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5 Main Use Of Remote Desktop Access Tools In IT World

Looking around, you will see that there are always two sides to everything. One is the good side, and the other one is bad. It’s up to the person to which side he wants to go. The same is the case with modern technology. This 21st-century era of robots has given us many advanced tools or gadgets that have both sides, good and bad. But again, it depends on the person which side he will choose. In the IT profession, you have to learn many things that are not ethically correct, but sometimes you need those tricks for good reason. Among those are the remote desktop tools; it might be the first time that you hear this term. But these are the access tools that will help the user to get access to another desktop or computer while sitting at a different location.

You must be thinking that hackers mostly use this technique for bad reasons, so why are we discussing it? Let me tell you one thing: what would you do if someone hacks your social media accounts and uses the wrong means? At that time, is this the best way to access a hacker’s desktop and return your accounts without moving to him? So it’s totally up to a person how he uses those advanced magical gadgets or this article, we will discuss how these remote desktop access tools are good and the role of these remote access tools in the profession of IT. So, without wasting further time. Let’s get started.

Remote Desktop:

First, this must be your first time listening to this term. A remote desktop is a feature or, you can say, a program that will allow you to connect to another computer in a different location. This Windows-based operating system will help you own another computer without any physical access to it. This is the same process as dealing with a local device, as anyone can interact. Remote desktop connections are very collaborative tools and crucial for the IT department. But without precautions, these remote desktops might encounter security issues. So, they should use any security tool to give them security protection and prevent risks. Different tools are used in this process to get access to different computers, and those tools are known as remote desktop access tools.

How Does It Work?

How does this feature of the remote desktop work? We will let you know about this point also. As this software will give you access to another computer in a different location, this software will capture the device’s screen and mouse and keyboard inputs. It will transmit them to another device, where the person can easily view or control them remotely. In short, the person using this remote desktop software will get control over another computer’s keyboard, mouse, and screen. The tech support systems mostly use this software to solve their client’s issues on the computer while sitting in their offices. 

You will not just get access to the computer, but you will also be able to share the file with the remote computer, or it will be specific to the clipboard’s content. You can only share files between two computers: one you get access to and the other that you are using physically. Other than file sharing, you may also get the feature of audio access, but only in limited cases, where sound on the remote computer will be transmitted to the controlling device.

Remote Desktop Access Tools:

These are the software or tools that are used in getting access to another computer within different localities. If you want to get access to another computer, it will require software on the computer that you are going to control. This software should be installed in the computer with which you want to connect, sometimes called the HOST. Another device that the person is using physically with the right credentials will be called the CLIENT, as it will be connected to the host and will control it. Some many tools or software are being used in the process of getting access to another computer or its devices, but some of them are:

  • DWService
  •  AnyDesk
  •  Get screen. me
  •  Chrome Remote Desktop
  •  LogMeIn
  •  TeamViewer
  •  Parallels Access
  •  Splashtop

Why People Use This Remote Desktop Feature?

The remote desktop access tool is used for many different purposes, as it allows the user to get access to another person’s computer. So, many people get the advantage of this feature and use it in bad means. Like they will hack another person’s computer and then take all his data without even his consent. This technique is very common nowadays. But still, some people use it in good ways. Let’s see what those ways in which people are using it for good reasons:

  •  People use this feature to get access to the workplace computer while sitting at home.
  •  They get access to solve any problems or bugs in it.
  •  Perform some administrative tasks 
  •  To transfer any file from one computer to another
  •  Transfer documents from a remote computer.

These are some of the reasons why people use the remote desktop feature. There are many other uses of this feature you can find when you start using it.

5 Role Of Remote Desktop Access Tools In IT:

There are many advantages of this feature, but some of them are specific for IT professionals. We will discuss the roles that remote desktop access tools play in the field of IT. Let us begin our points.

1. Generate Your Cloud Server:

If you are a business person, you must know the importance of the cloud in the business world, as it provides the business person more flexibility, scalability, and affordability. Many other benefits are provided by the cloud to the business person. At first, when this remote desktop feature was invented, nobody knew that it could also be used as the cloud. But with time, they got the idea that people could create their cloud server with the help of this feature.

With this amazing remote desktop feature, nobody has to worry that he has left his laptop at his house as they can continue to access any resources they have stored there as if they are located in the cloud. You can do different tasks like edit the document, transfer files, and access applications remotely over the internet connection. With the remote desktop feature, it is very easy to transform your work device into a small cloud server that will let you work wherever you need to. 

