Wavelet Solutions Review 2024 – Is It #1 Cloud ERP Solution Provider?

Wavelet Solutions Review 2024 – It is Time to Embark on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Living in the era, where the speed and efficiency are the key foundation of business success, the implementation of the software systems that accelerate daily processes and assist to monitor them in real-time, is essential. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software have proven themselves as the indispensable solution for the purpose of business operation management and informed decision-making.

Now, a good investment for the business, according to our research, could definitely be in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Management). It is a vital tool that centralizes all the databases of your company that includes information, automation of routine tasks, and simplifying your overall process of business.

The sole purpose is to optimize the business operations so that your employees can get the additional time that they can utilize in other aspects of your business and gain further benefits.

If you are looking for a platform providing business application services well, you are in luck because we are just about to discuss a platform that we think might be perfect for your business.

Wavelet is more just a vendor – they are your technology consultant: Wavelet approach to their customers is different from other software vendors. They position themselves as your digital transformation journey consultants.

You come to them with the problem – they give you the solution. A solution that takes into account your current workflow, your future growth, your needs, and most importantly, Who You Are. Focus is on long-term partnership and your business growth.

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Wavelet Enterprise Management Portal (EMP)


Wavelet is a cloud-based software – successfully serving 150+ customers across Malaysia and beyond for more than 17 years – with an all-rounded cloud support for the growth of their company. Wavelet EMP, a leading web-based ERP used by the biggest franchises and chain stores in Malaysia is one of Malaysia’s first integrated Point of Sales, Membership Program, Inventory Management, Accounting systems that runs on the cloud.

It manages all the operations of your businesses across all platforms in real-time using cloud computing. It provides solutions for your business that expedite your decision-making progress, integrate your processes in one central consolidated platform so that you can scale your business growth smoothly and efficiently.


EMP system enables centralized storage & back-up of enterprise data on one of the most secure infrastructure – Amazon Web Services (AWS). 


EMP has highly advanced permission protocols & security measures in place when integrating with third-party vendors.


EMP provides a unified reporting system to analyze statistics in real-time, across all functions, as well as departments.


Understanding the difference between industries and business workflow, the Wavelet team will customize the solution as per your requirements. Wavelet is the solution tailored to your needs from end-to-end. 

EMP system is equipped with multiple integrated modules, each of which is capable of maximizing the effectiveness of your business. These modules include:

  • Distribution ManagementWholesalers and distributors are the ones mostly using this module. Using this module, the user can generate sales orders, collect deposits for these orders. And then execute sale order fulfillment (Delivering the goods).
  • Product Management All the information regarding the management of products is handled by this module.
  • Customer ManagementThis module is known as account receivable because it provides all the functions necessary for customer management.
  • Membership Management The module will assist you to build your loyal customer member base, by allowing them to accumulate and redeem points. Reward your customers for their loyalty! 
  • Accounting Management This is the General ledger module where the users can create and edit their journal entries. They can also check the contents of existing ledgers. Since EMP keeps a lot of companies in the same database, their financial statement can be printed in the format of a matrix.
  • Inventory ManagementThis module manages all the movements related to stocks. It gives features like stock count, stock adjustment, stock return, stock transfer, and goods received. Besides this, you also get an extensive report and information through the extensive screen.
  • Finance Management You can use this module to perform all the transactions and create reports for your bank and the cash amount. You can also issue a PV (present value) and then just charge it directly to PV or just use it to get rid of the supplier invoices directly.
  • Procurement Management This module lets the users perform inquiries about the purchase to suppliers, convert their purchase orders into GRN right at the receiving store, approve purchase orders, create purchase orders.
  • Sales ManagementThe users can complete their daily operations through this module. It is equipped with all the functionality needed for Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments, Sales return, etc.
  • Supplier Management This other name for this module is accounts payable and provides all the functions and features related to suppliers.
  • Reporting Almost all the reports provided through Wavelet can be exported to Excel or PDF format depending on the need of the users.

To explore more about Wavelet EMP solutions, you may visit for more information. 

Wavelet is much beyond just an ERP system 

In 2015, the team started to develop the next-generation app platform, aimed at maximizing the efficiency and acceleration of the business operations. Based on multi-channel cloud-native architecture, with scalability, cross-platform, mobile, and REST-API, it has reshaped the future of a range of companies, by providing them with unique cloud-native app solutions.

Famous brands and giants in the market, such as Digi, Senheng Electric, DirectD, All IT Hypermarket, Celmonze, UniPin, One Living, and many more are already on board with the Bigledger platform! 

Operational Data Lake | Bigledger


BigLedger offers a wide range of cloud-native solutions within their service portfolio, where the unique approach to every app project and careful attention to client needs remain the key priority.

