Ubisend Review (2024): The Best Chatbot Platform

Ubisend, The Best Chatbot Platform In 2024?

Chatbots have exploded into the business world. With the recent pandemic accelerating adoption, a few chatbot platforms have emerged as the go-to for businesses looking at AI and automation.

One of these platforms is ubisend, a UK-based chatbot platform with a range of big-name clients. We had a play with the ubisend platform to see if it lives up to its reputation; here’s our verdict. 

What Is Ubisend?

ubisend is an all-in-one integrated chatbot platform designed to provide organizations with a single tool to improve efficiencies across their entire business. ubisend makes use of a huge range of features, enabling businesses to implement solutions across all departments, such as customer service, sales, and HR. 

Ubisend Home

Described as a ‘conversational workflow automation’ platform, ubisend stakes its claim in the market as the only platform designed to fulfill all your AI and automation needs. Highlight features include a powerful conversation builder, built-in natural language processing, live chat, enterprise-grade chatbot tools, ticketing, and an ‘integrate anything’ policy – all under a single umbrella. 

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What We Liked About Ubisend:

Before we even dive into the stand-out parts of ubisend, it’s worth mentioning the breadth of the platform. It has a, quite literally, huge range of features and capabilities under its hood. It reminded us somewhat of Salesforce in terms of a wide range of features and possibilities. 

At the time of writing, ubisend is probably the most flexible and comprehensive chatbot platform we’ve reviewed. We found it hard to find those missing killer features, and there are a few nice addons that most other platforms don’t have.

It would be impossible to cover every element of ubisend in a single article, here are a few of the standout features we enjoyed: 

1- Creating Chatbots:

Conversation builder:

A completely flexible conversation builder supporting a huge range of message types and functionality. This is one of the most powerful conversation builders we’ve seen, and it stands up to ubisend’s claim of being able to support every department’s needs. 

The builder itself is simple enough to use, and we could create fairly complex conversations pretty quickly. Some of the advanced features, such as implementing integrations, do require a bit more nuance. This isn’t a huge issue. However, integrations would normally be handled by a team/staff member with a bit of pre-existing technical knowledge. 

Human Fallback:

A key part of any chatbot includes human fallback (which enables your users to get in touch with a human agent). 

We liked the variety of different methods ubisend enables, and it feels like they have a human fallback for businesses of all sizes and resources. Live chat is the obvious human fallback method (plus, live chat is a native part of ubisend, at no extra cost!). 

For businesses without the resources for live chat, the chatbots can take a message and autonomously email, or through a channel integration such as Slack, to one of your team. 


We loved the variety of message types ubisend chatbots can send. You can utilize carousels, images, buttons, videos, payments, among many others, to develop compelling and engaging conversations.

It’s worth noting that not every message type can be used on every channel (side note, ubisend supports over 30 different channels). This isn’t really a fault of ubisend’s, as the different channels, such as Facebook Messenger or Microsoft Teams, have imposed certain message types.

2- The ‘Brain’ Behind Your Chatbots:

Every chatbot needs a ‘brain,’ and ubisend’s is as complete as they come. 

ubisend comes with ubiNLP (their natural language processing) to power your chatbot’s conversations and understanding. They also make it possible to switch NLP providers, for example, to Dialogflow or Lex, which is quite a unique and welcome feature.

Training your chatbot is self-explanatory and quick to do. We didn’t have time to do extensive training, but it shouldn’t take too long to get your chatbots up to human levels of interaction. 

Building A Knowledge Base:

ubisend is one of the few platforms that allow you to build a knowledge base of pre-existing content. You can crawl an entire website and import the content into your chatbot’s knowledge base. This content can then be used within chatbot conversations. 

This feature was incredible to use, and we liked how it would regularly crawl your website to ensure the content is up to date. 

You can also give PDFs the same treatment, making ubisend a great tool for sharing product specs and employee guides. 

3- Integrating With Other Software;

Another area that ubisend stands out from the crowd. You can integrate your chatbot with any external software, as long as it has an API. Add leads to Salesforce, pull product data from your WMS, send a support ticket to Freshdesk, update employee records in your HRMS — this is where ubisend supports their claim of being the single tool for all your departments. 

Setting up integrations can be a bit tricky for the non-technically minded, although ubisend’s developers can do this for you (this service is a one-off extra cost). 

We also liked how ubisend can connect to your spreadsheets. A little more niche of a feature but very handy for businesses that rely on spreadsheets for their data storage. 

4- GDPR And Data Security:

As with any tool that deals with data, safety and security are paramount. Overall, we were impressed with the steps ubisend has put in place to ensure data security. 

