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Radix Review 2024 – Best of Breed Device Management Solutions

Radix Review 2024:

Radix – best of breed device management solutions

BYOD (Bring your own device) is leading the trends when it comes to raising the efficiency of your employees while decreasing your cost at the same time. It provides a lot of benefits to its users on different levels, each of them holding its own importance.

The device management platform comes equipped with many features that can make everything easier for you. These features include easily managing your devices remotely, bringing up the support for your own devices, complete control over your device updates, increase the security of your network, reducing the needs of IT, and improving compliance regulations.

So, if you are looking for a platform that provides all the necessary solutions required for device management, well, we are about to discuss one which we think might be the best pick for you.



Radix delivers cutting-edge device management solutions to its customers on multiple stages. Each of these solutions is capable of completely changing how you conduct your work. It provides multiple benefits to its customers using cloud computing. These solutions are dedicated to managing devices in corporate and education environments.

1- VISO Device Management (MDM/EMM):

This tool is meant for project leaders, IT administrators, and help desks to help them manage support and monitor multiple devices from any location. It goes far beyond the local boundaries of networking because it is fully cloud-based and provides a complete perspective of a device fleet, allowing all of its administrators to deliver the best possible support and optimize device performance.

Key Features:

  • Get complete management control of updates, apps, and OS setting across all of your devices
  • Enforcement of all of your regulations and policies
  • Remote installation of updates and applications
  • Creation of encrypted and encapsulated private/work environments
  • It makes simultaneous workflows and your batch tasks easier than ever
  • Assist by taking remote control of your devices
  • Firmware management and OTA updates
  • And much more

2- VISO MDM for Education:

Control, manage and monitor all of your school’s devices using the all-in-one platform provided by Radix VISO MDM for Education. Solve the most complex situation easily and efficiently through the simple interface that allows you to handle multiple OS and devices simultaneously without any difficulty.

The interface is completely customizable for catering to the needs of the IT administrators, principals, and teachers to put their complete focus on digital learning. It lets you handle various devices such as VR devices, interactive touchscreen, tablets, laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Enforce and apply all the rules and regulations of your school
  • Ability to create and filter reports according to your need
  • Tag and group devices according to pre-existing criteria
  • Wipe, track, and lock devices that have been lost or stolen
  • Broadcast all the news, notices, and alerts timely on all selected devices
  • And much more

3- VISO Classroom Management (SmartClass):

The VISO Class Management enables teachers to efficiently manage all of the learning of their classes on either school or BYOD devices, which include laptops, iPads, and tablets. It allows the teachers to monitor all the activities and evaluations of their students live in real-time, sharing their screens, providing assistance to groups of individuals, and apply the methodologies of collaborative learnings.

It moves the prime focus back to the teachers by flawlessly adding digital devices into the methodologies of teaching. It also gives you the ability to manage all of the VR devices and interactive screens that are present in your class so that you can integrate immersive learning practices into your coursework.

Key Features:

  • It gives you the ability to work from inside your classroom, school, or both at the same time
  • Screen sharing between your students, class, and teachers
  • Cooperative learning through the multi-user whiteboard
  • It allows you to respond to any electronic “hand raise” silently
  • Conduct quizzes and surveys
  • And much more

4- VISO Teacher View – Remote/Hybrid Learning:

VISO TeacherView provides a top-notch cloud-based classroom management solution for the classroom that enables the teachers with all the necessary tools required for smart and efficient remote or hybrid learning from inside or outside of the classroom. It allows you to share your whiteboard, video camera, and screen. Easily monitor and assist your students in real-time. It helps you keep track of every moment during the class so that everything can complete and progress smoothly without facing any hurdles.

Key Features:

  • Remotely control everything from your home, school, or your hybrid classrooms
  • Share your screen and video camera with your teachers and students
  • Deliver and share content through the cloud, websites, or local drives
  • Blacklist and whitelist websites to limit usage and access
  • Lock the screens so that there is no chance of distraction
  • Synchronize everything with the Google Classroom
  • And much more

5- VISO Single-Purpose Device Management:

It provides one of the strongest and easiest solutions for Single-Purpose device management, which you can use to secure and manage all of your COSU devices (corporate-owned single-use). These are the single-purpose devices that give power and authority to administrators and stakeholders to utilize any device for the organization.

Regardless of the device being used – rugged devices, big-box store, consumer-level devices, smartphones, or tablets, VISO makes sure that there is no unwanted distraction that your business might face during a critical decision and no one is misusing your devices for their own benefit.

