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15+ Best Push Notifications Services in 2024

Push Notification is an excellent way to capture the attention of the audience, boost their engagement, and increase click-through rates.

Push Notifications are messages sent by the app that displays on the screen of the user’s device (mobile or computer) as an icon, alert, or a media message, without a request from the app, which means that the app doesn’t need to be opened for getting push notifications.

The push notification technology helps to deliver information to a wide range of audiences even if the app is closed or the smartphone screen is locked. The push notification service was launched in 2008 by Apple, and with the passage of time, it has grown to be a vital part of online marketing. With so many push notification services in the market, it isn’t easy to find the right service for you. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the most reliable, trustworthy, and best push notifications services.

In this article, you will get information about both free and paid push notification services. Before jumping to the details, let’s discuss what the benefits of push notifications are?

What Are The Benefits Of Push Notifications?

Some of the major benefits of push notifications are given below:

  • Push notifications allow you to send information instantly to a wide range of users worldwide. This will assist you in reaching every user on any platform using mobile or web push notifications.
  • You can use it to promote various special offers, announcements for discounts and sales, content updates, templates, news, mobile apps, eBooks, etc.
  • Push notification lets you gather traffic from websites and other sources, thereby allowing you to promote your products and services to a large number of customers.

Let’s explore the list.

Best Push Notifications Services 2023:

Here is the list of the 15+Best Push Notifications Services that you can use to increase users’ interest, enhance engagements, and increase impressions in 2023 and 2024

  • OutPush – Best Push Notification Ad Network.
  • OneSignal – The #1 Free Push Notification Service.
  • AirShip – Push Notification Service.
  • TruePush – Free Push Notifications Services.
  • CleverTap – Push Notification Service Platform.
  • Kumulos – Best Push Notification.
  • LeanPlum – Top Push Notification.
  • PushEngage – Best Push Notification in 2022.
  • PushWoosh – best push notification Tool.
  • PushBots – best push notification service provider.
  • CataPush – Push Notifications
  • Notix – push notification service android
  • AimTell – best push notification software.
  • Frizbit – Web Push Notification Service.
  • PushNami – Push Notification Monetization Platform.
  • TapLytics – Push Notification Platform.

1. OutPush – Best Push Notification Ad Network:


OutPush is a Belgium-based push notification advertising company built by publishers for publishers out there with a vision to increase your monetization earnings through their Push ads. OutPush monetization offers efficient methods for publishers to monetize their website traffic. They send push notifications to the users even when they are not browsing and when the users click on those notifications, the advertisers get a massive response in website traffic which results in increased sales.

Publishers, install a tag on your website within 10 minutes and then visitors click those ads to sign up with just one click. OutPush sends ads notifications to the visitors by efficiently targeting the appropriate without any additional banners.

You will receive money for each click generated by the user. Moreover, you can pick PayPal, Payoneer, or any other payment method of your choice to receive your earnings. 

Visit OutPush Website



2. OneSignal – The #1 Push Notification Service:


OneSignal is the #1 push notification service trusted by 1+ million developers, including Softonic, Zynga, EatStreet, and many more. OneSignal offers:

  • Mobile Push
  • Web Push
  • In-App
  • Email
  • SMS

The app’s superior Segmentation feature lets you create personalized messages and send them to the right audiences. Moreover, the Automated Messaging option helps to send notifications based on user behavior automatically.

The machine learning ability of OneSignal sends notifications at the optimal time to generate more views. Along with this, compare the performance of your messages with the A/B Testing tool.

Additionally, a real-time analytics tool provides you with reports on message delivery and performance, and conversion rates. Besides, OneSignal integrates with popular tech giants like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Segment, Mixpanel, Zaiper, and more.


  • Basic: Free
  • Growth: From $9/month
  • Professional: From $99/month

3. AirShip – Push Notification Service:



AirShip, previously known as Urban AirShip, is a powerful platform that deals with push notifications and other things like SMS, email, in-app messaging, and web notifications.

The platform focuses on delivering a highly relevant push notification experience to grow customer relationships and lifetime value. It allows you to create, automate, and deliver push notifications based on customers’ various attributes, such as name, demographics, loyalty status, and much more.

Additional features offered by AirShip include Predictive AI to predict the best time to push notifications, Performance Analytics to monitor your performance, and Real-Time Data Streaming to access the continuous data stream of your customers’ actions.


