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Lemonads Review (2024): Is It Best Affiliate Network?

Lemonads Review 2023: 

Are you confused about choosing an affiliate network?

Do you want to choose the best affiliate network?

There are so many options present right now that it has become difficult to choose any affiliate network. And if you keep applying for every affiliate network, you will only waste your time as many affiliate networks these days are not legit at all. Due to this reason, you only have to take a look at a certain few of these affiliate networks then decide the best one out of them.

One affiliate network that you will most probably come across is lemonads. The question that comes in mind is that whether the features and tools provided by lemonads make it a good affiliate network or not?

We will take a dive deep into lemonads and look at all of the features provided to its users so that we can better understand how this network works and whether it is worth using.

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What is lemonads?

lemonads is an affiliate network whose offers span across the entire globe. Their services are very widespread, and almost all of the countries are present in their monetization. If you ever wanted a network that can provide you with more international offers, then lemonads can be satisfactory for you.

lemonads Affiliate Network is doing really well at the moment. Their leads are somewhere around 600K each month while having more than 1800 CPA offers. So, in terms of volume, this is one of the biggest CPA affiliate networks in the world and certainly the platform with the most growth in 2020.

As this affiliate mostly deals internationally, you have access to higher-quality traffic. This type of network generally has a lot of volumes and will definitely pay you on time. Dealing with large networks such as lemonads is really beneficial as they can offer a lot more than a small network, and the rates will be much better.  

lemonads Detailed Review:

lemonads Unique Features:

Lemonads Home

An affiliate network only succeeds if it is providing its users with the best features that are unmatched in the market. Some of the features that make lemonads worthwhile are:

Reputed Merchants:

One of the biggest advantages of going with reputed merchants is that you get access to only reputed merchants. There is no fraud in these cases, as the merchants are trustworthy. Some of the merchants of lemonads are:

  • Amazon
  • Revolut
  • Norton etc.

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Having top companies like Amazon and Norton provides confidence in people that lemonads is a trusted network and provides high-quality services to its users. So, whether you are an advertiser or an affiliate, you will benefit a lot by working with lemonads.


There are only a few affiliate networks in the world that provide Smartlinks offers. There are some situations where you might accidentally send traffic to the wrong offer. Through Smartlinks, lemonads will automatically redirect all of the traffic towards the best offers. There is constant campaign optimization taking place as Smartlinks are regularly changing their offers in order to suit the visitors.

You have the option to change your offers on the basis of how much revenue you are making. By using Smartlinks, you have a constant edge over your competitors. The offers you are running will constantly change on the basis of visitors and also on the amount of revenue being made.

With an automation service, you won’t even have to think about changing the offers. Furthermore, you still have the option to use normal offers as well if you wish to choose so.

Very Quick Payments:

lemonads offers payments in three different ways:

  • Net7
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

As a new member, you will be put into the net7 category, where the payment will increase as you start bringing in more quality traffic. In this way, your payment will rely on the quality of your traffic. This is a really easy way to make a lot of money in a short time. These earnings will also allow you to increase the quality and quantity of your campaigns as well.

lemonads has a very important advantage over these competitors in terms of payment time, no need to wait for the advertiser to be paid lemonads to receive these commissions, which changes a lot of things. And the payment is also very appreciated when you do a little volume of business.

Responsive Support:

An affiliate network can’t be any good if it doesn’t have a good support system in place. lemonads has all kinds of support channels present like Messenger, Website, and Social Media channels. You shouldn’t have any kind of trouble in contacting them.

The support service is also very quick to reply. When in a serious problem, you can quickly resolve your problem by contacting their support service.

Having a quick and responsive support system makes for a great affiliate network, and quality support is always vital when choosing an affiliate network. All of the support members present are professionals, so they will always provide you with a concrete solution to your problem.

Exclusive Offers:

As lemonads presents its services worldwide, they also have offers that are only exclusive to them. They have more than 1500 offers in total, and finding an exclusive one isn’t that difficult.

