Popular Genres Of Video Games in 2023

Got your new Xbox and wondering what games should you play. Gaming for entertainment is a must in the current era. To get your stress off games play an important role. Gaming helps to improve cognitive function. Therefore, it is a nice idea to play video games.

Just like movies, there are different genres of games. To pick a game totally depends on your mood. Whether you want to play battle games or simple adventure attracts you the most? First, you must know what type of games appeal to you. Let’s discuss the main genres of video games:

Genre Of Video Games:

1. Action Games:

It consists of games that require physical challenges of characters. All you need to know are some moves and actions that will help you to win the game. These games are liked by adults as well as children alike. If you are a person who like to accept challenges, then it’s a right choice for you. Some types of action games are:

Platform games: In such games the character has the ability to jump bigger heights and run fast to achieve the goals and assigned task. For example, Donkey Kong and Super Mario.

Shooter games: Shooter games are action games in which the player uses a weapon to defeat the opponents.

Fighting games: These games include physical fighting among players. These also include violated and exaggerated unarmed actions. For example, king of fighters.

Survival games: In such action games the player has to survive in a situation with minimum food and keep himself safe from supernatural creatures such as zombie. The task is also to collect weapons and fight back the creatures.

2. Action-Adventure Game:

These games include combat as well as tackling long term obstacles. These may include violent armed actions as well.

3. Adventure Games:

These are simple games in which player has to interact with the environment and solve puzzles. For example Firewatch, Walking dead, and the Wolf among us.

4. Simulation Games:

These are construction games in which player has to construct and manage a fictional community. Sometimes other community may attack, and the player has to defend that too.

5. Sports:

These include football, cricket, and other tournaments. A multiplayer game fit for sports lover includes FIFA and ICC world cup.

6. MMO:

Massively Multiplayer Online games allow you to play with multiple players and you can combat as well as communicate with other players through internet.

The Most Popular MMO Games are:

PUBG, Second Life and Eve Online. Mysterious games that are MMO too are becoming popular among gamers. The new Destiny 2 is also getting popular among players due to its story and action. The mysteries about solar system and the fight among players entertains a lot. As a beginner it can be tough to start with MMO games. However, if you are a player who love challenges than why not? You can read the guide Destiny 2 Beginner Guide to get more information about it.

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