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10+ Best Premium Link Generators in 2024

Why you should use a premium link generator is this; in today’s World or in your daily activities, the need to always download many files online to your local storages, probably for work, education, business, entertainment, fun etc. may arise.

You might still be skeptical and wonder why you need a premium link generator. Here’s why you need one. After reading this, I can assure you that you’ll see the need to start using premium link generators.
Almost everyone uses the internet daily, and at some point, you might need to download one or more files online to our local storage. These might be files related to work, business, academics, or entertainment amongst several other files we might choose to download.

However, with the myriad of premium link generators online, it becomes very challenging to select the best premium link generator. But you’ve got no worries because everything you need to know about selecting the best premium link generator is right here.

What are Link Generators?

Premium link generators are websites that allow users to get content from video hosting or content sites, for users who have not purchased the service with these premium file hosting sites.

In simple terms, a premium link generator grants you access to premium links of files you can’t afford to pay for, without having the premium account of that file, thus allowing you to enjoy premium services.
Premium link generators have been in use for several years, so it is Familiar to some people.

With premium link generators, the downloaders and uploaders get to enjoy equal benefits in terms of speed, large storage space, high anonymity, amongst other amazing features.

The Working From Premium Link Generators:

Premium Link Generator permits you to not pay file hosting fees online and instead download your files by creating a premium link. The websites are usually easy to navigate, and all services are completely free. The advanced leech scripts automatically download your file to our server. It doesn’t require an account with a premium subscription to download the file.

The linked files are stored on the servers & delivered to you at the highest speed, without advertisements, speed throttles or hourly limitations.
A file hosting site is a web-based hosting service specifically designed to store user data and user-generated files on servers. You can give or deny access to files by accessing or downloading them through your file hosting site as normal users.

There are also file hosting sites that offer free storage. It is typical to get one gigabyte of storage space for each file that you upload. To get the most value of your free space, it is advised to upload and download files daily or weekly. This will allow you to get the most out of your space.

File hosting services give you the freedom to upload unlimited numbers of files to your website. For each uploaded file, you will have to pay an uploader’s fee. FTP programs are used to upload files. If, for instance, I want to upload a 50-gigabyte file I would utilize my web browser to connect to the FTP application I am using.

Another benefit provided by these websites is file sharing. This allows you to share your files with other users. You don’t even need to sign up for a free account.

Advantages Of Premium Link Generators:

The main advantage of using a Premium Link Generator is that you can get access to premium download links. This not only allows you to download files faster, but it also allows you access to files that are not available for free on the public download page. However, Link Generators serve a couple more advantages:

1. Faster Download Speed 

Generally, when you download a file from a public download link, the download speed is low. This is because all the files are hosted on a single server and the download speed depends on the number of users downloading the same file.

However, when you use a Premium Link Generator, the file is hosted on different servers. This means that you can download your file much faster because you are not competing with other users for the same file.

2. No Waiting Times

When you download a file from a public download link, you will have to wait for the file to download. This is because the file is located on a single server and the server is busy processing other users’ requests.

However, when you use a Premium Link Generator, the file can be downloaded very fast because the file is not hosted on a single server and your server speed is not limited by the number of users downloading files from the same server.

3. You Are Not Paying For Downloads

When you use a Premium Link Generator, you are not paying for anything. The website/tool does not charge any fees or money for you to use their service.

For example, Tezfiles Premium users pay $12.50 per month for 20GB of content a day. Using a Premium Link Generator will enable you to bypass this cost and download an unlimited amount of content for free.

4. You Can Download Files Anywhere

When you use a Premium Link Generator, you can download your files from anywhere. You can simply download the files to your computer or send them to your mobile device.

5. Download An Unlimited Number Of Files For free

When you use a Premium Link Generator, you can download as many files as you want. There is no limit to how many files you can download.

6. No Restrictions

When you use a Premium Link Generator, there is no restriction as to how many files you can download, how often you can wait in-between downloads, the size limit of the files, or the download speed of your files. It is truly an unlimited experience.

