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StartupCraft Review 2024 – Is It Best Web Development Company?

StartupCraft Review 2024:

Starting a new business can be challenging and require a lot of struggle. With a continuous increase in market competition, it is difficult to create your place.

But the digitization today has enabled every single start-up and other businesses to rise and come forward to flourish in the market. By pooling in innovative and creative ideas, you can imagine your company or business to create a healthy position and get ahead of your competitors.

We will be presenting before you a righteous company that helps you streamline all the details and extract the best possible solutions for your business.

Try StartupCraft For Your Project


StartupCraft is a place where you can meet your dreams and embark on the journey of success. It is a Blockchain, Web, and Mobile app development that provides products and tech solutions to all its clients. They add a professional taste of technology to your business ideas by brilliant technology methods and prioritizes your needs and choices. It has long been and continues to be the finest company for making headway towards the newest and up-to-date features for its clients.

Why choose StartupCraft?

startupcraft Home

StartupCraft works in a well-defined order and takes a single step at a time to integrate the best possible solutions to your business. It was founded in 2015 by the efforts of three technology experts whose main aim was to build smart solutions for its clients from scratch.

It is one of the top web development and mobile app companies of Florida recognized by Clutch. The dynamic team at StartupCraft works hard to meet its customers’ preferences by carrying full-fledged market research before implementing the solutions on a practical level.

They offer you with utmost quality work that perfectly aligns with your needs. Their on-time delivery is one of the top reasons you should have StartupCraft on board. The team here is highly communicative, which makes sure that they provide the best customer support. You can exchange and converse your ideas with them, which they’ll accommodate in a decent yet professional way.

Three major steps that are the ultimate working approach of StartupCraft are:

1- Preparation:

  • Specification
  • Design

Before getting an official contract signed, the team disseminates information about its services to its clients and understands what they are exactly looking for.

Once confirmed, they start to take initial steps towards the development process.

2- Planning:

  • Prioritization
  • Estimation
  • Allocation

The process break-down is in a way that a team can add details to every step they take before finalizing. They plan effectively and try to allocate all the resources equally to get the best product or solution. This eases the whole process and leaves little or no chances of error.

3- Implementation:

  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Release

Whatever your design and process are of no use if it’s not implemented effectively. Users lookout for the end product and not the effort behind it. Therefore, StartupCraft assures to check all the boxes of quality for its customers. The struggle behind their end product is never overshadowed because the solution or product they design for its clients speaks for itself.

Now that you might have gotten an idea of their working strategy let us take you to the services they offer to their clients.

StartupCraft Services:

1- Mobile Development:

StartupCraft offers its clients mobile application development for several devices.

React Native:

React Native is one of the frameworks that is created by none other than Facebook. It is designed to help developers create effective mobile applications. StartupCraft links with React Native to render mobile applications for both Android and iOS users.

By using Facebooks’ JavaScript library, StartupCraft helps to create applications that are better in quality i.e. they are rapid and high-performing, provide better visuals, and enhanced user experience.


As we know that the process of mobile app development is emerging day-by-day, we must look out for the infrastructure configuration services. StartupCraft has already set up its mark when we talk about this specific feature. Rather than manually processing, it has fully automated the process for ease and reduces the risk of configuration issues.

This is not where the expertise of StartupCraft meets an end! As we’ve mentioned that they cater to dynamic approaches and techniques to build solutions for your start-up, they abide by their words and motto.

The team also combines Ruby on Rails, Node.js, GraphQL, Apollo and Elixir; Amazon Web Services development tools which ensure the following results:

  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Integrative architecture
  • Stability & Maintainability
  • Auto-backup and auto-scaling solutions thru Docker technology

2- Web Development:

With the increase in user’s preferences by every passing day, the idea of the web application has experienced a drastic change. The web applications help you to create an online presence as it works with the idea of creating an input over the web which can be edited or deleted by the user.

