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SlideUpLift Review 2024: Why It’s The Best Presentation Templates Provider

SlideUpLift Review 2024:

If you’re in the business of making and communicating through presentations, you would know that it is not easy to come up with great presentations on the fly. And if you have a deadline, it is somehow even more difficult to be creative and make robust presentations that are visually engaging and not monotonous.

Communication has changed, especially during the pandemic, as everything went online. Virtual workplaces replaced office cubicles, and meetings are now being held over Zoom, with screen sharing and voice overs. It would help if you had new-age solutions to solve an age-old problem of effective communication in the workplace, using presentations.

Now, more than ever, visually effective and memorable presentations are needed, as it’s even more difficult to hold attention virtually and low engagement is a big factor for failed presentations done in a remote setting. So, how do you make presentations that make a big impact in a virtual setting?

Enter Presentation Templates and Decks. Presentation templates are created by visual designers and business experts. Good PowerPoint templates are visually engaging, need minimal edits to suit your content, and help communicate your ideas effectively with your audience. And today, we will be reviewing one of the leading providers of presentation templates on the internet – SlideUpLift.

Overall, we love what SlideUpLift provides to the field of business communication through its collection of PowerPoint templates. Therefore, we wanted to highlight some of their key features for you to assess if this digital library can help you in your presentation work.

What is SlideUpLift?

SlideUpLift is an online platform to help professionals make compelling presentations using the principles of vision science and storytelling. They have one of the largest collections of presentation templates that are creative and appealing, ensuring that your work has a professional and consistent feel to it. 

They have an online library of 30,000+ presentation templates, decks, and visual assets like icons, isometrics, and silhouettes specifically focused on the needs of business professionals. Their template collection is extremely vast and diversified and is suited for every industry and function. 

Highlighted Features Available at SlideUpLift:


They provide a wide collection of business-ready, easily editable, and visually pleasing templates that suit the needs of every business professional. Their PowerPoint templates range from Executive Summary, Timelines & Planning to Strategy, Roadmap templates, Change Management, SWOT Analysis, 30 60 90 Day Plans, and many more. They also have ready-to-use PowerPoint Themes to give you a starting point in building your business presentation from scratch or use as a guide to preparing pitches, engagement activities, and case studies.

What is notable about SlideUpLift is its versatility in terms of catering to a wide variety of clients. They have presentation templates that are perfect for business professionals, from project managers to marketing executives to finance managers to entrepreneurs and business students, and many more who often need to present their work. Along with the function-specific templates, they have a wide collection of PowerPoint Graphics like icons, silhouettes, isometrics, and animations to make the slides more engaging.

In specific, we were quite impressed with their collection of Executive Summary Templates, Timeline PowerPoint Templates, 30 60 90 day plan templates.  


SlideUpLift’s templates and decks are 100% editable and can be tweaked according to your tastes and preferences. Users can easily change their templates, colors, icons, and proportions and give them a personalized touch.

This means that we aren’t stuck with a static presentation template that forces us to conform to its design for most of us. We are in control of our own information and the way we want to present it.


Besides a wide-ranging collection of business-ready templates, the library includes everything you need to create and edit your own presentations, including but not limited to:

  1. Infographic templates
  2. PowerPoint Maps
  3. PowerPoint Diagrams – puzzle pieces, Venn Diagrams, Funnels, Flow Charts, Chevrons, and much more.   
  4. PowerPoint Shapes – Circle, Arrow, Cube, Hexagon, and much more.
  5. PowerPoint Text and Tables
  6. PowerPoint Lists – Range of creative ideas to showcase a lot of information in one slide

These enable you to create and add your own graphics and charts to your presentations, giving you even more control over the final product and allowing freedom to express your creativity in a way that works for you. Need a specific map, a RAG meter, vector icons, and business graphics? SlideUpLift has got you covered.


SlideUpLift hosts an extensive collection of free PowerPoint templates that users can download without subscribing to a paid membership plan. SlideUpLift’s philosophy is to make business-ready, professionally built presentation templates available to as many people as possible.

Their free presentation templates are at par with industry standards and are expertly made with stunning graphics despite being available for free.


We love it when companies go the extra mile to provide services to their clients intended to ease the whole process of using their products. Available with every single membership plan, the SlideUpLift add-in is designed to be seamlessly integrated with PowerPoint such that users can browse and download their favorite templates directly within PowerPoint. 

This add-in is a pretty neat feature. It makes the presentation-making experience very simple and works as an excellent PowerPoint productivity tool. You don’t have to worry about spending your time browsing for the perfect template. You can find what you need within PowerPoint, saving you tons of time and energy. This is a feature that really sets SlideUpLift apart from the crowd and makes the whole process of using and editing presentation templates straightforward and time-efficient.


The SlideUpLift blog is a repository of presentation tips & tricks, business guides, best remote-working practices, project management guides, and much more. It comes in pretty handy when you want to learn more about a specific topic before making a presentation on it, as each blog contains detailed information about the topic as well as example templates that can be used to incorporate everything you’ve just learned into an impactful presentation.

The SlideUpLift Youtube Channel is a great collection of short and informative videos on using PowerPoint effectively, hacks for building great business presentations, creative infographics, and the most effective presentation ways. The addition of video tutorials ensures that SlideUpLift is effectively a one-stop-shop for all your needs around presentations and communication tools. 


SlideUpLift has a dedicated and professional team of customer service associates working round the clock to help users with their needs. Their customer service is quick and efficient at clarifying any issues the users may have with their purchases and templates. 

They also have a great feature that allows you to give them your specific requirements or business topics, helping them expand their already extensive collection and creating even more presentation decks and templates for specific business use-cases.


Okay, so all that sounds great. But what about pricing, you may ask? Well, here’s a detailed breakdown of SlideUpLift’s pricing model. And we have to say that it is one of the most flexible ones we have seen on the market.

  • Add to Cart: SlideUpLift is one of the only platforms on the internet that allows you to bypass a membership to individually purchase the template, vector image, or deck you need. Add the product to your cart and pay using your preferred payment method. This kind of flexibility is key for the casual user who needs a template for a specific occasion, meeting, or event. The payment process was also very smooth. 
  • Affordable Membership Plans: Their membership plans are also very cost-effective, starting from just $9.99, which gets you access to their premium templates and decks, available for pretty much every business need you can have. It is also one of the most affordable membership models that we have encountered, making it ideal for anyone on a budget or looking to find the best and most affordable solution to their presentation-making woes.

So, is SlideUpLift worth it?

Yes, it absolutely is worth it. It is a service that has it all under one roof, providing you with the best-in-class templates and decks, using their unique expert blend of knowledge of vision science and storytelling with business acumen and understanding of business communications. 

Saving time and energy making effective presentations is one reason why using SlideUpLift’s presentation templates makes sense. It is affordable, flexible and its extensive library has everything you could need for all your professional requirements. It is a great pick for project managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and executives who need a great presentation template service that allows for visually engaging and impactful presentations.

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