Tracking someone on Google Maps in 2024

Tracking Someone On Google Maps

Since its launch in 2005, Google Maps has become a very useful tool in the daily life of many travelers. The Google Maps app has made it easier to find specific places as well as people at ease. The app is totally free of cost and easy to use. You can even track someone on Google Maps without letting them know or locate a cell phone and much more.

Though tracking someone without their permission using Google Maps is a breach of privacy and we wouldn’t recommend that, you can try real-time tracking a friend or a family member to be on the safe side. However, for this, they must share their live location on Whatsapp. Notably sharing live location feature is applicable to iPhone, iPad or Android phones. It’s not possible to share your live location on PC, but you can still view someone else’s location on the desktop version of Google Maps.

You can stop sharing your location with someone at any time.
To find and track someone’s location on Google Maps require enabling the “Location Sharing” setting within the Google maps app on the target cell phone. Once location sharing is enabled, Google Maps can be used to track a mobile device’s current location and view it in real time.

It is possible to trace someone’s location using Google Maps with or without them knowing. The Location Sharing feature within google maps is helpful for tracking the phone of a friend, child, spouse or loved one. Google Maps is a web mapping platform that provides street maps, satellite imagery, 360-degree street views and real time traffic information.

The Google Maps uses a smartphone’s built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) sensor, nearby Wi-Fi networks, and cellular networks to track the location of the mobile device.
Google Maps GPS location data is accurate with 20 meters. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. The Google Maps App is free and is installed on all Android Devices.

How Does Google Maps Work?

Google Maps uses location trackers so that one can easily track the movement of dear ones, once the location has been shared. It indeed is a handy mode to find out where someone is. If we will track someone without their permission, then it will be a privacy breach. But one can track anyone in a number of legitimate ways with their consent, for keeping up with the safety measures and track them too. For example, if you are trying to track a friend in real time, and if that person has shared the location with you on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, or SMS, then Google Maps will definitely enable the users to track.

How To Share Google Maps Location On Iphone And Ipad?

If you want to share your live location with someone who has a Google account, you will be required to add your Gmail address to your Google Contacts.
Once done, open Google Maps on your device, tap on your profile picture and then choose location sharing.
Next, select add people and choose the time duration for which you want to share your location, and then tap one or more contacts.
Now, grant permission to share contacts with Google Maps.
Than tap share, if the person does not have a Google Account, then you can share a location link from the add people tab of the above process.
You can send the link via iMessage or a different chat app.

How To Share Google Maps Location On Android Phone?

Go to the Google maps and tap on your profile picture.
Than tap on location sharing and add people.
Set a sharing time, and then choose a contact.
If the other person does not have a Google Account, you will be required to use the Location Sharing link from the Add people section.
You can even copy the link and send this via a messaging app or over email.
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How To Track Someone On Google Maps?

You can track someone on Google Maps who is sharing their location with you by opening the “location sharing” menu and tapping the contact’s name. you can track a friend, co-worker or family members on Google Maps, but that person needs to enable location tracking for you specifically. To stop tracking someone. Then ask the person to turn off location sharing or disable tracking in Google Maps.
Start Google Maps on your iPhone or Android.
Tap your account Avatar at the top right of the screen. In the Pop-Up menu tap “location sharing”.
You will see a list of everyone who is currently sharing their location with you at the bottom of the screen. To see someone’s precise location, tap the entry and the map will zoom into their position.
If you want to track someone using Google Maps in a web browser on a computer, the process is essentially the same. Open Google Maps in a browser and then click the three horizontal lines at the top left of the web page. Then click “location sharing” to see your contacts on the map.

How To Share Your Location On Google Maps?

The person you want to track on Google Maps must enable location sharing before you can follow them. You don’t need to share your own location to track someone else, but you might need to help the other person turn on their location sharing.

