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Zeydoo Review 2024: Is It Best CPA Network?

Are you getting tired of using CPA networks for multiple verticals? Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing agency? Are you looking to monetize your traffic and earn a commission as a publisher?

If yes! Then you are in dire need of a CPA network and this review of a multi-vertical CPA network will undoubtedly be your solution.

CPA networks are considered the most trustworthy and reliable. They have strict rules and regulations and work on strict policies. For example, rigorous screening processes and anti-fraud measures to ensure that fraudulent traffic will be detected to protect advertisers and affiliate interests.

CPA networks are helpful for advertisers and publishers to achieve their goals more effectively by being a bridge between them. Advertisers use CPA networks to find and explore affiliates just to promote their products. On the other hand, publishers use CPA networks to find advertisers who will pay for specific actions.

CPA networks offer unique advantages for affiliates including access to exclusive offers, higher payouts as well and detailed reports to make purposeful decisions about campaigns that they are running.  They also provide multiple ways to advertisers to promote their products more effectively such as SEO advertising, email marketing, social media ads, and many more.

With a day-to-day increase in demand for reliable CPA networks, people have joined their heads to come up with the best of the best solutions and today, we will be telling you about one of them. 

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‘Zeydoo’ is What We Are Talking About!

 With a wide range of verticals and all the offers in one place, Zeydoo streamlines the affiliate marketing programs and increases the earning potential of its clients worldwide. Just keep reading this review article as we are going to tell you all about this amazing CPA network. In this article, we are going to explore the advantages of using Zeydoo, Zeydoo in-house products as well as Zeydoo referral programs.

Zeydoo; An Introduction To This CPA Network:

Zeydoo is a high-tech digital ecosystem that meets any business need and has all the characteristics of CPA networks. Zeydoo has 10+ in-house products and has a decade of experience providing more than 2700 offers through the platform from various sources. The organization is well managed by a brilliant team of professionals who are trying their best to service people at their best.

Advertisers find this CPA network excellent because it provides quality leads, web service, and app installs based on cost per cost-per-action model. It is considered the best network for affiliates as it possesses a massive reach with GEOs worldwide and 3000 global partners are there to monetize the traffic in the best possible way and they become successful in increasing the revenues of their clients.

Zeydoo is different and better than other platforms as they get many awards due to their amazing performances which consist of; Quick feedback on traffic, regular payments, user-friendliness, ease of usage, etc. These awards are the following; 

  • AffBank Award 2021 – The best Finance CPA Network
  • affLift Peak Award 2021 – The Best CPA Network
  • OfferVault Winter Rankings 2022 – TOP-3 Best CPA Network
  • affLift Peak Award 2022 – The Best CPA Network
  • OfferVault Summer Rankings 2023 – TOP-2 Best CPA Network

All these points guarantee stability and increasing profit for partners each year.

Zeydoo has 3000 active affiliates worldwide. They get 35 million plus impressions daily which is their huge success and makes them one of the best.

Advantages Of Using Zeydoo:

The company has advantages for any person who has something to do with them. But let’s highlight some major advantages for affiliates:

10+ in-House Products:

Zeydoo provides its users with 10+ in-house products with a variety of long-living (3+ years) offers. We have discussed in-house products in detail below.

– Easiest Conversion Flows:

Zeydoo offers you the easiest conversation flows that include CPI, CPL, and SOI registration.

– Effective Lead-Gen Funnels:

Zeydoo consists of higher CR  thanks to funnels tested by an in-house media buying team.

– Top Profitable Affiliate Niches:

Zeydoo provides affiliation with top profitable niches which includes Core affiliate verticals like Surveys, Mobile Apps and Utilities, and Sweepstakes.

– Unlimited Caps And Worldwide Coverage:

Zeydoo will provide you with unlimited caps and worldwide coverage. As most of the GEOs are covered ans there will be no limits after the traffic test.

– Easy-To-Use CPA Platform:

Zeydoo’s Amazing user-friendly features make it the best of all. It provides soft and real-time statistics. 

– High Regular Payouts:

Zeydoo is considered best as it offers you twice-a-month payments, with the personal schedule available upon request. 

– 24/7 Competent Personal Manager:

Zeydoo provides full support on every step of the funnel upon request.

Services Provided By Zeydoo:

Zeydoo is called a tool that provides multiple high-tech solutions. You will be thinking about which type of tech solutions. We are going to tell you about the tech solutions that Zeydoo is providing its clients worldwide. 

1. Anti-Fraud Solution:

Zeydoo ensures that advertisers will reach their exact target audience worldwide. Zeydoo can filter any fraudulent activity as they have their anti-fraud system. They do this by working on different sources of traffic. 

2. Traffic Stability:

Zeydoo provides traffic stability to its clients. Traffic stability is provided with the help of IT technologies for optimal traffic distribution. It means that whenever the clients will get traffic over their content, they will get traffic stability. 

3. Leads At Lower Cost:

Users of Zeydoo will get leads at a lower cost and it is possible with technologies of additional traffic monetization. They make it possible to reduce the cost of conversion. 