10 Premium Link Generators Are Listed Below:

  1. Deebri
  2. Cocoleech
  3. Alldebird
  4. Revown Cloud
  5. Neodebrid
  6. Dasan.Co
  7. Hyperdebrid
  8. Uploaded Premium Link
  9. Premium Zen Link Generator
  10. Leechall
  11. Hungry Leech
  12. Bigspeeds
  13. Download Premium Link Generator

1. Deebrid Premium Link Generator:

Deebrid premium link generator comes handy for users whose desire is to get access to multiple file hosts. One of the key features of this link generator is its support for over 80 file hosting sites. This means that with one a single Deebrid account, you can seamlessly access all 80 file hosting sites. That’s not all, it uses about 70 streaming servers, thus assuring users speedy and quality service.

You might be wondering if a link generator like with access to over 80 file hosting sites have free features. Yes. It does. It also has some free features but with limited features and a free user limit of 1.20Gb and allows only a maximum of four transfers per day, hence, to get better services, I’ll suggest you go for the paid version to enjoy full benefits.

Aside from the many benefits you can get from using the paid version, it also features few other plugins. When it comes to speedy downloads, Deebrid boosts of high speeds and supports speed accelerator, thus making it blazingly fast.

2. Cocoleech Premium Link Generator:

Cocoleech Premium Link Generator

If you are a top fan that uses link Generators, with no doubt you can attest that Coco Leech is or remains one of the high-quality deebrid services anyone can get online, provided that such users know or require this type of service. Coco Leech is the best when it comes to using rapid Gator link generator.

The service offers free users up to 10 files to download freely without any limitations. You can use Coco Leech services without being a registered member, the free link generator is made available on the website homepage for everyone.

Coco Leech features a function that shows the last hundred files or links that users Generated with rapid Gator premium generator tool. The site also supports uploaded premium link generators and different Hosters. Recently, Coco Leech updated and upgraded their website platform design to a better graphic interface that enables easy and fast navigation by users.

So, all users can easily understand and use their professional services. Since the update of this feature, more results and growth have been attained by the company. So as a user, below is how to use Coco Leech files Downloader services for free.

3. Alldebrid Premium Link Generator:


Alldebrid is a French multi-Hosters that has been used for over a decade. Its users generate links and download at high speeds from over 77 file hosts and 999 streaming platforms. That’s quite great for a premium link generator. When it comes to security, Alldebrid is very secure and reliable, not just that, it is reasonably priced.

It is seamlessly responsive on desktops and mobile phones and offers the possibilities of direct streaming. Alldebrid offers their users multiple tools including add-ons for browsers, streaming, torrent file conversion, support for multiple download managers such as JDownloader, and more.

4. Revown Cloud Premium Link Generator:

leech space

Revown Cloud happens to be one of the best totally free premium link generators that supports so many good and better Features. Reevown offers amazing services, its recent upgrade features an additional 13 new file Hosters which enables users to use their premium link Generating links on many sites.

Not just that, Reevown went on to revamp their site to Reevown cloud, coupled with new features like new interface, updated traffic display info which includes info on the total amount of Gigabytes they can utilize per host.

5. Neodebrid Premium Link Generator:


The NeoDebrid premium link generator happens to be one of the best premium link generators and it comes in quite handy for its users. To use this premium link generator, you must register on the website. You get access to free 1Gb storage as soon as you sign into your new account. The NeoDerbrid premium link generator also comes in two versions, that is, the free and the paid version.
The paid version features amazing benefits from unlimited traffic, unlimited speeds, 24/7 support, over 30 file hosts, to its use of VPN. Not just that, it allows multiple link generation and requires no captcha.

6. Premium Link Generator:

dasan is another best and cheap premium link generator that grants access to online users, generates unlimited premium links directly from the file hosts and then enables same users to download the file at the fastest speed.

Dasan company supports the most popular or known premium file hosting sites such as:,,,,,,,,,, and more 50 plus file hosts.

7. Hyperdebrid Premium Link Generator:


Here is another Free Link Generator that Works so well for the purpose it was created. HyperDebrid link Generator can be accessed and used for free by all users. The site platform doesn’t require users to be registered before they can be able to use their premium generator services.

