20+ Best Task Management Software 2024 – According to Experts

Top Task Management software in 2024: Expert’s pick!

Are you bad at management? Do you lack the ability to complete your tasks on time? Do you have a lot on your plate and the anxiety kicks in and you do not do anything? Do you not know where to start doing all those tasks?

If yes, then this article has a solution for you.

Managing a long list of tasks that you have to do in a day does not look like a big deal unless you have to do them. You feel like a task piling up on your head and shoulders but do not do anything to finish it up. Don’t worry this happens to all of us!

Managing tasks is a very important step towards a healthy and successful life. Management can really take things to an upper level. If you can manage the tasks you have to do, you can take out time for your sleep, your health, leisure, and fun too. This helps in keeping a good balance in your life between work and leisure.

Having mental relaxation throughout the process is also an important achievement for a person who knows he can manage the work easily. Management of tasks is also an important skill if you do a job or have started a business. The business one is more important since the whole growth depends mainly on this skill of yours. If you lack this skill in today’s time, you do not have to worry much about it since there is the assistance all over the internet for you. The assistance is through software known as Task Management software.

We have comprised a list of best Task Management software available in the market right now! Scroll down to find the right pick for you!

What is a Task Management Software?

Task Management Software is software that is a tool that can be used by anyone including an individual, a team, or a whole institute or organization to complete their tasks more effectively and efficiently by managing them in such a way that they are organized and prioritized.

These tools can help you in working efficiently and reduce waste, keep yourself organized, meet the deadlines that you have, and make sure that the skills of the team members and or you yourself are being utilized in the best way possible. As the name suggests, shortly if we say that these tools are to keep you or your organization organized, it will not be wrong.

Benefits of Task Management Tool:

Task Management Tools have a number of benefits if you use them. Some of these are:

  • Management and Organizing of workloads.
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency of the tasks and work.
  • Improving the quality of the work you do.
  • Better team collaboration is another important one for institutes and organizations.
  • Reducing waste i.e. you stop thinking about what to do next or how to do the tasks again as how you were not able to do them on the first go.
  • Meeting deadlines is also an important one. This issue can no longer be yours if you start using a tool like this.
  • Prioritizing the tasks accordingly so that we know where to start and what to do next.

Best Task Management Software 2023:

We have made a list of all the important and well-known application software that can actually help you to be organized and efficient. The Best Task Management Software list includes in 2023:

  1. ClickUp
  2. ProofHub
  3. Chanty
  4. Todoist
  5. Taskque
  6. Hitask
  7. Tasklog
  8. Clubhouse
  9. Hive
  10. MeisterTask
  11. Casual
  12. BIGContacts
  13. nTask
  14. SmartTask

1. ClickUp – #1 Task Management Software:


ClickUp is the first one the list for best Task Management Software. It is one of the world’s highest-ranked project management tools and is being used by huge companies that really have an impact on people. It has a number of features that can actually help you reach the top of the ladder with your business or your team. 

It works to enhance your productivity as well. It is best if you have multiple projects waiting for you to solve them but are so overwhelming that you do not know where to start. It is free and is super user-friendly unlike most of the free software out there.

It is also packed with features at the price of zero dollars. Anyone can use it regardless of what type of company they run and how many people are involved in it. It helps with recurring tasks and templates to arrange them, and you can add priorities to the lists as well.

It gives you reminders that are automated about the tasks and deadlines that are close. It offers multiple views for displaying your tasks including broad view, list view, box view, calendar view, table view, timeline view, etc.

Try ClickUP For Free


ClickUP has a free plan and then the paid plans start at $5 per month.

2. ProofHub:


ProofHub is an expert task and project management application and tool. You can keep the teams, tasks, projects, and communications in control with the features that are provided by this platform. This platform has also focused on many features that work for team collaboration. You can also make the announcements that you need to spread to every member of the company through this platform.

It is best suited for smaller and medium-sized businesses as large businesses may get really bothered by notifications that cannot be customized. Some other features are to-do lists, Gantt charts, a chat app, an online proofing tool, customized reports, sharing of files, and mobile applications that are supported by iOS and Android. The inbuilt chat application focuses on the collaboration of members of the teams or among different teams. It also offers timers and timesheets.


It ranges from $45 to $89 per month.

3. Chanty:

Chanty Home

Chanty is a platform that has its sole focus on team collaboration and can also be considered a team collaboration platform. It has a chat-first model that has made the communication between the team members highly effective which further progresses the work and growth. Since there is a chat organization option, you can add messages to the task or an assignment, assign it to the person who is considered for the task, and then set due dates for the task.