As you begin to go through all of the offers, you will realize that a lot of offers aren’t present anywhere else. If you want to run exclusive offers, then lemonads should be your top priority.

Higher Payouts:

lemonads have a direct relationship with their advertisers, which means that they can provide you with a higher payout than usual. If you compare lemonads with some other affiliate network, you will realize that you will make more money through lemonads than any other network.

This can help you in boosting your Return on Investment, and eventually, you will be able to increase your campaigns as well.

Tracking Solutions:

You also get tracking features with lemonads. All the features provided by lemonads can seamlessly integrate with tracking. lemonads uses its own platform, but it is way better to have tracking as well. With the help of tracking solutions, you can easily track your traffic and visitors.

This will provide you with better info about whether a particular thing works or not? Since the tracking is done through reputable sources, there is no way of data leakage.

Some of the tracking solutions used by lemonads are:

  • FunnelFlux
  • BeMob
  • Voluum etc.

Complete Control:

As lemonads uses an in-house platform, they have total control over the tracking that is happening. If there is some kind of glitch and tracking stops working, then they can easily fix it in a matter of minutes.

If you need to look at some additional data regarding the traffic and visitors, then they will also provide you with all that information. All of the data present in lemonads is of high-quality and readily available for the users.

Variety of Offers:

There is no shortage of offers on lemonads as they provide you with tons of offers. These offers are also very varied and any kind of offers that you are looking for, in particular, you will find them here. You should also keep in mind that they are regularly increasing the number of offers available to the end-users.

So, the collection only keeps getting better. With all of these different offers available, there is no chance that you will go wrong with this affiliate network.


The menu of lemonads is really simple, and you should have much trouble in figuring out things as everything is very self-explanatory. All of the daily statistics are available to you, so are the offers and contacting support service. Using the dashboard is really simple, as there isn’t much complexity involved. All of the Smartlinks offers are available under campaign and offers.

How to Join lemonads:

Join Lemonads

The signup process of lemonads is really simple as you have to follow the following steps:

  • Submitting your Personal Details
  • You will be contacted by a Representative

After following these two steps, you will get your approval. So, the whole signup process is really simple and straightforward, which makes the network more attractive to use.

Available Offers:

lemonads has the following types of offers:

As there is every type of offer available at lemonads, there is no reason for you to choose any other affiliate network.


The major benefits of using lemonads are:

  • High payout and weekly payments
  • In-House Platform.
  • Simple Registration Process.
  • Tons of Offers.
  • Support Service is great.
  • International Offers are available.


Some of the drawbacks of using lemonads are:

  • No Revshares Offers, only CPA, CPS, CPL and CPI
  • The platform is oriented for affiliates from an advanced to an expert level (not too much for beginners)

lemonads Contact Details:

If you are facing any issue then you can contact with lemonads team anytime by using the following methods. 

  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Support: Customer Support
  • Email:

Lemonads Alternatives and Competitors:

  • Awin
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ClickDealer
  • Maxbounty
  • ShareASale
  • Trade Doubler
  • Webgains

Is lemonads Worth it?

Yes, in our opinion, you should definitely check out lemonads. They have a lot of very attractive features that aren’t available anywhere else. They have a great variety of offers, which is really great. lemonads is generating leads and hits like no other affiliate in the market.

You can find all sorts of different international offers here too. The merchants are well-reputed, and the tracking services used are very reliable. They also have an excellent support system in order to aid their users in case of any trouble.

Try Lemonads Affiliate Network


lemonads is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. The services and features provided are top-notch, so you shouldn’t have any problem in that regard. They have reputable merchants and tracking services at their disposal, and they also monitor them as well using their own platform.

They have a large number of offers readily available, which are also increasing with each passing day. The support system is very good and works for the best interest of the customer. Overall, if you are looking to choose an affiliate network, just go with lemonads, you won’t regret it.

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