Video Conference Tips For Presenters in 2024

Video Conferencing Tips For Presenters

In this modern and digital era, technology has played an important role by shifting the manual work lifestyle of humans to completely automated, now humans rely on machines to complete their work. There are many businesses and organizations that started working online and created their own business websites through which they can reach to worldwide customers and easily interact with their overseas colleagues and there are many online software’s through which employee’s can negotiate with customers and colleagues through audio and video calls. A big thanks to the Covid that during this pandemic time most of the businesses shifted their work on online platforms and conduct all their business meetings on video conferences where they can easily interact with their partners that are from different states.
Video conferences are good invention because they are helpful to deliver your message easily to other and one can understand others point of view and they can discuss all their matters easily. Video conferences can be used for multiple purposes like online interviews, online marketing and sales calls, business meetings, online classes, client discussions and casual video chats with friends and family. If you are placing video call for your formal or business work, then you must have to be professional on your call to avoid any mistake and deliver your message professionally. There are regular virtual meetings that business mans have to attend so they must have to be professional enough to impress their clients. In this digital era if you are working on video conferences then you have to look good, sound your best and must have to understand the rules and regulations of business video conferences.
The use of video conferences and this new concept is growing rapidly across the world and especially after the pandemic video conferences have become top priority way to conduct business meetings. As time passes by, there are millions of participants from the world who are using video conferencing tool to run their businesses. The average of people working from home shows exponential growth after Covid-19 and they need to attend business meetings through video calls so they mark video conferencing as a professional tool.

But before starting your professional video conferences you have to learn the things that you being a presenter must have. In start it look quite difficult to attend and present on video conferences but practice makes things perfect and it is recommended for all the employees to do regular practicing of video conferences and learn they ways that make you professional. There are numerous tips and tricks that you have to learn before starting a business video conferencing.

Tips And Tricks For Professional Virtual Meetings:

Good etiquettes are very important to run a professional lifestyle. In real life you attend different physical appearance meetings but virtual meetings are quite different, you have to be professional in both types but there are some standard etiquettes that you have to admire before starting virtual meeting. There are different do’s and don’ts that you being a presenter must have to learn before stepping in the video conferencing zone. Few of them are mentioned bellow.

1. You Must Be Punctual:

You must be on time on your video conferences, punctuality must be of similar importance like face-to-face meetings. Being a presenter you must have to reach 5-10 minutes before the meeting time and you must have to start early to show your professionalism. Because if you come late it will give a negative impact on your listeners and colleagues. Your attendees must have to face blank screen and it will put negative impression of your business and your attendees mark your behavior as unprofessional.
You can design a time schedule that you use to launch the business meeting and this must be few minutes before the scheduled meeting time. You can avail these few minutes for.

Clear all the Technical issue of last moment.
Arrange the links that your attendees need to access during the conference
Dual checking of all the meeting points and settings of your online meeting room.
If there are some logical reasons of getting late then you have to inform your team before the meeting time so that they can inform all the attendees.

2. Set And Prepare Your Camera:

The default camera position of your smartphone or laptop is not suitable for the video conferences. These cameras are usually too high with increase risk of your head to be out of video frame. Done set it too low that attendees can’t check your expressions. You must set your camera before starting the meeting so that attendees can check your professional presence. You must have to do camera practice so that you will not get confused on video conference.
It is recommended to adjust your camera on flat space
Adjust your webcam up to your eye level.
If you are using phone, then adjust it with the help of a tripod to avoid any fall risk.
Adjust your sitting position in center of camera frame.
Adjust your room lights so that one can easily watch your expressions.
Clean up your background and if you are in a messy space then try to use blurred background settings
Try to arrange your sitting tool in front of the wall.
Arrange your conference area away from your family and noise
Your background must be virtual and avoid distracting backgrounds.

3. Check All Technincal Points:

Try to solve all the technical problems before starting the virtual meeting. Occasional technical problems are normal during the video conferences because it is not in your control but you have to make sure that the technology you are using is fully operational and you have addressed all its technical issues prior to meeting. Follow the bellow checklist before starting video conference.
Update your software
Check the quality of your headset and mic
Connect your device with powerful internet connection.
Make sure your camera frame is adjusted
Test run video before conference

4. Share Window During Conference:

Share your screen with your colleagues to help them in doing collaboration task remotely. It will be easily for employees to negotiate if you are discussing any large multi page document by sharing your screen with them.
Sharing screen is quite risky as there are high chances that you reveal your sensitive data of clients and its quite embarrassing to reveal all your social media activities while sharing the screen, so before sharing the screen you have to remember following points.
Confirm the meetings participants.
Only share the window that is relevant to meeting and limit the access to other windows.
Turn off the notifications of other apps to avoid inconvenience and stop sharing your screen right after finishing the presentation.

