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TestProject Review 2024 – Is It Best Free Test Automation Platform?

TestProject Review 2024:

Are you familiar with the TestProject automation platform?

If you are searching for a free cloud-based power test automation platform, it might be the right path for you. TestProject is a free-of-cost end-to-end test automation platform for web, mobile, and API testing, which is reliable and supported by the top test automation community.


TestProject Home

We can take TestProject as the world’s first free cloud-based project and community-powered by a test automation platform. TestProject can make it simple and easier for its user and developers. It’s built on top of the popular open-source frameworks, Selenium, and Appium, which can ensure better quality with the required speed. As far as fostering a collaborative community as a concern, which might become together as individuals and also in the form of teams TestProject which can shape the future of any software testing project as a whole.

Beginning of Automation:

As far as taking the initial or first step towards automation as a concern, we require a perfect way and direction to make or produce automation scripts, but with a shallow code platform. In this regard, the first option and step would be Selenium IDE, but it is too limited to fulfill all our needs.

In this case, in the search for better and more reliable things from it, we found the TestProject platform that has many advantages. A user can quickly make an automation script in just a few minutes. Here we can also face the possibility of having some test sets and connecting with the execution to a CI server, which is also used as the plus point.

Another important thing that can play a vital role here is that it can allow its users to automate iOS test automation devices on Windows (without any Mac). There are a lot of reasons to choose TestProject. Some crucial things in this regard are low code applications for automation, which can fix and are easy to set up, its usage, and deploy.

Here, the customer service is very reliable, helpful, great, and available at any time. It can provide its users with different outstanding services and support to its clients. This project is dedicated and impressive with its usage, with a lot of benefits.

TestProject is simpler and easier to work with, and it is also very practical. Teams can have scripts in a few seconds and record all the necessary steps like their making and creating any review of the application. This excellent tool can provide more flexibility to work with as it’s web-based and mobile-based test automation.

TestProject Unique Features:

1- Efficient Test Automation Tool TestProject:

TestProject is a reliable, simple, easy, and efficient test automation tool with vibrant support, especially for a beginner, but also for an automation expert. It’s a great tool to work with. TestProject user’s interface, which is very easy to use, can also be easily understood without any complications.

We can also handle the overall TestProject as an agent Installation process with a lot of crucial benefits. It is essential to maintain the complete signup process; after this, it is necessary to add a project interface. We can also use different testaments on the web, mobile, and a code to be used here during testing. A more reliable and efficient feature is called the overall record process.

Using that, we can do some critical steps on web pages that might be recorded in the test project and can use later. It is also effective and reliable, especially when it takes page elements (XPath, CSS selector, id) simply and easily. We can also avail the feature of parameterizing, which can be quickly done in TestProject. As far as the importance of data-driven in the case of testing is a concern, it can be most probably achieved by using TestProject.

If we take test results to look, we can also feel its promising results. A user can also avail of here integration facility with browser stack as well.

2- Pricing:

As far as the pricing schemes of this TestProject are concerned, it is free of cost for a basic account, and the beginner faces no limitations and complications. It is authentic and straightforward. Even the usage question will not arised in users’ minds; how many days you get to use the software like many other essential tools in this industry are already used.

We can quickly go at our own pace with setting up the test cases and think about what we need to do based on how to do it in reality. It is essential because a big part of choosing any software like this one is learning how things are done, and this varies from platform to platform in different areas and circles

3- Customer service:

As far as its customer service’s working level is concerned, we can take its customer service as the great and extraordinary in its working condition. Most probably, we can take it best working within the software industry. Here the level of Amit and Vlad has been extraordinarily informative and beneficial.

Suppose we take their impeccable response time, no question which will be able to seem like complicated trouble as well as troublesome. They are incredibly knowledgeable about testing processes and ways to do things and their results after working. Their team is patient with its clients and are ready for any time required support.

4- Mobile and Web automation:

TestProject can provide us better confidence to work on both mobile and web automation. It offers us support and helps build the automation suite in a concise period with good automation coverage. We can mainly take TestProject as a complete and unique Test Platform, allowing automation testers to build their test cases most appropriately.

5- Free Software for Manual Testers & Code Testers:

If we take its overall view then, we can find that the staff here is very impressive. Users can also make easy and straightforward access support through the built-in chat without going through many hoops. They are very reliable, supportive and they are also interested in feedback.

It can support testing iOS on windows which has a built-in reporting session. We can also use it on Android devices & Emulators as well. We can also avail the facility of doing manual test recording, write tests manually or a combination form.

It also depends on the user’s choice. Their support is simple and easy to access via the built-in chat. Therefore it is very reliable and helpful, and it also has a unique quality to support many languages, including JavaScript and Python. Both are easy and portable languages for beginners and fresh clients.

6- Comprehensive test automation:

It is mainly a comprehensive test automation tool for testing UI on multiple browsers and mobile devices as well. Overall, we can take this software as supportive and helpful for its fresh clients and most probably beginners to learn and automate their project with easy and comfortable methods.

It can also offer various unique and amazing features and keywords that help and support its customers to automate without spending additional efforts. It has many advantages, and it is easy to install and learn this Selenium and Appium based automation testing tool.

This fantastic framework can give us many benefits to automate our project without any complications and problems. It is also supportive and reliable for fresh customers, and they can use it here on this platform on any browser and mobile device to run their script through this incredible and dependable tool.


  • It is user-friendly. We can also use it for multipurpose use at the SDLC.
  • Better test automation with less coding and framework setup.
  • It is a great tool to get started quickly within the test automation section.
  • It is simple in its usage, which can provide better reports, and is extended by community plug-in (Addons).
  • TestProject is very easy to install and use.
  • It is a good tool for beginners.
  • It consists of reliable record & playback functionality.
  • It has a better and fantastic support team.


  • This could have improved the documentation, support for CI/CD and headless browsers, but it is enabled in Python scripting.

Contact details:


TestProject is a completely free platform for the benefit of the test automation community. It can provide exceptional customer support and solution for problems. Fresh users can start automating the test cases from scratch using TestProject, but some aspects provide further options to customize by the customers. TestProject has a fantastic quality to set up, use and deploy simply and easily.

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