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SEOBUDDY Review (2024): The Best Tool for Competitive Analysis of Google SERP

SEOBUDDY Review 2024: 

SEOBUDDY – The Best Tool for Competitive Analysis of Google SERP:

Google is currently sitting at the throne of search engines with the huge traffic it brings to the website every day. The number is huge with just a single passing second, and people are searching for more than 75000 search queries. Whenever a question is asked, it answers them with the best list of websites capable of answering it. The deciding factor for these lists is known as Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

If you are a website looking to rank yourself on these pages, you must get the know-how of how these things work. The problem here is, do you have the time for this commitment? If your answer to that question is “No,” then you seriously need to consider getting a helping hand for this problem. Because not paying attention to this factor can actually make or break your website.

The next question in your mind should be, “Okay, I know I have to get these services, but I am not sure where to get them as there are a lot of providers in the market.” Well, don’t you worry because we are just about to discuss one such platform in detail, which we think may be the best pick for you?


SEOBUDDY is an online platform that makes the boring task of SEO easy, entertaining and repeatable. It works as the hidden tool in your arsenal that helps you out in the dire needs of competitive analysis of the Google SERP. It delivers this by managing your backlinks and content ideas. It lays out a proper step-by-step guide for you through the software SEO checklist to make your SEO actions completely automatic. It comes equipped with the 102- point checklist, a process document showing the 42 step-by-step processes, and all the links available to the best resources.


All of these tasks are done with a single intention in their mind. Your website should be ranked among the top while boosting the authority of your domain at the same time. SEOBUDDY comes equipped with a lot of features which we are about to discuss below in detail.

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Key Features of SEOBUDDY:

1- Hunting the Best Backlinks:

All the backlinks do not have the same worth; if you have links that direct users to your website from other quality websites, it makes your content look a lot better in the eyes of Google and, as a result, brings up more organic traffic to your website. SEOBUDDY helps you out with backlinks by:

  • Finding the opportunities for new and untapped backlinks.
  • Ensure that you are always after the backlinks that are most relevant and valuable to your content.
  • Check what high authority domains can be linked to your content.

2- Determine Best Ideas for Content:

Ranking your keywords well requires quite a bit of research to find the best content out there; you can only do this if you know which content is already out there, is working, and then improvise in the making it even better for your own website. SEOBUDDY helps you in this situation by:

  • Helping you find the content that is most popular on any given topic.
  • Give you profitable ideas for content based on the keywords that you are targeting.
  • Help you learn how you can further improve your pre-existing content to make it rank higher.

3- Keeping an Eye on Your Competition:

You need to be aware of what your competition is doing if you want to beat them. SEOBUDDY is just the right thing for the job, and it will not only tell you what they are up to but even help you out in figuring the perfect way to outsmart and outrank them. It helps you achieve this by:

  • Giving you information on what exactly is driving the traffic to their website.
  • What are the most important backlinks in their possession, and how can you acquire them?
  • Which content is giving them the most success?

4- Manage and Monitor Your Teams SEO activity:

SEOBUDDY helps you manage all of your backlinks through a single database and then convert all of these opportunities after identification into links that boost your on-page SEO. It achieves this result by:

  • Helping you manage all the activities of your team without wasting any of your time on spreadsheets and emails.
  • Let you know what each team is doing and monitor their progress through a single glimpse.
  • Grant, you team all the limelight for their activities and targets so that you can later give incentives to your top performers.
  • Add freelance writers and analysts on board with your current team members easily and efficiently.

5- Other Notable Features:

Besides these, SEOBUDDY provides other notable features as well, which we are mentioning down below.

  • Dashboard: It provides you with all the insights, reports, and workings through a single screen.
  • Content Management: It helps your content become SEO-friendly by helping you with the creation and customization of your topics.
  • Rank Tracking: It is a tool designed specially to track the ranking of your website at any time concerning the keywords.
  • Auditing: It runs the audit test to evaluate the friendliness of your website with the search engine. It completes this by making use of a variety of tools.
  • Competitor Analysis: It helps you identify all the strategies of your competitors and then help you make well-thought-out decisions on how to tackle them.
  • Integration of Google Analytics: It helps you get all the necessary information when it comes to the traffic of your website. It includes tracking the traffic as well.
  • Management of Users: It helps you out manage the access of multiple users to your website so that your work can be collaborated and integrated without any issues.
  • Tracking of Keywords: It helps you keep track of all the keywords relevant to your websites or are often researched.