It also has a Kanban view that basically helps in making the workflow better than it is and eventually making it easy to manage the tasks from one location. Some other features include audio and video calls for groups and a pair, sharing screen, community support, built-in management of tasks, and searchable chat history which is unlimited.


It is free for up to 10 users and then it charges $3 per user per month.

4. Todoist:


Todoist is a well-known and growing platform in this field and has a lot of fans. It helps its users in managing their businesses through one dashboard. It basically works as an online to-do list where people mention their projects, and tasks of the same day or from the upcoming days to remind themselves and then complete them. Either an individual or a team member can complete the task mentioned in the list. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use.

The software also has a mobile application which has made access to it even easier, you get notified of everything and can quickly open it whenever you need it. It works best for teams and organizations that have simple workflows since it has less complexity than others doing the same thing. If you are looking for Gantt charts or Kanban charts then this one is not for you.


The pricing starts from $5 per month or $4 per year. It also offers a free basic version.

5. Taskque:


Taskque is a great step towards advanced software. It is considered one of the best task managers out there. It is a step up from the regular to-do list applications and has additional features for you too. It works exceptionally well for teams that are working on the same skills and functions. The platform can assign a task in no time.

Some additional features of the platform that can be discussed are task assignment that is automated, discussions between the team members through this application, a calendar to keep yourself reminded of the deadlines, a powerful to-do list, and management of the workflow.  The premium version may also offer to make groups on the platform along with expanded and grown workspaces and permissions that are exclusive. The platform lacks time-tracking and has limited integrations with other applications or businesses.


The price starts from $5 per user per month.

6. Hitask:


Hitask is a platform that has its main focus on tasks and projects along with their management and solutions. The central dashboard feature has all of the tasks and projects in the same place and they are arranged by the due date or the team. The team members are all listed on the right side of the dashboard and so you can automatically drag the tasks from the central area to the respective team member.

When this is done, each team member has an assigned task which also becomes a part of his workflow. Some of the other features that are offered by this platform are management of the task, tracking of the time, task creation through email, mobile applications like iOS and Android, reporting, and file storage. The premium plan may also offer to sync of calendars, unlimited storage, and selective permissions on tasks and projects.


It has a free version and the paid version starts from $20 per user per month.

7. Tasklog:


Tasklog is a task management software that was designed with a sole focus on freelancers. Keeping all the freelancing needs in mind, this platform has been designed with all the features that are needed by a freelancer every day to complete his work. They get to see and manage all their daily tasks on one dashboard. They also have analytics for the users that show how much and where has been the user been most productive, what tasks have they done and what is pending.

Some other features of this platform that might be useful to mention are, assigning tasks to some specific time entries, tracking time, online invoicing, tracking expenses, task assignment of clients, reporting, etc. The interface is easy to use and understand as well so newbies are welcome without hesitation to this platform. It is also a productivity software that tracks your productivity and tells you about it.


Pricing starts from $9 per month but purchasing it once and for all charges you about $99.

8. Clubhouse:


Clubhouse is a task management software that has all its focuses on developers. The platform has everything a developer needs for his or her assistance. You can manage the software projects that you have to work on. The platform has a super friendly interface for users and does not possess any useless or extra features that would make the dashboard look crowded and may also be overwhelming to the users that are new. It has used integrations with apps like GitHub, Slack, and Zapier to maximize the efficiency of the work.

This application has made the development of software quite easier than it is. The software is considered the best for small and medium-sized businesses and companies that are software developers. The teams that best suit this software are agile teams that are using Kanban-style methodology. This software offers features like task importing, task board view, parent tasks, recurring task management, etc.


The pricing starts at $8.50 per month per user.

9. Hive:


Hive is another all-rounder task management software that covers almost all the important features that you need to have a successful business. This one can be used by teams or businesses of all types regardless of how small or big they are. The platform has been helping the teams to work faster together and making it easier for the business to grow. This software can be used for managing upcoming and already existing tasks, collaborating within the team and across the teams, assigning work to team members, etc.

It is an exceptional task manager and can also be used for project management, remote work, and team collaborations. Some other important features of the platform are that it helps you in making and assigning tasks from notes or emails, assigning tasks to both types of users i.e. internal or external users, displaying tasks in 5 different layouts i.e. Kanban, Gantt, Portfolio, Summary, Database, and Calendar, etc. You can upload and attach files to the tasks and can create repeatable tasks with pre-set templates as well.


The pricing starts from $12 per month and also has a free plan for 2 users with a basic plan.

10. MeisterTask:


MeisterTask when came into being was focused mainly on agile teams. But now it can be used for any type of team or organization. The software has a number of features and is considered one of the best in its field. The software was made with the idea of being highly user-friendly and attractive too so that new users hesitate to make it a part of their lives. The teams on the platform use Kanban-style boards to organize their tasks and projects.

