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ZAPTEST Review 2024: Is It Best Test Automation Solutions Provider?


Are you looking for the best way to automate your applications?

It is a common theme for enterprises and organizations to have manual application testing taking up valuable time. To save time and effort, the best possible solution is to automate the testing process.

By using an automated system, you won’t have to do anything as everything is being automated. The time you save here can be invested somewhere else– so it is very beneficial to use this kind of system.

The market is saturated with options but none of them stand out as ZAPTEST does. In this article, we will take a deep dive into ZAPTEST and check out why it is one of the best automation software in the market and why you should make the investment.

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What is ZAPTEST?


ZAPTEST is the software automation solution that offers both UI and API functional and performance testing as well as the automation of operations processes (RPA). 

Automation is not limited by and works in every environment. It can perform executions that work cross-platform. If there is an application that operates manually, then ZAPTEST can automate that process and save you time.

It is an automation software that helps streamline your work and automate the entire process. It can easily generate scripts of live applications and auto-create all of the documentation. All of the scripts can be run simultaneously in every environment as well. You as a user can use ZAPTEST to test an API and UI interface and see the results for yourself.


Software is the main foundation of any application. If the software side excels then it is guaranteed to perform well. ZAPTEST uses a proprietary 1SCRIPT technology that allows it to automate any API or UI-based application. The three main things in their software are:

Functional Testing:

Nearly all organizations use applications that take time to work properly and require manpower. With ZAPTEST, everything is simplified as it does all of the work for you. You also have the feature of testing an application cross-platform. By using ZAPTEST, you can bring your applications to a whole new level of polish and quality.

Performance Testing:

Not only can you use ZAPTEST to test any API-based application, but you can also test whole API server infrastructures. This is possible due to the LOAD function of ZAPTEST. With this component, your ability extends to testing whole servers. All of this testing is done through the basic scripts of ZAPTEST. Sometimes you want to stress test an application and ZAPTEST also provides you those tools.

By using FARM, you can connect different remote generators and do a stress test on an app to check how it holds up. This kind of testing is beneficial and allows for fine-tuning so your applications can perform their best.

Robotic Process Automation:

ZAPTEST also comes with a Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This module is useful as it provides script management for automating all of the office processes. You can use this feature to automate all of the Back-office operations. You can also execute scripts on cross-platform applications, and get the full data parameterization of all the input and output.

Seamless Software Automation:

ZAPTEST not only offers superior testing and RPA technologies but also steps up the game of software automation for enterprises by providing seamless technology for automating both aspects, testing and RPA. Centralized automation teams (Centers of Excellence) can leverage the same frameworks to apply to either process to prevent redundancy in the automation process. 

Enterprise Solutions:

ZAPTEST provides numerous valuable solutions for enterprises. We will break it down into three things:

  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Executives

1- Engineers:

If you are an engineer working at any company, then coming across ZAPTEST is a major advantage. There are many examples of automation software in the market but ZAPTEST allows you to automate every application with much more efficiency. The automation will work flawlessly in a rapid manner. You will also get the full freedom of scripting any software based on GUI. The scripting is not limited to a single platform.

You can script any desktop, web, or mobile application. ZAPTEST’s 1SCRIPT is so efficient that you can easily test on all the environments at the same time, with test documentation generated in a single click. Every feature of this automation software is designed to help engineers and make things simpler. This will allow you to be more productive in less time. ZAPTEST caters to engineers of any scripting experience to fully utilize ZAPTEST for automation with scriptless or scripted workflows.

2- Managers:

Managers are under pressure when working in an organization– they have to focus on many things at once. Without any automation software, their work becomes much more complicated as they sometimes have to rush to meet their schedule and the given budget. If most of the work is automated, then they will easily meet the deadlines.

As most of the work is being automated, people can work on many other things. This helps an organization in increasing its productivity. There is always a lot of testing done in companies that aren’t the most effective. But with ZAPTEST, you can test every application in a refined way and have the ability to test API servers as well. 

Managers can enable their teams to streamline automation through organizing processes to meet any development schedule (Agile or less) using ZAPTEST’s ability to automate, not only against live applications but also against video scenarios and application mockups. 

3- Executives:

Executives are always thinking of how they can improve their company and move forward. This requires a great deal of testing which can result in increased costs. With ZAPTEST, you can easily increase your return on investment. As everything is done through automation, the costs of testing are reduced to a minimum. This will help you put that money into other areas of the company, such as Research and Development.

As the head of a company, you want it to provide the best quality. Quality is affected if the cost of the testing is very high. With automation, as the cost is reduced, you will be able to produce better quality work. Man-hours are reduced by using automation which is one of the biggest advantages of ZAPTEST. Executives will be able to take their company to the next level if they use this automation software.

With ZAPTEST automating both the testing and operations processes, executives will be able to increase automation ROI through reapplying resources in a more centralized fashion. Thus, putting them on a global enterprise-level to achieve a complete digital transformation for their companies.  

Certified Experts:

One major advantage of using ZAPTEST is that you will have the support of ZAP experts working alongside you as a team. The experts will help you in doing all of the automation development. They will implement performance and functional testing so that they can improve your quality and optimize it in a much better way.

As you will be working as a team, they will be the ultimate support for you. You can get answers to all of your queries through them. These ZAP experts are extremely good at what they do and can help organizations implementing the best automation.

Unlimited Licenses:

If you are a ZAPTEST Enterprise user then you will get unlimited licenses through the services and the software. This is a great thing as then your whole company can use ZAPTEST to perform all of the testing.


The major advantages of using ZAPTEST are:

  • Much faster workflow
  • Rich feature set
  • Higher quality work
  • Lower testing cost
  • Better ROI
  • Cross-platform automation
  • Seamless automation process across your organization 

Price Plans:

There are two versions of ZAPTEST available:

  • Free
  • Enterprise

The free edition is an excellent way to check out all of the features but it is only limited to a demo project. The enterprise edition will provide you with all of the features and functionalities. You will also get unlimited licenses which will provide you the best performance.

Our Verdict:

Try ZAPTEST For Free

ZAPTEST is without a doubt the best automation software to use for organizations. It has an excellent set of features and all of them are designed to provide the best workflow. You can drastically lower the testing cost and increase your ROI. So, if you want to take your company to the next level, then ZAPTEST is one of the best automation tools out there.

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