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How to upgrade your computer hardware in 2024

Ways To Upgrade Computer’s Hardware

In this modern era, technology has evolved and designed smart gadgets that are replacing the old computers with laptops, tablets, smartphones, MacBook’s etc but still computers are used as the best tool to run software and save data. Computers are utilized in offices, homes, industries, hospitals, schools etc. it is a known fact that every gadget needs to get updated after regular interval to speed up its processing and get best possible results.

The same is the case with computers, it’s a known fact that personal computers have limited and finite life span of three to five years after which user need to upgrade the system. If computers do not need to get upgraded, then every other person would be in the phase of Windows 95 with very poor processing speed that is not acceptable in this modern era. So, it will be a good and advantageous point to replace the old machine with modern one. Replacement of whole computer will be quite expensive and difficult so its best to change the main parts of the computer.
Replacing the old computer parts with brand new will give user an excellent experience and the performance level will also get increased, user will start getting results in a minimum time period which will accelerate the complete process. The main thing that plays a pivotal role in computer unit is HARDWARE, aging of hardware will destroy the processing speed of the computer.

If you are using computers just for documentation process in offices, then replacing its hardware will resolve the issue. But there are conditions when user is running games and running large animation and filming processes on software then user needs to change the complete computer system and replace it with a new updated version of the computer to get the desired results.

Parts Of Computer That Impact Performance:

There are very basic components of a computer that play an important role in the overall performance of computer like motherboard, RAM, storage, CPU etc every component has their specific benefits when they are updated to the processing speed of computer.

CPU (PROCESOR): this is the main part that will give a great impact when upgraded it will completely change the speed of processing in documentation and gaming services.
GPU (GRAPHIC CARD): Upgrading of GPU will give a valuable impact on gaming, GPU rendering etc.
STORAGE: it will give good impact in the performance after storage get upgraded, it will give a good space for storage of heavy projects and greatly effect the speed of the computer.
RAM (MEMORY): it will give an average impact to the liberality of a computer that is going to deal with multiple complex projects at the same time.


Pressure or tension-testing of computer will point out the specific components that need to be upgraded. This benchmarking test will be completed by doing a list of tests that will put designed amount of work load on your computer to check its performance speed and results. Then you will be provided with a score chart of your system as a benchmarking result that you can compare with other computers to rule out the condition of your system. Benchmarking will give an over-view that where your system is standing in the chart with its performance results and also mark the points that need to get upgraded to give more accurate and good results.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Hardware:

There is a time comes when a computer’s processing speed slows down and you need to do urgent upgrading of some parts of the computer. There are the following reasons through which you will come to understand why your system need to get upgraded.

The overall performance of your computer declined and your desktop slows down, Even removal of unwanted applications and software from the storage will not boost up your computer’s speed, then The last option that needs to be done in your computer is to change its hardware to speed up the process.
There is a time came when all of your applications need to get updated to enjoy new features and fix some security issues but your system is not supporting the software to get updates, then it is a signal for the user to upgrade your system or replace the hardware.
Replacing your hardware is a good option instead of repairing it because repairing of hardware will be more expensive as well as the results are not efficient enough so it is recommended to replace the hardware after three-four years.

Benefits Of Replacing Hardware

Increased Performance:

after specific time when you replace your hardware, the employees will observe the user’s dedication towards the work and system so they will try to work hard and computer will also get speed up after the replacement of new hardware, all the process’s will get speed-up.

Increased Security:

when you have all the expired equipment they will not function properly and viruses attack the system easily and disrupt all the data. Upgrading of hardware will bring new equipment and parts that are efficient in their work and provide good security to the system. So, regular updating of applications and parts is mandatory.

Cost Effective:

there are many updated machines that are cost-effective with reliable results and parts. New hardware will decrease your overall operating cost. New tools will save your increase energy consumption and can work on low voltage to produce average electricity bills to give positive impact to the company and office.

Better Communications And Experience:

upgrading of hardware will provide a good and reliable platform to have better communication between each other even video conferences become easy while doing office work and meetings. New hardware will give you the opportunity to talk in meetings clearly and professionally with your colleagues. With upgraded hardware, your experience on working in the organization will be increased and you will mark the overall enviourment of the organization as pleasant for working.