Hyperdebrid supports about 34 hosting websites which you can download from without encountering issues or errors of any kind. The site has lots of features for free users.

8. Uploaded Premium Link Generator:


Another best and working in our list here is Uploaded Premium Link Leech Download. This happens to be a free premium link Generator that has features like statistics, server usage, used traffic, server host and server limit. The function of the server limit is to show users when the premium file host isn’t working and with this information, one can easily switch to another premium file host. So, there is more to explore in this type of free premium file Generator.

Users are eligible to use more than 6GB server limit and most of the best premium file Hosters you can download from the Uploadedpremiumlink site are as follows: Uptobox, MEGA,, Fichier, file factory, etc. One of the best features I like about this site, is that the provides detailed information about the file you are about to download.

Also, to everything that has advantages, there is always a disadvantage. The major thing I dislike about this premium leech site is much of its advertisement (ads) and link shorteners that one must go through before getting to the main file to start downloading freely.

9. Premium Zen Link Generator:

Here is yet another best and amazing site you can explore its features for free. With
Premium Zen link generator, users can be able to get their desired file Downloaded to their devices without many processes. Premium Zen believes in simplicity and that’s why they incorporated in their system 3 easy steps users can follow to download their desired files.

The three easy steps this website Premium Zen is referring to when it comes to using their Premium link Generator is; Research for files, Copy the link of the file and then get the file Download to your device. Premium Zen supports about 6 Premium file sharing sites, and they include; Mediafire, Uploaded, Rapid Gator, Uploadgig, Uptobox and Turbobit etc.

10. Leechall Premium Link Generator:


Leechall link generator site Happens to be another best free Premium link Generator service that offers users easy and up to 3 files free Download, without being a registered member. With this site, Users have about 10GB file size per link and remember, you have about three slots for free download as unregistered user or member. So, this simply means, every free user has about 30GB to Download for free.

11. Hungryleech Premium Link Generator:

Hungry leech premium link generator services believe that rendering the best service is what they’re out for. The Promise every customer that they would give them the best quality services ever known in the world of premium link generator, and ever since then they have been doing their best in providing quality and best free premium download links generators.

So below is how to make use of their services. Hungry Leech supports about 4 hosts, and they are as follows: Rapid Gator, File Boom, Deposit files and Nitro Flare. This host link generator does not provide the option to check the server limits and the past uploaded files but in general, their website is very good for what it is termed to be.

The only uninteresting thing about this premium link generator is that the process is cumbersome, as you need to pass through stages before you get to what you’re looking for. Anyways, you will still get to see what took you there in the first place.

12.10-Download Premium Link Generator:


This is another Premium link generator that has one of the most amazing user interfaces, as the layout is so simple to use. 10 download premium link generator is such that is directly pointing to the service that users are asking or seeking for, it doesn’t have too many distractions except of few advertisements.

All the users need to do is to go to the official website, paste the link you wanted to download from and get the direct file Download link. The 10-download site supports two major hosts for direct File Download, and they are site and the 1fichier, having a file limit of 810MB and 2048MB respectively.

13. Bigspeeds Premium Link Generator:


Big speeds link generator also provides wonderful service, when it comes to generating links (URL) for Download. The site promises to deliver the best service when it comes to their online storage and Download system.
Recently we discovered that big speeds now redirect to Deep Brid, and this only tells that, deep Brid company owns the site, or they bought after its domain expiration. The support file Hosters and many others.


Now, downloading premium files for free has become significantly possible, and less difficult. Even if one premium link generator does not support your file source, you’ll find another free premium link generator that supports it. It might interest you to know that these premium link generators support most of the premium link generators available online. Not only that, but I also took time to list and review the free premium link generator. So, you can say goodbye to the days you couldn’t download files.

Having read through this article, you can now select the best premium link generators without hitches. Moreover, you can now get access to links that have been difficult to access because they are premium links. So, I’ll suggest you go use Deep Brid and Alldebrid as they are the overall best and best premium link generators online.

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