Using the Google Maps app on Android or iPhone, tap your account avatar at the top right of the screen. In the pop-up menu, tap “location-sharing”.
If this is the first time you are sharing your location, you will need to tap “share location” on the stay-connected screen. Otherwise tap on “New Share”.
Choose the contact you want to share your location with and select how long to share, or until you manually turn off location sharing.
Tap “share”.

How To Ask Someone To Let You Track Them On Google Maps?

If someone has already shared their location with you in the past, you can ask them to share again. To do that:
Start Google Maps on your iPhone or Android.
Tap your account avatar at the top right of the screen. In the pop-up menu tap “location sharing”.
Tap a contact in the list and then tap “request”. The contact will receive the request on their phone and can choose to accept or deny it.

How To Track A Phone’S Location For Free Using Google Maps?

Tracking the location of a cell phone for free using Google Maps involves turning on location Sharing within the settings menu of the Google Maps app on the target cell phone or mobile device. Location sharing is a feature in the Google Maps App that allows users to share their GPS location with a specified list of contacts. The main benefits of using the Location Sharing capabilities of Google Maps to track someone’s cell phone include real-time location tracking, accurate phone location data, and free of cost as well. Below is a list of requirements to turn on location sharing on a cell phone or mobile device.
Physical access to the target phone and the unlock passcode.
Google Maps must be installed on the target phone.
The user must be logged into their Google Account on the targeted phone.
Once the phone is unlocked and the user is logged into Google Maps, use the steps below to start tracking the user’s location.

Steps To Track Phone’s Location On Google Maps For Free:

Below are the steps to track someone for free using the Google Maps app.
From the target phone or mobile device, open the Google Maps app.
Tap on the user’s profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.
Tap “location sharing”
Tap “share location”
Tap on “until you turn this off”
Select your device from the list and tap on “share” the device’s location is now shared.
From your phone open Google Maps.
Tap on your profile picture.
Tap on “location sharing”
The location of the target phone is now displayed on the map.
After this the location is displayed within the Google maps app. To update the location information, click on three dots next to the user’s name and tap “refresh”. By default, location sharing notifies the user that their location is being shared. These notifications include email and phone notifications. This is done to ensure the user is aware that the location of their cell phone is being shared with others.

The google maps app uses 3 methods to track the location of smartphones or mobile device these methods are following:

Global Positiong System:

The first phone tracking method involves using the Global Positioning System sensor built into every Android and iOS mobile device. The Google Maps coordinates generated from the GPS sensor are accurate to within 65.61 feet (20 meters).

Nearby Wi-Fi Networks:

Wi-Fi network location tracking involves detecting the signal strength of Wi-Fi network access points within close proximity to the mobile device. When used outdoors, Wi-Fi location data is less accurate than GPS. Indoor Wi-Fi location tracking help Google Maps achieve accuracy within 5-8 meters.

Cell Tower Triangulation:

Cell tower triangulation is a process of identifying a phone’s location by pairing the unique Cell ID and signal strength of at least 3 cell towers in close proximity to the mobile device. This information can be used to provide location data that is accurate to with ¾ miles.

How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing(Free)?

To track someone’s location using Google Maps without them knowing requires two steps. The first step is to enable Location Sharing from the Google Maps menu. The second step is to disable location-sharing notifications from the Google Maps menu. Once location-sharing notifications are disabled, all emails and push notifications informing the user about their location being shared will be turned off.
The benefits of disabling location sharing notifications is that it allows a parent, spouse or loved one to track the GPS location of a phone without the other user’s knowledge. The requirements for secretly tracking someone on Google Maps are listed below.
Physical access to the target phone and the unlock passcode.
The Google Maps must be installed on the target phone.
The user must be logged into their Google Account on the targeted phone.
Location sharing must be enabled on the target phone.

