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How To Unlock All Objects In Sims 4 In 2024: With Cheat Codes

The main idea behind the creation of Sims 4 is to live your best life, live it as if you’re living your own life, and build your dream house and your dream life. This means that if you want to follow a dream path you will have to unlock all the items and earn money to buy every item for your home.

But one of the things that makes the game easier, and more playable without having to put much time into it is the ability to apply cheats and get what you want through these cheats, this is how most people skip the grinding and waiting phase of the game and they get straight to what they want and building their dream life and skip the waiting phase of the game and they get straight to what they want and building their dream life.  

If you’re wondering, how does one implement these cheats and how does one use them? Then look no further, as of today we will look at the entire method of unlocking every item in the game by implementing cheats, hod of unlocking every item in the game by implementing cheats. So, without any further ado, let’s get started,  

 How To Unlock All Objects In Sims 4 On A PC: 

  1. This tutorial is going to be short and simple; people ask this question all the time they can’t seem to find out how can they unlock all of the build-by objects in the game. One of the many reasons for this game’s success is that people love what it brings to the table, they can build their own city if they wanted to and there are so many possibilities that make this game exciting, however, you have to grind in this game to get what you want and to build how you want, if you don’t want to grind, then you can build in the game using the alternative way, which is what we will be showing you, so if you want to enable your cheats and use them for unlocking all items in the game, then follow the steps given below,
  2. These cheats will work for however many packs you have so don’t think that if you have just the base game then you can’t use this cheat!  
  3. You can use this cheat for any hack so whatever packs you have it works from the first to the last and if you have all of them then good for you!  
  4. So we will now be teaching you how to unlock everything in The Sims 4, there are three different categories of things that are kind of hidden behind the wall in The Sims 4 the first is gameplay unlocks which are the types of things that you get when you get to a certain level of a career or unlock other things then there are “debug items” which are kind of like items that your Sims use but you can’t purchase them, for example, you’d be able to find things like dirty laundry, pots, pans, gardening seeds, fully grown plants, all that kind of stuff would be in debug. Then comes the newest one which is the “live edit objects” Now these are the kinds of things you’d see out in the world so for example you would find different kinds of benches, fences, and cars and you know all these kinds of products would be in that live edit, 
  5. Firstly, we will be taking a look at how to perform the gameplay unlocks So what you’re going to do is first you’re going to hit “control + shift and C” on your keyboard because we need to make sure that our cheats are enabled, so we’re going to go “testing cheats true” and hit enter, cheats are enabled then we’re going to type in the cheat, and then it’ll say ignore gameplay unlocks cheat is on and then when you go into build mode you can see that the corporate sheep countertops that are unlocked at level two of the culinary career are now unlocked the corporate strike island at level 5 unlocked what else can we get this hood which is unlocked at level 10 of the culinary career, there are so many things that you can unlock in different parts of this game and you can see that all of this kind of stuff is unlocked and available for you to use. 
  6. The cheat is “unlock all cheat” but in order to do so you would have to open up the cheat box and in order to do that you press “shift+CTRL+C” in order for this to work, you will have to enter the cheat testing cheats “on” and then the cheat box will be enabled and shown on your screen, and then you press enter, you can also put in “testing cheats true” so either one works, but don’t forget the space between these words. 
  7. Then you’ll be able to enter in this very simple cheap very short and quick, it will unlock everything just like we mentioned above, it doesn’t matter how many game packs you have from toddlers to parenthood to get to work get together all of them will work so just type that in so it’s “Bb.ignore gameplay unlock entitlement” OK nothing after that, just press enter you can also copy and paste this command just so you don’t spell anything wrong or accidentally enter anything that’s wrong or make any mistake in the typing overall, it’s just easier to copy. 
  8. All you do after you type it in the bar is press enter and it should say “Ignore gameplay unlocks cheat is on” if it says “off” then that’s not good obviously but if it says “on” everything should be unlocked. 
  9. so now close the cheat box and just press the escape button which is “esc”  
  10. the next one we will be taking a look at is going to show you “debug” which is “ hidden objects” and hit enter now nothing’s going to pop up for that one so you will have to trust the process and then if you go into your search bar you can type in “debug” and you’ll see that there are paint brushes there is different spoons and just plates. now a lot of these items, your Sims will clean up so like plates if they’re just hanging out, they will get cleaned up,  
  11. let’s move on to the final one which is the “live edit menu” so the final cheat we’re going to do is “ live edit objects” and hit enter and then once again you just kind of must look for stuff. it’s just stuff that isn’t meant to actually be purchasable and be available so, for example, something that is a live edit object is the fake foxbury university building that you know you could just place it. So, one thing you can do is you can just search for trees and then some of the debug trees are going to appear, then you can choose to use them wherever you like. 