But what matters is that what steps you take towards creating novelty and creativity for your business. With thousands of already existing web applications, you need to have a dynamic and interactive outlook of your web application. To help you achieve these goals, StartupCraft will fill up all the boxes of hard work and outperform itself.

In today’s era, start-ups require a lot more struggle to get the essence of massive users. If you are looking for someone who can help you create the best Web Application, you should undoubtedly go for StartupCraft. No matter what position your business holds in the market, the company will join hands with you and lead you towards the best outcome.

Front-end Development:

Front-end development displays the features that the user comes in direct contact with. From graphical presentation to daily updates, StartupCraft works to present the best prototype. When web developers start developing a web application, front-end development serves as a pre-requisite for the whole process. The team uses top-notch technologies such as Server-Side rendering React and Apollo to inculcate the finest features in your web application.

Back-end Development:

Back-end development is the process in the first place without which front-end development is not possible. It supports the front end of your web application by using several tools. StartupCraft uses different programming techniques such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Elixir, Java which help them build sustainable technological solutions.

Landing Page Development:

The landing page is a page on your website that stands alone as a whole and is created to target the audience. It is a one-call action and users directly land on it when they click on an advertisement or a search engine.

Marketing and cashing what you have built for the customers is a key to success. You need to present before the audience such features they couldn’t help but land directly to your platform.

The professionals at StartupCraft build a landing page for its clients to maximize the customer reach. They create on-site SEO and rule out the use of classical web development applications.


To give an eccentric approach to your business, development operations are of great importance to be looked at. It is a whole set of procedures covered by the team to create a novel approach for your business. It is different from antique and old-fashioned technology tools used by organizations.

Some of the tools that StartupCraft integrates with your businesses include Amazon Web Services, Docker, and Terraform. This eliminates the manual work and makes everything automated by letting the software handle the task.

3- Blockchain Development:

One of the interesting facts that add to the positives of StartupCraft is that it happens to be the first-ever software company that provides services for Blockchain Development. This has helped it to make a long way in the race of competition with existing and new coming competitors.

Smart contracts development and audit:

Smart contracts are useful enough for transactions between the seller and buyer without any interference from third-party. The company offers you the design and development of any decentralized application along with the audit of already existing contracts.

4- Product Design:

Product design is an extensive process that requires a lot of details and specifications. It gives your business a peculiar view helping the users create a dynamic experience. It should be The One that adds to the aesthetics and uniqueness of your product.

The StartupCraft has a well-trained team to handle this aspect for you.


Two approaches are vital to achieving success in such a competitive market.

  • You should know your user’s preferences
  • You should be able to create the product based on user experience

It takes a lot of effort and time to perform detailed market research and look for potential customers in the market. If you do not have a target audience, you will never be able to streamline your purpose of creating a particular product.

The team at StartupCraft drives all such research and proceed accordingly. They also monitor what features to add and what to eliminate based on user experience.


Giving a visual appearance to your raw data is extremely important before launching the end-product in the market. The designers at StartupCraft create prototypes of your product to visualize and see what changes are required. Prototyping is essential in a way that it helps you to enhance precision and further ideate on already existing requirements.

Graphic Design:

Aesthetics and visualization are the core aspects to attract a wide range of audiences. The designers work on illustrations and pictorial representations to seek the attention of your users which ultimately increases the audience reach.

We hope that you are now able to make an informed decision keeping in mind the services StartupCraft has to offer.

Below is their price plan based on what services and required and time duration:

Price Plan: 

startupcraft Pricing

Final Words:

The team a StartupCraft is highly qualified and transparent. You can communicate your needs to them in a very smooth way and they will help you land on the best possible options. They accept every challenge and work with full dedication. They have a high skill set in every domain they are designated to work in from simple to complex. We highly recommend that you hire a Startup Team and benefit from their services.

Try StartupCraft For Your Project

Contact Details:

  • Website:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone: +1 786 593 22 32

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