20+ Best VPN For Italy 2024 -According to Experts

Best VPN For Italy:

Are you living in Italy and want to access some geo-blocked content? Are you looking for a way to safeguard your browsing experience while living in Italy?

If your answer is yes, then look no further as you’ve found the right page!

A virtual private network (VPN) is more important than ever in this digital age, when our lives are becoming increasingly intertwined with the online world. Cybercriminals, government surveillance, and data breaches constantly pose a threat to our personal information. By encrypting our data and ensuring its privacy and security, a virtual private network (VPN) acts as a shield that safeguards our online activities.

It permits us to peruse the web namelessly, protecting our obscurity and shielding against meddling following and designated notices. Moreover, a VPN awards us the opportunity to get to geo-confined content, empowering us to investigate a universe of data, diversion, and assets that may somehow be blocked off.

Italy is undoubtedly one of the nations where you should be concerned about the protection of your data and the gathering of your personal information. ISPs and the government are fully authorized by law to gather data on individuals. Additionally, Italy is just a member of a 14-Eyes Alliance, allowing for the sharing of your data with other Alliance countries!

The following is a list of the top 15 VPN services for Italy that we’ve tested extensively!

These suggestions guarantee your data protection, privacy, excellent connections, and the ability to access content providers’ libraries, including Italian stations like Rete 4, RaiPlay, and many others.

What should you look for while choosing VPN?

Dependable security measures:

In Italy, where government enforcement is permitted to monitor personal data and even hack your devices, strong encryption assures that your data is concealed from hackers and snoopers. A kill switch would also guarantee that your true IP address won’t be revealed if your VPN connection is lost.


A sizable server fleet will make a range of international materials available for your consumption. Italian-language content will be unblocked even when traveling thanks to the addition of Italian servers. Obfuscated or P2P servers are specialized servers that can be used for torrenting or to mask your VPN connection.


Any VPN provider should have a no-logs policy, use RAM-only servers, and be located in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction if data privacy is a priority. This will prevent any logging and sharing of your online activity. When choosing a VPN to be used in Italy, privacy regulations are particularly crucial because the Italian government compels the ISP to gather and preserve your data.

Additional features:

It’s a good idea to have services like threat prevention, antivirus, or even a safe browser in your VPN bundle to provide extra benefits and provide additional security for your data.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Italy?

An Italian VPN is necessary for two reasons. To start, a VPN for Italy ensures your safety while using the Italian internet. No one, not even the internet service provider, will be capable of intercepting your data and the authorities won’t be able to trace any action back to you (ISP).

To access the content that is geo-blocked in Italy, you also need an Italy VPN. For instance, a VPN with such a Japanese server is necessary if you wish to stream anime on Netflix Japan. If you’re using one of the trustworthy VPNs, you can access Netflix Japan when you have a Japanese IP address.

The top choice for Italy can be difficult to choose due to the numerous functions and security considerations. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 VPN services for Italy to make the whole process easier for you. Here is a closer look at them.

Best VPN for Italy In 2023:

Here is the list of Best VPNs for Italy in 2023 and 2024:

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. Express VPN
  4. CyberGhost
  5. IPVanish
  6. Pure VPN
  7. Atlas VPN
  8. Private VPN
  9. Hotspot Shield
  10. Proton VPN
  11. Hide me
  12. Windscribe
  13. Tunnel Bear
  14. Privado
  15. Trust Zone

1- NordVPN:

NordVPN -1

With 5,200 plus servers spread throughout 60 nations, NordVPN is a service with a Panamanian base. In Milan alone, there are more than 60 servers. Almost anything you can think of maybe safely accessed using NordVPN, including the Italian and US Netflix apps and internet versions. You won’t have any trouble using RaiPlay from another country.

A kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and DNS leak protection are used to protect connections. Additionally, NordVPN has dedicated servers configured for particular use cases. These include Tor over VPN, a dedicated IP address, and a second VPN. Along with these platforms, NordVPN also supports BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, and Prime Video.

Compatibility: For Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android, there are apps available.


  • Operates more than 60 servers in Italy and makes RaiPlay & Netflix Italy unblockable from overseas.
  • A reliable supplier that prioritizes security
  • Works within all major streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, and Prime Video
  • Live chat is always open for customer service.
  • A great torrenting and streaming solution


  • Collects mobile advertising IDs

2- Surfshark:


About 3,200 servers across 65 countries, including several in Italy and Rome, are part of the Surfshark network. You shouldn’t have any trouble watching Rai TV when traveling because this inexpensive VPN is typically quite quick and great at safely gaining access to obstinate streaming services like Netflix and DAZN. The best part is that it enables you to use a single account to secure every device you own.