You need to request a quote.

4. TruePush – Free Push Notifications Services:


If you are looking for an easy way to turn your visitor into repeat customers via push notifications, you might consider trying TruePush. It is a free push notification service with 25000+ clients and sends 1+ billion notifications per day. Interestingly, the platform doesn’t charge any registration fees.

A clean and user-friendly Dashboard helps to send push notifications easily and also to measure the campaign performance. One interesting thing about the platform is its RSS-to-Push feature that assists in automating your notifications without any manual intervention and saves time.

Moreover, the Triggers option aids in sending timely notifications based on certain user interactions on your website. The process of sending push notifications is very straightforward; simply sign-up to the TrePush account, create a project, integrate the code, and send push notifications.



5. CleverTap – Push Notification Service Platform:


CleverTap is another powerful and user-friendly platform used by 8,000+ leading brands to enhance user engagement and build long-term relations with them. They offer real-time behavior analytics that helps to understand the behavior of customers and make data-driven decisions.

It allows you to deliver personalized and media-rich push notifications to capture the attention of your users and increase impressions. CleverTap also offers A/B and Multivariate Testing that enables you to use split delivery or send campaigns to visitor subsets.

Moreover, you can easily customize your messages based on your user’s locale or market. The AirPush Campaign Reporting feature provides you with details about the push notification deliveries, click-throughs, and conversion rates. It also provides you with detailed information about your campaign performance, users’ actions, and revenue generated.


A free 14-day trial/ Paid plan starts from $200/month.

6. Kumulos – Best Push Notification:


Kumulos is a comprehensive user-engagement platform specializing in mobile push notifications and in-app messaging. The platform is loved by top brands, such as ATPTour, Canon, NetworkRail, and many more. It offers behavior-based segmentation to deliver push notifications to a highly targeted audience.

One remarkable feature of Kumulos is its Geo-targeting which enables you to send personalized messages based on the location of your customers. The A/B Testing helps to experiment with different content and optimize your marketing strategies.

Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-use Dashboard and built-in analytics to give you real-time insights about the performance of your campaigns, the number of impressions, and income generated. Open-source SDKs, Messaging API, and Analytics API are some of the other attractive features offered by Kumulos.


Quote on request.

7. LeanPlum:


Leanplum is a multi-channel customer engagement platform that offers a variety of services, such as mobile push notifications, web push notifications, in-app messaging, emails, and more. It helps optimize your messaging through content creation, message testing, notification timing, and a wide range of other solutions.

It enables you to use data on customer behavior, demographics, and app events to craft personalized messages to enhance users’ engagement and boost conversions.

LeanPlum provides you the data related to your campaign performance to discover how users interact with your notifications in real-time.         


You need to join for a quote.

8. PushEngage:


PushEngage is a leading web push notification service that supports all the browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, UC Browser, etc. The platform offers a wide range of features which are given below:

  • Trigger Notification – helps to create auto-trigger based on different user actions like browse, views, download, abandonment, and more
  • Drip Campaign – to create a series of notifications to enhance conversions, clicks, or leads metrics
  • A/B Testing – for analyzing which notification performs better
  • Opt-in Reminder – aids to automatically remind the user to subscribe to web push
  • Inventory Alter – enables you to send notifications to alter customers about the product, sales, or discounts
  • Revenue Tracking – allows you to monitor campaigns’ performance and also calculate the revenue generated

Additional features offered by PushEngage include Plugin for WordPress, HTTP & HTTPS support, Multi-action notification, and much more.


PushEngage offers three pricing tiers:

  • Basic: Free
  • Business: $25/month
  • Premium: $50/month

9. PushWoosh:


PushWoosh allows you to reach your audience with the right notifications at the right time. It offers push notifications, in-app messages, and email campaigns to enhance your users’ engagement. Also, you can send notifications through Facebook Messenger.

Send personalized messages based on customer behavior, location, and other user-generated activities. PushWoosh saves you time with its customize push presets, plus enables you to deliver automated push campaigns based on frequency and segmentation rules.

Moreover, monitor the efficacy of your push notifications with detailed statistics and precise measuring tools. In addition, PushWoosh comes with a variety of other features, including Multi-Language capability, A/B testing, Conversion tracking, Segment size calculation, etc.


