When Someone Blocked You On iPhone in 2024

Blocked by someone can be the reason of several causes. As we know the online world is full of fake people and scammers. Beside cyberbullying some people don’t want the interaction between them and you so in order to avoid you they decide to block you.

They don’t want you to be the part of their online life or may be they need some space or a break. Everyone has faced online rejection once in a lifetime and it is a subset of social exclusion. People reject others from social engagement for many reasons, and many of those have nothing to do with the person being rejected. Of course, there are, on occasion, good reasons to block someone, the online equivalent of social rejection.

Blocking someone who is being abusive, toxic, inappropriate and making you feel uncomfortable is another thing that should be encouraged, Blocking someone like these is a form of self care. However, you can easily find out who has blocked you

Here are the different methods you could use to figure out if a contact blocked you.

Send An iMessage

iMessage app is designed to enable iPhone users to send encrypted messages to their contract through texts, photos and videos. If the targeted contact didn’t receive your messages it is the probability that they have blocked you.

But you can still message them through iMessage app, the messages will go to the person’s iCloud account. In order to sent an urgent text, iMessage is not a good option because that person will only come to know about your message when they open their iMessage account.

Following steps will help you to contact a person who has blocked you

• Step 1

Open your iMessage app and start a new conversation by tapping the square icon on the top right corner of the screen

• Step 2

In order to look for the contact, enter the phone number of Apple ID of that person

• Step 3

Write your message in the text field at the bottom of your screen. You can also add emoji, attach images, and more.

• Step 4

Send your message by tapping on the blue arrow next to the text field

Give Them a Phone Call

When you call someone and your call goes straight to voicemail it clearly indicates that they have blocked you. But there are some other possibilities that can cause your calls to go straight to voicemails like

  • The contact has enabled Do Not Disturb mode.
  • The person is busy and is turning down your calls manually because they can’t answer.
  • Their phone battery has died.
  • They have turned their Phone off.
  • The contact is in an area with poor service or outside their carrier’s service area.

Turn Off Caller ID And Call Again

If someone has blocked you on your iPhone you can turn off caller ID by doing so it filters your calls. If you turn off Caller ID, your calls will get through since their device will not be able to identify your number. However, turning caller ID off in not a very good idea since people don’t answer unknown numbers mostly. However, if the call does not go straight to voicemail, there is a good possibility that the person blocked your number.

Here’s how you can turn off caller ID

• Step 1

Go to the settings

• Step 2

Look for the option phone

• Step 3

Search for the Caller ID feature and use the switch to toggle it on or off.

You can only turn off caller ID on iPhone devices. This method will not work if the person who blocked you, use an Android.

Check The Color Of The Text Bubble

Most iPhone users send text messages via the iMessage service. This app uses encryption to protect text messages but needs an internet connection to send messages.

You’ll see a blue text bubble whenever you send a message via the iMessage service. When you send a text as a regular SMS, you’ll get a green text bubble instead.

However, you can enable the Send as SMS option in your iMessage settings when your Phone tries sending your message as a regular SMS. For example, if the message bubble goes from blue to green, the person hasn’t blocked you.

Note that text bubbles don’t indicate that someone blocked you since other reasons could prevent someone from receiving a text message.

Check Other Messaging App

Third party apps can help you find a contact who has blocked you to see whether this person is available on any of thse platforms.

If someone has blocked you on Facebook you can know from the following method.

• Step 1

Open the Facebook Messenger app.

• Step 2

Look for the contact who might have blocked you on this messaging app.

• Step 3

In case when you see their name but can’t click on it to access their profile, they might block you.

• Step 4

Try sending them a message. If you don’t see the checkmark turn blue, they’re not reading it and might have you on their blocked list.

How To know If Someone Has Blocked You An WhatsApp

• Step 1

Open this Whatsapp app and search for this contact

• Step 2

You would not be able to see their online status on chat window if they have blocked you

• Step 3

When you are trying to send them a WhatsApp message, and if you don’t see the second checkmark, that indicates a contact has read your message.

• Step 4

You can try calling the contact on Whatsapp. The call won’t go through if you’re on their blocked list.

Checking On Snapchat

• Step 1

Open Snapchat

• Step 2

Search that contact, if they won’t appear in your search result it means that you are in their Blocklist.

Bypass The Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometimes it can be tricky to determine whether the contact has blocked you or they enable do not disturb mode because in both the cases your calls go straight to the voicemails.