Your traffic is protected on these VPN servers by DNS and IPv6 leak protection, 256-bit encryption, as well as a kill switch. Additionally, they have a NoBorders option that can get around even the harshest network limitations. As a zero-logs provider, Surfshark is unable to provide any information about your activity. You can use live chat to contact support personnel whenever you need assistance.

Compatibility: Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux, and iOS all have apps available.


  • Outstanding streaming skills
  • Rapid rates
  • Large selection of security features
  • Logging prohibition
  • Secure however many devices you like.


  • Limited personalization

3- Express VPN:

Express VPN

A vast network of much more than 3,000 servers spread across 94 nations is run by ExpressVPN. Milan and Cosenza are two of the locations that are located in Italy. Both unblock streaming services from Italy, including Raiplay. In addition to others, ExpressVPN supports Netflix in US, UK, and Canada.

You may stream videos or download big files without any delays because all servers are configured for optimal performance. A kill switch, perfect forward secrecy, 256-bit AES encryption, and other industry-leading security measures are all used by ExpressVPN. Real IP addresses or the contents of the communication are not retained by ExpressVPN; only metadata that cannot be used to identify the user is logged.

Compatibility: For Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, Fire TV, Linux, and several Wi-Fi routers, apps are available.


  • Runs incredibly fast servers across Cosenza and Milan, which is perfect for streaming Italian television overseas
  • Fast enough to avoid buffering while playing HD video
  • Online security and privacy are difficult to match.


  • Pricey compared to some other services
  • Lacks substantial control over sophisticated functionality

4- CyberGhost:


When streaming from Hulu, US Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, and BBC iPlayer, CyberGhost is excellent. There is no need to assume which site to use or call customer support because the software allows you to choose a server depending on the well-known streaming service you want to access. When connected to one of the almost 200 CyberGhost servers in Milan and Rome, viewers of RaiPlay should have no trouble unblocking the broadcast.

CyberGhost Pro uses 256-bit AES encryption and doesn’t record IP addresses or user activities. It performed really well in the speed testing; HD streaming shouldn’t be a problem. In order to keep your browsing private, the software also contains several extra functions like ad and malware filtering and anti-fingerprinting.

Compatibility: For Linux, Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android, there are apps available.


  • Operates more than 150 servers around Italy and effortlessly unblocks RaiPlay
  • Some of the quickest streaming servers that have been tested don’t record user behavior and have robust encryption to avoid activity monitoring.
  • Apps are excellent for new users.


A limited number of parameters

5- IPVanish:


Above 1,900 servers are run by IPVanish across 60 different nations. It has full control over the traffic that passes through the network and who has access because it owns rather than rents the servers that make up such networks. IPVanish isn’t very dependable with Hulu and Prime Video accounts if you have any. However, it functions for almost everything else, including RaiPlay. In addition to being popular among Kodi users, IPVanish is compatible with every add-on we’ve tried so far.

Future-proof security protocols are used by IPVanish, such as 256-bit AES encryption & perfect forward secrecy. There are no usages, activity, or identifiable metadata records kept by it. On the majority of servers, speeds are quick enough to provide uninterrupted HD streaming. With a standard subscription, all of your devices can connect at once indefinitely.

Compatibility: For Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android, there are apps available.


  • Operates more than 150 servers around Italy and effortlessly unblocks RaiPlay
  • Some of the quickest streaming servers that have been tested don’t record user behavior and have robust encryption to avoid activity monitoring.
  • Apps are excellent for new users.


  • A limited number of parameters

6- Pure VPN:

Pure VPN

PureVPN is an additional choice for a fantastic VPN for Italy. You can access servers in Milan with this service, which has over 6500 servers spread over 78 different countries. This VPN provides excellent security and a facility for continuous auditing.

Your data will be safely protected with PureVPN thanks to AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption. Additionally, they have undergone an independent audit of its no-logs policy to guarantee the level of claimed security.

The WireGuard system, which is used by this service, is thought to be the fastest and most secure tunneling technology. Additionally, server vise offers P2P servers for quick and secure torrenting as well as an obfuscation feature to mask your VPN connection.

There is a dependable kill button to shut off your internet connection whenever the VPN tunnel is damaged, thus enhancing security. A split tunneling mechanism and DNS protection are also included.

Compatibility: For WindowsOS, Linux, MacOS and Android.


  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Continuous audit
  • Extensive server fleet
  • Ten simultaneous connections with devices
  • Money-back guarantee for 31 days


  • Possibly problematic connections
  • With the WireGuard protocol, several functionalities are incompatible.

7- Atlas VPN:

Atlas VPN

Using AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption, this VPN provider offers excellent data security. A dependable kill switch, MultiHop+, private DNS, or SafeSwap (several rotating IP addresses without switching your connection server) are further features that promise to protect your data from hackers as well as other online threats.

