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Whatspot Review(2024): The Best Online Booking System Designed For Business

Whatspot Review 2024:

Are you looking for the best way to reserve meeting rooms and company cars? If yes then we have something special for you that will solve all of your problems. Nowadays, it is really hard to find a meeting room or a company car. The booking system is sometimes so bad and clunky that it just adds to the frustration. Even booking a parking space isn’t very easy. But what if we tell you that there is a company that aims to solve all of your problems.

We will present it to Whatspot. The best place for booking reservations is either a meeting room, company car or a parking space. Today, we will take a deep dive into all of Whatspot’s features and whether it is worth using or not. And of course, you can add the approved reservation to your personal calendar with one click. 

What is Whatspot?

Whatspot is a simple online booking system designed for business. It was created by a team from Ergotep which is a social enterprise. Using Whatspot, you can easily book a company car, a meeting room, or a parking space. This is very helpful to employees as they can save a lot of time by simply using Whatspot. The main goal of Whatspot is to make this booking process as hassle-free as possible for companies. They already use this system in their own company and now they’ve opened their services to other businesses as well. And of course, you can add the approved reservation to your personal calendar with one click. 

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All of the new developments are first tested by Whatspot. This helps them to ensure that everything works properly. The team behind Whatspot is very efficient and works fast and in a very flexible way.

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Some of the best features of Whatspot are:

1- QR Code Booking:

One of the best things about Whatspot is that booking a reservation is very simple. You can use your smartphone to scan the QR code on Whatspot. This will immediately inform you whether a room or company car is currently available or not. If your desired item is available then you can simply book it in two clicks. You are also shown the time at which a room or car will be available. This is a very painless process and saves a lot of time.

2- Easy Searching:

Another great feature of Whatspot is that its search algorithm works in a way so that it searches for a date that doesn’t clash with another reservation. There are a lot of times when you book a place and suddenly there is a clash in the reservation. Whatspot completely solves this problem by providing you with a time when there is no clash at all.

3- Reservations in One Place:

With Whatspot, you always have an overview of your own as well as the company’s reservations from a calendar. All of the information is available on the calendar. If a reservation has been made then it will be automatically present there. You can also see all of the reservations made by your colleagues as well. Using the calendar, you can add new reservations and also filter reservations. You are also notified of the reservation status as well.

4- Reservations Under Control:

Whatspot also brings you a feature with which you can easily see who is making the reservations and all of the related information as well. You are always in total control and can streamline everything as well. You can also make reservations inside your company as well using Whatspot’s system. This helps you in maintaining order in the company. You can easily manage all of the company spots as well.

There is also an approval system present which gives you the authority of approving a reservation. All of the new reservations are also shown in the form of notifications as well. This is a really straightforward system that you can use to control everything and make sure that everything works flawlessly.

5- Management of Company Spots:

You can also set different levels of rights with Whatspot. This can help you in giving a person only the right to just create different categories. While for another person, he can also create a category as well as book approvals. This is a really useful feature and can help streamline the booking process without any interference.

6- Easy Reservations:

With a cloud service, you don’t need a specific platform to book your reservations. You can even use a mobile phone or a tablet for booking reservations. This is amazing as you can easily book a meeting room without even being in the company. You can literally book reservations from anywhere.


  • Simplified Booking Process
  • Useful Calendar
  • Easy Management of Spots
  • Good Searching Capability
  • Cloud Service
  • Solid Approval System


  • None


There are two pricing plans offered by Whatspot:

  • Freemium
  • Premium

Freemium: Free of Cost

  • Only 3 Spots
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Reservations

Premium: €18/month or €12/month annually 

  • 10 Spots – €4 for every 5 additional spots
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Reservations

The freemium plan while only offers 3 spots but is amazing as you don’t have to pay anything. You get all of the features of the premium plan but with zero charges. If you find the freemium plan good enough then you can choose the Premium plan and get 10 spots and all of the features.

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Do We Recommend Whatspot?

Yes, we absolutely recommend Whatspot. It offers an amazing set of features. It is software unlike any other and simplifies the whole reservation process. You can easily book a reservation through your phone or tablet from anywhere. All of the booking information is available in a single place in the form of a calendar.

You can also give limited access to certain people which will only limit them to creating a category. There is a solid search system present which makes sure that there is no clash in the reservations. You don’t get this type of software and features anywhere. Moreover, they also offer a Free plan where you get 3 spots and all of their features as well.

Final Verdict:

So, with a booking system like Whatspot, there is no need to worry about booking a meeting, company car, or parking space ever. It just makes everything streamlined and simpler. Their search feature is amazing which will find you a date where there is no clash. The pricing plans are quite affordable as well. If you are looking to simplify your company reservations then Whatspot is the best system out there right now. 

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