Reading Pattern Of Manga In 2024

Reading Pattern Of Manga

Manga is the form of comic books and graphic novels that originated in Japan. The word manga comes from two Japanese words “man” which means “impromptu” and “ga” which translates to the “complete picture”. In Japan, the term manga refers to both comics and cartoons.

However, outside Japan, it widely refers to comics originally published in Japan. Manga stories are usually written in black and white, making it easier for readers to process the amount of content without distraction.

However, some full-color special releases do exist in manga categories. Manga is typically released in chapters published weekly or monthly and then serialized in large manga magazines. Collectively, these manga chapters are published together as volumes, often paperback books that can be bought in bookstores or manga stores. Manga is closely associated with Japan’s culture and society and covers a wide range of topics such as sports, science, fiction, fantasy, and more.

Manga is basically the English word the western world uses to generically describe Japanese comics. It is an artistic storytelling style, making it similar to graphic novels like The Walking Dead, and it is different from traditional superhero comics. It is crucial to note that Ameri-Manga also exists.

This type of manga is by American writers but they also cover manga in Japanese style. Usually, there are not many differences between these types of manga, but the background of writers significantly influences the writing. Japanese manga is different in a lot of ways and they have specific rules that you have to follow.

Whether you are reading the originals in Japanese or a translation, manga is always read in a specific way and follows certain rules.

Manga was primarily aimed at a Japanese audience. However, manga has grown increasingly popular in western countries due to its unique art style and captivating storylines. Manga is an umbrella term covering a wide variety of comic books and graphic novels originally produced and published in Japan.

Japanese manga is read right-to-left rather than left-to-right which is the norm for English language publications. This can take time to get used to if you have only ever read English publications, but you will hardly notice the difference once you have practiced enough.

Three Demographics Of Manga:

Manga is a diverse form of entertainment, with stories suited for all age groups and genders. Whether you are looking for drama or adventure, manga provides it all in one frame. Depending on its content, manga can be divided into three main demographics. These demographics are Shonen, Shoujo, and Kodomomuke manga.

1- Shonen Manga:

The Shonen manga genre is aimed at boys aged 10-18, with stories focusing on adventure, friendship, and battles. The cover of this manga typically features male protagonists in a dynamic action pose.

Shonen manga stories often have an element of comedy and tend to feature many action sequences. Sometimes they also feature coming-of-age camaraderie between characters.
Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece are popular Shonen manga series.

2- Shoujo Manga:

Shoujo manga is aimed at teen girls, usually aged 10-18. It usually focuses on relationships, emotions, and dramas. These manga stories often feature an idealized romance between protagonists and coming-of-age themes.

While not as action-packed as Shonen manga, Shojo manga covers tend to be decorated with pretty pinks, flowers, or other adorable images, reflecting the manga’s focus on emotion and drama.
Some popular Shojo manga series include Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Fruits Basket.

3- Kodomomouke Manga:

Kodomomuke manga series are specifically designed for children, particularly those aged 4-10. These manga’s often feature stories with simple plots that emphasize moral lessons. These manga series are often light-hearted, focusing on friendship and adventures.

The art style of Kodomomuke manga is usually quite bright and colorful, featuring cute characters and comic illustrations to make the manga enjoyable to read.
Famous example of Kodomomuke manga includes Doraemon, Pokémon, and Crayon Shin-chan.

How Do You Read Manga?

It is difficult for Americans to pick up an original Japanese manga volume and read it correctly the first time. They often have trouble reading the panels correctly, so it is crucial to understand the reading flow beforehand. Following are the steps you should follow to read manga correctly.

1- Choosing Manga:

Learn about different types of manga first, there are five major types of manga. Seinen is also referred to as men’s manga. Women’s manga is known as Josei. Shojo is a girl’s manga, while Shonen is a boy’s manga. And children’s manga is called Kodomo.

Manga has many genres, covering numerous topics and themes. Some of the most common manga genres include action, mystery, adventure, romance, comedy, slice of life, science fiction, fantasy, and historical.
Before you get started on reading your first manga, take some time to explore popular series.

Some popular science fiction series include Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Well-known fantasy series include Dragon Ball and Pokémon adventures.

2- Getting Started:

After you explore the different types and genres of manga and familiarize yourself with some popular series, it’s time to make a decision about what type of manga you will be reading. Go with your gut and choose something that really excites you.

More often than not, manga is serialized and contains many stories. Make sure you start with the first story and work your way through the series chronologically. If a series is popular enough, its episodes might be published together in a collected volume. The issue and series are usually printed on the cover.

Manga should be read with the magazine or book spine on the right. As you lay the manga down on a table, make sure the leaf ends are on the left and the spine is positioned to the right. This is “backward” compared to English books.

It’s important that you should start reading manga from the right side. The front cover will usually contain the title of the manga along with the name of the author. Flip the manga over if you come across a warning that says, “you are reading the wrong way”.

