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How To Take Away The Perks And Not Making Them Hate You in 2024

Cut Off The Employee’s Perks Without Hurting Them -Let’s Find Out How.

Have hard times in your company? Can’t even afford to pay those extras to your employees? At this time, if you look around, you will see many companies dismissing most of their employees just because of many reasons, and one of them is inflation.

But laying off employees might create very disturbance in your office or also in your work. As you know, everyone at the office place is assigned a specific task, and when you discharge any employee, that task assigned to him might still need to be completed.

Therefore, you have to hire someone or give that task to anyone else in the office, doubling their office burden. When you double their burden, they will ask for an increase in their salary, but you can’t do this as this is the reason that you fired those employees so that you can save money and spend it on some productive thing.

Suppose you think that firing the employees from your company is the only way to save your money and use it productively. There is also another way in which you can save some savings, which is by taking away some of the perks you are giving to your employees, but take note that those perks you will take away from them should be the extra ones.

Also, you are taking away all these perks. You must first confront your employees and do whatever you want if they agree with them. But somehow, not everyone will understand your situation and let you take away all the perks. In that situation, you have to think about what you can do to take away the perks but not create any misbehaving or misconduct in your office.

Taking away the perks but not making them hate you is a somehow difficult thing to do. You have to do it very carefully because if your employees start hating you for this reason, it might create a rift between you and your employees that is not acceptable in the office as it will also affect the output given by the employees.

In this article, we will lead you to how you can easily take away the perks you are giving your employees and not make them hate you. If you are involved in this topic, stay tuned for details. 

Taking Away Perks

Taking away all of the employees’ perks and not making them hate you. This statement is very unusual as when you take all the benefits of your employees back from them, it will create different issues for them. As they will not be able to avail many of the facilities that the company provides, this will trigger them to confront you and be angry with you.

But in that situation, you have to handle them carefully, not replying to them aggressively. But there are still some ways through which you can easily avoid this situation. In this part, we will tell you what those ways are and how you can handle the anger of your employees and make them understand you.

1. Talk To The Upper Authority

The first thing you have to do is talk to the person dealing with all your employees’ salary or perks system. That person must be the Manager, who manages all the issues of employees. So you have to talk to the Manager of your company.

You have to arrange a meeting with all these supervisors or managers of your company and have an honest conversation with them. Although you are the owner of your company, these people know more than you about the situation in the office and the employees. You can tell them the situation and can get their different advice.

When you take out your plan, it will guide you to whether employees are in a state of dealing with things or not. They will guide you on which perk is not beneficial for employees, and you can take it away easily. So first, above all, talk to the managers.

2. Determine The Perks That Can Be Taken Away

The second thing you have to do is know about the perks you can take away from the employees, which will not affect them so much. When you have decided with managers that you will do this, you have to talk to them and decide which benefit is costing so much money and also not very beneficial to the employees so that you can take it away.

If most staff in your company have families or children, you can’t take away the childcare assistance as it will affect them more. With this thing, you have to be ready for the reaction from the employees as it will happen. You can create a small group of key personalities of your company so that they can determine the perks that can be taken away.

Though you are doing this for the company’s betterment, remember to look out for your employees. You can’t just think about yourself or the company. Some of the important perks like health insurance should be kept.

3. Confront Your Staff

Your company staff or employees are your second family, and you have to be very honest with them, whatever the situation is, as this is how you will get back the same thing from them too. When you think it is the right time to talk to your employees, go and tell them your situation and what you will do in very clear words.

Because if you tell them that we may cut off your perks or do something like that. It will create a disturbance in them and will also create different issues for you. So, if you want your employees to be understanding, you have to be very clear with them. They have been working with you for years.

They will understand you but only in the way you are understanding them. Many expert business people also have experienced that your employees will understand you only when you are transparent. That situation might not be more comfortable for you and the employees, but this is the only way to do it. Also, you can do the one-on-one meeting or meeting of small groups and then tell them this way; they will be able to discuss their problems regarding that decision.

4. Listen To Them

Whether it’s about cutting off the perks, always listen to your employees. This is the best thing to create a relaxing or clear environment between the boss and the employee. You don’t know that any employee is going through hard times, but when you listen or talk to them, they will be more comfortable with you and share their issues.

Always, other than listening, you have to help them. Because today, if you help them in the future, they will help you and your company grow more. So always listen to them and try to solve their issue. When you disclose this news of taking away the perks, there might be some employee who is already having some crisis in his life, and when he discusses that with you, you must listen to him and then decide in what alternate way you can help him.

5. Explain Why, What, And When?

Disclosing this news to your employees will create too many questions in their minds, and you are bound to answer them. This will help you to make them understand the whole situation. You have to talk to them about how this situation is created and why you are taking this harsh step.

You have to make them understand that this is a hard time for the company and they have to cooperate with you only that way a company can survive. Be clear with your employees so they can clear up all the confusion or uncertainty they are having at that time.

Also, you can tell them that in the meantime, they have to be understanding towards you, and after that, you benefit them with more perks. You can leave them that. OK, fine. If you are not OK with my decision, you can leave.

This type of behavior will not work in your favor, so you have to be more polite and convenient towards them so they can understand the whole situation. If this situation creates a rift in an office environment, it will be difficult for everyone to survive.

6. Offer Alternate Perks

If you see that one is agreeing with your ways, then the only thing you can do is offer them alternate perks so that they can keep those cheap ones and get over the perks that are costing too much. Just like you can offer them paid leave but not more than a certain number, you can add up some extra low-budget office lunches or give them some relaxation in their timing.

Only in that way will they keep quiet, and you can continue your process. But make sure that you also give add-up perks to needy people. You can add that if any emergency happens with any employee, you can take the leave, or it can be paid leave.

Also, you can go half-time of your job if you don’t know what you can add to alternate perks; you can survey your staff and ask them to write any perk they want to be added to the alternate perks list. So, you can decide which can be more beneficial for both of you.

7. Support Your Employees

This is another way of coping with the stress you have given your employees. You can call them in your cabin and ask them individually whether they are happy with the decision you have taken or not. If not, what is the reason behind it? Also, you can ask that if you are having any crisis, you can share it so that we can help you out in a good way.

Also, some people will need money, so you can cancel their alternate perks and give them the money they need. Or if you think that company can afford more, you can help them with more support with whatever it is.

These are how you can handle your employee’s anger and remove costly perks from them. You can just put a notice on the board saying, “All the perks of employees will be taken away from then on,” as it will create a huge mess in your office environment. So, you must deal with it more carefully so your work can be done without hurting anyone.


Every company will face a crisis or financial issue somehow, but the solution is to only fire the staff after having their concern. There are many other ways through which you can save your company. One of them is taking away the perks you have given your staff so that you can save no money for the company.

But we all know that no one will be happy with this news, who wants the extra enjoyment to disappear. But you have to make them understand the situation going on in the company and ask them for their support. In this article, we have mentioned how you can ask your employees for support or take away their perks without hurting them or creating a hateful vibe toward the company or boss.

They have worked with you for so many years and must understand your situation. Also, if they understand you now, you will pay them more. This thing goes both ways, so also in this situation boss has to understand the hard situation of some employees and can benefit them with more things so that they can agree with the taking ga way of perks.


Can you fire the person who does not agree with you on this decision?

You can’t immediately fire someone saying no to your decision. You have to talk to him and ask about his situation and why you are saying no when everyone agrees with the decision. First, you have to understand his situation then he will understand yours.

How can I add the paid leave perk to the list if I can’t afford extra perks?

If this is the situation, you can think of anything else that can be helpful for the employees, or you can do it easily.

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