Ways To Select Best Bar POS System

Ways To Select Bar Pos System

In this modern and digital era, technollogy has played an important role by shifting the human work life style from manual to automated, now mostly individuals rely on machines to complete their work. There are many businesses running in the market, operating and storing all the data of your business is quite difficult task.

The employees demand for the systems that are up to date to run all the business related operations. Employees need to check the customers data, their purchases, their transactions their bills and they have to manage their stock as well as they need to keep a digital record of their stock so that they can access the calculated details of all the things whenever they need.

Bieng a business owner you are always in search to select the best point of sale (POS) system so that you can easily complete all the customer’s transactions and details as well as store the data of every transaction. There are variety of systems available in market and its quite difficult for the businessman to select the best system according to the type of business they are running and while selecting the best system you have to keep in mind that what are the operations you want to run on this system.

Point Of Sale system has different components like hardware, software and some advanced operational features as well. Every POS system exhibit different features so you can get a trial before purchasing as its quite sensitive decision for your business transactions as well.

For primary scale businesses they may only need POS system for the customer’s transactions but some businesses need POS system to get full service that includes transactions, monitor all the inventories, record all the employee tips, and fully functional with other applications as well.

So before finalizing your selection check what are your business demand and features of this system fulfill that demand or not. Experts suggest while making the purchase of system, check the flexibility of system as well. The system with advanced and good support service and strong call center is marked as the best system.

Top Features Needed In Bar Pos System:

The size, work flow, transaction speed plays an important role in checking what features POS system must have to run the major operations of this bar. There are different standadrd features that must be present in all POS systems that are designed for bars. Few of them are following.

  • Versatile menu design
  • Order taking and processing (in advanced systems)
  • Split checking
  • Processing the customer’s payment
  • Recommendations of tips for employees
  • Management of the complete staff
  • Tracking of all the food and drugs
  • Recording the complete operational data.
  • Final reporting of all the recorded data.
  • Experts suggest while purchasing the POS for your restaurant also check the capabilities as well like.

1. Interface Speed:

every graphical interface is designed differently, select the basic graphic designing system so that you can deliver fast user interface. Advanced and extra steps in processing can trigger customers and they become frustrated.

2. Transferring Of Tab Between Servers:

its very important to select the system which can easily transfer one tab that is operated and accessed by customer to other systems in the bar so that customer can access the same tab from other servers as well.

3. Monitoring Accounting:

system must be capable of recording all the customer’s transactions and they must be advanced enough that you can easily run your accounting software’s to get all the business calculations. Like at the checkout time your system must be efficient enough to do all the employee tips and transaction calculations to get correct and fast closeout.

4. Capable To Give Cash Discounts:

select the system that have in built programming capability to give cash discounts to the customers to attract heavy business and get more profit.

Advantages Of Pos System On Bar:

There are countless benefits of having the updated and advanced POS system on bar. They can smooth many of the processes and speed up the order taking and delivery process to make customer happy as well as helpful in exponential growth of any business. Most popuar benefits of POS system on bars are following.

In bars, there is a big problem of heavy pouring of drinks. And if the stock of the drinks remain unchecked then it is quiet harmful and give heavy expense to your business. If you have advanced POS system then it will get all the records of stock and monitor the inventory and give alerts when the stock is low. If the stock of drinks is about to end in minimum time then its an alert sign to check the pourings of drink.

All the orders will get managed automatically so that owner avoid the situations to monitor the inventory and utilization of the stock. POS system will monitor all this automatically. By this automatic ordering feature you can design the stock ordering for minimum and busy seasons to increase the profit and grow the business.

If you manage the system manually then you have to pour the drinks, take orders, check transactions at the same time which will slow down the process and if you introduce POS system then your ordering time will get increased and you get more orders because you are spending minimum time on each customer. This will increase the cash flow and sale of your bar.

POS system is just a handy tool that manage your sale and give a receipts as well. The advanced systems have scheduling software’s to manage the rotations of every employee. You can check annual or monthly report of every employee and check the performances of every one as well so that you can get the point that which are the lacking steps that you want to address immediately to boost up the growth.

Selection Criteria Of Best Bar Pos System:

When selecting the POS system you need to outline the features that you want in the system and the budget of your business. Every owner wish to select the suitable system for their business which they can easily operate and get benefit from. If the owner’s don’t want to regret their selection decision then they need to consider the following things while purchasing the system.

