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How To Quickly Iincrease Your Follower Count On Instagram! (2024)

Increase Your Follower Count On Instagram!

Are you looking for the dos and don’ts of getting more followers on Instagram as fast as possible? If yes, then you’re on the right track as we will be discussing different tips and tricks that you can apply on your Instagram and you will be finding out different ways how to grow on Instagram in 2023 we are going to give you guys the five biggest tips and tricks on how to increase your numbers and see your followers grow.

let’s just go ahead and jump right into it,

Create Engaging Content!

so first thing up with increasing your Instagram account followers is, to have a general rule of trying to post about three to five Instagram stories a day minimum of course there’s going to be some really exciting days where you guys are doing other stuff or traveling a bunch or you’re on a shoot where there’s a bunch of cool stuff happening so those days, you will post more things but even on the slowest days or on the days where you’re just hanging out, chilling you should try to post at least a minimum of three Instagram stories a day, this kind of keeps that storyline going on your content at all times and it keeps people interested in what you are up to,

now a couple of quick tips about Instagram stories, try to upload your story at least once a day and try to have one of those engaging tools that Instagram offers, it can be anything like an Instagram poll, a Q&A the emoji sticker, or most people’s favorite is that slider tool you want people to engage with your Instagram stories if they do it then that’s telling Instagram that people are interested in your Instagram stories and they push it to more people.

if you have one of those tools and every single one of your stories it starts to feel a little bit less genuine not so many people are going to engage which then will probably mean they’re going to push it to less people so be mindful of it. Most people try to have at least one of those in there a day.

another way to separate your Instagram stories from the crowd is going to actually edit the photos that you’re posting on your stories now most people over the past year about 99% of the photos that they take and goes onto their Instagram stories they take that photo with the actual camera app on your phone because it’s going to look higher quality than if you take a photo within Instagram and then before you get it over to Instagram you will run that photo through Lightroom mobile and add a preset and edit that.

Go first to make it stand out just A little bit more than other people which actually most people just drop their Lightroom preset packs which is super useful for people looking for editing without putting in much effort.

it might sound like a lot of work but at this point it’s honestly second nature for most instagram users, they do it on almost every single photo that they post on stories and having a couple go to presets is always handy. now its only going to take you maybe an extra 30 seconds to get an edited picture on Instagram stories and it really does make a big difference, it almost looks like you’re taking every single Instagram story with a real camera not just your phone and if you can win Instagram stories you’re going to win over the algorithm so try this out.

Get Hooked on Instagram Reels!

Next up is reels, which are still the key to growth on Instagram, moving into this year nothing has changed reels is still very important if you want to see a lot of growth on Instagram, and reels are probably the best way to do that, you can now say goodbye to the days of being against reels and you don’t want to use it for your Instagram growth and that it should only be a photo platform, we’re sorry to tell you but you got to get with the times, a lot of people overthink reels and think they have to be some crazy masterpiece,

They take a lot of time they’re shot with a real camera they’ll take people hours some time to edit but sometimes simple Instagram reels actually are the best option. TikTok changed the game for a lot of creators with simplifying their content, it seems like a lot of people these days are enjoying the less polished content where it feels much more real. treat Instagram reels just like Instagram stories basically so what you’ll do, is you’ll do a lot of these one shot iPhone videos or just really simple reels that are shot with just your phone and you’d be surprised how close some of the numbers are on professionally shot videos to these simple iPhone videos, so that’s one really cool thing to try out but also you just have to try different styles of things and see what works for you.

