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SkillStart Review 2024- The World’s First Community-Driven eLearning NFT marketplace Review 2024:

Do you want Learn, then Share and afterward do earn? So here is the is an interactive social learning ecosystem powered by the community. The “Learn to Earn” methodology is being used to motivate students to learn and boost course completion rates.

SkillStart is a platform for learning creators to connect with their audience, as well as a platform for students to earn crypto-currency for self-investment. Built on the polygon MATIC) Blockchain, the world’s first community-driven eLearning NFT marketplace.

Why are they best?

Built on the Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain, this is the world’s first community-driven eLearning NFT marketplace.

  • On the blockchain, instructors mint their courses as NFTs.
  • Students use SKIL tokens to purchase courses (NFTs).
  • C “Achievement NFTs” provide passive SKIL tokens to its holders and the course author for every other individual who purchases the course.
  • Their exchange allows users to purchase, sell, and trade SKIL tokens and NFTs.
  • Users can create an account to connect with other platform users.
  • Users can earn up to 8% APR by staking SKIL on their network. (Monthly compounded) completing courses earns students “Achievement NFTs.”


The SkillStart project’s concept is conceived. Market research to determine the eLearning industry’s needs. Make a timeline for the project. Formulate a company plan. Branding is protected (logos, domain, and much more).


Create the SkillStart eco-framework. System (Website, ERC-20 token, NFT marketplace, Staking). Create community standards and expectations. Begin to assemble a development team and affiliates. The Private Token Sale has begun.

The first private sale. Early adopters receive the first tokens. To develop a platform culture, recruit affiliates and influencers to participate in community projects and events. Establish a public meeting scheduled to discuss the project’s progress. Finalize the development team. Engage in innovative marketing to raise awareness for your impending ICO.

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Their Future Planning:

The following steps will be taken.

The Private Sale is scheduled to end in January 2022. The user base for the Whitelist Beta-test has been established. During this time, more SKIL Token development (staking mechanisms, Skilswap, dex) and strategic partnerships will be disclosed.

The public ICO sale will commence in March 2022. Begin providing service to the first Whitelisted Beta users. The NFT platform has gone live. The portal for social media has gone live. Staking is now available.

They expected the Alpha to be released in May 2022. Optimization of the project Uniswap, Sushiswap, and other exchanges will list the SKIL token. Begin work on a proprietary DEX.

Their long-term goal is to create a community-driven social learning platform that allows people to make money while learning and improving in the areas of their lives that interest them the most.

Working Mechanism of SkillStart:

Instructors create digital courses on the blockchain as NFTs, and students buy them with skill tokens. Students earn “Achievement NFTs” by completing course module NFTs. Holders of achievement NFTs and course authors receive passive skill tokens for each identical course module NFT sold. Their exchange allows you to purchase, sell, and swap skill tokens/NFTs. Users can register for an account to connect with other platform users, create groups, and much more. Most importantly, users can use their Skills tokens to earn up to 8% APR in their network.

Skill Coins are ERC20 compliant tokens designed with Polygon (MATIC Network).

Currencies accepted during private sales are

  • Polygon
  • Matic
  • USD

3 Features:

1- Share:

To earn SKIL tokens, upload your course modules and share your knowledge with the community. NFTs are created from your course modules. Students gain NFT tokens for completing the course, which they can use to earn passive SKIL tokens. You can build a community of affiliates and investors this way. These people will be your word-of-mouth marketing and will want you to succeed!

2- Learn:

With SKIL, you may learn and buy courses. You will obtain an NFT once you have completed the course. This NFT will earn you passive SKIL tokens for every person that purchases and completes the course, allowing you to advance your expertise while also earning passive revenue!

3- Earn:

Earn up to an 8% APR by staking your SKIL tokens. When a course is purchased, a 4% incentive in the form of SKIL tokens is returned to the pool of stakeholders. The tokens can then be sold or traded on their decentralized exchange.

SKIL Tokenà Private Sale à Purchase with USD


They are giving SKIL tokens at a rate of 200 SKIL / 1 MATIC (when using Meta Mask and paying with Polygon) during the token Private Sale (MATIC). The rate is 1 SKIL / $0.01 when purchasing SKIL tokens with USD (credit/debit card/PayPal). (Early adopter benefits are included with all purchases.) This is the only time SKIL Tokens will be available for purchase by the general public at this price.

Skil Token

0 MATIC: This is the only time SKIL Tokens will be available for purchase by the general public at this price.


This is the only time SKIL Tokens will be offered to the public at this price, and there are 151,501,501 SKIL Tokens available in the Private Sale. The Tokens acquired with USD will be transferred within 24 hours after payment processing, representing 15% of the entire coin supply.

Contact Them:

Please use the contact form to reach them.  They will always strive to respond as quickly as possible. To contact them, please use the form below. They will make every effort to react as soon as possible.


Please get in touch with them at the following address for commercial and partnership proposals:


Try SkillStart For Free

Final Words: is a community-driven interactive social learning platform that incentivizes student learning and course completion through the “Learn to Earn” approach. They’re a location where course makers can connect with their audience and where people can earn crypto-currency by developing their abilities and participating in personal development activities.

The sale of private tokens will commence on the 14th of December 2021 and end on the 14th of February 2022.

The available supply for the private token sale is 151 million 501 thousand 501 skilled tokens, which is roughly 15% of the total supply.

Visit the site for booking and further queries if you have any.

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