Data Security:

All data passed through the platform is encrypted, businesses can restrict access to data-sensitive areas of the platform, and it’s easy to export or delete any data stored. 

ubisend have done their best to give you complete control over the data your chatbots collect. You can set your data retention period and mask certain data (such as a user’s address or payment details) within the platform. 


Do you need to comply with specific hosting restrictions? ubisend has you covered. You can host the ubisend platform either in your infrastructure or in the cloud. Hosting alternatives could be Azure, Cloud-hosted, Google Cloud, AWS, or even on-premise.

As a whole, we’d be happy with trusting our data within the ubisend platform. A bit of research shows they’ve gone through the relevant cybersecurity qualifications (such as ISO27001 and CyberEssentials), and the platform has all the security elements you’d expect to see. 

Other Features We Liked:

1- Team management:

Adding new team members is easy. You can restrict access to the platform on a feature-by-feature basis. Need someone to monitor live chat, manage tickets and add FAQs, but not go anywhere near creating or editing conversions and integrations? That’s simple, update their access levels. 

2- Languages:

You can build chatbots in several languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, and more. You activate your desired languages or occasionally speak to your account manager to get one set up. This makes it easy to create a multilingual chatbot, which is great for businesses with dispersed target users. 

3- Channels:

You can deploy chatbots on over 30 different channels simultaneously. If your user base is dispersed across multiple digital locations, this should be reason enough to opt for ubisend. ubisend is also behind the infamous full-page chatbot, a unique and engaging channel that shows serious potential. 

4- White labeling:

We noticed ubisend has a partner program, most probably aimed at marketing agencies. Agencies can become while label partners, reselling the ubisend platform under their brand. 

You can white-label every element of the platform to portray your logo, corresponding color scheme and even host it on your selected domain. As far as we can tell, your clients will have no idea who ubisend are. 

This is obviously not relevant to everyone, but the ubisend partner program looks like a great choice for expanding their services.

What We Think Could Be Improved:

ubisend was clearly designed to solve a wide range of business challenges under a single roof. We can easily see how a business would be able to progress through different departments, solving challenges and implementing a range of automated solutions. 

This being said, it can make the platform feel a little on the daunting side. ubisend has done a lot to make using the platform feel natural and easy to use, but, depending on your team’s prior experience, there’s probably a little bit of team training needed. 

We don’t think it would take long to get everyone up to speed on using different elements of the platform, but a tutorial wizard would be nice. 

As previously mentioned, ubisend supports a huge range of languages. Many of these are available out-of-the-box, and some require you to contact your account manager to turn them on. This isn’t a huge drawback but could be a little annoying if you don’t like the back and forth between yourself and your vendor. 

Their small talk feature (the typical ‘I’m having a great day, thanks for asking!’ chatbot responses) is nice. You can customize the responses and turn them off or on. We’d have liked to have seen more default small talk options, although that’s more of a nice-to-have than anything else. 

While importing an entire website’s content into a knowledge base was incredible to see, we’d like the feature to be tidied up ever so slightly. Occasionally, you need to manually edit content where it’s become a bit jumbled up, but this is far from a game-breaker. 

If we had to pick between manually re-creating all of our pre-existing website content or just tidying the odd page up, we’d take tidying the odd page up every time. 

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The Cost:

At the time of writing, ubisend costs £300/PCM. This includes access to the entire platform, and there’s no ‘premium vs. starter plans’ or any extra hidden costs. 

The straightforward and predictable pricing was a pleasant surprise, differing from most other chatbot platforms’ pay-as-you-go pricing models. They offer additional services, such as implementing your solution for you, integrations research, and analytics advice that are priced separately.

You can get a full breakdown here:

Seeing If Ubisend Is Right For You:

The ubisend website is fairly straightforward, covering a full list of their features, use cases, integrations, and customer success stories: 

Booking a demo through ubisend involves speaking to one of their infamous full-page chatbots, where you can arrange a tour with one of their professionals or book an informal conversation:


ubisend is a comprehensive chatbot platform. It doesn’t force you in any direction, restrict any elements or limit any potential. 

If you’re looking for a plug-in and-go-style chatbot, such as one for booking tables at your restaurant, ubisend might be a bit much for you. That being said, you’ll be able to create more impressive conversations using ubisend than you would with a simpler platform. 

ubisend is clearly carving its niche as the platform for organizations to scale automation across their entire business, tackling complex challenges and improving efficiencies in every corner. 

Our final words? Get ubisend if you want to create powerful, challenge-solving, and bespoke chatbots. The company defines the term ‘conversational workflow automation,’ and we’re excited to see where they go next. 

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