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Work Relay Review (2024): The Best Business Operations Platform for Salesforce

Work Relay Review 2024:

Are you looking for a way to manage your business operations on Salesforce? If so, you’re in the right place

Today, we will take a deep dive into Work Relay and all of the capabilities and services that they provide. We go through everything that they have to offer and why you should invest in them.

What is Work Relay?

Work-Relay is a comprehensive, unified, out-the-box, enterprise-grade Business Operations Platform built on Salesforce for designing, managing, and optimizing complex business operations. 

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Work-Relay is designed for organizations looking to put an end to imperfect, inefficient and haphazardly stitched together processes (technology, people, and systems) that slow their organization down. In addition, they want the added benefit of doing this while maximizing their investment in Salesforce.

Work-Relay helps organizations systemize and scale complex business operations, bring process management discipline to operational projects, and rapidly build end-to-end solutions using a single business operations management platform.

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This is the time for Work-Relay

In this time of COVID, there is so much going on in a company, so many operations being performed, that it is hard to manage everything successfully. Disjointed work and processes are prevalent in companies of all sizes. What they all need is both a framework to quickly deliver solutions and a platform that is easy to maintain. This is where Work Relay comes in.

Work Relay helps operations leaders get the right work in the right sequence to the right person at the right time. To do this, Work-Relay offers a framework that requires no code, no Salesforce expertise, and, interestingly, no applications

Work-Relay is the SaaS application you use to manage all your business operations.  The founders have been building Salesforce apps for their clients since 2006. They started Work-Relay in 2014 and have many experts that make managing complex business operations a reality. Everything is made possible using the No-code solution console, making it easier to build and manage complex business operations. 

Who’s it for?

Work-Relay’s current users and prospects have the following titles:

  • Chief Operating Officers and their VPs, Directors
  • Business Operations Managers 
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Process Owners
  • Business Users
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers

If you are an Operations leader, Work-Relay:

  • Delivers tremendous benefits including greater control of your operations with more visibility and productivity into the work of your users.
  • Provides significant flexibility to adjust as your business requirements change. 

For CIOs:

  • By using Work Relay, you will be able to reduce the development of backlogs which in turn will increase the speed as well the delivery cost of operational solutions. 

For process owners:

  • It reduces your reliance on the IT department and lets you build the solutions you need faster – which increases departmental efficiency.

As a Salesforce system administrator:

  • You can solve user requests without needing additional development support. Through Work Relay, you will be able to build and manage all of the solutions on Salesforce on your own. This will help you as it will save quite a lot of money.

Business analysts:

  • Can quickly build MVPs and prototype workflow applications without knowing how to code. This provides time savings. 

Project managers:

  • Can improve how projects AND critical processes are managed, measured, and monitored. 

The Product:

Work-Relay is a new approach for managing complex work, simply. Work-Relay is the only system for designing, managing, and optimizing highly customizable process-driven projects and decision-intensive processes in one unified application.

With the help of Work Relay, you as an organization can systemize all of the work by modeling the structure according to the provided solutions. You will also be able to better manage the resources at hand and the time it takes to complete a specific task. 

Designed to Deliver:

Work Relay is a platform that is designed in a way to provide your business operations with simplicity, agility, visibility, and productivity, all in one place. It is built upon a modular architecture with a simple framework in order to build the best work management solutions regardless of their complexity.

The Architecture:

The architecture on which Work Relay is built is basically Work-as-a-Service. As the whole structure is modular, you can mold it according to your specific needs. All of the services provided through Work Relay are independent and you can organize and reorganize them in whichever way you prefer.

Service Framework:

Because there is a single way to build work services, you get more consistency, standardization, and easy connection compared to other services. With the help of the Solution Studio, the framework is made in a way so that it is always very flexible which helps in the maintenance.

Operational System of Record (OSR):

There is a single OSR that contains all of the work-related information. This helps Work Relay to provide a compelling, tailored interface for every type of role. Some of the key interfaces are:

  • Gantt Charts
  • Progress Scorecards
  • Analytics
  • Kanban Boards
  • Planning Dashboards
  • Process Visualization Dashboard

Smart Steps:

There is a wide range of functionality provided by the framework that helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of every worker. There are also dynamic forms present in the console that change upon your actions. You also get a management console that has insights and end-to-end visibility as well.


The following consoles are present in Work Relay:

  • Solution Studio
  • User & Bot Console
  • Mission Control 

Solution Studio:

The Solution Studio is a single consistent way to the framework. Literally, a framework, which is independent of the type of work you’re doing. You also can address the full spectrum of work including automated, structured as well as unstructured work. It also makes sure that there is consistency and flexibility in the solutions. It is really easy to maintain the solutions. You do not need  Salesforce expertise.