SEO Checklist:

SEOBUDDY has an SEO Checklist that is like a step-by-step guide to every action that you need to do on your website to be optimized in the best possible way and get a lot more organic traffic. It makes doing SEO much easier, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of SEO. Many people think that SEO is tough to do, but in reality, it is effortless, but only if you know what you are doing. Using SEO Checklist, you can make your website optimized and get higher Google rankings much faster.

There are a lot of people who aren’t experienced in doing SEO. They want to get more traffic on their websites but don’t know how to achieve it. On the other hand, some people don’t have time to do the SEO and hire SEO agencies which can be a hit or a miss. So, SEO Checklist by SEOBUDDY is the best solution for you.

Free Flowing Traffic:

Everyone wants to have a lot of organic traffic flowing through their websites, and it is a wonderful thing to see. A lot of people who are searching on Google are not just mindlessly wandering, but they are searching about particular things, and most of them want help. So when you are ranked higher on Google, then you will appear before those people and will be able to help them through the service that you are providing.

Collection of Resources:

SEOBUDDY’s SEO Checklist is a collection of resources that will allow your website to reach the top ranks on Google. All of the methods that are used to raise the ranking of your website are proven, so you don’t need to worry about anything. You also get practical guides that allow you to rank faster on Google.

SEO Checklist does the following things:

  • Assess the website & what changes need to be made
  • Provides a Google Sheet containing more than 100 SEO Steps
  • Giving Recommended Tools
  • Providing a Checklist so that you cover everything related to SEO

Link Chest by SEO Buddy:

Have you ever wanted to boost your website’s Google ranking with the help of easy-to-get backlinks? Well, that is what you get by using the Link Chest feature of SEOBuddy. It is a really smart and easy way of improving your website’s overall ranking.

Backlinking is Important:

Backlinking is the foundation on which a website stands. It makes a huge difference in the ranking of a website. If you have a lot of backlinks attached, then more companies will partner with you. Having many backlinks shows other people that your website is alive, and it gives them the incentive to work alongside you.

Acquiring these backlinks is not as difficult as it might seem in the beginning. But SEOBuddy has made everything much easier as they have already done the hard work for you. So, you don’t have to spend all of your time in search of quality backlinks.

The Link Chest:

The Link Chest is like a buffet of backlinks that you get instant access to without any real effort. SEOBuddy has already done the most difficult job, finding all of the backlinks and then accumulating them in a single place. If you have just started your website or have an old website that doesn’t have enough backlinks, then this is the golden opportunity for you.

  • About 517 Backlinks from Reputable Sites with Higher Domain Authority
  • Dedicated Web App

Tracking Progress:

With the help of the Link Chest, you not only get access to 517 backlinks, but it also acts as a tool to help you manage your missions. You can track everything through the dedicated web app as you go through the list. You have the option of either accepting or ignoring a backlinking opportunity. You can also make notes along the way. You also get the option of assigning tasks to a teammate as well to ease the process.

Doing the Backlinking:

Getting the backlinks is really simple and easy. There is a URL associated with every entry that takes you directly to the web page from where you can get the backlink. If you are too busy and can’t add the backlinks to your website, then for just $139 extra, SEOBuddy can do it for you. They will add at least 80 of the Link Chest opportunities for you, and they will also guarantee to add about 40 new backlinks.

This is a really useful feature and is beneficial for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. The best thing about this feature is that you will be able to see the things that they’ve done to the link chest. So, there is a lot of transparency in that regard. Overall, this is a must-have for people with a new website or an old one with very few backlinks.


1- A Strong Foundation:

To build your website in the most efficient way possible then you will need a strong foundation. SEO is that foundation that will allow your website to rise to the top. SEO Checklist provides you with a strong foundation. It will set up Google Analytics and also inform you on tracking various keywords. It will also teach you about tracking different metrics in Google Search Console.

2- User Experience:

It is vital to make your website optimized in the best possible way. All of the people that come to your website should get an amazing experience. Through SEO Checklist, you provide all of your traffic with a really great experience. By using SEO Checklist, you will be able to load your website in a much faster way and also optimize it better for mobile devices. It will also optimize the URL to make it shorter and easier to understand as well.

