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How To Choose The Right Outdoor Security Camera (Expert’s Tips)

Get The Right Outdoor Security Camera- How?

Living with so much 21st-century’s st century’s advanced technology is difficult. If you are using it, you have to secure it also. Having a smart TV in the house or advanced electric devices means your house should have strict security so that no one can access those things without your knowledge. So, home security should be an important concern for you while living in the 21st century. But how can you protect your home? You can’t stay at your home the whole day or even can’t trust anybody to protect your home while you are not at home. Then what will be left to provide your home with good security?

You must have heard about the outdoor security cameras that will invigilate your whole home without any supervision of humans. You can connect your outdoor security camera to your Android device so that you can watch the camera’s footage all the time, even when you are far from your home. But choosing the right security camera for your outdoors is not so easy. You have to be very conscious while choosing the security camera, as it’s a matter of security of the precious things available in your home. For choosing the correct form of security camera, you must consider certain things that will assist the security camera in its high-level performance. This article will be a thorough guide for you on what things are important to consider while buying security cameras for outdoor of your home.

Consider Before Choosing The Right Outdoor Security Camera:

When you are visiting your hometown while on summer vacation, you can’t stay with peace of mind because of the security of your home, but if you have installed a security camera outdoors in your home, you can enjoy the summers with peace of mind. But how will you know which security camera will give you the best coverage and security? To know that, you have to read this article. Let’s see what points you must consider for buying the right outdoor security camera for your home.

1. The Image Quality Of The Camera:

Cameras installed at the outdoor region will monitor your porch, front yard, and some areas of neighbors and front road. So helpful idea would be to get a right security camera that will provide good quality images so that when you check the footage, you will get the image of the whole scene: either someone is coming to your home or some vehicle is standing right in front of your home. All these things can be cleared by getting a clearer image in a security camera. To get a clearer or better quality image, you have to look for certain factors like:


A security camera with a megapixel will give you clearer or better-quality images or videos. This means you have to check the resolution of the security camera before buying it, and it should be 1080p, 4MP, 5MP, and even 4K resolution will be good enough. If you are looking for a good quality security camera, the ZOSI 5.0MP HD system will be the best option.

Night Vision:

Thieves mostly come at the time of dark, so your security camera should have the ability of great night vision features with many infrared LED lights and smart IR that will reduce the excessive brightness when anyone approaches the camera too much.


WDR means wide dynamic range, an amazing feature that will help compensate for the contrast between dark and bright areas so you can get a clearer image when anyone in the range of the camera moves from a sunny place to a shady area.


this is digital noise reduction, which is the feature of getting good quality of identifying people that are moving in a dark place when the camera does not have good light. This noise reduction feature is very important to identify any anonymous person around your home.

Angle Of View:

your security camera should have the best angle of view to capture everything happening in its surroundings. Also, the security camera outdoor of your home should cover a wider area to easily detect any suspicious activity happening in your street. Always get a security camera for the outdoors that can cover a wider range of areas in its camera.

2. Outdoor Security Cameras Should Be Water-Resistant:

While installing your outdoor security camera, make sure you install it somewhere under the shade to protect it from heavy winds or rain. To avoid this kind of situation, you can prefer to buy a security camera that will be water resistant so that if rain happens, the camera will not get affected. But still, you have to install it somewhere in the shade so that heavy rain will not be able to damage or even break it from its place.

Other than that, some factors like heat, dust, or humidity still affect your security camera. Being water-resistant might protect it from damage because of water, but how can anything protect it from humidity, dust, or heavy thunder? So always put it somewhere to help it avoid all these situations. When you check the specifications of the security camera while buying it, look for °F or ℃, and to check the water resistance specification, look for the IP ratings of that security camera. So, if you are considering installing the security camera somewhere in an open place, ensure its IP rating is higher than IP65.

3. Security Camera Should Be Discreet:

This is another important point that you have to consider while purchasing a right security camera for your outdoor system. When any suspicious person comes to do anything suspicious, they will first look out for any security camera, and then they might hack that camera or break it, so it is very important to get a security camera that is just of the right size, less conspicuous, and can easily blend with any decor of the wall so that no one can even notice it.

