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20+ Best URL Shorteners in 2024

URL Shorteners:

Are you looking for the best URL shorteners to shorten your website’s link, monitor clicks, and add UTM tags?

Have you ever tried to share a link on your website or blog post and realized it was too long and unappealing?

Well, you have come to the right place because, in this article, we have explored the list of the best URL shortener that you can use to shrink your long URLs into shorter and more beautiful links.

Before leaping to the details, let’s discuss what a URL shortener is.

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool used to shorten long and hefty URLs into short and appealing links that can be shared easily on social media platforms without covering more space. Whenever a user clicks on that shortened link, he/she will be directed toward your original website.

URL shorteners also give you information about the number of clicks on your links, which can help keep track and increase the number of visitors to your website.

The URL shorteners allow you to show off your brand by making the links more visually appealing, plus the links can be fit in such places where you have a limited number of characters to write.

For instance, Twitter allows only 280 characters for tweets, and using long URLs will create a mess; therefore, short links can be used there instead of long and ugly URLs.

Let’s discuss the list of Best URL Shorteners that you could use to shrink your long URLs without waiting for more.

Best URL Shorteners 2023:

Here is the list of Best URL Shorteners that provide excellent services in 2023 and 2024

  1. T.LYThe #1 Best URL Shortener            
  2. Bitly – The #1 URL Shortener 2023.
  3. Rebrandly – Best Custom URL Shortener
  4. TinyURL – Best Free URL Shortener
  5. – Top URL Shortener
  6. Bl.INK – Best Enterprise URL Shortener.
  7. T2M – Best Link Management Platform.
  8. ClickMeter – Best Link tracker.
  9. – Best Link Shortener Tool.
  10. HyperLink – Best Link Shortener.
  11. – Best URL shortener Service.
  12. BudURL – Best Value URL Shortener. 
  13. – Simple URL Shortener.
  14. Yourls. – A Small Set of PHP Scripts.
  15. Shorby – An Instagram Marketing Tool.
  16. Polr – Open-Source Link Shortener.

1. T.LY – The #1 Best URL Shortener:

T.LY- The #1 Best URL ShortenerAre you looking for a link management service? Do you want to be able to shorten links? Do you want to track your links?

If so, T.LY is just the right choice for you! It is one of the best link management services and allows you to share, brand and track short links! T.LY makes all the long links look cleaner and you can always add custom domains according to your own choice. T.LY also enables you to keep a check on the users and all the stats associated with the links through its “tracking” feature, all you have to do is add a + at end of a short URL. Not just that, it comes with its own extension which supports Chrome, Opera, Edge and Firefox and automatically shortens the links in the matter of a single click!

T.LY is the best choice for big and small businesses looking to shorten links and promote brands. You can shrink the links, track clicks, monitor campaigns, get analytic reports and even get information about your referees by using T.LY

Onelinks have become a necessity for every business on social media! Get yours now at T.LY which helps you develop a one-link connection with the audience. You can now add more content with exclusive formats without having to compromise any of your values!

Visit T.LY NOW

2. Bitly – Top URL Shortener:


Bitly is the most popular URL shortener that offers unique tools to shorten the long and ubiquitous URLs into short and powerful links. Bitly is very simple and easy to use and offers a sophisticated dashboard, which can be used to track more than 20 real-time data points. Moreover, you can make links for social media and mobile apps, plus Bitly assures that links work properly and attract more customers.

They also offer easy tracking of visitors’ location, number of clicks, and organic shares. Further, the advanced tracking tool helps you monitor your campaigns’ performance. You can use the free Bitly account to customize your links via the Bitly domain name, while premium accounts allow you to use your own custom domain name.

Bitly is the best choice for big and small businesses looking to shorten links and promote brands. You can shrink the links, track clicks, monitor campaigns, get analytic reports and even get information about your referees.

Price: You can make a free account on Bitly to use basic services, but for a custom domain and more versatile links, a premium plan starts at $29 per month.

3. Rebrandly – Best Custom URL Shortener:


Reblandly is the best industry-leading URL shortener that offers its users unique features. This digital tool can be used for making branded/custom and shorter links. In addition to shortening the link, they offer brand management and easy tracking of the campaigns and users’ actions.