3- Reading Panels:

Read panels from right to left and in and down sequence. Like the pages of a manga, individual panels should be read in a right-to-left sequence. Start reading each page by beginning with the panel that is in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Read right to left and when you reach the edge of the page, go to the panel in the far right of the following row of panels.

If the panels are all arranged vertically, begin with the topmost panel.
Even if the panels don’t line up perfectly, stick to the right-to-left rule. Begin with the highest row or column and make your way, right to left, to the lowest row or column.

Dialog balloons, which contain conversational text between characters, should also be read in a right-to-left sequence. Begin in the upper right-hand corner of the individual panel and read the dialog balloons from right to left and then p to down.

When a manga panel has a background that is back, it is usually indicating that the events illustrated in the panel happened prior to the story being depicted in the manga. Black backgrounds signal a flashback to an earlier event or time period.

A page that contains a panel with a black background at the top then panels with fading shades of grey, and finally, a panel with a white background is depicting a time shift from the past to the present.

4- Reading Characters Emotions:

Often times manga characters will be illustrated with an empty dialogue bubble at or below their mouth. This indicates that characters are sighing, and can be interpreted as either relief or exasperation.
Manga characters are often depicted as blushing with lines sketched across the nose and cheeks. Interpret these expressions as illustrations of a character being embarrassed, overjoyed, or even having romantic feelings toward another character.

When a manga character appears on the page with a nosebleed, this usually means they are having lustful thoughts about another character or gazing lustfully at another character, usually a beautiful woman.
Sometimes a sweet drop may appear near a character’s head. This usually indicates the character is embarrassed or feels extremely uncomfortable in a given situation. This is usually less severe than the embarrassment depicted by blushing.

when a manga character appears in a panel with a purple, grey, or black blob or shadows floating in the background, this is usually indicative of the negative energy surrounding the character.

What Is Digital Manga?

Unfortunately, because of logistics issues, such as the price of printing, shipping, and distributing translated comics, it takes time for new volumes to get to different parts of the world. Thankfully, the internet made it easier to solve this problem.

Now, there are digital releases on the internet that you can access easily. There are two sorts of digital manga that you are likely to encounter. They are the official releases and fan translations. Fan translations, also called scanlations, are the most common type of digital manga that you will find.

How To Read Manga Online Legally?

There are many websites where you may read manga online without breaking the law. However, there are five usually recommended online sites.

1. Shonen Jump:

Shonen jump is the site where some of the most well-known manga series in the world first appeared. Naruto, bleach, and even Dragon Ball are among the most well-known titles the site features. They provide a monthly subscription service that allows you to access their back archive and new chapters of the manga issues that feature weekly.

2. Book Walker:

The book walker website has a plethora of manga titles available for purchase. Just make sure you go to the international website unless you want to spend your time fighting with google translate to understand what you are reading. It is also worth that you will need to download the Book Walker app to read the manga you downloaded.

3. Comixoloyg:

ComiXology is a subsidiary of Amazon. They offer both a subscription plan and the option to purchase individual titles outright depending on your preferences. As part of your subscription, you will also have access to comics from the DC and Marvel libraries.

4. Manga Plus:

Free manga reading is available on Manga Plus. Manga plus provides a chance to read portions of Shonen jump titles. Sometimes, you discover that some titles are not available and you can not access the comic even after purchase.

Therefore, it is the best site that helps you determine if you should buy a particular publication.
Ensure that you read the website’s inventory before purchasing a subscription. In the same way that licensing affects video streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu, licensing also affects where you may view the specific manga.

5. Crunchy Roll:

Crunchy roll is one of the most popular websites for finding Manga Publications. It allows you to access its content without the intrusion of ads. The most recent or beginning part of a Manga publication is usually available for free to members with the Ad-supported model.

With the new licensing changes, only premium users can access some titles. Crunchy roll is the best effect if you download the application to your device. With its interface, it is easy to use when searching for your favorite Manga titles.

Why Is Manga Read Backwards?

For western readers, one of the most bizarre things about manga is that they are read “backward” like from right to left. Well, it’s actually a matter of the traditional Japanese writing system, where texts were written from left to right, rather than right to left. Today with the heavy influence of Western culture, Japanese is mostly written from right to left.

Horizontal writing came to Japan during the Meiji period when the Japanese begin to print dictionaries of European languages. In the beginning, books were printed on a mixture of horizontal European and vertical Japanese text, which implied a constant rotation of the book when reading. The idea of horizontal writing was adopted.


Reading physical copies also makes your reading more enjoyable. If you can not access physical copies, then you should read with your mobile or tablet. This is better than reading on a personal computer, as it reduces the need to multi-task and narrows the screen to a smaller format.

Finally, choose a comfortable reading environment. While some individuals can read anywhere, others prefer to set the right mood for reading. If you fall into this category, then you should read in a place that you consider comfortable.

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