You can try bypassing the Do Not Disturb mode to see if the person is using this feature or has blocked you:

Step 1

Call their number once and wait for the call to go to voicemail.

Step 2

Call again within three minutes.

If the person uses the Do Not Disturb mode, the second call will go through since a second call can indicate an emergency.

Enter 67 Before Dialing The Number

Entering *67 before dialing a number hides your phone number and helps you bypass Caller ID. It’s a method you can use on Android phones that you don’t have a phone setting that disables Caller ID. It can also be a good option if you believe the contact is filtering calls and hangs up or sends you to voicemail when they see your number on their screen.

Automated Responses

Focus mode, that helps to reduce the distraction of the user is the convenient feature of iPhone. It is being used by the users to let their Contacts know that they are busy and will get back to them later. Try sending them your contact a text. If you receive an automated response, it’s a sign that they haven’t blocked you.

Call on iPhone Goes Straight To The Voicemail

If your calls go straight to the voicemails then there is a chance that targeted contact has blocked you. You could find out if someone blocked you by using a different phone to call them:

Step 1

call the contact with your usual phone to check if the call goes straight to the voicemail.

Step 2

Borrow a phone from a friend and try calling the contact. The contact has likely blocked you if you hear more than one ring before going to voicemail

How To Communicate With Someone Who Has Blocked You

Use Instant Messaging or Social Media Apps. If someone using an Android device blocks your number, you can’t contact them via SMS, cellular calls, or RCS messaging. …

  • Text Messaging Apps. …
  • Use Anonymous Texting Services. …
  • Use an iMessage Address. …
  • Call the Person.
  • Blocking someone on your phone

You can block phone numbers, contacts, and emails on your device. You can also filter iMessages from unknown senders and report iMessages that look like spam or junk. There are some ways that would help you to block phone number, contacts and emails


  1. From the Phone app, tap Recents
  2. Then tap the Info button Info button next to the phone number or contact that you want to block.
  3. Scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.

Face time

  1. From the FaceTime app, tap the Info button Info button next to the phone number, contact, or email address that you want to block.
  2. Scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.


  1. From the Messages app, open the conversation
  2. tap the contact at the top of the conversation.
  3. Tap the info blue info button with person icon inside button.
  4. scroll down then tap Block this Caller.


  1. Open the email from the mail app that has contact you want to block.
  2. On the top, tap on contacts
  3. Tap block this contact
  4. You can also add a phone number or email address directly to your Blocked Contacts list in the Settings app.
  5. Add the number or email address that you want to block to your Contacts.
  6.  For phone numbers, go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts > Add New. For email addresses, go to Settings > Mail > Blocked > Add New.
  7. Select the contact that you want to block.

When you block a phone number or contact, they can still leave a voicemail, but you won’t get a notification. Messages that are sent or received won’t be delivered. Also, the contact won’t get a notification that the call or message was blocked. When you block an email address from Mail, it goes to the trash folder. Email blocking works across all your Apple devices.

Managing Blocking Contacts On Your Phone

To see the phone numbers, contacts, and email addresses that you’ve blocked from Phone, FaceTime, Messages, or Mail:


Go to Settings > Phone and tap Blocked Contacts to see the list.


Go to Settings > FaceTime. Under Calls, tap Blocked Contacts.


Go to Settings > Messages. Under SMS/MMS, tap Blocked Contacts.


Go to Settings > Mail. Under Threading, tap Blocked.


Everyone has their different reasons for wanting to block someone, but essentially, it’s a last-resort, final move to let someone else know that they do not have the right to be a present in your online life (and by extension, your real life) and they are having a negative impact on you.

If you’re still not sure if someone has blocked you on iMessage, check all four signs—and don’t assume anything. If someone hasn’t blocked you, they’ll be able to receive messages from your iPhone and iPad. Despite what you may want to hear, it’s important to remember that if someone is hard to reach or has blocked your number entirely, giving them space is often the best option.

You can’t control other people, so don’t waste your time wishing they would do what you want. If you want to be sure that someone has blocked you, you need to check all of the warning signs. If at least three of them are present, there’s a good chance that the person has blocked you.

If only one or two are there, then it is less likely that this is the case. When in doubt, leave the person alone. Avoid the temptation to cyberstalk someone who has hurt you, and give them time and space to process their feelings.

You could always talk to the person who blocked you to clear up any misunderstandings face-to-face, step back and get some outside perspective, or simply move on if you notice things aren’t working out. At least now you know how to check if you have been blocked


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