They provide advanced retargeting, targeting tools, deep linking, traffic routing, advanced analytics, account management, and more. The tracking tools help monitor the popularity of each link and how many clicks it was able to generate. The links can be shared across various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, etc.

Price: The free plan is limited to only 500 links and 5K clicks per month. The paid plan is $29 – $ 499 per month.

4. TinyURL – Best Free URL Shortener


Launched in 2002, TinyURL is a free URL shortener for instant link shortening. The shortening process is very simple; add the link, and the tool will make it shorter in no time. You will be surprised to know that Tiny URL can be integrated into any browser for instant link shortening.

They help make the shorter links for you, plus you can also manually customize the links. One important advantage of the TinyURL online tool is that your links will never expire and remain useful for a long period of time.

It is a complete anonymous tool, which means that you don’t have to make an account for using the tool. On the downside, Tiny URL doesn’t offer any advanced analytics and tracking tools to check the performance of your campaigns and monitor the popularity of your links.

Price: The tool is totally free.

5 – Top URL Shortener in is a unique feature in the popular social media brand management tool, Hootsuite. offers a perfect platform to shorten your URLs effectively and instantly and share them on social media sites.

For using, you have to make an account on Hootsuite and then access via the Hootsuite dashboard. They provide an analytics tool for gaining information about your shortened links, such as visitors’ actions, number of clicks, and more statistical reports. This information can be used to increase the number of visitors to your sites and promote your brand.

Moreover, is a free tool that offers URL shortening in a secure environment. To make custom/branded URLs and take advantage of advanced analytics features, you need to use a paid plan.

Price: Free basic services. For custom-made links, real-time analytics, and other important features, the paid plan ranges from $19 to $499 per month.

6. Bl.INK – Best Enterprise URL Shortener:


Bl.INK is the shortening service packed with a large number of features- from shortening long URLs in to short links to tracking the traffic on your link. You can track the audiences based on their geographical location, the device they use, language preferences, and even your top referees.

The advanced dashboard offered by the Bl.LINK provides information about trending links as well as general statistics. You can also check the peak time when your links get more engagement from users.

Additionally, you can make custom links for enhanced branding, plus use the Smart Link beta version to generate highly appealing short URLs. These targeted URLs will help you attract more audiences and encourage them to convert.

Price: Basic features are free, allowing 1000 links, 1K clicks/link, and one custom domain. If you need features for several users, more shorten links, increased clicks, and effective tracking, premium plans start from $12 per month.     

7. T2M – Best Link Management Platform:


T2M is another full-service and affordable URL management tool that contains all the features a URL shortener should have. It offers two different dashboards, one for tracking location and the other for platform and device. Along with a short URL, they also generate an automatic QR code upon sign-up.

Moreover, you can make short links that don’t expire, plus multiple links shortening to save time and one-click-share to social media platforms. Further, T2M offers advanced geographic location tracking and analytics tools.

The premium plans will help you generate more powerful URLs, including password-protected URL and vanity URL.

Price: $5 startup fee is required for the basic plan. For getting access to more advanced features, premium paid plans start from $9/month.

8. ClickMeter – Best Link Tracker: 


ClickMeter is more than just a URL shortener. It is a full-service click-rate optimization tool. If you are an advertiser and use Google AdWords or other platforms, ClickMeter is worth trying. In addition to link shortening, they offer various other features to monitor and optimize all types of shortened links, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

It is a multilingual platform and has become a sensation for webmasters with a huge audience across the world. The tool offers various geo-targeting tools to target and narrow down the audience. In addition to the targeting, it also allows you to find click frauds, latency, broken links, and latency.

Price: ClickMeter’s premium plans range from $29/month to $349/month.

9. – Best Link Shortener Tool: is a feature of the popular social media branding management tool, Buffer. With, you can shorten your links, save them, and use them any other time. So, you can share the saved link on social media when the time is right. The tool offers powerful and appealing short links for social media platforms.

A free account allows you to generate links and share them on several social media sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. You have to upgrade to a premium account for using advanced features like geo-targeting, tracking, and analytics.

Price: Free plans are available. Premium plans range from $15/month to $399/month.