The Biggest Tip About Reels Is Just To Not Overthink It.

people like seeing behind the scenes or their process of taking photographs so just set up your phone over somewhere while you’re taking some photos get a couple angles and then there’s an Instagram reel in front of you! It’s really that simple and one way to think about some of these short-form videos is to set everything up like you’re taking a photo but just turn it into a video clip, add a slow zoom in maybe, and get three or four of those types of clips and boom that’s another video right there and another really good tip with Instagram reels is you have to keep your audience engaged and you can do that in a various amount of ways you can have an awesome hook that kind of draws in your viewer, you have text or caption on your screen so people want to see you finish that sentence or see what you’re having to say.

if you look at most instagram influencers or content creators you’ll see a lot of that stuff with the text. another big way that helps keep people engaged is not only quick cuts that’s an obvious one but also overlays that content creators put on top of their short-form vertical videos, all those things add different layers to your videos, and if you combine a bunch of those on top of that and that’s kind of the perfect storm to keep people engaged in your content.

How To Be Consistent:

Next up is consistency so for a long time how often should you post? was kind of a mystery should it be every single day? should it be once a week? Should it be multiple times a week?

Most content creating experts think a sweet spot is between three to five post a week if you can, doing at least one every third day Or something like this is ideal.

if you can try to do every other day as you’re trying to have the Instagram algorithm not quite forget about you so if there’s a day where you’re not making an infeed post you can either go for a photo post or an Instagram reel maybe. You’re going to post a few more stories, this can be your strategy and it works pretty well too, it’s a huge key to consistency.

it can be challenging sometimes but there’s things that you can implement to make that a little bit easier for yourself batch shooting is honestly a huge markup that you can use for yourself.

Is Photography Actually Dead?

Next up is photography, you should know photography on Instagram is not dead, now this might be a controversial tip but this comes from the fact that people are seeing actual growth in real numbers on Instagram through Photo posts. Now, a few tips to make that happen,

the first thing is that you should obviously still be in your niche or your niches if you’re more of a general niche guy and you don’t have a specific niche then you’re good.

The photos should obviously relate to what you’re doing and what your page Is about but also don’t just post one photo, you will see better results if you’re posting multiple photos do at least three in a carousel, it’s going to make people stick around longer because they’re going to be swiping through different photos

sometimes when they refresh their Instagram feed your post will load again but with a different photo first and that’s kind of the key with Instagram you want people to stay on your content and on your page longer and that’s going to tell Instagram that people are enjoying this content, they’re staying on it longer so they start pushing that content out to more people and also if you can have a post that people are going to bookmark save or share that is also really important.

Standing Out With Your Content!

last but not least “standing out” is maybe the most important tip here. TikTok started this thing with content that everybody just copy and paste the same exact video same exact sound the same exact ideas and that almost is the normal for content these days although people love taking inspiration from other people and you have to figure out how to make your content stand out and how to make it feel more “you”.

If you can figure out how to separate yourself from the crowd a little bit that’s the key on how to make people stay, this can very well be the reason to make people stay because if they see the same type of content 10 different times in a row they might become a little numb to it but If on that tenth piece of content they see something that kind of grabs their attention, then that is the element is the key to make people stick around.

It makes you a little bit more personal and it might be the reason why someone decides to follow you versus someone else so you have to figure out what makes your content, your content what makes you “you” so you don’t even have to think about it but it adds all these different elements which might be the reason why someone decides to stick around and stay on your page and hit that follow button.


So that is the exact strategy that you need to follow and our five biggest tips and tricks for Instagram growth right now. it’s positive that if you implement some of these things into your own content you are going to see an increase in engagement and hopefully some numbers increase as well.

Getting larger number of following on Instagram isn’t a piece of cake, it can take a lot of time and mental energy to get hooked to the perfect strategy, but this comes after you devise the perfect strategy yourself, if you don’t want to go through the long process of trial and error, then you can search for some of the tips and tricks to get you started, which is exactly what we have given here! We have hooked you up with the perfect strategy on how to get more followers and how to get that spike in your followers count. Make sure you read the whole article and make sure you do to your best and you put your hundred percent in following this strategy!

We hope we gave you the information you were looking for, we wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors! And we wish you the best of luck in improving and growing your presence on Instagram as soon as possible! We have done or job by providing you with the information and now it’s your turn to do the same by implementing these tips and tricks into something productive and positive!

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