 For this reason, turret or dome surveillance cameras are the most recommended for your porch area. If you buy a security camera that is very obvious to everyone, then unwanted persons will be aware of it and will be more cautious, and they will take extra steps to avoid the eye of the camera. Then, your security camera will be useless if they do their unwanted thing, even in the presence of a security camera.

 4. Zoom Lens:

If you look overall at the outdoor home security camera, you will not find any zoom lens in it. They have apps that will offer digital zoom. For example, ring cameras offer up to 8x digital zoom. But this app system is not good for the cameras that have to monitor large distance areas; this system works great only for those that have less range area to be covered. Some lens models have up to 80x zoom capabilities. But you have to keep in mind that when the camera zooms in on any object, it will eventually decrease the field of view, and because of this, it will affect the whole resolution of the image and will not be cleared at all. So when you are buying a security camera for outdoor security, you also have to look out for the zoom lens.

5. Audio:

Not all security cameras will give you the facility of listening to all the audio with the whole footage. But this point can be more valuable as there will be some points where you have to listen to what people are saying in the camera footage, and if you have the audio feature in your security camera, it will be easier.

Let’s suppose your little girl gets kidnapped, and the last footage you get is at the doorstep of your home while she is talking on a mobile phone. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to get to hear anything she was saying on the mobile phone. Then you will get the idea that the security camera with an audio feature will be the best idea for you. This feature can be used in two ways: the owner can listen to what people in the footage are saying, and it will also help you to communicate with the people in the camera footage through the speaker.

6: Power:

Power is the main point of a security camera. You will get two options: either it will be a wired security camera, or it will be a battery-operated one. You can choose among these two. But the manufacturer has also invented solar-powered security cameras in the latest system. Those security cameras that are operated through wires will be much more expensive and also difficult to handle if you are installing high-scale outdoor camera projects. If the outdoor security camera you are using has the minimum power requirement, then it will be best to use the security cameras with battery operation or solar ones so that it will be less complicated for you. There is another option for you, that is security cameras with PoE, which does not require any separate power supply.

7. Data Connectivity:

If you are installing the security camera just for the security of your home or for a small area, you can use wireless security cameras that will work with your home WIFI, and it will also be easy for you to handle that camera. On the other hand, there are better options than the security cameras that are used in the surveillance of the whole city or whole colony, the wireless ones. You have to opt for the transmitters that will make the whole surveillance situation easy.

With wireless security cameras, you can easily connect your wifi with it, and then it will operate with your wifi.

 Security cameras are used for the reason of security, and if this equipment needs to provide more security, then there is no need to buy these expensive instruments. So it is very important to look for each and everything in the security camera while buying it so that you can get the right thing for your home security, as this is different from the things that can take risks. 


Security cameras are being used for many cameras, and with each new camera, there are new specifications in it. Those specifications sometimes are good for the users, and sometimes it does not affect the result of the security camera. But still, even if you are buying the old model of security camera, you have to look carefully so that you won’t regret it in the future. Some important features of security cameras make them more special and in high demand. You have to look for that specification. Those considerations that we have discussed in our article are the key point of good security cameras. So when you go to buy the outdoor security camera for your outdoor, make sure you look out for all these points and then buy the one that has all the positive points. This article will be helpful for you.


Protect Your Security Camera From Vandalism -How?

You can buy a security camera that has the anti-vandal dome feature. Certain cameras have this facility so that you can go for them. Those cameras can easily handle the external impact on them. Also, you can install your security camera inside an anti-vandal housing. If you want to make your security camera vandal-resistant, then while buying the security camera, look for the models that have resistant glass and are IK10 certified.

How Can We Avoid Ir Reflection In Security Cameras?

There is some tendency for IR to reflect an object or even on the dome of the glass it’s using to protect the lens, so sometimes, or even most of the time, it is very important to avoid IR. To resolve this issue, you can install your outdoor security camera away from any object or closet wall that might be causing the direct light reflection. You can point them to the middle of the alley instead of a wall.

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