These boards also help in monitoring the progress of these projects. This platform also offers a free basic plan which gives know-how of the application to its users before they trust it and then buy the paid version. The free version has some limitations whereas the paid will unlock all the features that you might need to do the work. Some other features that the platform has to offer are time-tracking, multiple checklists present within tasks, tags, and relationships in tasks, attaching files and images to the tasks, etc.


The basic plan is free whereas the paid ones start from $4 per month. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

11. Casual:


Casual is a very interesting software that might be new for some people especially those who are new in this field. It is a visual task management tool. This means that it can help its users to arrange the tasks that they have to do in any arrangement they want. It is just making the picture or visualizing whatever is in your brain regarding the tasks. You will not be shown tasks in any traditional view as you see on other platforms.

It is considered great for small or growing businesses with teams. It is an intuitive idea for helping users get their tasks done with efficiency and accuracy. Being caring towards the users that are new to the concept, the platform has already-made templates that can actually help them in setting or arranging those tasks. Some features of the platform are charting, grouping, task dependencies, setting deadlines, assigning tasks, tracking milestones, tasks, and projects that are repeatable, etc.


The pricing starts from $9 per month and they offer a 14 days free trial.

12. BIGContacts:


BIGContacts is another exceptionally featured one in this list. The task management capabilities of the platform are actually pretty great. It also offers CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management that boosts your business growth in no time. It helps you streamline your business processes by taking all the tasks and related data and bringing them to a single platform. This helps in enhancing the productivity of every individual involved as well as the efficiency of the tasks that are performed by those individuals.

You can automate your tasks that are recurring along with setting up reminders for the tasks that have deadlines and are needed to be done earlier than others. The to-do list can guide every member of the team about their pending tasks and the calendar will keep them updated on the tasks and upcoming events. Some other features of the software are prioritization in to-do lists, automated alerts and reminders, easy task tracking and assignment, a calendar with individual and team calendar views, CRM access to mobile phones, etc.


It starts from $5 per month. It also offers a free trial to its customers.

13. nTask:


nTask is a task and project management tool that offers features like project development tracking, good collaboration among the teams, assessment of risk, etc. The application supports an easy-to-use interface that is attractive too and because of this, the platform does not hesitate to welcome new users. Inviting new users becomes effortless.

Some features that you might find helpful for you are the management of tasks, management of risks, management of projects, management of teams, zoom integration, tracking of time, tracking of issues, management of timesheets, Gantt charts, and kanban boards. The support system is good and is always there for you if you have any queries. People or teams who have used this platform call it delightful to use. Since it does not confuse them or overwhelm them at the first glance. It has mostly suited small businesses and individuals more so far and so are advised for the same too.


The pricing starts at $2.99 per month and a free trial as well as a free version of the software is also available.

14. SmartTask:


SmartTask is an all-in-one kind of software that has all the features that you might need for organizing your tasks as an individual, a small or medium business, or a large organization. If you are using multiple applications for different tasks to be done for your business, you can stop. This one covers it all for you. Task management, CMR, time management, collaboration, etc are covered by this application for your business.

You can manage the tasks with different views which include list view, board view, calendar view, or timeline view. You can also track time on tasks either manually or automatically. You can also add your own comments on the tasks. Other than this, the software also allows you to attach files from Google Drive, DropBox, or from your PC. Moreover, you can also import tasks from emails. There is a feature to score your productivity too.


The price is not very sure until you use it but most places claim it starts from $4 per month.


Any. do is a very interesting application that serves as a to-do list and a task management application. It helps you by labeling items or tasks as today, tomorrow, and upcoming showing you clearly what to do and when. It also has an attractive calendar that can help in seeing how events and tasks that are upcoming can be done together. The manager can also organize your tasks and filter the workflow by dates and by categories.

Other features might include a calendar, tracking time, reminders on the to-do lists, a daily planner to organize and prioritize to-dos, and applications for Android and iOS both. It has a free version but it is not considered as useful as the paid ones. The paid version has features that are mostly needed by everyone for the actual work but the features of the free version are not that advanced or diverse. The interface is really user-friendly and the support options are also good.


It has a free version and the paid ones start from $2.99 per month per user.


At the end of this discussion, we hope that you have selected some of the mains in your mind out of which you might select one to do the work. Selecting management software may be difficult since they all offer the same features but many of them lack at least one of the mains or else are expensive for a small business or an individual to afford.

Management software can really take you to places not just financially but also personally. The habit and some assistance with the habit of management is one of the keys to success. We hope that you will consider the part that we played in helping you take a decision for your business. Best of luck!

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