Since Atlas VPN employs the WireGuard tunneling technique, connection performance is also unaffected. Additionally, there are P2P servers specifically designed for torrenting, however, there is no obfuscation option to conceal your VPN connection.

Another excellent option for just VPN in Italy is Atlas VPN. There is one server location for Italy among the respectable server fleets of 750+ servers spread throughout 37 nations. Although this service has fewer server location possibilities than some of the others on this list, you may still find the required location without experiencing slowness or congested servers.

Compatibility: Application is available for MacOS, Android, Linux, WindowsOS.


  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • No-logs policy audited
  • The free version of the WireGuard protocol with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Located in a country that doesn’t value privacy
  • Less server choices
  • No obfuscation technology

8- Private VPN:

Private VPN

Despite being the newest VPN on this list, PrivateVPN isn’t making any inexperienced blunders. Although it has a considerably smaller server network than its competitors, it nonetheless provides incredibly fast speeds and a wide range of streaming options.

Users of PrivateVPN get Prime TV, access to both the American Netflix collections and Italian, regardless of whether they prefer to view through an app or a web browser. You can also access Hulu, RaiPlay, HBO, and BBC iPlayer.

Security and privacy are things that PrivateVPN excels at. Military-grade encryption, a no-logs policy, and absolute forward secrecy are among the company’s many strengths. A single account can support up to 10 linked devices at once. A kill switch and DNS leak protection are built-in features.

Compatibility: For Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Android, there are apps available.


  • Operates streaming-specific server in Arezzo & Milan
  • Speeds are sufficient for high-definition streaming.
  • Has a simple app installation wizard


  • There are fewer servers available compared to other providers higher up this list.
  • Good support personnel is only available during European business hours, and apps lack several widely used sophisticated features.

9- Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield

Users frequently place high importance on speed; therefore Hotspot Shield is definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a very fast VPN for Italy. With its blazing-fast Catapult Hydra protocol and outstanding streaming unblocking capabilities, a Hotspot is a terrific option for streaming more content both domestically and internationally.

However, even though Hotspot Shield boasts top-notch programs for Windows and Mac, along with solid Android VPN & iPhone VPN solutions, you will sadly be unable to get covered if you use gadgets like Chromebooks or gaming consoles. This is Catapult Hydra’s flaw, but if you keep common-placing gadgets, there won’t be any problems at all.

In addition, Hotspot Shield logs a little bit more information than its rivals, such as the IP address and also how long you use the apps, but we are told that none of this information can be used to trace your activities back to you.


  • Fastest in class
  • Fantastic 45-day trial
  • The free version is excellent for testing.


  • Limited device support
  • Minor issues with logging

10- Proton VPN:

Proton VPN

The best free VPN was ProtonVPN, mainly because it provides limitless data at fast speeds. With that said, only “Plus” & “Visionary” subscribers have access to video streaming, which is not accessible with the service’s free or paid “Basic” editions. With its combination of simplicity of use, a wealth of capabilities, and a high level of security, the provider provides a strong overall package.

Thanks to its 16 servers, ProtonVPN finished in a very respectable third place in the Italian speed test, in the Basic version you only get six Italian servers. Only three of the four streaming services Discovery+, RaiPlay, and Sky Italia—were available to us. All efforts to view content were prevented by Mediaset Infinity.


  • Enables access to material on Sky Italia, Discovery+, and RaiPlay.
  • Decent speeds.
  • Emphasis on security
  • 55 countries and 1200+ servers
  • Base of operations in Switzerland
  • Excellent Open Source performance and external audits


Accessibility to Mediaset Infinity data cannot be provided

11- Hide me:

Hide me

Although may not have won the top rank in the thorough review, that doesn’t mean the service is worthless. When it comes to quality, stands out because of its good support (which includes a live chat), reliable operation, and feature-rich but the user-friendly desktop client.

They were a little underwhelmed by the provider’s dedicated server, which isn’t very impressive when compared to the best providers in the sample. Similarly,’s most recent security audit was performed a few years prior to the testing period.

Milan and Rome serve as the locations for the service’s Italian servers. Although only finished 10th in Italy for speed, it managed to secure a spot in the Top rank thanks to its impressive performance: From their benchmark, it had access to all four platforms. Use only the specified streaming servers if you must.


  • Gives users access to the material on Mediaset Infinity, Discovery+, RaiPlay, and Sky Italia
  • Feature-rich, user-friendly app


  • Only offers reasonable speeds
  • Has not recently undertaken any security audits

12- Windscribe:


Due to its extensive free plan, superior feature set, and top-notch speed, Windscribe is the best free VPN provider for Italy. Among the fastest VPNs available, it surpasses several expensive VPNs. It provides top-notch security, quick connection speeds, and the capacity to successfully get around geoblocks.