User & Bot Console:

This is the console where you as a user can receive, manage, prioritize and execute any type of task. The source also doesn’t matter. This is a single place to do everything. If you are a beginner then you will feel that everything is much simpler and better with Work Relay. In addition, the Console tracks work done by Bots.

Mission Control:

This is the place where all of the work being done by the organization can be viewed. There are pre-built dashboards presented in real-time for the different management roles.

The Services:

To help you get started and hit the ground running successfully, there are three basic types of services to consider:

  • Work-Relay (or one of our partners) builds it for you
  • You build it yourself
  • We build it together

Work-Relay Builds It for You:

This is where Work Relay or a certified partner will create solutions based on your needs and specifications and then provide support when needed. If you want to quickly build and deploy solutions, then this is the best way as:

  • It Doesn’t Cost a Lot
  • It is Fast
  • It is the Least Risky Option

You Build It Yourself:

If you want to build the solutions yourself, then Work-Relay will teach you how to use the platform and make solutions. Support is also provided in case of difficulty. This is best for the organizations that:

  • Have Available Resources
  • Need to Build a Lot of Solutions
  • Want to minimize cost

We Build It Together:

Work-Relay and your process team work together to build your solutions. Work-Relay provides training, guidance, expertise so that you learn how to build solutions by working and building together. This is best for the companies that:

  • Don’t have a lot of Resources
  • Want a Quick Start

Training and Support:

Learning Work-Relay is pretty easy. If you have basic knowledge of Salesforce then it will only require 3 or 4 training sessions of about 2 hours each. These training sessions will be enough to get all of the knowledge of the platform and be able to build the solutions without needing any help.

If you need technical support:

Work Relay has support teams located in Eastern Europe and the USA. There are two types of Customer Support services:

Standard Support (Free):

  • Unlimited access to our support site and content.
  • Ability to log unlimited cases. 

Premier Support (15% of the annual subscription fee):

Everything in Standard Support, including advanced configuration support, proof of concepts for complex solutions, account review, and customization.

Why Work Relay?

The main benefits of Work Relay are:


  • See everything across the organization in one place
  • A common workspace provides holistic visibility over who is doing what when.
  • End-to-end dependencies are clearly visualized, and ensure that there are no missing steps that cause errors, rework, and wasted time.
  • A Planning Dashboard provides a cross-process and project planning view.


  • No boundaries to getting work done
  • The speed at which work moves across the organization is accelerated by getting the right work in the right sequence to the right resources at the right time.
  • Status meetings and calls are eliminated by providing real-time process/project status.
  • Lag time is reduced through automated notifications, reminders, and escalations rules, reminders, and checklists.
  • Continuity is ensured by stopping things from falling through the cracks with automated reminders and escalations.


  • Self-contained, independently maintainable work services can be organized and re-used as needed, thereby improving responsiveness to business needs.
  • End-to-end processes are composed by arranging and rearranging work services like Lego blocks at both design and execution time.
  • Changes to processes in-flight eliminate the need to have to resort to email and spreadsheets to handle exceptions.


  • One place for composing and orchestrating work.
  • Everything a user needs to know about what tasks to do and what their priorities are in one place.
  • There is a consistent, standardized way to frame any kind of work, thereby lowering the learning curve, providing common metrics, and ensuring that solutions are consistent, well-designed, and easy to maintain.
  • A single Operational System of Record captures a complete record of everything related to operations work, making easy to build dashboards and capture metrics for optimization,

Try Work Relay For Free

Pricing Plans:

Level 1:

  • $40 user/month
  • Includes a  comprehensive, unified operations management system that simplifies how work is managed, increases management visibility, enhances user productivity, and increases business agility.

Level 2:

  • $50 user/month
  • Level 1, plus integrated project management functionality that extends the functionality provided by Level 1, including Gantt and Advanced Scheduling.

Level 3:

  • $60 user/month
  • Includes Level 2, plus extends functionality with integrated resource management, an advanced Kanban Designer with unlimited configurability, and an Early Warning System.

Final Verdict:

So, in the end, the only thing left to say is that Work Relay is without a doubt one of the best things for organizations small or large. If you want to get any sort of solution built in a quick time then you can depend on Work Relay. They have excellent customer support. You can also learn how to build the solution independently or you can work with them as a team depending upon your needs and preferences. But if you are in the market for the best Salesforce Solutions, then Work Relay is the way to go.

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