 How To Unlock All Objects In Sims 4 On Xbox? 

Just like the PC version, you will have to enable cheats first and then use those cheats to your advantage, Xbox also allows this, but of course, you won’t be able to add the same commands to enable these cheats, don’t worry, we got you! All you have to do is follow the steps given below to solve this dilemma,  

  1. Press the R1, R2, L1, and L2 buttons on your controller simultaneously, this will open the cheat console, keep in mind that these will be the buttons at the top of your controller.  
  2. Up next, type in “testingcheats true” and this will enable cheats for your Xbox. 
  3. Now, type in the command “BB.Ignore gameplay unlock sentiment” (without spaces) and this will unlock all the objects in your game, just like it did in the PC version of this game. 
  4. Now you will see that you are able to use objects that weren’t available to use before. If that’s the case, that’s it! You’re done.  
  5. If that’s not the case, then trace back your steps and see where the problem is occurring; if you find that it’s coming in one of the codes, then make sure you type it in carefully not to make any mistakes; once you do this, you’ll be all good to go!  

 How To Unlock Cheats On A ps4: 

Unlocking the cheats on a PS4 can be quite similar to the method of unlocking cheats on an Xbox, if you’re not familiar with the process, then don’t worry we got you! Just follow the steps given down below and you’ll be done in no time. 

  1. Press the RB, RT, LB, and LT buttons simultaneously, (at the same time), and you’ll see that it brings up the cheat box, take note that these buttons are the top four buttons. 
  2. Now, type in “testingcheats true” to enable the cheats and allow using cheats. 
  3. Now, enter the command, “BB.ignore gameplay unlocks entitlement” (Without spaces) and this will unlock all the items and objects in Sims 4.  
  4. That’s it; you’re done!

How To Unlock All Objects In Sims 4 Bbuild Mode? 

Now as you might already know, objects in build mode are unlocked separately from other in-game objects.  

To do this, follow the steps given down below, 

Enter the build mode and then press the “CTRL + Shift + C” keys simultaneously, just like you did in the normal mode. If you’re on Xbox or PS4 then you’ll have to press the four buttons on your controller’s shoulder, these are the trigger buttons of your controller. 

Now, we will start typing in the commands that will unlock all items in build mode, start by typing in, “testingcheats true” and this will activate cheat codes.  

Now type in “ live edit objects” (without spaces), and this will unlock all objects in your build mode.  

There are also some cheats that will allow you to place your favorite objects as you wish, you are going to have full control over where you move and place them to. This code is “bb.moveobjects on” and after you input this command, you will easily be able to place these objects in the weirdest of places, you’ll even be able to make objects float. Statistics show us that this is one of the most used cheat codes as users find its use very convenient for themselves.

Can You Get Banned From Using Cheats On Sims 4? 

The answer to this is no, you cannot be banned for using cheats in-game, and the reason for this is rather simple, the main objective of Sims 4 is to generate a dream life, and if you don’t want to use the traditional ways for that and you don’t want to spend time till you do so, it’s completely your choice.

Besides, EA has said that cheating is a big part of this game, so you can cheat all you want and you won’t have to face any consequences whatsoever. Another reason behind this is that if you were cheating in an online game where you would take advantage of bugs in the game to get an edge over your opponent then you would have to face some consequences, however, when you cheat in an offline game, it’s almost always completely fine.  


Using cheat codes in Sims 4 will enable you to do the stuff you imagined doing, but without having to spend a lot of time unlocking stuff that you want to use; many people rely on cheat codes to unlock all the objects in the game and then use them to their full extent.  

We have provided you with complete detail on how to use these cheats, and how to enable them in the first place, all you must do is follow the steps that seem suitable to the platform you play Sims 4 on, and you’ll be done in no time. We have given you complete details on what to do, and hopefully, we had provided you with all the data you were looking for when you clicked on this page, We wish you the best of luck in enabling these cheats and using them to the fullest of your extent, and we wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors!

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