2. Test Different Software:

When you install or create new software, it is very important to know that having new software will bring a lot of risks to your system. Also, it is very important to know how this new software will interact with the previously existing ones. If you are thinking about rolling back a major installation, then it will be a bad idea as it will take more time and will also cause disruption to the customers and employees.

At that point, you can go for the remote desktop software or tools that will assist you with new software installation. Remote desktops can easily isolated from different other parts of your network, which will provide the perfect environment for any new software. An IT person can install that software on a remote network, test it, and see how it interacts with others and can move forward easily. The new software that you have installed, if it runs effectively in your system, can be deployed on a wide ground, and also further tweaks can be made if it is needed. In both ways, it will give you some extra flexibility even before launching a new app or software.

3. Seclude The Viruses:

Sometimes, it happens that without your knowledge, your system’s file will be infected with different viruses. The worst thing will be if you open it. No, never do that. If you suspect that this specific file is infected by the virus, never open it or take the risk that it will infect your entire computer system. There is a third option in remote desktop software.

As we all know, remote desktop tools allow their users to take a snapshot of a virtual desktop, and users can easily create the image of their device before they even open up that suspected file. Once you have clicked the files, you can shut down the device and load up your snapshot should the suspected malware infection develop. These remote desktop tools or software will provide you more secure environment where you can easily turn back the clock and avoid any harmful thing happening to your computer system.

4. Separate Your Work And Personal Lives:

There is a huge discussion going on on this topic of whether remote working helps or hinders productivity. Some people think that allowing employees to work from home means they can avoid any dead time around commuting, while some observed that working from home leads to a lot more time screen watching or consuming time on social media sites. But with facts and figures, it is observed that using the persona device for your work will create many distractions for the worker.

Like when you use your laptop, you can get access to your personal Facebook or YouTube account and will waste more time on those things. So, the break you have taken for five minutes will be turned into 1 hour, and you won’t even notice it. But with the help of these remote desktop access tools, although the employee will work on his laptop, all will be supervised by the person sitting in the office who has connected his computer with the employee so that he will know whether the employee is working or not. It will help the employee to feel as if they are still in an office environment, although they are sitting in their homes.

5. Access Powerful Software:

Some users will use remote access tools to get access to different kinds of files on their personal computers. They were unable to finish their presentation in the office, so that they could get that leftover presentation file on their home laptop with the help of remote desktop access tools. They don’t have to build up a new structured file on their laptopand can transfer that file with the help of a remote desktop access tool from the office laptop. This way, these remote desktop tools will allow the users to get access to all the files present on their office laptops while sitting in their homes. 

Challenges For Remote Desktops:

While there are a lot of advantages of the remote desktop, there are also some challenges that users have to face while using remote desktops. There are many ways to implement a remote desktop for any organization. And all these choices will pose different challenges for IT. Let’s see what are those challenges:

1. Using the remote desktop might require bandwidth, which means there will be some performance issues and lag in mouse movement

2. Remote desktop protocols are not very good with video playing on the remote computer

3. some remote desktop tools are totally out of range and very costly.

4. All the remote desktop tools offer different sets of features.


Whenever you are getting late to your home from the office, you save the work you are doing and shut down the whole computer system. But how can you complete your task if today is the deadline for that task? Yes, you can complete your task by sitting at your home, but only with the help of remote desktop tools. With these tools, you can get that file from your office laptop to your home personal laptop and can do the rest of your work. But for that, both your laptops should be connected. 

In this article, we have shared some of the ways with the help of which you can easily use those remote desktop access tools in the field of IT, which will make your workload less. 


1. How Can I Secure The Remote Desktop?

To secure your remote desktop, you have to follow some tips that are as follow:

  1. Enable network-level authentication 
  2. Change the default port
  3. Use a complex password
  4. Keep your software up to date
  5. Use firewalls for security

2. How Are Cloud Cloud-Based Or Non-Cloud-Based Remote Desktops Different From Each Other?

Cloud-based remote desktops are hosted on cloud servers; on the other hand, non-cloud-based are hosted on local servers. Cloud-based remote desktop access tools offer flexibility of use, but non-cloud-based remote desktop access tools offer more security and control.

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