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Traforama Review 2023: Meet the Best CPM Demand Side Platform.

Traforama Review 2023:

Are you looking for the best platform to make direct deals with the publisher? If that is the case then we have something special for you. There are a lot of platforms present in the market when it comes to the ad market but the main problem is that you don’t have a direct line of communication with the publisher and that is the cause of many problems.

In order to solve this problem, we present Traforama. This is a platform that provides you with a direct line with the publishers. You can refer your existing publishers to the platform and work with them completely free of charge. And you can reach out and make deals with the assortment of publishers the platform already has in the system at a reasonable fee. So, let’s take a detailed review of Traforama and figure out the best things about this platform.

What is Traforama?

Traforama was founded by AdSpyglass and is led by a team of professionals. This is a company that is built on transparency, expertise, and innovation. As Traforama is led by these three things, it makes it really beneficial for advertisers. This company has made a solution that provides direct communication between advertisers and publishers. You also get all of the tools needed for your publishing as well as advertising needs. The basic foundation behind Traforama is trust that is why you don’t have to pay extra fees.

This company is always trying to innovate with new products that can help bring a change in the ad world. As there are always new features coming, you can easily meet your goals and get the best results. Traforama is also spread across more than 7 countries and is always open to new opportunities.

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Ad Formats:

Some of the different Ad formats from Traforama are:

  • Pop Under
  • Interstitial
  • Banner
  • In-Video
  • In-Page Push
  • Slider

ad formats

There is no shortage of different ad formats so you can easily choose the ones that most fit your campaign. If you want to use pop-under or banner ads then you can easily do that with Traforama. If you want to put advertisements in your videos then you can also do that. So, basically, all of your ad needs can be easily satisfied with Traforama.

Integration Formats:

Traforama provides you with different integrations formats as well. You can easily buy traffic through campaigns or RTB feeds.

  • Direct Campaigns

This solution fits best for direct advertisers and media buyers. In direct campaigns, you can easily spot domain white lists as well as blocklists. You can also target according to state, country, ISP, and language. The connection type, device, browser filters are also available. And you can set daily and hourly limits.

  • Real-Time Bidding

This is the first self-serve Real-Time Bidding platform as you can bid in real-time. This type of work fits best for ad networks and agencies. There are JSON and XML feeds present. You can easily set up a targeting setting as well. The white lists, as well as blocklists, can also be managed. And there is the option to create new feeds.

Integration Formats


Traforama is one of the best platforms for advertisers and provides the following features:

1- Private Chats:

One of the most prominent and highlighting features of Traforama is that it allows you to have a private chat with the publishers. You get a direct line of communication with the publishers present at Traforama and have a chat with them. This provides a lot of transparency as you can have a direct chat with the publisher.

2- Transparency:

If you are looking for a platform that provides transparency then Traforama is the one for you. Their main goal is to provide transparency to their users and that is why you won’t have any doubts in mind when using Traforama.

3- Intuitive Interface:

Another great thing about Traforama is that it provides a very intuitive interface for your ad management needs. You get all of the tools that you need for your advertising needs. So, when working with Traforama, you can rest assured.

4- Statistics:

You can get all of the statistics and facts about websites using Traforama. There are advertiser’s reviews present that you can use to analyze the statistics.

5- Optimization:

One of the best things about Traforama is that it provides you with a fully optimized platform. In this way, you easily do anything you want without any problems.

6- Conversion Tracker & Traffic Analyzer:

If you want a conversion tracker then Traforama has got you covered. You get a reliable and independent tracker. There is also a traffic analyzer present that you can use to analyze all of the traffic.


  • 100% self-serve
  • Direct сommunication with publishers
  • Transparency
  • Intuitive interface
  • Stats & reports
  • Optimized service
  • Good traffic analyzer
  • Multiple payment methods
  • World-wide inventory
  • Works with both adult and mainstream traffic


  • None

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Payment Methods:

One of the best things about Traforama is that it provides you with all types of payment methods. So, if you don’t have any specific payment method, you can easily choose another one for payment. Some of the payment methods present are:

  • Payoneer
  • Bank Wire
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Paxum
  • Capitalist 
  • USDT (ERC-20 and TRC-20)

Brandpush pricing

Why Traforama?

If you want a simple and straightforward platform that is transparent then Traforama is the best one out there. There are more than 1000 publishers present at Traforama and overall are managing about 2000 websites. So, you can easily get a lot of traffic on your website using Traforama. If you use the ad services provided by Traforama, you can easily get up to 30M visitors on a daily basis.

Another good thing about Traforama is that it has very low fees while also providing a direct line of communication with the publishers. So, basically, you are getting really high-quality traffic but at a less price than its competitors. If you want your publisher to connect to Traforama then you can also do that without paying any money.

Final Verdict:

Traforama is a perfect platform for all your traffic needs. It allows getting quality traffic directly from webmasters without any third parties involved. Thus saving you time and money. The platform is full of tools catered for small ad networks, large DSPs, media buyers, advertising agencies, and direct advertisers. Whatever your business model and the size of your ad campaign, you will effortlessly get access to the best quality traffic with Traforama.  

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