Key Features:

  • Assist your people by taking remote control over your devices
  • Enforce all the rules and regulations of your organization
  • Send broadcasting messages or alerts to all of your devices or some in particular
  • Remotely install all the updates and applications
  • And much more

6- VISO Device Management for Interactive Touchscreen:

The interactive touchscreen is the latest addition to digital classrooms. As it offers and enables the educators to try out new ways to create an environment that is knowledgeable and collaborative so that they can always deliver with the best of their abilities while making sure everything is being managed, maintained, and secured.

It is a complete end-point management solution that is integrated by leading touchscreen vendors and manufacturers worldwide to provide IT, managers, a platform that is genuinely comprehensive and can manage all of their interactive touchscreens in the school district. The best point about this is that it is a completely cloud-based solution, you only require a working Wi-Fi connection to manage hundreds and thousands of touch devices and panels at the same time without breaking any sweat.

Key Features:

  • Install and monitor everything using the remote app
  • Firmware management through the remote OTA
  • Select sources automatically (OPS/PC/VGA/HDMI)
  • Scheduled updates and maintenance
  • Wake up, restart, and shut down your devices remotely
  • Trigger alerting
  • Live remote-control screens
  • Vendor interaction API/SKD
  • And much more

7- VISO VR Command Center for & MDM:

Create an immersive experience for hospitality, tourism, production, events, conferences, training, and education by utilizing the complete potential of Virtual Reality. The simulations and visualizations are totally changing how marketing, planning, and design is executed. It is also providing a lot of benefits to healthcare, medical training, and patients well being.

MDM is taking complete advantage of the VR for training and teaching, moderation of inclusive tools, supporting and monitoring the devices and the users. It gives complete control in your hand so that you can properly apply and maintain control of all your VR devices.

Key Features:

  • 1:1 remote assistance
  • Apply Kiosk mode and lock, permit or block particular apps
  • Use one platform for setting up and coordinating all of your VR devices
  • Sharing of virtual quizzes, surveys, and whiteboards that are completely interactive
  • Simultaneously transfer all of your files to VR devices
  • Execute end-to-end vocal and visual communication
  • And much more

8- VISO Android TV Device Management and MDM:

Centrally manage, support, and configure all of your Android TV devices through VISO. It also gives you the option of updating and locking your device in case it gets stolen or unpaid for. The VISO device management solution for Android TV provides you a strong yet completely easy-to-use to secure and manage all of your android devices from one platform. Additionally, it also gives you the power to give the administrators and stakeholders the authority to make use of any devices for the benefit of the organization.

Key Features

  • Take remote control over devices for assistance
  • Centrally manage apps, OS settings and updates of all devices
  • OTA firmware update, time-based, triggered and automatic
  • Install applications and updates on all devices remotely
  • API integration with CRM and 3rd party management systems
  • Lock, track and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Simplify batch tasks and simultaneous workflows
  • Analyze device usage to make fact-based decisions
  • Apply and enforce policies and regulations
  • Group and tag devices according to predefined criteria
  • Create Geo-fences and device location perimeters
  • Broadcast alerts and notices to all or selected devices
  • And much more

Radix Pricing Plan:

You can get the pricing plan for your particular solution and 30 days free trial through this link.


  • Fair pricing
  • Extremely easy to install, deploy and customize
  • Robust, stable, and reliable designs
  • Multiple solutions for different problems
  • It offers a wide range of features for each of its solutions
  • Remote screen control for sessions and management
  • It covers a wide range of devices
  • All the APIs are available for integrations


  • Requires the digital signature of the manufacturer for APK
  • Not any particular cons have been reported as of yet

Radix details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Micheal Shoham
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services
  • Founded: 1992
  • Specialty: Online Device Management
  • Head Office: Or Yehuda, Israel
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Company Size: 11-50 Employees
  • uCompares rating: 4.9/5


After completely going through this review, you should have a better understanding of what VISO has to offer with its solutions to customers. A platform capable of managing all of your needs remotely can play a key role in making everything easy for your school, business, or organizations.

The best feature about these solutions is that they always provide a free trial to their customers to make a better-informed decision after experiencing all the pros and cons themselves. Therefore, we would definitely recommend you to give it a shot because from our research we are quite sure that you will convert into a paid customer.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to decide as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to all the solutions that Radix is providing. Our team wishes you the best!

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