3- Quality Content:

When you are creating excellent content, then you will get more people to share it, and a lot more prominent websites will link to your content as well. You will learn how to use SEO in the most effective way possible. Keyword research is also critical, and SEO Checklist will provide you with speedy keyword research. There is always some sort of issue with the content that makes it rank much lower. SEO Checklist will provide you fixes that will make your content rank much higher than ever before.

4- Performance:

Websites must work really well at all times, and everything loads really fast. Through SEO Checklist, you will be able to increase the performance of your website by fine-tuning the SEO performance. You will also be able to optimize images in the best possible way so that your website loads really fast. It will also provide you with web hosting info and how to utilize them the most.

5- On-Page SEO:

More often than not, it is necessary to make every webpage on your website optimized so that it is easier for people to use. SEO Checklist will also provide you with position keywords to get the attention of Google, and your content becomes more valuable. You will also get Google to understand and include the images present on your website. It will also provide you with much better clicks in SERPs while providing better meta descriptions and page titles.

6- Off-Page SEO:

It is really important to create awareness about your website, and that is done through using Off-Page SEO. Through SEO Checklist, you will be able to find the most valuable backlinks to your website. It will also provide you with a perfect link-building strategy that will allow your website to grow much faster. It will also incorporate social media so that your website ranks faster than before.

7- Technical SEO:

There are many times when people are trying to do SEO on their own; they can get certain issues that harm their SEO efforts. Through SEO Checklist, you will be able to guide Google in a way so that it looks at your best web pages. You will also get a much tidier and user-friendly experience as all of the links, URLs, and meta tags are regularly cleared. It will also provide your website with a structure and then submit the sitemaps to Google.

8- Local SEO:

There are always local people looking for different things on the internet. That local traffic is like a goldmine of potential traffic. You need to make your website optimized in a way that you can get more local traffic. This is done with the help of an SEO Checklist. It will optimize all of the local listings in major directories and search engines so that you come on top whenever a person searches for something. It will allow you to maximize your exposure level and get more organic traffic. You will also be able to get reviews from all the local customers and then use those particular reviews to boost your SEO.


  • It is completely User-friendly.
  • The SEO tactics being used have been proven and are backed up with results.
  • It will start showing you constant growth in your organic traffic.
  • It helps you in creating a strategic and organized plan that is personalized to your website.
  • It helps you in improving the success and competence in working by using correct planning.
  • It gives you a complete refund guarantee in case you don’t see improvement in 60-days
  • The customer support is present 24/7 to help you out with any problems and queries.
  • It has already sold 1541+ copies successfully.
  • It only follows the SEO procedures that have been proven with results.


  • The pricing could have some better options.
  • No other particular cons have been noted as of yet.

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SEOBUDDY Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for SEOBUDDY is as follows:

Type of Subscriptions:

There are basically three types of subscription plans when it comes to SEOBUDDY.

  • The DIY Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription where you pay a certain amount each month or year and gets certain features; it is a one-time payment with limited usage according to your particular payment plan.

  • The Semi-Agency Subscription Plan:

If you are something between an individual and an agency and still want to enjoy the features of SEOBUDDY well, this plan is just for you. It gives you access to all its features and personal training being provided to your first virtual assistant. It starts with the price of $1000 per month.

  • The Agency Subscription Plan:

If you are an agency wanting to make use of the features of SEOBUDDY, this plan, in particular, is for you. By picking this plan, SEOBUDDY will take care of everything related to your business. This plan starts with the monthly payment of $5000 and provides certain benefits that you wouldn’t get otherwise.


  • CEO: Romain Brabant
  • Founded: 2019
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services
  • Company Size: 1-10 employees
  • Specialty: SEO, Content Research, Link Building, Competitive Analysis, and Frameworks
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Monthly starting price: 47$
  • Head Office: Nassau, New Providence
  • uCompares rating:9/5


After completely studying this review with focus, you should be better positioned to make more informed decisions about your website. A platform that can help your website rank amongst the top can play a vital role in making your business boom. It is also helping you keep track of your competition so that you are always a step ahead of them in strategies and planning.

If you have such a helping hand for your website, it can help you out more than one way, from saving your time and money to assisting you in making more efficient decisions in favor of your website. Therefore, we would definitely recommend you try out the free trial and see how happy you are with the results. The best thing about SEOBUDDY is that it gives you a complete refund guarantee if you don’t see improvements in your website’s ranking. This alone makes it stand out amongst its competition.

We hope our review has made it easier for you to decide as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you, buddy. Our team wishes you the best!

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