Steps To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing:

Below are the steps to secretly track someone with Google Maps without their knowledge.
From the target phone or mobile device, enable location sharing within Google Maps.
In the Google Maps app, tap on the user profile picture in the top right of the screen.
Tap the “settings” menu item.
Tap on the “notifications” menu item.
Tap the “location and profile” menu item.
Tap the “location sharing” menu item.
Under “notifications setting” tap on “OFF”
After completing the steps above the target phone will no longer receive location sharing notifications in the form of emails or push notifications. This ensure the user does not know that their phone location is being tracked.

How To Track A Mobile Phone Location Using The Google Earth?

User can also acquire a Google Earth tracker to find someone’s location. Following are the steps to follow on Google Earth tracker.
Open your chrome browser and type the web link
Log in using the Google log in credentials of the target device that you are willing to track.
Enter your mobile number or the number you want to track and click on the “send link” button.
You will get a message with a URL link.
Give Google permission to track your current position.
Now, the google earth will display the requested current location.

Track Google Location Via Whatsapp:

You can track cell phone’s location through whatsapp using their phone number. It is easy to stay updated with your kids or others where about. Following are the few steps to follow.
Open the whatsapp on the target device and tap on your chat with them.
After that, tap on the paper clip icon on the bottom of the screen and select “location” option.
Select the “share live location” option and click on continue on the disclaimer that appears.
Do not click on “send your current location” as it only sends their current location, which can not be tracked.
Select the time you want to track the mobile phone and tap on send.
Once you have sent the location to yourself, delete the message by selecting the “delete for me” option.

How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing Using Mspy?

mSpy is one of the best location tracker tool that help you track the real-time location of the targeted device on a detailed map. You can have a detailed list of places where the target has been with the GPS coordinates and time.


It is one of the best mobile tracker apps for reading incoming or outgoing text messages.
The application allows you to encrypt and protect your location information.
You can monitor the frequency of visiting the marked zones.
It also allows you to track targeted device activities on social media platforms.
location tracking: yes
stealth mode: yes
supported platforms: Android, iPhone and iPad.
Free trial: 14-days money back guarantee.

Steps To Track Someone On Google Maps Using Mspy:

Here are steps to track someone on google maps without them knowing and using third party mSpy app.
Visit enter your email address and buy a suitable plan. You will get log in credentials on your email id.
Select your device type. You need to be in physical contact to the phone specially in initial steps during the set-up process.
After that, select your Android device manufacturer.
Download the app on your mobile, following the instructions given on the screen. Follow them and consider mSpy.
Wait a couple of hours for mSpy record the activity and send it to the server. Log in to your mSpy app dashboard to track the target device’s activity.
Select the GPS location option to track the location on the targeted device. You can see the targeted person’s location with address, location time, map and other GPS information.
Click on the “view on google” option. After that you can see a complete google map of the targeted device location.

Using Spying Apps To Track Someone On Google Maps


uMobix is an advanced cell phone tracker app that helps you to monitor all the activities of your kids or elderly parent’s phone. You will also get the user’s real-time location along with the visited place’s history. It is one of the best mobile tracking apps that enables you to complete access to the target phone. This app does not require rooting and jail breaking. The more details of the location tracker offer’s.
Dates and timestamps for each location recorded.
Address information for each location.
A link to view the location on Google Maps.
Geo fencing to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when they are breached.


You will get access to the key settings of your child’s device.
Provides advanced phone call tracking features.
Offers an advanced GPS tracker.
Track your child’s phone activity with a live control panel.
You can access the photo gallery.
You can track browser history.
Free trial/refund: 14 day’s money back guarantee.
Supported platforms are Android and iOS.

Pros Of Mspy:

Offers plenty of tracking features.
Easy to install and navigate.
Accurate location tracking and key logging features,
100% undetectable.
Offer’s a 7-day free trail.

Cons Of Mspy:

Can only track one target device per account.
Certain advanced features require rooting.

Scanneero.Io: is a phone spy app to track someone on Google maps. You can track any phone number with you will get the ultimate solution for remote tracking someone’s location using the phone number. has an easy to use interface with plenty of options for integrations. Here is how this tool work.
Open the website.
Enter the number you want to track the location of.
Pay for the service’s trail at $0.89 or pay for the whole subscription if you would like to purchase it for a month.
Choose a text message from the ones provided or customize one to send to the target device.
Once the target clicks on the link present in the text, you will receive their exact location on the map.


