TikTok is the biggest advertiser on Snapchat in 2023

TikTok Vs Snapchat:

TikTok and Snapchat has become so popular among Youngsters and this is because of the aggressive advertising approach of these apps. TikTok and Snapchat both are different types of apps. On Snapchat, you can make vanishing messages and videos but on TikTok, you can create short musical videos and can share them with your friends or publically.

Both applications have a large number of users. TikTok is providing more entertainment and fun to its users in both public and private manners based on videos related to talent or lip-singing etc.

Key features of Snapchat:

Snap chat is launched in 2011.

You could make videos and captures images. It has a variety of filters. You can chat as well but messages would automatically disappear after seen.

  • Users: According to a survey, most users are female probably 68% and 32% of users are male.
  • Followers: Celebrities, friends and publishers, etc.
  • Active users: There are 218 million daily active users all over the globe.
  • Total download. In 2019, 75 million people downloaded this app all over the world.
  • Total Revenue: In 2019 they made $561 million of revenue.
  • Brands using Snapchat for Advertising: include Taco Bell, Coca Cola, MTV, and Target, etc. 

Key features of TikTok:

TikTok introduced in 2017 in china and then launches internationally in 2018.

You can capture videos and edit them beautifully. You can have a lot of filters and editing tools. You can save your video and can share also with whomever you want.

  • Users: Mostly teens are using this app. approximately 60% are female and 40% are male users.
  • Followers: Brands, Celebrities and content creators, etc.
  • Active Users: There are 41 million daily users of this app globally.
  • Total downloads: According to a survey. There are 1.5 Billion downloads of this app.
  • Total Revenue: In 2019 $176 million of total revenue.
  • Brands using for advertising: Mostly are cosmetic brands like E.L.F and Guess etc.

Overlapping of Both Apps for Advertising:

A study reported that TikTok spent its US ad about 80% on Snapchat. Media Radar reported that in 2019, TikTok has participated in Snapchat’s ad revenue of about 4.4%.

According to CEO of Media Radar “For now though, it’s clear that TikTok is pouring money into its advertisements on Snapchat. Although some have found it questionable whether this strategy will benefit Snap in the long run, the company currently sees TikTok as a friend.”

It shows that Snap chat and Tik Tok users have the biggest overlap. Furthermore, both apps got battered onslaught of twins from top brands besides losing their own fans which suggest that Snapchat and Tik Tok both platforms relish first mover’s benefits in their particular markets.

Tik Tok was on the top of the list for advertising Snapchat in 2019. They advertise coca-cola and Disney etc. Besides Snapchat, TikTok is also advertising many other brands like Buzzfeed and Dodo, etc.

In the U.S, TikTok has expanded a majority of its new users by advertising itself using app mount ads on Snapchat and Facebook, but it’s not spending now as much as they did once.

In the North American market, the Snapchat app is also becoming independent, which shows a bit slower growth in Europe and the last quarter in the rest of the world.  As the TikTok app has users mostly belongs to America. In short, we can say even both apps would not trampling each other still they could have plenty of room on their own.


I think aggressive buying of TikTok’s ads on the Snapchat app would be a confidential vote for the platform despite a disturbing risk. According to ByteDance, Snapchat is clearly becoming a market front-runner in Gen Z space and it would also share those users.

Both apps are offering different experiences to their users on their mobile devices ad, on the other hand, both are rival for the same screen time and advertising in dollars. Somehow, it has been clear that TikTok is investing money into its advertisement on the Snapchat app. Although, many people have doubts whether this approach will give profit snap chat in the long run, while this app currently considers TikTok as a Partner.

In my suggestion, there is no solid evidence in actual that young users are leaving one app for the other one. But in the present time, I believe that both apps will profit from increasing the spending rate of Gen Z customers and their vigorous attention for short videos.

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