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ProxyCrawl Review (2024): The Best Scale All-In-One Data Crawling And Scraping Platform

ProxyCrawl Review 2024:

Are you storing your crawled pages on Amazon AWS S3 or SQS, either temporarily or permanently? Do you have a database of your own? Is it becoming more difficult to search your scraped data as your web scraping queries grow? For business developers, an all-in-one data crawling and scraping platform. Scrape anonymously to get over any restrictions, limitations, or captchas. Their company consists of distributed teams with a shared aim and an unrelenting commitment to achieving technology-driven advancements.

Why ProxyCrawl?

They do not have a single office or workplace because they are remote. Their team members work remotely from shared workplaces, small offices, homes, coffee shops, and open spaces like nature and parks in various locations and time zones worldwide. They can be more creative and effective in everything they do because they have greater freedom.

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Their freedom enables them to be more creative and productive in everything they do.

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What distinguishes them as the best?

ProxyCrawl is one of the most popular crawlings and scraping systems. They’ve constructed their APIs on top of millions of globally rotating data center, residential, and mobile proxies. They make these solutions as accessible and economical as possible, allowing users to extract any data they require quickly.


ProxyCrawl is a software firm founded by a group of software engineers excited about data liberation, algorithms, machine learning, and the implications of these concepts for structured and unstructured data. They want to be everyone’s entry point to data freedom. They can be more creative and effective in everything they do because they have greater freedom.

That is why they developed a platform that will enable everyone to benefit from the tremendous amount of knowledge available on the Internet. Their goal is to simplify developers’ and businesses’ to access internet data. They are enthralled with data and want to share their enthusiasm with the rest of the world.

Their Products:

1- Crawling API:

Protect your web crawler against CAPTCHAs, prohibited queries, proxy failure, IP leaks, and browser crashes! You can crawl using real web browsers with their API. Even if the page is written entirely in JavaScript, they can crawl it and supply you with the HTML so you can scrape it effortlessly.

They constantly tweak and change their algorithms to avoid blocks and solve captchas for you, thanks to their knowledge, artificial intelligence, and the team of engineers. They are concerned about your crawling progress.

  • Crawling may be easily integrated into your apps.
  • Don’t worry about hardware, infrastructure, proxies, setup, blocks, or captchas; they’ll take care of everything. Use their API to access data from the website.
  • They support millions of distinct websites.
  • With an easy-to-use Screenshot API feature, you can keep track of the visual changes on all of the pages you crawl.
  • Take screenshots of all crawled sites in JPEG format, which they’ll preserve for up to an hour in their system.

2- Smart Proxy:

Stop worrying about proxy lists and get smart proxies for your web crawler right now. 1,000,000+ IPs worldwide, 99.99 percent network uptime, ultra-fast response time, 40 to 80+ threads, automatic proxy rotation, and a 24-hour money-back guarantee. Before accessing the target website, ProxyCrawl’s Smart Proxy sends your connection requests to a pool of proxies with a randomly rotating IP address.

  • The ability to evade CAPTCHAs and blocks thanks to Proxy Crawl trained AI.
  • Start utilizing their Smart Proxy with automated IP rotation to enhance your web crawler’s capabilities immediately and do millions of requests per day.
  • Option to request using headless browsers in their international infrastructure
  • You have complete freedom to consume as much data as you require. There will be no bandwidth limitations; that is a guarantee.
  • Developed and validated using AI and machine learning techniques to ensure fast and accurate results, with the possibility to maintain proxy sessions with specific geolocation to increase your success rate.

3- Crawler:

Easily integrate crawled data into your products without having to worry about proxies, infrastructure, queues, CAPTCHAs, blocks, retries, and other issues. Crawler, you have complete control. Nothing is cached or saved from the past; everything is new and live from the Internet. Now is the time to switch your traffic to their PUSH/PULL system so you may increase your crawling capacity without sacrificing functionality.

  • You can send as many website URLs as you want, and the crawled data will be sent to your chosen webhook endpoint.
  • They’ll look after all of your queues and schedulers. Use the asynchronous API to obtain data scraped. Thousands upon thousands of websites are supported by them.
  • Create a custom crawler name by logging into your ProxyCrawl account and going to your Crawler dashboard.