Best Computer Upgardes That User Can Make

Upgrade Or Install RAM:

Adding space or memory in your computer is a great way to upgrade your computer and it is the most affordable option without any rocket science of installation procedure. Anyone can install RAM in their computers with easy ways and there are many new versions of laptops that will not allow users to install RAM by themselves. Installing RAM in your computer will act like a Quick Reaction Force that will boost up the complete performance of your system in minutes.
User need to install heavy RAM for performing tasks like gaming and editing of videos. Even the computers operating in the homes need new or upgraded RAM to perform in a good speed with multiple applications running in the background that will not affect the browsing speed. Following are types of RAMs available.

4GB RAM: 4GB RAM is of very small amount of GB space that can be used for general purposes with very little workload and small amount of video editing. But do not make 4GB for permanent use, if you want to run the system for long time then move to heavy RAM.
8GB RAM: 8GB RAM is of average use on which user can put workload and can run almost 30 tabs at the same time and user can also do editing of photos as well as can play an average range of games.

16GB RAM: 16GB RAM is of very high quality in which user can do extreme level of editing, gaming, and browsing at a same time and user can perform any pro-level task without altering the browsing speed or performance of the system.

Upgrade Your Graphic Cards:

If you are using your computer for office work, then upgrading of graphic cards lie in the list on the second number but if you are a gamer and used to playing games then you need to upgrade Graphic cards as your priority. But if you are not interested in games, or 3D animations then you will not need to upgrade graphic cards.
Cutting corners on graphics is one of the best way save cost. So the designers of computers select integrated graphic cards rather than the average dedicated graphic cards. These graphic cards are enough for the users but if you want to do gaming on your computer then choose to upgrade like GeForce-RTX3070 which will boost up the speed of your system.

Fast Storage Drive:

There are basically two major reasons when you are at a point to upgrade your hardware because of user want to speed up the performance or increase storage on your computer. If you are using old hard drive, then try to switch to the solid-state drive. Solid-state drive is way faster then the standard drive. After the upgrade the performance speed will increase that will eventually give positive impact on overall system and production. Results in faster browsing, faster gaming speed, increased boot time.
On the other hand, space is the main concern, if you are done with deleting or uninstalling the applications but still you face the storage issue then you need to install external hard drive or disk to increase the space for storage of files, it is recommended for users to keep minimum of 10GB space free for operating systems.

Upgrade Your Processor:

Upgrading of processor is more advanced than other upgrades that we had discussed above as well as upgrading or installing of processor is tricky, difficult and expensive as well. User must need to check the similarities before installing processor in the computer. Upgrading the processor is not the option after every few months, user need to upgrade the processor only when they are changing the version of the computer they are already using like if user is switching between Corei5 to Core i6 then they need to upgrade the processor.

Processor will not directly effect the speed of the system. Processors demand user to change the complete mother board while upgrading processor to get the required results and this will be overall expensive. So it is recommended to change the complete setup rather then upgrading the processor and motherboard.

Upgrade Your Peripherals:

Another way to speed up your computer if you are playing a lot of games on it is to upgrade its peripherals means if you are using an out dated monitor for your computer then changing it with a modern version will give your computer a good graphic display and increase the browsing speed as well.
Similarly, mouse and keyboard of the computer also play a vital role in gaming for players so, try to change mouse and keyboard as well. It is recommended to the players to use gaming tools that will increase your experience a well.


Computers are widely used in offices, schools, homes, hospitals, etc so there is a very heavy workload on systems as a result their performance will slow down or browsing speed will be decreased so, it is recommended for the users to upgrade the hardware of there system after 3-4 years so that they will not have to face these type of issues. Upgrading or replacing of some parts of the computer is more effective as compared to changing the version of the computer which will be quite expensive.

Upgrading the hardware of your computer is not a difficult or tricky task, user can do the upgrade of hardware by themselves because it will bring a great change in the speed and performance of your computer. There are many users complaining about the decreased performance or speed while playing games, so they just need to upgrade the graphic cards for their computer to speed up the performance and enjoy gaming.


What is the normal or average range from RAM that is used generally?

Generally, the average RAM that can be used is 8GB in which user can do limited browsing without gaming and editing, 16GB RAM can give you space to run 30 tabs at a same time and can do browsing with great speed and also play mid-range games and do editing as well, 32GB RAM is specially designed for gamers to play unlimited games without effecting speed and do editing’s of large file as well.

How user can check the compatibility of the graphic card with mother board?

The user needs to open the motherboard to check whether it has a PCIe slot on which you will connect the GPU. PCIe is marked as the standard connection between the motherboard and graphics card. The graphic card need at least one PCIe x16 slot with a retention clip at the end.

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