Provides an easy-to-use translation management system for your website.
It works across different mobile phone on any network. helps you to track as many phone numbers as you want.
It offers easy worldwide coverage.
Supported platforms are Android and iOS.
Free trials/refund in 14-days money back guarantee.

Pros Of Scannero.Io:

Displays the accurate target location.
Compatible with both Android and iOS.
Does not require any installation.
Easy to use and user friendly.

Cons Of Scannero.Io:

Does not offer any other monitoring features.
Some might find it expensive.

Track Someone’S Location Using Geofinder:

Geo finder is possibly among the best tools that you can use to track someone on Google Maps. This location service can be accessed via the web and requires no installation what so ever, making it compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The best part is that you can access 480-hours trial for just $1. Here is how you can use Geo Finder to track a target phone.
Open the Geo Finder website on your browser.
Enter the cell number you want to track the exact location of.
Pay for your subscription of choice on the next window,
Select a message from the list provided or you can draft one of your own. However, ensure that the message is compelling enough for the target to click on the link attached to it.
If and when the target clicks on the tracking link, you will be shown their location on the Google Maps app.

Pros Of Geo Finder:

Works on a target android phone and iOS device.
Does not require any installation on the target device.
It is easy to use and user friendly app.
Display’s the targets exact location.

Cons Of Geo Finder:

It only offers a single pricing plan which can be expensive for some users.
You can only send one message with a tracking link after every three hours’ interval.

Track A Location On Google Maps Using Eyezy:

Another phone tracking app that you can use to find someone’s location on Google Maps is eyeZy. Just like mSpy this spy app is also compatible with Android and iOS phones and does not require rooting or jail breaking to access its basic features. Some of the information this app provides when tracking someone on Google Maps includes.
Location coordinates.
Address information for every location is recorded.
Dates and time stamps for each location.
A location sharing link to view their location on Google Maps.
Geo-fencing to set map boundaries.
Other then the app’s location services, it also offers other features including monitoring call logs, every messaging apps, social media apps, browsing history, media files, keystrokes, and much more.

Pros Of Eyezy:

Operate in stealth mode.
Offers several monitoring features.
Relatively affordable to purchase.
Offers a demo on the website.

Cons Of Eyezy:

Using eyeZy on Android requires physical installation.
Does not offer a free trial.


flexiSpy is one of the best phone spy app for computers, mobile phones and tablets. It enables you to spy on a computer or target phone. It also offers automatic remote updates with location history. It can run in hidden mode on your lost or stolen phone easily.

Features Of Flexispy:

flexiSpy helps you to track the online activities of your family members.
Provides certain key combinations for accessing call logs and location-sharing data.
You can export coordinates to your favorite GPS navigation app for bird’s eye viewing.
Free trial is only for 1-day.
Supported platforms are Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC.


Hoverwatch is a reliable app that can help tracking the GPS location, messages, calls and SMS. The best thing is that it will be completely invisible to the target person, and phone tracking will be accurate without any risk of jail breaking. It allows the users to receive the data received and sent by the target person, and you can save information about websites that the target person has visited.
Hoverwatch works well for monitoring the other person’s internet browser history and keeping a record of it by taking screen shots. It offers a 3-days free trial and user can easily check out the live Demo to gain information about the setup and way of use. Hover watch supported platforms are Android, iOS, Mac and windows devices.


Google maps is itself one of the best way or solutions for tracking locations, and you can easily check someone else’s location. However, it is not possible to know someone’s location through Google Maps if you can not access to their phone, and you even can not track their location without their permission. This is because the users receive notification alerts from Google.
For this reason, if you are wondering how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing in 2023, it is best to use a specialized app or third party apps that are discussed above.

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