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In this era of technology people still struggle with live communication or the establishment of the immediate connection and for this reason, assistance is required. Ranging from Video assistance, knowledge management systems to even ticketing, you can save quite a lot of time, as well as costs in the support centers.  But the problem is finding a suitable platform in the filled-up marketplace. In our own experience, many services promise you the results of immediate response and professional expert teams but only a quite few of them show them. Here we have which is a web technology of video assistance, knowledge management system, and ticketing support specifically meant for after-sales services and technical support centers.

In this article, we are going to Review, talk about it in detail, while also mentioning its features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and finally ending the review with some conclusive sentences. So, without any further delay let us get going with our Review.

What is

It is a visual support for Customer Service and Technical Support that allows you to improve the experience of the customer and reduce the on-site travels with visual support. All of this can be done without installation with a single click. With ViiBE you can effortlessly enable diagnosis, resolution, and guidance without using multiple platforms.

Viibe Home

Watching the problems of medical call centers, Marc Prempain and Charles Demée developed ViiBE as a solution. The whole purpose was to provide the French Public access to proper medical treatment in only a single click. Further, it led to the decision of creating a web application.

Then ViiBE decided to provide industrial technical support and after-sales services without download and in only a single click. It is equipped with a specific feature that optimizes remote diagnoses. It works in over seventy countries and has several industries in its client database.

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Where to use

ViiBE can help you with diagnosing and resolving various issues through a distant means. The ticketing system and collaborative functions of ViiBE can improve the resolution rates of the first call, optimize the remote communications and provide tech dispatch reductions.

Video Call:

Experience problems with the vehicles, you can bring them to a repair shop, but not all the time, these mechanics can figure out the problem themselves. Rather, they can benefit themselves from the video call technology of ViiBE by consulting experts of various degrees. As an example, when your car has electrical faults, you or the mechanic can contact the OEM and receive assistance virtually. It is time-saving in many ways and the OEM specialists can solve the issues efficiently.

All the things are more efficient when using the ViiBE service. In other situations, the experts can use the feature known as red laser and live video feed to guide the mechanic of that same car more effortlessly.

Industry Maintenance:

In the industries, various expensive machines are having complex working mechanisms. The team has to work in coordination to work forward, but when the problem arises the maintenance experts must be there to help you with the problem. Having both the exceptionally high amount of repair costs and also the duration of the problem, the whole project will be stopped till a solution comes. The operator can contact the true experts of the machinery and can get support through ViiBE virtual network. You can also send a link to the expert group and the first one to respond will help you out in that operation.

Incident Report:

At the place where incidents are likely to happen like offshore oil rigs, they can use the past solution to a specific problem. To keep the complex parts running together and produce oil, the on-site technicians work tirelessly to fix the machinery. They can also contact the ViiBE remote experts for correct resolution.

Customer Experience:

This is important to retain the customer in an industry. The positive experience of the customer is essential but only through remote communication, efficiency, and faster resolution of problems. Insurance companies require the solution to complex problems to maintain the customer experience.

In case the customer’s car has broken down and in case that customer had to contact the customer service for help, the ViiBE implementation of the call center agent will result in the client getting a link to join the call. This type of customer care will lead to much better support. The agent can then view the incident, reach the problem with the front or back camera.


  • Virtual assistance to improve the ticket, resolution time, increase satisfaction.
  • Time to repair and finding how the assistive technology can enhance worker safety and reduce MTTR.
  • Remote inspection and learning how the implementation of ticketing tools and video assistance can result in inspections remotely

How to integrate into ViiBE your company’s IT ecosystem?

ViiBE integration into all CRMs

ViiBE is integrated into all CRMs, this way, all companies can have access within their CRM by single sign on, without the need to create an account or download anything. Here are the most famous ones:

Zendesk integration:

ViiBE is directly available in Zendesk’s marketplace. By downloading ViiBE from there, any Zendesk CRM’s user will have the possibility to start a video assistance call using the video module button accessible in all customers’ tickets. All the information gathered during the call will be archived in the ticket with the rest of the ticket information. This ticket enrichment functionality is a great asset for any Zendesk user.

Microsoft Dynamic integration:

Microsoft Dynamics is a great CRM to gather information regarding a company’s customers. By integrating ViiBE, Microsoft Dynamics has added live visual support into its marketplace offer. Any user can directly download ViiBE solution to have a module added into each customer ticket. Again, all the information gathered during the video call will be available with all the other tickets’ information. All functionalities such as file transfer or screen sharing will still be available.

Salesforce integration:

ViiBE is integrated into Salesforce. By doing so, Salesforce offers its users to video call their customers when a phone call is not enough to solve a technical issue. With a couple of clicks, ViiBE technology is added to all the customers’ tickets. This is a great addition for all the Salesforce users as they can now access the ViiBE solution without the need to download anything in their devices.

IBM Maximo integration:

ViiBE has successfully been integrated into IBM Maximo. This time it is not as easy to add ViiBE solutions into all the customers’ tickets, as IBM Maximo does not offer a marketplace to download 3rd party solutions. However, it remains pretty easy to have ViiBE solution added into your IBM Maximo CRM system

ViiBE standalone solution:

In case you do not use any CRM, you can still have access to ViiBE. Indeed, ViiBE also works on its own, while keeping the same knowledge management, virtual call center and all functionalities. Again, there are no needs to download anything, as it is a WEBRTC solution, a user only has to select a password to have access to his or her licence.

