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Why Can’t I Post on Instagram? – Here’s how to Fix it in 2024

Why Can’t I Post on Instagram:

Have you ever encountered the issue of being unable to post on Instagram?

If so, continue reading this post because we’ll explain how to solve this issue and how it came about. Instagram customers may modify and upload still images and short videos using a mobile application. Users may categorize their information and make it available to other app users by using GPS data and keywords to give a summary of each post.

When a user’s postings are tagged with keywords or geotags and show up in the Instagram newsfeed of their followers, they are considered open. Users have the option to make their accounts personal so that only those who follow them may see what they publish.

Users of Instagram may like, comment on, and like other people’s posts in addition to sending private notes to their friends using the Instagram Messaging feature. Photos may be shared with one or more social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, with just one click.

However, there are situations when Instagram application won’t let you post. Let’s review these situations and learn how to fix it!

Reasons why You can’t post on Instagram:

Instagram prevents you from posting videos or photos for a number of different reasons. The most typical causes are listed below:

  1. Your post goes against Instagram guidelines

Instagram has strict policies governing the content of photos and videos posted and shared on its platform to protect users. The denied content like bareness, or savagery in photographs or recordings will impair the client from transferring them.

2. Your account be temporarily banned or shadow banned

Instagram will block an account if it sends promotions to other users, behaves in an unauthentic way, or posts too many photos at once, especially if the account is new. Moreover, It is possible that other Instagram users have reported you for breaking the platform’s rules or that Instagram has detected activity on your account that does not comply with their terms and conditions.

Instagram has a bunch of agreements that all clients should follow while posting content on the stage. The following are some of the most typical grounds for a violation:

  • To begin, in order to use Instagram, you need to be at least 13 years old.
  • Photos and videos that show nudity or sexual activity cannot be shared.
  • It is against the rules to mistreat, bully, threaten, act like, or frighten other Instagram users.
  • You should not intentionally harass or intimidate other people by using Instagram’s reporting systems.
  • Instagram prohibits you from engaging in any illegal or unauthorized activities.
  • Posting spam as remarks or direct messages is restricted.
  • Taking part in exercises that include commending, offering meaningful help to, or empowering others to help perilous associations might prompt a restriction from the application.
  • Buying comments, followers, or likes for your Instagram account.

3. You are posting more than you should

In order to protect the platform against bots and spam accounts, Instagram restricts the amount that a new account can post.

This is done to ensure that the platform’s content is genuine and organic. By preventing bots, also known as fictitious users, from flooding users’ accounts with spam content and expanding, Instagram ensures that users have a positive user experience.

Instagram prevents spam content from flooding the platform by restricting the number of posts a new account can post. This keeps the user experience positive and gives genuine accounts more chances to be seen and heard.

4. Your file size is too big

If you try to upload a high-quality video over a sluggish or unstable connection, it might take Instagram longer to process it or the post might not work at all. In addition, in order to make the most of their storage space and bandwidth, they have set limits on the size of each file.

Videos are primarily affected by the file size restrictions because photos should be smaller. This implies on the off chance that you can’t post a video yet can post photographs and remarks on Instagram without issues, your video document is logical excessively huge.

5. You are using an outdated version of the application

Posting won’t be a problem if you keep your app up to date with the most recent version! If there is an in-app bug, make sure your Instagram app is up to date because the most recent releases may include fixes that immediately resolve the Instagram posting issue.

How to Fix it:

1- Restart Your Mobile:

The quickest and first solution would be to restart your phone. You may fix any momentary software issues, like the Instagram posting issue, by restarting your computer. On an Android smartphone, press and hold the power button until the restart button shows up. Press the phone’s restart button. The procedure may change based on the kind of your phone.

On an iOS device, hold down the charging and home keys till the Apple logo appears on the screen. On an iPhone 11 or 12, hold down the power and volume buttons for about three seconds, or until the screen goes dark and the Apple logo appears.

2- Reduce the size of your file:

This issue might arise if you attempt to upload any videos or pictures that were instantly loaded from your high digital camera. The Instagram file size limit is something we don’t typically consider, but you should be aware of it before uploading a high-quality image or video.

More time would be needed to upload a file with a 4K or UHD resolution. On occasion, though, they won’t upload because they are too large or because the downloading channel can’t stay open for some reason. To fix this, Instagram won’t let me publish; be sure to compress the file before uploading.

3- Observe Your Network Connection:

The first thing I would advise people to do is this. A problem with your connection may be preventing Instagram from posting your photographs. Ensure that the symbol for your broadband or Wi-Fi network is visible at the top of the screen. If you are unable to view it, your Wi-Fi may have been interrupted. In this case, you must access the settings of the device you are using.

If Wi-Fi was on when you attempted to submit the photographs, try utilizing your mobile service instead. Ensure that Wi-Fi has been switched off first. to activate mobile/cellular data. turn on mobile data by going to options on your iPhone and tapping on that option.

4- Save space on your iPhone or Android device:

Instagram tries to save a video or image you’re trying to post to your internal storage, it may run into issues if your iPhone or Android smartphone doesn’t have enough capacity.

You may modify this under the photo upload options. You must make room on your phone for this to occur if you’ve instructed Instagram to preserve original images or video files. In the phone’s settings, under Save Posted Media, you have the choice to disable this feature or free up some space on your smartphone. To turn off the relevant switch if this is switched on, navigate to Settings Accounts Original Post Settings.

By uninstalling applications you don’t use or require, you may quickly free up capacity on your phone. I would uninstall these applications if they aren’t utilized at least once each week.

