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Spectra Review 2024 – The best WordPress Page Builder out there?

Are you looking for ways to build professional-looking sites on WordPress? Are you trying to avoid hiring a web developer but don’t want to compromise on the results? 

If yes, then you need to check out Spectra!

Now, let’s get deep into knowing the Spectra page builder. This is what this review is all about. By the end of this review, you will be able to tell every feature and specification this company holds. This tool is an amazing solution for your WordPress site-building needs.

With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can be as creative as you want and build the site of your dreams for your business, that too without any knowledge of coding. You are given an extensive library of pre-designed blocks and templates that simplify website building. This allows you to focus on making a visually appealing online presence. 

This easy-to-use WordPress page builder offers over 200 customizable templates to help you get started. The drag-and-drop editor, customizable blocks, and pre-defined templates help you have a professional quality website to work with. 

The best part is that you do not need any coding knowledge to work with Spectra. This means anyone can work with it. 

With that being said, let’s move on to the details of this amazing tool. 

Spectra-What is it? 

What is Spectra

Spectra is basically a customizable website builder with a variety of template blocks that help you create high-quality landing pages for WordPress, testimonials, and homepages with post grids. 

Spectra has a user-friendly interface with incredible editable blocks to create engaging layouts and website designs for your business. Users can customize Spectra’s blocks to fit their unique demands in terms of functionality and design. 

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Who uses Spectra?

Spectra is a tool for everyone, but to be clearer for those looking to create an engaging website for your business with minimal effort. Spectra comes with Gutenberg blocks that offer hundreds of previously designed templates and extensive tools to make your sites on WordPress. 

If you are a small business owner who plans to go online but wants to spend less initially, this tool is for you. Spectra’s drag-and-drop feature is just for you. 

Other than this, if you own an agency and need a website showing all your essential details to attract potential clients. Spectra’s blocks are really helpful and include registration forms, FAQ sections, and star ratings that can be added to draw in more clients. 

And if you are a freelancer who wants to design websites for your clients, Spectra has got your back! The extensive tools and features help you with it. 

Spectra is designed to meet various purposes, whether you’re making an intricate e-commerce store, an affiliate marketing website selling digital products, or a basic photography website.

What features does Spectra offer?

Spectra is not an ordinary page builder. It offers you all the powerful tools that you need to design a site from scratch. 

The features it offers are:

Templates: Spectra has more than 100 professionally pre-designed templates for you to start designing. These make it very simple for the users to work on a project. You can create an e-commerce site, a blog, or any other site for your website. 

Block patterns: Spectra has 28 blocks, each with a specific function. Blocks include image galleries, contact forms, post grids, and sliders, which aid in streamlining the intricate design process.

Pop-up Builders: You can make pop-ups to draw in your audience. Spectra Pro offers a popup builder that helps you create eye-catching popups that help you collect email leads.

Wireframes and templates: Creating pages takes time, but using wireframes from Spectra offers previously made templates that make creating layouts quick and easy. 

Modal and slider builder: Spectra allows you to add sliders and modal popups to enhance the user experience on your site. It allows you to create and customize them according to your needs.

Robust Customer Support: You are never alone with Spectra. Their customer support will always be there to give you a hand. 


Spectra gives a lot of benefits to its users:

User-Friendly: Spectra does not need you to be a web developer, and it is highly user-friendly. Both beginners and experts can easily navigate and utilize it. 

Efficient site creation: The intuitive interface, pre-made templates, and Spectra’s large variety of blocks in the library help shorten the time to make a website. This helps you finish projects sooner.

Highly customizable: Spectra gives you a great degree of customization because of its flexibility. You can adjust every design element, including layouts, colors, and fonts, to make your next web design concept pixel-perfect.

SEO-friendly sites: Every block, including FAQ, review, and How-to, incorporates schema markup by default. This will help you save time and raise your search engine optimization rate. 

Adaptive design: More than 70% of internet users browse using their phones. Spectra makes sure that your website looks and functions properly across all devices. 

How to use Spectra?

Follow these steps to get started with Spectra: 


  1. Download the Spectra Plugin
  2. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New. 
  3. Now, Upload and activate the Spectra plugin. 
  4. Now, you’re all set to start creating sites with Spectra!

User interface:

The user interface of Spectra is designed to work with a broad range of users, from beginners to professionals, from bloggers to business owners everyone can work with Spectra.

Spectra’s integration with the WordPress block editor helps promote a user-friendly experience that makes website creation easy and fun. With the drag-and-drop option, wireframes, patterns, and blocks make website building a manageable task.

Whether you’re an experienced web designer looking to improve your workflow or a business owner creating your site for the first time, Spectra gives you the tools to unleash your creativity and realize your vision easily.

Premade designs and template library:

Spectra offers a wide variety of more than a hundred pre-made templates covering various markets and sectors. You can quickly build a strong foundation for your website. 

Responsive design:

With Spectra, you can customize your site to look great on every device. The block frames, patterns, and wireframes are designed to provide comfort while you work, whether you are working on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Huge Block Library:

The true strength of Spectra is its extensive block library. With over 35 blocks, your web design possibilities are endless, and you can create anything you can imagine. 