10. HyperLink – Best Link Shortener: 


HyperLink is the best URL shortener compatible with mobile apps (Android and iOS). It can also be integrated into any browser through a Chrome extension or web app. The interesting thing is that whenever someone clicks on any of your links, HyperLink will send you push notifications.

They also send hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly summaries according to your choice. Moreover, HyperLink offers other features like tracking and analytics that help you check the performance of your links, traffic generated, user clicks, and location.

If you want to try free basic services, it has a free plan. But if you like to get huge likes and clicks, you can upgrade to a premium account.

Price: Free basic plan is available. For advanced features like more links, clicks, analytics, and custom domain URL, they have a premium plan starting from $10/month.

11. – Best URL shortener Service: is a unique platform that not only shortens the URLs but also enables its users to generate revenue by using their short links. All you have to do is create an account on, shrink your URLs, and share it on social media platforms. So, whenever a visitor clicks on the link you shared, you will get money. Awesome!

It is also one of the highest paying URL shortener available online that is always paying on time.

The platform is free to use, and you can enjoy free advertising without any popups. Additionally, they offer unique features to monitor the performance of your links, plus this information will help you make better decisions regarding your links and targeted audience. You can share the short link on many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Price: Free

12. BudURL – Enterprise URL Shortener:


BudURL is the best URL shortener that offers short links for social media posts, emails, and other platforms. They offer extensive management and tracking tools. Shortening links on BudURL is very simple, plus the whole process is 100% secure and transparent.

The analytics and tracking tool helps you check the performance of your shared links, the number of clicks on the links, and your audiences’ location. The platform offers data flexibility and provides a privacy-oriented environment without any data grabbing.

Price: BudURL is a bit expensive. The paid plan starts from a minimum of $99/month.

13- – Simple URL Shortener:

Bit. do is an online URL shortener that is very easy to use and manage. You can shorten the URL by going to the homepage of Bit. do, copy your link, paste it on the homepage, and get the shortened link. You can access advanced features of the tool b signing up for an account.

You can get information about the performance of your links, visitors’ clicks, and their locations. Moreover, they also offer a custom domain name that helps promote your brand. Further, with the help of analytics tools, you can get information on clicks, the peak time when the audience is more engaging, and the audience’s location.

14– Yourls – URL shortening service


Yourls, abbreviated as “Your Own URL Shortener,” is another free and self-hosted URL shortener, similar to Polr. By using the platform, you can create both public and private links. With Yourls, you can use bookmarklets to convert long links to short and appealing links from your own browser with just one click.

You can change the URL settings according to your preferences. Moreover, it also offers traffic tracking and analytics tools for providing statistical reports on clicks, geo-location, and referees. Yourls was made to be lightweight, but if you want to add more features, you can install Yourls plugins or create your own.

Price: Free

15 Shorby:


Also known as Instagram Biolink Toll, Shorbay is one of the best URL shorteners on the internet market. With a few clicks, you can shrink the long URLs into shorter and more attractive links. The platform offers to embed tracking pixels to view the status of your links, audience’s actions, and analytic reports on clicks.

Interestingly, you can create short links for messengers, enabling you to share your short links to a wide range of messenger services. Further, click-to-call links can be made with Shorby for sharing on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, and more. You can use Shorby domain name free services, and you can also take advantage of the premium custom domain for using your own domain name.

Along with this, Shorby offers mobile-optimized landing pages to use on social media profiles. This will help your followers to find and contact you.

Price: Basic services of Shorby are free for all users. Premium plans start at $9 per month.

16– Polr:

Polr is more than just a URL shortener. It is an open-source project for those who want to build and host their own URL shortener platform. If you have technical knowledge about Lumen, PHP, and MySQL, you can try this project.

Polr provides smart link shortening features and analytics tools to check the traffic on your shortened link. Moreover, unlike other platforms, Polr provides a simple demo page that will allow you to try the tool before making any commitment.

The platform also offers custom/branding domain names to gather more audience and enhance the chance of your business’ success.

Price: Free


Well, this is the list of Best URL Shortens that you can use to convert long and unappealing URLs into short and powerful links. You can share the short URLs on various social media platforms and promote your brand. All the URLs in the above-mentioned list are reliable and trustworthy, plus you can use them without any hesitation.

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