4. Unlimited Lead Generation:

Zeydoo works with a wide network of affiliates and an internal media buying team. A wide network of affiliates provides the guarantee that there will be unlimited lead generation with the help of different traffic sources. 

5. Cutting-Edge Technology:

Cutting-edge rotation technology is combined with industry-specific smart surveys as well as Star Link which then ensures the guarantee that there will be the most effective traffic distribution funnels. Zeydoo has affiliations and partnerships with major advertising networks that allow their development team to build the best lead-generation funnels. They will then deliver quality traffic at a lower cost than you can afford. 

6. Real-Time Business Scaling:

Zeydoo is helping advertisers obtain sophisticated tools and comprehensive statistics along with necessary parameters. These tools will help them to analyze and scale their business in real-time. Advertisers get several benefits from the CPA platform Zeydoo.

7. Zeydoo In-House Products:

Zeydoo provides exclusive in-house offers that allow you to run your traffic all over the world. It will help you to build a stable income with media buying.

8. Smart Surveys:

This is the area that makes Zeydoo unique from other networks. Smart surveys are surveys where a user gets paid for every survey or questionnaire completed by him. It is the best way to make money without any risk and all the tasks can be completed in a few seconds or minutes.

9. Smart Link:

If you are interested in this vertical, you can access it by simply tapping on the Smart Link menu button on the left panel to get all the necessary information needs like GEOs, conversation type, status, or targeting. Users will be able to see comprehensive descriptions of products. Smart link not only works with ZeyDoo products but it also works with our partners.

This network has a multi-vertical smart link that is perfect for mixed traffic. You don’t have to test several offers, just place a universal link and Zeydoo’s smart system will find the best offers for you and landing pages of your traffic. The smart link is considered best if you work with SEO traffic, wide targeting, buying banners on content sites, and free traffic.

10. Mobile Apps And Utilities:

Zeydoo is considered the best as it offers many house-in products in mobile apps and utilities; Zeydoo never disappoints its users.

11. Fast And Clean:

It is the app that is used for deleting unwanted files. It will help you to clean up your space and optimize your smartphone, ultimately it will boost the performance of your smartphone. 

12. SM Dating App:

It is a dating app that is available in many countries. This application has a great CR.

13. Scanero:

It is considered the best and fastest QR code reader. It can scan and read your documents, business cards, document cards, discount cards, as well as all the loyalty cards from different stores.

14. Supervision:

It is an Android system camera application that helps file content with different effects. 4 landing pages in multiple languages are already available for traffic.

15. Jax VPN:

It is a VPN service that is easy to use and available worldwide. It provides worldwide coverage and a simple flow.

16. Sweepstake Vertical:

Zeydoo has also planned to launch some new in-house sweep products to incent traffic.

The new offers are:


Rewardis is the sweepstakes offer in which users can win Samsung Galaxy A53, SOI, the simplest flow, and high CR.


Biward is another amazing offer by Zeydoo in which users can earn money for completing one of the tasks from the list. Incent traffic is allowed here.

How To Sign Up On Zeydoo:

Signing up on Zeydoo is quite easy. The maximum time to sign up on Zeydoo is not more than 5 to 6 minutes. Data that is required during the registration process is just to improve the experience of users on the platform.

To register yourself, you have to tap on the sign-up button at the top right corner of the webpage. It’s time to choose the type of account you have to choose either individual or company. Now you have to fill up your name, country, city as well as address.

It is mandatory to select your affiliate type from the options including CPA network, direct publisher, Ad Network, Affiliate, and media buy agency. After selecting your affiliate program you have to enter your email and telephone number then select the messenger (WhatsApp, Skype) and your username. Now you have to click on the next option. You also have to select the top verticals that you want to work with. Options will be; betting, betting survey, captcha survey, content on demand, crypto, dating, finance, games, etc.

Now select the GEOs to work with, CPA networks, traffic sources, achievements as affiliates, budget, platforms payout, and promo code if available. After doing this, you will be asked to verify your email address. To do this you have to open your email account and verify your email from the account activation email that you have received. Now you will be taken to a password creation page. You will be allowed to access your account after verification of your information.

This procedure may take 24 hours after that you will be able to launch the traffic and use all services.

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Zeydoo Referral Program:

ZeyDoo is offering you an amazing referral program. You will get up to 5% of lifetime revenue generated by sub-affiliates registering with your partner link. To access your referral link you can write to the manager on the page to activate your referral program.

Final Words:

Zeydoo is considered one of the most unique networks that we have reviewed. All the services they provide are unique and they aim to provide many opportunities for their users to boost their earnings with a minimum level of risk. Their network is safe and secure to use and yes their house-in products are, no doubt, some game changers.

They provide quality leads, web service users, and app installs based on cost per action model. They also provide quick feedback on traffic, regular payments, and many more. Zeydoo network deserves all the success they have right now and they are getting many awards due to their wonderful performance over the past 10 years. 

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