Let’s take a peek at some of the essential blocks Spectra offers: 

  • Call To Action: This is an essential block for almost every site. With this block, you can add creative Calls to Action to attract potential clients. 
  • Star rating/Reviews: You can build credibility with your customers through star ratings and reviews from your previous sales. 
  • Countdown Timer: To motivate the visitors to act on your time-sensitive promotion deals quickly. 
  • About us: To give a short introduction about your business. 
  • Image Galleries: To elegantly present the image Collection on your landing pages. 
  • FAQs: To address the most asked questions about your field. 
  • Clients: To give a glimpse of your extensive work experience. 
  • Pricing tables: For your product prices or anything else you want to present neatly. 

You can build visually appealing sites with the blocks. 

Here is a list of the blocks that Spectra offers to its users:

  • Price List
  • Marketing Button
  • Toolset Dynamic Block
  • Lottie Animation
  • Advanced Columns
  • Advanced Row
  • Item List
  • Buttons
  • Search
  • Responsive Conditions
  • Display Conditions
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Documentation
  • Posts grid
  • Contributions Masonry
  • Contributions-Carousel
  • Contributions timeline
  • Table of Contents
  • Inline Notice

Spectra Pro with Extra Blocks?

Spectra Pro has an even bigger selection of blocks and features. Although Spectra’s free edition offers a strong basis for creating visually stunning websites, Spectra Pro expands your creative possibilities.

Visual Website Builder:

The following points will give you a visually appealing site:

  1. Start with a new page to create your site. 
  2. To add a block, click anywhere on the page and choose one from the menu on the left.
  3. Use the individual block settings to alter each element to your preference. 
  4. Take advantage of an instant preview of your page and immediately make changes.

Popup Builder:

Whether you are looking for ways to highlight special sales offers, gently guide visitors to your landing page, or collect email subscriptions from blog posts, the popup builder from Spectra Pro offers to create captivating popups that will not disturb the overall design but will perfectly blend into it. 

What is the performance of Spectra?

Spectra’s performance is outstanding. ReactJS framework helps it to build a safe and high-performing site for you.

Spectra loads assets only required for the blocks you use on each page and does not load unnecessary scripts to slow down your site. 

Your site visitors won’t be annoyed by pages that take a long time to load, and your Google Page Speed score will appreciate it!

Differences between Spectra Pro and Spectra:

Dive into a wide range of specialized blocks, each specially designed to enhance specific elements of your website. With the ability to showcase products, embed videos, and create compelling calls to action, Spectra Pro gives you the tools you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Discover the full potential of advanced customization choices, providing smooth control over each website component. Experiment with color schemes, fine-tune spacing and adjust alignments to create a distinctive and unified brand identity.

Let’s check out a quick comparison between Spectra and Spectra Pro:

Spectra [Free Version]

  • Free Templates.
  • 28+ Blocks.
  • 100+ Pre-designed templates. 
  • Flexbox Containers
  • Complete design Control. 
  • Responsive Layouts. 

Spectra Pro [Premium Version]

  • Ideal for experienced web developers and big website projects. 
  • Includes additional features such as dynamic content, animation effects, loop builder, slider pro, popup builder, and much more. 
  • At a reduced cost, access to full product suites, including SureFeedback, SureWriter, Astra Theme Pro, and others.

Spectra Pricing:

One amazing thing you need to know is Spectra is free to use! And you can use its amazing features for free. But if you want additional features, you can always go for Spectra Pro. 

The pricing plans of Spectra are very clear on their site as well. 

Pros and Cons of Spectra:

This is what you should be expecting from them:


  • Intuitive design provides easy navigation through features. 
  • Provides Personalization for users with all skill levels. 
  • Extensive template library. 
  • Responsive design. 
  • Compatible with various WordPress themes. 
  • Offers robust control to manage multiple blocks at the same time. 


  • More blocks are always appreciated. 
  • Does not support Dynamic Data.

Final Thoughts:

Spectra is a highly flexible website page builder for WordPress. The tool allows you to create eye-appealing website pages with blocks. 

Spectra Pro is ideal for all website types, including business websites, online stores, and blogs. It enables you to create stunning, responsive websites with no coding. They offer quick customer service and a 14-day money-back guarantee on all subscription plans. 

If you want to add advanced functionality to your website design, such as a popup builder, loop builder, and dynamic content, Spectra Pro is the best choice!

All in all, Spectra is an all-rounder WordPress page builder to create engaging sites with minimal effort. 

Give Spectra a shot and make a stunning website for your business!

Try Spectra Now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spectra, and what can it do?

Spectra is a free WordPress page builder plugin that allows you to create beautiful, fast-loading WordPress websites without touching a single line of code.

Who should use Spectra?

Spectra is a complete package of unique and creative blocks that help build beautiful pages and posts on a website without needing a third-party page builder.

Therefore, it is for those who want to build lightweight and beautiful websites using the WordPress default editor.

Is Spectra a Page builder or a block plugin?

Spectra is a page builder that works with the Default WordPress Editor. It is a user-friendly page builder that enhances the WordPress Block editor. 

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