  • Basic: Free
  • Developer: $41.95/month
  • Marketing: $125.95/month

10. PushBots:


PushBots is another leading push notification service that allows you to reach all your customers on mobile and desktop. It offers advanced targeting tools to target audiences based on country, language, segments, and much more.

The advanced AI-powered and machine learning tools automatically send campaigns at the optimum time. Moreover, deliver notifications in multiple languages with just one click.

Along with this, Smart scheduling, A/B testing, User analysis, and Twitter integration are some of the other features offered by PushBots.


The platform offers the following pricing plans:

  • Lite: $29/month
  • Basic: $49/month
  • Plus: $129/month
  • Ultimate: $249/month

11. CataPush:


CataPush is a superior push notification service that guarantees the timely delivery of your push notifications. It offers a delivery status tracking feature to get timestamps for notifications sent, delivered, and open or read.

Moreover, it is a privacy-oriented platform with cutting-edge end-to-end encryption technology to keep your communications secure. Get deep insights into your user behavior, the popularity of your campaigns, and conversion rates to personalize your messages accordingly.

Further, CataPush enables you to answer the queries of your users through the 2Way Communication feature. Besides, the platform also supports rich media and long text notifications.


  • Basic: Free 12-month trial
  • Pro Plan: $0.024/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Quote on request

12. Notix:


Notix is an amazing push notification service for both small and big online businesses. It helps to enhance your audience’s engagement and keep them coming for more. The platform enables you to send push notifications to your customer at the most suitable time.

Monitor all the metrics in real time and track the delivery process as it occurs with the aid of the real-time statistic feature. Interestingly, it offers Emoji support to make your notifications more catchy and appealing.

Zaiper feature offered by Notix helps to turn your RSS feeds into push notifications and send the latest news. Moreover, it also provides plugins for WordPress.


Notix is free for now. Paid plans will be available soon

13. AimTell:


AimTell is yet another leading push notifications service for mobile and desktop. The platform is trusted by 15,000+ top brands, including Shopify, CNN Store, Groupon, and so on.

It allows you to send highly personalized notifications to your users to engage them and make them come back.

AminTell offers a wide range of other features, such as page views, geolocation, user behavior analysis, schedule notifications, conversion tracking, large image support, and much more.


  • Basic: $49/month
  • Plus: $99/month
  • Pro: $199/month
  • Enterprise: $299+/month

14. Frizbit:


Frizbit is a reliable multi-channel marketing platform trusted by 1000+ popular companies globally. According to Frizbit, it has 1+ billion end users, over 2.5 sessions generated per month, and more than 3+ million notifications sent/per month.

It integrates into a website in only 10 minutes and enables you to build a new subscriber base through web push notifications. Moreover, you can segment each user based on their behavior and optimize the campaign performance via A/B testing.

Additionally, an advanced analytics tool aids in monitoring the performance of your campaigns and keeping a record of your earnings.


  • Basic: $49/month
  • Automate: $99/month
  • Enterprise: You need to contact for a quote

15. PushNami:


PushNami is another powerful push notification service used by 20,000+ websites, apps, and brands, such as Zeta, Taboola, Fluent, and more. It offers web push, mobile push, and email campaigns to engage more users and increase conversion rates.

The unique machine learning technology helps to predict the optimal content offers and delivery time. Moreover, PushNami saves you time with its automated content creation feature and creates self-scheduling and optimized campaigns.

Additional features offered by PushNami include a dynamic API system, Webhooks, Real-time data updates, and integrations for various sites, such as Shopify, WordPress, Google Analytics, Taboola, and more.


Free trial/ Quote on contact.

16. TapLytics:


TapLytics offers a fast and safe platform to send push notifications across mobile and desktop devices.

Like other services, it also offers a wide range of features, including a rich push notification manager, segmentation, personalized triggers, A/B testing, and advanced analytics.

The analytics tool gives you all the details on your campaign performance, traffic generated, impressions, and conversion rates. You can use this data to make informed decisions.


Free/ Quote on request.

Final Thoughts:

This is the list of the 15 best push notification services that you can use to foster users’ trust, enhance their engagement, improve conversion rate, and boost sales.

If you are a publisher, then you can choose the best push notification ad network that are best for publishers.

You can choose any of the above-mentioned push notification services and start generating revenue. But keep in mind that always try the free trial offered by the service before purchasing it. You need to check whether it offers all the features you require and if it fulfills your requirements, then go for the paid versions.

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