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ShareAspace Review 2024 – Is It The Best Collaboration Software for Contract Manufacturing?

ShareAspace Review:

ShareAspace A single hub to control, secure, and share your product data with engineering domains and enterprises:

In the modern world, data plays an important role. Especially if it is related to a product, transfer of information and collaboration plays a key role in the designing, manufacturing, and operational processes. To make this procedure smooth and easy data needs to be transferred between suppliers, partners, and manufacturers. Now, this can be quite a challenge because this data can fall into the hands of your competitors. So, you need secure hands to achieve peace of mind.

Now, this is where ShareAspace comes in, it is a single solution when you want to share your specifications and designs with your suppliers or partners when you want to collaborate with partners in design and/or manufacturing.

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ShareAspace is a software available as a SaaS solution providing you the tools necessary in connecting to your current data if needed, readying it for sharing and then sharing it with the people/companies that you have allowed into your space while making sure everything is secure and easy.

It makes sure that your product data is securely uploaded into the cloud and you can seamlessly stream it upon your need during the collaboration process between your suppliers and partners for contract manufacturing.

ShareAspace makes it quite convenient for you to share your product data with just a few clicks. It uses state-of-the-art technology to make sure that your data is secure at all times before, during, and after the collaboration. It also provides you full data traceability which helps you in changing your impact overview. With all these features ShareAspace becomes your workspace for a collaboration project.

Key Features of ShareAspace:

The following key features make ShareAspace state-of-the-art COTS software. All the end-user packaged software built on ShareAspace has them in common.

1- Master Data Management:

Each collaboration will include multiple potential organizations using many systems. With so many systems being given authority, ShareAspace keeps records of which originating data was uploaded or which data has been updated in ShareAspace. It will also make sure that the system can only be updated with the permission of the master system.

2- Change Management:

You can apply different degrees of change management to your product data depending on the type of relationship and collaboration you have with your partner. ShareAspace provides utmost support when it comes to different levels of change in control. From a formal process management change where you can track each of your change orders and change proposals.  To ensure the work gets done here you have to apply for the approval process.

3- Management of Document:

The content is made available through the categorization and identification of all viable documents along with access to digital files and relationships. Digital content does not face any type of restriction. Files supported include documents that are text-based like analysis results, source code, pictures, and Microsoft office along with CAD files as well.

4- Management of Parts:

You can change, manage, or allow your partners to manage parts like manufacturing of parts, multiple suppliers, multiple identifiers, versioning, or information regarding your parts. It can also be used to navigate cross-domain BOMs or even multi-level BOMs. With the management of parts, you can also gain access to all the normal PDM features along with a few more. Additionally, the software is designed to make sure the environment is collaborative so that multiple partners can jointly contribute to the collaborative project.

5- Performance-Oriented:

The technology used by ShareAspace is state of the art with a PLM oriented storage of data. It can easily manage millions of parts and files or just a few thousand parts of collaboration.

6- Cloud-Based System:

ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing product is offered as a cloud-based service with very short implementation time. It is available on Microsoft Azure

7- No/low Coding Required:

ShareAspace can be configured for customer needs with the low code approach. The system is accessed either a mobile device or any web interface. ShareAspace is built on Microsoft technology and integrates with major enterprise processes and systems. Everything is achieved on the low total cost of the ownership.

8- Security:

Using ShareAspace you never have to worry about losing control and management of intellectual property. It makes sure that each company can share and collaborate with their data securely protected. The in-house data is not exposed to the outside world but only the data intended for sharing can be accessed in the collaboration hub. All of these facilities build-up the confidence of your partners to have trust in you and make it easy for partners to share their data and to form a trusted collaboration.

Why Choose ShareAspace over others?

Single Source to Streamline Your Supply Chain:

If you are experiencing problems with tracking the design of your product and its specifications, sharing 3D models or huge bills of materials to your partners and suppliers. Then ShareAspace is the solution for you. Keep everything up to date with a single collaboration source that keeps track of all your changes while making sure all of it is under precise access and is secure from external threats like IP theft

A Center to Collaborate around Design and Manufacturing of Your Products:

All the features provided at ShareAspace make up a dedicated collaboration huh supporting the collaboration of companies involving partners for design and manufacturing.

Tracking Proposals, Changes, and Delivery:

To achieve a smooth process of manufacturing and designing products, seamless information sharing and collaboration required between customers, manufacturers, partners, suppliers, and all internal disciplines and departments. ShareAspace makes certain to collaborate with the collaboration managers, supply chain, strategic purchasing procurement, and quality.

Delivery Records:

ShareAspace tracks and captures all batches, lots, and delivered items so that there is no chance of any record going missing. It does everything on the delivery record at a single point in time. It also manages you all the related documents and contracts that you need when receiving your delivery.

Seamless Communication:

ShareAspace provides you other secure forms of communication besides the formal one that is held between stakeholders. This communication is offered in the form of a discussion board and messaging. Any PLM object can be referred to using the search capability in any messaging thread. It will still keep following all the rules set by the access control of the object.

Physical Items:

You can collect all the necessary information for each of your individual items from the supplier. This can help you out a lot in the downstream process. Therefore, you should get it directly from your supplier.


Until a proper contract for regulating the access of IP is established, no information will be shared between the companies. ShareAspace helps you make those contracts visual so that all parties in the collaboration know what is allowed and what is not.

Management of Documents:

ShareAspace helps you with the management of files and documents. It supports the user with all the metadata of the documents, it also helps with the versioning and the ability of an individual user to control the access to a document with audit trail support.


  • It can be used for secure collaboration between partners or enterprises
  • It provides a data audit trail of all the changes that have been made at any point in time.
  • It does not require any kind of coding
  • It is based on the ISO standards, PLCS and STEP.
  • Built-in support for both horizontal and vertical scaling.
  • It has vendor-neutral compatibility


  • No free version except the free trial.

ShareAspace Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for ShareAspace is as follows:

ShareAspace details:

  • Website: and
  • CEO: Mattias Johansson
  • Founded: 1994
  • Specialty: A secure collaboration software for any product data
  • Monthly starting price: $435
  • Revenue: $8 Million
  • Head Office: Stockholm
  • uCompares Rating: 4.9/5


Try 60 Days Free Trial

After reviewing and considering everything that is mentioned your understanding of ShareAspace should have improved compared to when you started reading this review. A secure platform for sharing product data to your partners and suppliers, anywhere in the world, can play a vital role in your success in both the short and long run. It will also save a lot of your time and energy with its seamless streaming of data whenever it is needed. Security and trust are embedded in the ShareAspace solution making is a great fit in times of potential IP theft and cyber threats.

ShareAspace is the best collaboration software for contract manufacturing in all enterprises regardless of them being large, medium, or small. Although it does not include a free version, they do provide a free monthly trial which should provide more than enough time for you to figure if this decision is right for you or not.

Our team hopes that our research on this software has provided you enough facts so that you can make a firm decision for the improvement of your business. We wish you the best in improving your collaboration capabilities!

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