By adding two new parameters to the Crawling API request, you may start submitting URLs to the Crawler.

Data can be retrieved from a storage device or a webhook.

Because the data is delivered directly to your webhook endpoint by the ProxyCrawl, The live monitoring page on your account’s dashboard allows you to track and monitor your crawling activities in real-time. You may also use the Crawler APIs to verify stats swiftly and efficiently manage your crawls.

4- Storage:

ProxyCrawl Storage is a cloud-based, scalable storage solution for storing HTML pages, screenshots, and scraped data permanently or temporarily. Storage was created to address the issue of having data to store but no dependable or cost-effective way to scale it. Storage takes care of growing, backing up, and cleaning your cloud space so you can concentrate on what matters most to your company.

  • Use the Storage API to access saved pages and screenshots, as well as do full-text searches on the pages you’re crawling.
  • They offer tools that allow you to scrape and crawl any website while being anonymous and avoiding any restrictions, blockages, or captchas.
  • Storage is a no-cost option for developers and a low-cost option for businesses. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need to store more than 10,000 pages in 14 days.

5- Scraper API:

Scraper API handles parsers, proxies, and browsers and scrapes the web for you automatically. Scraper API will give data scraping if your business requires it. Web scraping has a variety of uses. Scrapers for e-commerce for business information, price analysis, review extraction, and other needs.

ProxyCrawl scrapes data from all over the world and from various websites, thanks to its global network of more than 17 data centers. They have one of the largest proxy networks in the world, which will handle all of your projects’ traffic. For your web scraping or crawling operations, look for ready-made scrapers.

  • Amazon Scrapers
  • Google scrapers
  • Facebook scrapers
  • Twitter Scrapers
  • Instagram Scrapers
  • LinkedIn Scrapers

6- Leads API:

Leads API scrapes the web for you and retrieves reliable company emails. Leads API will offer company emails if your business requires them. Get access to reliable emails for your targeted efforts using the Leads API.

Are you looking for leads but aren’t a developer? Leads Finder generates emails from a web link without requiring any coding. The most effective no-code solution. Type in the domain and click “Find Leads.” You may also export leads as JSON and CSV files.

  • Leads API retrieves email addresses from over 1000 web pages where your target organization can be found.
  • Their artificial intelligence makes an educated prediction as to who should be contacted.

7- Screenshots API:

With an easy-to-use automated API, you can take screenshots of web pages. With an easy-to-use Screenshot API, you can keep track of the visual changes on all of the pages you crawl. Get JPEG screenshots of the complete website on various devices and screen sizes.

  • Incorporate photographs captured by the Screenshots API into your apps with ease. There’s no need to be concerned with screenshot technologies, image scaling, or browsers.
  • Built by developers, for developers, the Screenshots API is safeguarded by ProxyCrawl anti-bot detection services.
  • Screenshots API bypasses prohibited and CAPTCHA pages by using the latest Chrome browsers to take screenshots of any website on any screen resolution.
  • It takes error-free screenshots from various locations across the world.

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  • They endeavor to provide prompt, uncompromising, sincere, and outstanding service (as close to perfect as possible).
  • They’re looking forward to forging deep bonds with everyone they deal with, including their customers and the community.
  • They place a high value on the community and are active open-source community members.
  • They have a lot of communication with their customers and within their company.
  • They are always learning and improving their products and their firm as a whole.


  • None to be found yet.

Contact Them:

Their sales team would be pleased to answer any questions you may have to assist you in determining which product is right for you.

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Smart Proxy plan

Leads API

Final Wording:

The world’s most inventive companies adore and support their goods. ProxyCrawl, in turn, never stops improving and developing goods and services that help everyone, whether small or large businesses, startups, or individuals.

They are a group of dedicated individuals that wish to make a difference in the world. Their goal is to supply their customers with the greatest products at an exceptional value.

A single attempt is considered to be worth a million words. To get a free trial, go to the website.

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