5. Eye Contact:

You have to make eye contact with your attendees to develop professional impact and this will build your confidence as well. Eye contact importance is similar to the face-to-face meetings. Making eye-contact is quite different because you have to do brainstorming as well and there are many other things that you have to keep in mind at the same time. So try to adopt few tricks to maintain eye-contact.
Look in the lens of camera not on screen
Try to avoid looking on your own camera frame
Place some attractive thing on your webcam to remind yourself that you have to look at this point.
Set your screen to display main speaker on large box and other attendees in short columns.

6. Select Easy To Operate Platform:

When you are hosting any video conference then try to use easy platform that all your other attendees can access and operate. If you select right platform with updated software, it avoids all the technical issues and glitches and provide you with smooth experience. There are different video conferences platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc that are easy to operate with advanced features for video conferences. This software’s are universally accessible by every individual.

7. Things To Avoid On Video Conferences:

There are many things that you must have to avoid during business conferences to show professional behavior to your attendees.

8. Avoid Mutual Talking With Members:

Avoid speaking at the same time if other member is speaking and this can happen because of many reasons like problem in internet connections or some non-verbal cues. Avoid cross talking with members if other is speaking. Make sure that your message is delivered equally to all the members.
Take a pause of few seconds when one person stop speaking
When you are hosting a meeting then make it clear to all members that they give signal to the speaker if they want to speak anything.

9. Mute Your Mic When Not Speaking:

Try to make it you habit to press the mute button if you are not speaking on call to avoid the disturbance or noise at your end to be heard by others.
Set a software in adjustment that it automatically gets mute when you stop speaking
Microphones pick up even small noise when you think that you are on silent so try to make habit to mute the call.
Select the room where there is no noise to avoid the background noise when you are speaking as it gives negative impression.
Use headphones on video conference so that you can mute and unmute the call in seconds.

10. Avoid Distractions In Your Meeting Time:

When you are busy and loaded with other tasks, you try to do side works when you are on video conference call but we as a human are not expert in multi tasking and it will give clue to other conference attendees that you are not paying your complete attention to the meeting.
Close other apps and windows during conference.
Mute notifications of other app that are quite distracting for you.
Try to shut down other systems and plan your other schedules after the video conference.

11. Do Not Dress Inappropriate

Dress up formally to give a good impression on your attendees. But remote working allows you to dress up according to your choice. Your outfit sense gives other point that what is your choice and thought. If you want to impress your attendees, then try to do formal dressing and use appropriate attire for your conference.
Try to avoid dresses with controversial messages.
Try to choose pressed and stainless outfit.
Do not use noisy and distracting jewelry in video conference
The beauty of remote working is that your employees can see only your hands, face and shoulder so you can wear any easy pants and shoes of your choice.


Whether you are giving an online interview, conducting your session, presenting or attending business video conferences, or attending or hosting online events demand etiquettes and manners that make your information more valuable. There are different things like tips and tricks that you need to learn before starting to present any business video conference, These tips will form you a proper professional look that will give a positive impact on other attendees. As well as there are many things that you need to avoid when starting the video conference like you have to avoid background noise and you need to do all the camera preps so that attendees can look at your face easily.
You need to adopt a professional look in your video conference, to deliver your message to your listeners. Remote working is quite flexible and you can arrange all your video conferences in your flexible hours. Professional video conferences are the best tool to negotiate with your employees from other countries as well to boost up the growth of your business.


What are the basic requirements of video conferences?

There are basic five tools and things that you need to arrange before video conferencing.

  • High resolution camera and tripod stand
  • High bandwidth internet connection
  • High ranked video conferencing platform
  • Fast processing laptop or computer
  • High resolution video display screen.

Why proper etiquettes are necessary for hosting and attending video conference?

When you are hosting and attending any video conference you must have to adopt professional behavior to give positive impact to your other attendees. There are many things that you need to do when you are planning to present the video conference and there are things mentioned above that you need to avoid while presenting the video conference so that you will deliver your message and concept wisely and professionally.

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