You may accomplish this by hanging on to the application or, if you’re using a Samsung, by heading to the app area of your preferences. Random pictures that don’t belong in your collection can also be deleted. To ensure that they are completely wiped from your iCloud or Google account, remember to go into the removed file and clean them there.

5- Restrict Access to Your Instagram Profile by Logging Out of Apps:

Third-party applications are those that provide you the ability to log into Instagram and have access to your profile. I voluntarily come out and declare that I currently use and have previously used this type of software. But you should log out of such applications and uninstall them if you’re having difficulty uploading to Instagram.

Due to the fact that bots frequently use these applications to spam people, Instagram may become aware that you are using them and effectively suspend you.

When you provide these applications with your login information, they can access your Instagram profile and begin acting in ways that are against Instagram policies.

The sort of applications I’m referring to is those that allow you to see who unfollowed you or offer you extra comments, like Unfollow me. Hold down the app icon on your home button for a little while, then release it when you see a cross. Only if you’re using an iPhone device, though.

6- Take Off Outside Apps:

Are you making use of third-party applications that can access or update your Instagram profile on your behalf? It’s typical to hear complaints about third-party applications breaking Instagram’s terms of service or restrictions, which might ban you from posting on the social media platform and may even prevent you from following people.

You can try uninstalling any third-party Instagram application to see if it fixes Instagram issues and enables you to post photographs without having such apps installed on your phone.

7- Reinstall or upgrade Instagram:

If all other options have failed, the Instagram program itself may be the blame for your inability to post. Try searching for Instagram briefly in the shopping-mode Google Play Store or App Store. To address some issues, you might need to update the program to the most latest edition. If there isn’t an update, on the other side, you may try reinstalling the program from scratch. Following that, try publishing on the app once again to see if it succeeds.

8- Temporarily disable Instagram’s data-saving feature:

If you don’t want to consume a significant amount of information while using Instagram, turn on the data saver setting. For content producers, it might make publishing more difficult, therefore it can also be a problem. And that may be the cause of your inability to post on Instagram at this time.

Go to your Insta profile photos settings and choose Accounts to turn it off. After that, look for the “Mobile data consumption” option. Once you’ve located it, turn off the option to ensure that posting won’t be hampered.

9- Instagram data settings can be modified:

You may have activated Instagram’s Data Saver if you visit the internet on your phone using data roaming. You might not be able to upload photographs or videos to Instagram because of this. When you use Mobile Data and Data Saver is turned on, many install and publish capabilities are restricted.

Try disabling Instagram’s Data Saver if you can. Simply navigate to Instagram Settings Accounts Mobile Data Use to accomplish that. Disable Data Saver. Once you’ve done that, try posting a picture or a video, and it will function flawlessly.

10- Examine Instagram’s Rules:

Have you already eliminated Wi-Fi, video spec, device, and app issues as the cause? It’s possible that Instagram’s regulations and restrictions are to blame for your inability to post there. To explain, Instagram is quite picky about what appears on its platform. It prohibits users from posting anything sexually explicit, for instance.

Additionally, Instagram does not let users publish anything that they are not authorized to share. Therefore, you are breaking Instagram’s property guidelines if you try to share artwork without giving credit to the actual artist. Given that, before publishing a post, be sure to read Instagram’s rules and follow them. You could have found a solution to your posting issue once you’ve adjusted your post to fit the requirements.

11- Contact Instagram if you’re having account problems:

Still unable to upload to Instagram? If so, there could be a more significant account-related issue. For an instance, Instagram may have disabled your profile for breaking its rules. 

Among them are mass following and unfollowing of other accounts as well as the spam of likes and remarks, and the use of external applications to increase interaction. For help, if you’ve been indefinitely or momentarily blocked, get in touch with Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Instagram doesn’t let me post?

The most frequent causes include an unreliable internet connection, an outage on Instagram, or the use of a forbidden phrase in the comments. The issue, though, may potentially be the result of comments policy infractions.

For instance, regulations prohibiting comment spam and the mention of more than five persons at once. If it doesn’t violate those, you could be over-commenting or the person whose posts you’re posting on has banned you.

Why Am I Unable to Post on Instagram Stories?

If the original account is private, you cannot republish someone else’s posts or tales on your Instagram Story. Additionally, you may only repost other people’s tales to your Instagram Account if the owner tags you. Verify that none of these two circumstances is the root of the issue. If, however, you aren’t repeating information, the issue can be brought on by a shaky internet connection.

Why Am I Only Allowed To Post One Photo on Instagram?

If Instagram’s Application History Refreshing option is deactivated, the app can halt your numerous posts when you navigate between applications. If that isn’t the case, though, your account can be momentarily disabled since the site views your repeated submissions as spam.

After an hour, return to Instagram and attempt to post your pictures or videos in a format that is allowed once more. And if you believe you have been banned without cause, don’t be afraid to contact Instagram.

Final Thoughts:

That very much sums up the problem. Many Instagrammers who were experiencing the Instagram and won’t let me publish the issue have found success with the aforementioned fixes. Once you’ve used these tips, you’ll be able to immediately publish pictures and videos. After attempting the aforementioned fixes, if Instagram still won’t allow you to publish photographs, you should either wait a few days or try to identify the problem by looking at your Instagram activity.

Stop purchasing false Instagram followers, likes, and comments. If you do that, Instagram will quickly suspend your profile and prevent you from publishing any photos. Other than that, avoid leaving numerous likes or comments. Instagram won’t post your images for several days to a couple of months if you are loving increasingly more photos quickly or flooding the remark area.

I sincerely hope you like it and learn something from it. I’m hoping that you can now publish on Instagram and that you are aware of how to resolve these issues.

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.
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