Today, we will focus on the two key areas on how Bigledger can help your business : 

Area 1: Business Application Implementation

Bigledger serves as a foundation of the software infrastructure put in place for your business. Bigledger is offering not a standalone product, but rather a solution that can be easily connected and integrated, that is scalable and compatible with the speed of your business growth. 

Current portfolio covers the following business automation applications, such as : 

  • Membership & CRM Applications
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Integration with Online Marketplaces
  • Unified Contact Center – integrated Whatsapp, FB, Email, SMS, Telegram, Voice
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • B2B Supplier Module
  • Delivery Module (DI-Module)
  • Operations Automation – e.g. Real-time Stock Take, RMA Module
  • Digital Marketing Applications
  • Custom Application Development

All solutions are seamlessly integrated to one another, eliminating the need to do data double-entry to multiple software. Are you willing to connect one of your existing systems to a Wavelet / Bigledger application? Their team will take care of this for you. 

Area 2: Integration Capability

In order to reduce cost and increase efficiency, companies tend to utilize and subscribe to a variety of software solutions for their business. It might be those software that are specific for your industry, or just those that have successfully served you throughout years of operating in the market. It is great to have all required systems in place, but how should we make those software and solutions communicate to each other? If otherwise, it defeats the purpose of having them. 

Biglegder understands the need for the affordable integration solution, and provides a ready platform covered with a layer of APIs, which eases the process of connecting your applications. All the applications will be connected to one central Data Lake to ensure your business has a one single source of truth for your data. Any updates of information occurring in one of the systems will be automatically updated in Data Lake real-time. Has your customer changed his email address in the membership app? Bigledger will auto-update required details in your other dependent applications of your preference – e.g. your email marketing tool. Bigledger will take care of it – no more hassle with manual data update or duplicated data.

Strong integration capability remains one of the key strengths of the Wavelet team. Having years of experience in integrating POS, Accounting, E-commerce, Marketplace, CRM and other solutions, our integration team has completed over 30 integration projects with various systems. 

To explore more about Bigledger applications and integration options, you may visit for more information. 

Why should you choose Wavelet and/or BigLedger?

  • 17 years of experience in handling small- and large-scale projects
  • Product Development of GST and ERP applications, E-commerce, CRM & Loyalty Program, Customer Data Mapping
  • Proven Track record in delivering Chain Stores and Franchise solutions
  • Strengths and experience in native cloud architecture 
  • Strong software development capability & expertise 
  • Dedicated team for the integration projects (experience with over 30 projects)
  • Entrusted vendor and partner for the biggest brands in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Laos.

Award and achievements:

    • 1-INNOCERT 2013
    • APICTA 2015 – Supply Chain Management
    • Sin Chew Business Excellence Award 2017


    • A member of MRCA [Malaysia Retail Chain Association]
    • Technology partner of MIA [Malaysia Institute of Accountants]
    • Technology partner of AWS [Amazon Web Services]

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Wavelet/ BigLedger?

Why Wavelet /Bigledger team is different from other vendors : 

  • Wavelet is more just a vendor – they are your technology consultant: Wavelet approach to their customers is different from other software vendors. They position themselves as your digital transformation journey consultants. You come to them with the problem – they give you the solution. A solution that takes into account your current workflow, your future growth, your needs, and most importantly, Who You Are.  Focus is on long-term partnership and your business growth. 
  • Complete Security: Your data security is Wavelet team’s key priority. Secured with the best-in-class software infrastructure in place, they are a trusted partner for the biggest brands across Malaysia and beyond. 
  • Get Ahead of Your Competition: BigLedger applies the most innovative cloud-native technologies to your business, so you will always stay a step ahead of everyone else.
  • Decrease in Cost: BigLedger does not let you get bounded by the traditional commerce rules, which provides you a great advantage of completely moving your business online, which can save quite a lot of your cost and expenses.

Wavelet Details:

  • Website: , 
  • CEO: Vincent Lee Hong Fay 
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services
  • Company Size: 51-200 Employees
  • Founded: 2003
  • Specialty: ERP, Business automation software, CRM, E-commerce, Integration
  • Head Office: UEP Subang Jaya
  • uCompares rating: 4.9/5

Contact details:


After reading the whole review, you should have a better understanding of each of the services that Wavelet and BigLedger offer. A cloud-native platform can solve a lot of problems without needing to hire an additional workforce. It can take care of many aspects on its own and provide solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Using Wavelet will not only provide you a lot of benefits, but also reduce your cost while doing it. So that you can use it in some other aspects of your business. It uses top of the line technology to always make sure you are ahead of your competition. After completing our analysis, we would definitely recommend you get their services for your business.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to make a decision as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to Wavelet. Our team wishes you the best of luck!                                          

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