Features and Solutions:

There are various features and solutions provided by like;

1- Expertise Call Routing:

Challenges during troubleshooting:

When there is a technical problem with the on-site technicians, they don’t have an idea of who to contact. They will often call the people who are experts in this field, but they are unknown to them and their availability.  It takes quite a lot of time to connect with them and get the problem solved out. Still, there are chances the expert might not be able to solve the problem. provides you with a solution to all your challenges by giving professional support.

Organizing operations by the domain of expertise:

With the internal collaborations of ViiBE and the tag system, you can connect instantly with the right experts. Each of the members of this platform is then assigned with a separate call center and expertise depending on the specialized knowledge of the user. This call center represents a coherent group, a country, or even a business unit that has a manager behind to manage things.

Call Routing to groups of competencies:

With the routing system of ViiBE, operators can effortlessly and quickly contact the right expert for any type of issue based on the tagging system. As an example, if the operator is having issues with the PLC, the person can contact anyone marked PLC expert or digital engineer. You can select a tag and a request will be sent to that expert’s group.

Reaching the Right Expert:

The first expert after tag call will get connected with you instantly. Because of the routing system, operators get connected with the right export on their first-ever ViiBE try. They can troubleshoot the problem immediately and the results are reduction of downtime, as well as, cost reduction.

2- Knowledge Management System:

Employees Accumulate Knowledge:

This platform is specially focused on the KMS or Knowledge management system. This system works by collecting the best practices and archiving expert experiences in the ticketing system. Through the whole career, the employees will gain valuable expert knowledge. There is an opportunity for the employee to gain knowledge and find ways to solve issues through new activities and support tickets of customers.

Redistribution of Knowledge:

The archiving and ticketing system helps pass on the industry veteran’s knowledge. It also increases the efficiency and speed of the recruit training through explanations of challenge solving where they can watch resolving steps. The officers who are training others can select the important interactions to integrate into the recruit onboarding as a knowledge management strategy part.

Self-services with previous tickets through deep learning:

In case the operator finds a similar situation that already has been solved, he or she can extract the information from the older tickets. Through the call centers, machine names, expertise, and people searching the information becomes easier. There is no need to call the experts, Machine Learning makes the whole process effortless for you. This in return will lower the costs, downtime, and redirections.

3- Ticketing Solutions:

ViiBE Call:

When the technicians have a problem that cannot be easily solved, then they can start a ViiBE call to get assistance from experts in that specific field. All this can save quite a lot of time in comparison to the physical technician coming to resolve the issues. Using a set of AR tools and collaborations, the operations can communicate with the operators. These tools are made specifically to resolve the issues more efficiently.

Generating Quantitative Data to Track:

After a call, the participants have the leverage of giving feedback about the interactions and calls, add names to the calls, and further add tags. The interaction will be archived in the system and in case you have the same problem again after a time, you can simply look at the call through these tags, names, and such practices.

Archiving ViiBE calls as a Single Ticket:

In case your problem requires multiple calls for resolving it, it is a feature of ViiBE to let parties call each other back. Follow-up calls don’t require multiple tickets, rather the same ticket when the callback function is being used. When you click on the “call back” call is sent back to the request automatically. In this way, you can follow the steps and guides from the support agent without wasting tickets.

High-Level oversights through a deep search of ticket solutions:

The managers can effortlessly search the tickets and sort them out through the use of a ticket tagging system. In this way, they are maintaining high-level oversight and the tickets can also be filtered by the experts, users, and call centers. Furthermore, the managers can get better insight into the problems that are occurring again and again with the team or users.

4- Virtual call Center:

Multi-entity Management:

As the company is growing, the structures of the organization become more complex. The teams are working on the projects separately while needing to be managed simultaneously. This in return allows the data to be secured and separated. Companies having managers and executives need various levels of visibility into the results and performance to better interact with teams. is a platform that focuses on these issues and provides a better environment for these companies.

Geographically Distant entities:

There is a high chance that the teams that work on various projects are separated around the Globe. Even so, those who are present in the same country or area or located in different regions. For this reason, the teams should be able to well communicate with each other across the globe and get real-time connections. With the call center organization of ViiBE, all the workers are well connected through a single button.

High-Level Access to cross-call center statistics:

The role of users is important for the manager of the company and the administration working there. Therefore, they need a real-time high-level view of activities in the company. Most of the companies even require activities and their results monitored by many call centers. Through the role management system of ViiBE, you can effortlessly arrange permission and customize them further.


  • Intuitive and effortless usability
  • Simplifies porting and quoting
  • Stable design
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Management system
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Continuous functionality development


  • None so far

Try Viibe For Free


  • ViiBE offers a 14-day free trial. Then, it proposes a subscription plan in SaaS mode based on the number of users. Click here for more information.

Final Verdict:

Looking for experts to solve issues virtually? Well, is a platform that provides you with technical support through its call feature. You can either discuss your problem with the expert or share it with the group to get quick responses. There are so many features and uses of ViiBE that make it versatile. All in one, if you want to manage or want a quick solution to all the technical problems like machinery, electricity, and other issues, you can get support from the ViiBE team under amazing management.

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