You can connect to VPNs in 10 different countries with the free plan, but Italy is not one of them, so you won’t be able to receive IP local address.

With Windscribe, you get all the essential security features, such as split tunneling, which separates traffic among encrypted and unencrypted connections, and a kill switch (also known as a “firewall”) to safeguard your connection in the event that your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. The encryption protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard are examples.

The greatest value plan from Windscribe, which charges $5.75 per month, also gives you access to all of its servers.


  • Rapidity of the connection
  • Enters Netflix
  • Excellent security


  • Three-day refund

13- Tunnel Bear:

Tunnel Bear

Excellent and user-friendly for beginners, TunnelBear has a straightforward UI. The user interface isn’t simple, though. It has fundamental security features including split tunneling (also known as SplitBear) and a kill switch (also known as VigilantBear), albeit split tunneling is only supported by Android and iOS.

Additionally, TunnelBear provides some cutting-edge tools like GhostBear to hide the fact that you’re using a VPN. If you reside in a nation like China, where the majority of non-Chinese services are restricted, GhostBear is a useful tool.

The VPN has an open no-logs policy and secures your connection using OpenVPN and AES-256 encryption. When using TunnelBear, your data is secure. But TunnelBear has a drawback. If you tweet about TunnelBear, it only provides up to 1GB of free data per month. The most affordable option from TunnelBear costs $3.33 a month.


  • Italy’s servers are free.
  • Inexpensive paid plan
  • Additional GhostBear features


  • Unsatisfactory for streaming

14- Privado:


On the free plan, PrivadoVPN provides among the most extensive data allocations. You have access to networks in nine nations and receive 10GB of free data each month. However, the free plan doesn’t include Italian servers; therefore PrivadoVPN can’t assist you in obtaining the Italian IP address.

Along with AES-256 and ChaCha 20, you also receive superb encryption with methods like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. Although it has a stringent no-logging policy, there are a few concerns about personal data in the privacy policy.

The commercial subscriptions offered by PrivadoVPN are not cheap. The one-year plan, which costs $4.99 a month, is the most cost-effective option. If you have several friends who are also searching for a VPN service, the 10 continuous connections may assist lower your per-user cost. PrivadoVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you may test it out.

The VPN app features a separate pop-up window for settings and stores everything within a vertical, rectangular window.


  • Free data of 10GB each month
  • Strict policy against logging
  • Enters Netflix


  • Lacks sophisticated features

15- Trust Zone:

Trust Zone

Trusted Solutions is the owner of the VPN Trust.Zone. Users of the service can access geo-restricted streaming services including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, and numerous others because the services have roughly 180 servers spread over 40 different countries. It supports OpenVPN & L2TP over IPSec and encrypts data using the AES-256-bit standard.

Trust.Zone offers a safety mechanism, which prevents all internet activity in the event of a connection loss, like the majority of top VPN services. The company gives its users ultimate anonymity because it doesn’t keep user logs and is situated in Seychelles, which isn’t covered by the 14-Eyes monitoring system.

The service is available as native applications for Windows & Android OS, but it can also be set up on other operating systems and devices, such as MacOS, Linux, iOS, game consoles, routers, or smart TVs. Torrenting and P2P file sharing are also supported by this VPN.

All major subscription plans from Trust.Zone comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee and a 3-day free trial period.


  • Defense-grade encryption
  • For mobile devices
  • An app that accepts Bitcoin


  • Unpopular provider


In conclusion, a number of the top VPN providers in Italy stand out for their outstanding performance, robust security features, and extensive server networks when ranking the best VPNs. Users in Italy can use these VPN services to improve their browsing experience, bypass geo-restrictions, and protect their online privacy.

ExpressVPN has set up a good foundation for itself as a leader, offering blasting quick paces, military-grade encryption, and an easy to use interface. ExpressVPN’s extensive server network and optimized servers in Italy guarantee smooth streaming and safe browsing for its customers.

The advanced security features of NordVPN, such as double VPN encryption and a strict no-logs policy, are also worthy of praise. It is an excellent option for Italy looking for anonymity and unrestricted access to global content due to its reliable performance and extensive server coverage.

One more significant choice is Surfshark, which joins moderateness with first rate security. Users are shielded from malware, trackers, and advertisements by its CleanWeb feature, and its Camouflage Mode ensures even more privacy.

At last, the best VPN for you will rely upon your particular requirements and inclinations. However, Italian users can benefit from enhanced online privacy, seamless streaming, and unrestricted access to global content with any of these top VPN providers!

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