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Wearable Technologies: 7 Incoming Revolutions In the Near Future

Where This Wearable Tech Will Stand In The Future?

We are entering a world where everything we wear becomes a utility item. Whether it’s the smartwatch or the smart goggles everything you wear can be useful in different ways. In this advanced technology era, where you can make phone calls through your smartwatch, wearables becoming utility items is not so shocking thing. In all the fields like sports new bands or watches are invented that will help the sportsman to get information about his health or keep track of it. New rings or bracelets have been invented that help girls detect their health track by just tapping on it. 

Now these wearable technologies are not just for tracking down your health and wellness situation but also these wearable technologies can play significant roles. Even in the upcoming world, these wearable technologies will have a most the significant role in our lives. It is also predicted that these wearable technologies will be able to detect mental health wellness in the future other than just physical fitness. Many new technologies have been invented like smart watches and even new bands, which will help you to detect the physical fitness of the person wearing it. These technologies will brighten the future of this world. And this is the thing that we are going to discuss in our today’s article.

Future Of Wearable Technologies

It was already predicted that the future of this era will be occupied by advanced smart technologies whether it’s smartwatches or smart TVs. And that is the reason why manufacturers are finding different ways to apply these wearable technologies in our daily life activities. In the future, you will encounter everything in the form of smart technology. let’s see how these wearable technologies will change in the coming future.

1. Lesser Visibility:

After 10 years from now, you might see the person checking her blood pressure rate by just tapping on the bracelet she is wearing. No wonder that bracelet will be the form of advanced technology but you won’t notice it because that technology has taken the form of simple jewellery which will even confuse the people that either she is wearing smart technology or just a normal bracelet. Some companies are already on it, inventing new and new jewellery pieces that will look like normal; jewellery piece but in actuality it has some kind of detector like in a ring you might have the location detector that will give your friends or families the exact location of where you are. Although it will be of lower visibility it will be performing its complete task. 

2. Extended Battery Life:

If you have used any wearable technology in this era, you might have experienced that these wearable technologies have shorter battery life. Those that require a lot of processing power and internet connectivity will go dead in just a few hours, which is totally against any wearable technology. So in the future, manufacturers will find any possible alternative way with which they can easily extend the battery timing of these wearable technologies.

One of the most popular methods that these companies are trying to do is energy harvesting, in which they can easily convert body heat, solar energy, and even the movement into the power of the device. If this method will be applicable in the future wearable technologies then it will be the game changer. This way users don’t even have to worry about the battery of the wearable technologies, or the battery of a watch or goggles will not die at an inconvenient time. If manufacturers succeed in eliminating all these problems it will become easy for wearable technologies to become more popular in the future. 

3. Medical Wearable:

If you look around you will find many medical wearables that will help you to detect your health and fitness situation like Fitbit and Apple Watch. In these two things, you can easily detect your pulse rates or the steps you have taken in the whole day. But there is a prediction that shortly companies will invent wearable technologies that will not just monitor the medical problem but will also solve the problem.

Even in this era, an artificial pancreas has been developed by some companies for diabetes. This device will not just monitor the diabetic level but also it will provide insulin to the person. Also with this many companies are still thinking of introducing the device that will be embedded underneath the skin. This way it will be able to track all types of medical activity that is currently unavailable to most people like blood analysis, effects of medicines, and other vitals. These wearables will change too many lives in the future. 

4. Clothing:

As we have discussed pieces of jewellery can also be used as advanced smart technology, just like this clothing can also be used to apply the electronics and sensors across the larger part of the body. The Ph.D. director of ecosystem technology at Advanced Functional Fabric of America has said, “an Einthoven’s triangle that can get an electrocardiogram signal”. he was talking about the standard placement of leads across the body for an EKG. Even in this era, many new companies are focusing on developing the athlete apparel. For example, Athos carries smart garments that can easily detect the muscle activity of the body during any workout.

On the other hand, Sensoria Health offers the garments for upper body that will detect the heart rate and socks that will measure the human gait and foot strike. There is a company that is still selling shirts that can easily monitor heart rate and respiratory health. In this 21st century where technology has invented too much but less than that in the future, we will have smart clothes then you can imagine what will happen after 10 years. At this time, smart clothes tend to even include removable parts like batteries but as the field advances, these may be integrated into the garments that can be washable. 

5. Patches:

Right now when most advanced companies are focusing on smart watches or smart garments, some legends are betting on a new type of wearables that will easily adhere to the skin in the form of bands, stickers, or patches. Although these patches are not yet widely accepted they promise greater technical flexibility in how the interface is built.

In this matter, there is a huge success in Abbott’s freestyle libre and the Dexcom G6, these materials can be worn for more than 10 to 14 days and they will test your body’s glucose level every few minutes and will not just monitor but also send the data on your cellphone. These devices are mostly worn on the belly area or the back of your arm. There is a tiny sensor in it that will be inserted under the skin and will measure the glucose in the interstitial fluid. 

This is the interstitial fluid that they are using to make their smart technology more useful. But shortly most probably the next fluid that this manufacturer will choose will be sweat. Many researchers are already able to detect the glucose and lactic acid levels from sweat. And still, they are working hard to find any other way they can make this sweat useful for them. So in the future, there is the possibility of new tech wearable related to human sweat. 

6. Mental Health Detection:

With the help of sweat blood, saliva, and urine we can easily detect the stress level in the human body with the help of cortisol levels. But it is predicted that in the future with advanced technology and new wearable techs, it will be easy to detect the cortisol level from human sweat. It will establish the baseline and tracking through which a person can easily see that either his stress level is going high or low. Not for this only, this thing can be combined with other measures of the body like the heart rate or any other condition and help to reach a more precise diagnosis and treatment. 

7. Authentication And Verification:

In the 21st century, there are almost all apps or accounts require two-factor identification, now even cars like Tesla utilize digital keys instead of simple physical keys. Now everything is going towards more authentications, you will need proper identification to enter anything. Even in schools or colleges, they have to enter their biometrics and then they are allowed to enter the school only if their biometrics match with any record of the school. These identification methods are now available everywhere. In the upcoming days, there will also the tattoos that will transfer the applicable identification information when it is scanned. This shows that if shortly, the tattoos can be used for verification then after 20-140 years what will be the changes these wearables will cause to the world? 

Other than fingerprint metric, there is also lens detection in some companies, like they have to identify their eyes so that the detector will detect the retina and if it matches with record of that person then he will be allowed to enter the building. 

On one side where these authentications have easier our work, there are some cons with these identifications. like getting in front of those rays in the detector might be not good for your eyes, passing through any walk-through detector might cause any changes in your body. 


Wearable technologies are any material or piece of thing that we can wear on our body like a watch, cloth, or goggles. It can be anything. But the smartwatch is the one that has advanced specifications that are not available in simple watches, just like this some smart goggles will help you to see material that is not visible with any other goggles. These are the things that are called high-tech advanced products.

Many advanced tech wearables will allow you to know your heart rate without going to the doctor, and will also tell you the blood pressure your body is having. With this advancement in this era, it is predicted that shortly, many new wearable tech products will be launched that will have more advanced specifications compared to these. In this article, we have shared what will be the future of this high-tech advanced wearable and where it will stand after 10 or 20 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Will These Wearable Techs Be The Part Of Future?

Yes, of course, this high-tech wearable will play a key role in the future. It might be the possibility that your half-day activities will be related to these wearables.

2. Isn’t It Dangerous To Use That Much Technology On Wearable?

Scientists or manufacturer are using these technologies or their advanced methods on these tech products with some mindset. Although there might be some cons overall these wearable tech products are the most utilized items until now.

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