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SegWitz Sdn Bhd Review 2024- Is It Best Software Development Company?

SegWitz Sdn Bhd Review 2023: 

When we talk about high-profile applications or websites, there comes an immense effort behind the whole development process. We have come across such businesses several times that are on top of their games, but they lack potential key aspects that affect their performance of websites when it comes to IT support. 

Therefore, to avoid any such glitch from happening, you should bring onboard one of the best IT Support companies that are none other than SegWitz. 

SegWitz Sdn Bhd is a privately owned IT Support and IT Services business formed in Malaysia. It is a company of well-trained individuals who solve your problems and meet business needs. We recommend you to join hands with the SegWitz team and fulfill all your business requirements from IT aspects. 

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Service Lines: 

SegWitz Sdn Bhd

1- Web Development:

The process of web development is extensive and only stands out if handled nicely. For many people, websites may seem a simple word and a platform representing a certain firm or business and its services. Though that is what it is about, let us not ignore the tiresome efforts and hard work that backs up the whole process.

As every business is unique and holds a certain value, the same is the case with web development. Every website should reflect its objectives and be a reason as to why people should approach your platform.

The web development process is a whole cycle of several sub-steps that a lot of critical thinking and evaluation goes in. The process might seem difficult, but with the right team, all goes well!

The developers at SegWitz are well-experienced and full of talent. They have helped outgrow many businesses, and yours, if lucky enough, might be the next one. But for this, you need to take them on board and begin with this exciting process.

Under web development, the following are the services provided by SegWitz for its customers, which promises nothing but sustainability and quality.

Web UX/UI Design:

Have you ever been in a situation where surfing through a website did not just go right for you? Did you have trouble getting to what you have been particularly searching for?

Here’s actually when website design plays a most significant role. Today’s innovative technology is expected to create ease and smooth surfing for the users, free of glitches and errors. If such a goal is yet not achieved, then it is a failure at our end.

But with SegWitz, you will never have to face such anomalies. The UX Designers create products which pose relevant experience to the users. Full-fledged user research lies behind the process to accommodate all of the users’ needs optimally.

On the other hand, UI designers make sure that all the features and tools on the website interface are easily accessible for the users and can perform all the functions smoothly.


Website optimization is an integral step to maneuver business goals smoothly. A bug-free and error-free website reflects the handling of the website development life cycle. Optimization is quite a broader term; it also includes the whole website’s testing procedure or its pages to check what improvements and changes are yet to be made. And SegWitz team will make sure to provide the finest quality, free of glitches and bugs.

Service Desk:

SegWitz staff is well trained and has years of experience managing and helping several businesses get ahead of their competitors. They are well aware of market needs and what potential factors can differentiate you from existing businesses of a similar domain.

They will advise you and lead you towards making the smartest and informed decision. For instance, SegWitz provides advisory on what kind of CMS, frameworks, or language is suitable for your project.


One of the primary steps required for web development is nothing but the coding itself. It is a combination of various symbols and rules that command a particular action on a website. With the expert crew at SegWitz, get ready to get yourself a website that will speak for your work and motivation for it through its sophistication. Moreover, understanding the clients’ needs, which directly represent the user’s preferences, is the topmost priority at SegWitz.


The next most vital step in the web development process is its infrastructure. The prime goal of creating a website is to make it scalable. It should be a complete package where all the internal and external factors are optimized to emit positive results. SegWitz team ensures that you meet all of these factors and mount to the top of perfection.


The services of SegWitz do not just end with your contract. The team will be at your doorstep whenever you want to update your website features with increased and ever-changing consumer preferences. It provides ongoing support to improve site performance and also to add more features and expand the site.

2- Mobile App Development:

The process of mobile app development is somewhat similar to that of Web development. The company provides you with all the necessary services required to create a distinctive and amazing app.

Services included in the mobile application development include:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Optimization
  • Advisory
  • Coding
  • Infrastructure
  • Support

3- IT Consultancy:

One of the best services SegWitz has for its clients in IT Consultancy. In this service, they offer you various bits of advice that help you assess technology strategies and align your business goals. They cover every aspect in their consultancy sessions, from architecture to implementation planning.

Below are the services that SegWitz has for you concerning IT Consultancy.