1. This System Meet You Business Needs:

POS systems are designed for many aspects like retailers, resturants, and others and you have to choose the POS system that is specifically designed for bars and that fits your bar needs as well because every bar owner has different demands and they have different plans for their POS system. So choose the one according to your needs. Wrong decision while selection will lead you to pay heavy penalty.

2. Flexible For Your Business Growth:

select the POS system that help you to reach the exponential hieghts of your business. You need to automate the operations so that fast processing speed boost up your sale and you can cater multiple customers on same time.

3. Check Your Budget:

you have to check your budget before making the decision of the POS system. There are variety of POS systems available in the market but you have to check which POS system is according to your needs and budget as well. POS is basically used to assisst you in your operations to get more profit so if you select the POS system that is too expensive then it will give a negative effect on your cash flow.

4. Check Compatibility Of Software:

check that your POS system software must be compatible with other applications and software that are running on your systems. It will be advantageous if your POS system software can easily integrate with other applications and software’s like accounting software so that you can check the complete reputation of your business on a single frame.

Top Ranked Bar Pos Systems in Industry:

There is a wide list of POS systems that are easily available in the market. But there are many systems that gave negative effect on the bar and they are ranked minimally and there are many systems that are high in demand and every business owner demand for those compatible systems and ranks them high in POS system list. Few of the top ranked POs systems are mentioned below.

1. Upserve:

Upserve POS system is one of the most common abd popular system with high demands. There are many reviews reported on Upserve and all of them are that it will give same high speed result while running in multilocation bars and can accomomdate the heavy customers flow with minimum chances of mistake in its accounting.

2. Key Features:

Multi tab management and transfer of customers tab on other systems
Monitoring all the inventory records and utilizations
Equally integrated with all the industrial applications
Design custom report on regular intervals
Compatible with other applications
Management of multiple accounts and discussions.

3. Pricing Plan Of Upserve:

If you purchase the core plan of Upserve POS system then you have to pay monthly fee that is $59 per month and this for Single terminal, if you want multiple terminals then fee will increase accordingly.
If you plan to purchase Pro plan then you have to pay $199 per month for your POS system and for additional terminals you have to pay $50 for every terminal.
If you plan to purchase Pro Plus then you have to pay $359 per month, and for additional ternminal you have to pay $40 for every terminal.

4. Light Speed Restaurant:

The overall reviews of Light Speed Restaurant state that it is basically designed only for bars and restaurants. It aims to assisst or help the hospitality industry to streamline their operations and boost up their business. It is available in mobile app as well that you can access it while sitting anywhere across the world.

5. Key Features:

Accommodate large number of users easily
Tableside orders can be entertained equally
Monitoring the inventory and utilization record
Management of employee’s and customers on bar
Design custom reporta and do complete analysis
Compatible for multple integrations

6. Light Speed Pricing Plan:

Pricing plan starts basically from $59/month that supports only one register. If you want additional register then each cost for $34/month.
Add-ons pricing plans like kitchen display, advanced reporting, analytics, self ordering charge extra amount of $12/month
Premium add-ons like integration of accounting software’s, operations of multiple app charge for around $39/month.


Point Of Sale system is one of the best tool to streamline your bar operations and boost up the exponential growth of yoyur business. But before making the final decision you need to do proper survey, cross-talk with your colleagues and emplioyee’s and get its reviews so that you will not regret your decision later on. You can take help from other so that they will give you a valuable advice related to the purchasing of POS systems.

While purchasing you must have to makesure that this system is according to your business needs and it is according to your budget as well because if you purchase POS system costly then it will give negative effect on your cash flow.

Accessing and purchasing the best tool for your business will streamline your business operations, increase your workflow by speeding up the business operations, managing your staff remotely and monitor all the inventories will boost up the exponential growth of your business.


What are the key features of standard POS system?

A standard POS system must be capable enough to streamline your all business operations, automate ordering processes, easy navigation, decreased chances of errors, compatible withother applications and software’s of business, complete report of operations and analysis of procedures to make right decisions to boost up the business growth.

What are the basic categorise of POS system?

POS system comes with its four other types of system

  • Legacy
  • Tablet based
  • Mobile based
  • Cloud based

These are the advance and modern POS systems that are quite more efficient in working and also comes in industry with affordable prices.

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