make them suitable for mobile devices too.

Platformly provides you the option of creating a lot of landing pages. There isn’t any coding involved so that anyone can do it. You can use the builder to build your landing page and then publish it with WordPress, Platformly, or any other third-party platform.


The immediate effect of using Platformly might not impress you that much, but as you continue to use the platform, you will notice a drastic impact on your business. The performance that you can get from Platformly is quite unmatched in the market. It can quickly boost your sales to a new height. The catchy landing pages and forms can be created in no time. You can quickly analyze every aspect of your business using Platformly.

The detailed reports will help you in getting to know what works for you. You can increase your sales and get repeat customers. If you aren’t using Platformly, then it will be challenging for the marketing department to keep track of every customer. If there is weak communication between the customers and your employees, you will have to face some dire consequences.

Customer Support:

The best thing about Platformly is its customer-focused approach. They have an outstanding and supportive team, which is always there in case you need them. Most of the prominent features that are available on Platformly are due to customer feedback. Their graphical interface is really appealing and user friendly. You will also get to know about the latest features being added to Platformly as they frequently post them on their blog. Their YouTube channel contains tons of tutorials for beginners.

Ease of Use:

The most impressive thing about Platformly is its ease of use. Their simplistic UI is really what sets them apart. The UI is also really customizable; thus, you can build it according to your taste.

Platformly Pricing:

Platformly is a very liberal platform, so it is suited for every type of company. Even if you are a small firm, you can still use Platformly and take advantage of their features and marketing expertise. Their pricing plans are extremely flexible, so you can easily select the one suited for you. If your business starts to grow, then you can choose a more premium package later on.

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The three available packages are:


  • Emails – 10,000
  • Dashboard – 1
  • Domain – 1
  • Integration – 5
  • Link Visits – 10,000
  • Page Visits – 10,000


  • Emails – 100,000
  • Dashboard – 5
  • Domain – 5
  • Integration – Unlimited
  • Link Visits – 25,000
  • Page Visits – 25,000


  • Emails – Unlimited
  • Dashboard – Unlimited
  • Domain – Unlimited
  • Integration – Unlimited
  • Link Visits – 100,000
  • Page Visits – 100,000

If you are a small business and looking to grow your business, then the Starter package will be the best for you. On the other hand, if you are a more prominent company and want to get more sales and leads, then the Unlimited package will be the best. The Growth package is suited for companies who are currently growing and want to handle their business in the best possible way.

You get a 15-day free trial on Platformly, which allows you to get familiar with the features available to you on this platform.


  • Ease of Use
  • Tons of Features
  • Simplistic UI
  • Superb Lead Generation
  • Solid Customer Support
  • Excellent Dashboard


  • It will take some time in finding out how every function works

Is Platformly Worth it?

Yes, Platformly is definitely worth it if you are looking for a platform to grow your business and attract more customers. They provide a lot of features and customizability, which helps you in getting the most out of it. Their top-of-the-line marketing tools will help you in getting more customers. You can also use their excellent customer support to get answers to your queries. So, if you are looking for the complete tool to grow your business, then Platformly is definitely the way to go.

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