IT Strategy Consulting:

As mentioned earlier, SegWitz guides businesses to implement a concise IT strategy aligned with business goals. The team supports you in technology road mapping and exploring the most efficient ways to use available resources and technology trends.

Digital Transformation:

SegWitz helps businesses go beyond automating traditional methods and processes to explore new ways to boost business and even transform business models.

System Integration:

With an immense market competition, it is high time for businesses to incorporate such IT solutions that are not in use yet and have an effective role in regulating an enterprise’s work.

In this respect, system integration is a vital point to consider; whether you plan to add new functionality to the IT solutions already in use or implement new software, the SegWitz team is right there to help you.

4- CyberSecurity:

Though technology advancements are hitting the roads to success, it would not be wrong to say that the security threats have also doubled with an increase in such advancements. Protecting personal data on the servers from havocs has become an alarming issue. Only a few authorities take full responsibility for providing effective security to its customers.

SegWitz team knows exactly how to tackle such malicious acts and wipe them off of your servers.

Penetration Testing:

(Web Penetration Test/Mobile App Penetration Test/Network Penetration test)

Penetration testing is a critical process that requires immense attention and perfection. Compromising on even a single detail can lead to serious security concerns.

I have come across very few agencies or companies with Penetration Testing expertise to assure complete safety for their clients. Luckily, SegWitz has checked this box for you to keep in mind the security trends in today’s business niche. The team will work our way to discovering all the backdoors and flaws to close them.

Code Reviews:

With another amazing service of SegWitz, you can remove even the slightest chances of error in your website. The security code reviews allow you to identify potential weaknesses or flaws in your code. With SegWitz, you can get it all check and remove any vulnerable codes that might cause a problem later.

Stress Tracking:

You might have heard about the website crashing when several people open the platform simultaneously. It mostly happens when a particular business launches a new product or service or during the sale season.

Well, that is the time when your website should be at the peak of efficacy and response. If not, it will not only spoil your visiting customers but also largely affect your sales. So, to prevent you from any such problem, the team performs Stress Tracking for your website to identify its breaking point and fix it beforehand.

5- Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning:

Services included in AI and ML by SegWitz include:

Artificial Neural Networks:

The AI team develops for you a neural network-based AI software solution that aims to provide solutions for data management, pattern, and sequence recognition. It works similarly to a human brain and recognizes various faults in the system.

Automation Solutions:

Automation solutions pose great benefits to your company. It helps to alleviate the outdated manual processes with automated workflows that result in an elevation in efficiency and quality. Automation solutions greatly reduce complexity and simplify processes across both business and IT operations. Therefore, with Smart enterprise solutions, the company helps you streamline your supply chain management, sales pipeline, and financial operations.

User-Behavior Analytics:

This process helps you to access the actions taken by the users on the system. They are detected and highlighted to notify the company’s security sector about any anomalous, unusual, or threatening activity across the server.

The company helps you build software to detect all the above factors in consumer behavior. In addition to these, SegWitz also provides you with Business Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing services.

6- Blockchain:

Blockchain stores data in a way that is different from a traditional database. Companies that provide financial services, media, transportation, and consumer products and those providing basic needs such as health care are all expected to start incorporating blockchain technology into their daily business. Supply chain management really can do itself a big favor by integrating blockchain.

SegWitz has the following Blockchain Services for its clients:

Cryptocurrency Development

Elaborate ICO and Cryptocurrency development services to successfully launch your customized altcoin.

DApps Development:

As blockchain precludes the need for a third party or a middleman to validate transactions, a DApp functions as a peer-to-peer network, with individuals independent of each other.

Private Blockchain Development:

Build permission for private Blockchain applications for any industry and save on infrastructure and operational costs.

Smart Contract Development:

Design, development, audit, and optimization of self-executing coded business contracts to automate processes.

Hyperledger Development:

Unlock the potential of open source Blockchains and tools for collaborative development with distributed ledgers.

Supply Chain Development:

Improve transparency and traceability and reduce administrative costs with effective supply chain solutions.

Final Words:

It is one of the trustworthy IT support companies. If you are looking for someone to help you with any of the above-mentioned services, SegWitz is the right place for you to incorporate uniqueness and credibility into your websites.

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