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Guide to Speeding up Macbook Performance in 2024

Speed up Macbook Performance 2024:

Macbooks are quite reliable and are known for their performance. However, some people are bound to reach a point when it takes longer for applications to load, or the overall speed of the laptop becomes slower than usual.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with the issue without spending money on a new computer. Read the steps below, and you should be able to revitalize your Macbook if it has started to underperform recently.

Step #1 – Free up Drive Space

One of the first things to do is to free up drive space. Some Macs come with hard drives; others have solid-state drives. The latter is better performance-wise, but it provides less storage.

When it’s full, the Macbook’s drive will lead to performance woes. Start by getting rid of temporary junk data like old backups, application caches, and plugins.

Deleting unnecessary apps and files like downloads and email attachments would help as well.

You can also take a different approach and transfer data to external storage devices and cloud services. Streaming platforms are also worth a shout. There is an option to consume media on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other similar services. 

Step #2 – Get Rid of Malware

Even insignificant malware can cause multiple issues for the computer. You need to keep tabs on the security to make sure that the system is virus-free. 

In addition to having reliable malware software, you should also avoid shady links and other potential threats on the internet. Consider browsing via virtual private networks. Installing an ad blocker for a browser would help as well since there would be fewer ads that lead to malware-infested landing pages.

Step #3 – Close Redundant Background Applications

Background applications that you have no need for should not be present. Launch the Activity Monitor and sort the processes by CPU, memory, and energy usage to determine which apps are consuming the most resources.

There might be some exceptions, like antivirus software, which should be running in the background all the time to protect the system. But a random game or a tool that keeps tabs on the weather is not really necessary, right?

Step #4 – Clean Dust Inside the Macbook

Cleaning the filth that accumulates inside the Mac is a bit problematic. Not everyone is willing to risk taking the laptop apart themselves. If you are afraid, take the Macbook to a local computer service store and ask them to do the work for you. It will cost money, but you will know that the computer is in good hands.

Removing the dust inside the laptop will help with the overall performance. In addition, you will also have fewer problems with overheating and loud internal fan noises.

Step #5 – Declutter Desktop

Desktop clutter should not be present in the first place. Some people have the tendency to keep their files on the computer desktop for the sake of convenience. However, they fail to realize what it does to the Macbook’s performance.

Each desktop icon requires resources. And the more icons there are on the desktop, the worse off you are. Keep your Mac’s desktop clutter-free and save yourself from potential trouble.

Step #6 – Disable Visual Gimmicks

Visual effects are more or less useless. More Mac owners should take a pragmatic approach and disable gimmicks like animated openings for the Dock pane or a backlit keyboard.

Some visual effects may seem like a nice feature to have, but they are consuming the system resources and overburdening the computer. You would be better off disabling them. Do so, and you will notice how much of a boost it is for the computer’s performance.

Step #7 – Add New Hardware

Not all Macbook models are compatible with additional hardware. If your Mac allows for it, and you have the money to invest, then consider looking for a way to add some upgrades.

The most common options include replacing hard drives with solid-state drives. Additional memory is also a good option. Lastly, you have some Macbook users who purchase an external graphics processing unit. 

Step #8 – Make Sure the OS Is Updated

Apple continues to release operating system versions that introduce new features and other neat additions. 

Besides the latest features, new OS versions also improve the Macbook’s stability, security, and performance.

Missing the most recent update may be one of the main reasons why your computer has been struggling with the performance so much. Be sure to install the latest macOS version.


To sum it all up, the steps in the article should be enough to help you deal with an underperforming Macbook. If you apply the tips mentioned above, it should not take too long before the computer is running the way it did when you first bought it. 

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