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Zoho Projects Review 2024: The Best Project Management Software & Tools

Zoho Projects Review 2023:

Zoho Projects – The Best Project Management Software & Tools:

The success of a project heavily depends upon its planning and coordination since these stages ensure that your efforts aren’t in vain. Regardless of the size of the project and the team working on it, they all require some channel of management so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. But these aspects of management can sometimes become quite overwhelming and tedious for teams and they need some help to achieve their goals on time.

This is where online project management software and tools come in—they provide solutions to businesses and teams, and are designed in the best way possible to cater to all of their unique needs and requirements. They provide a lot of primary functions to organizations so that their workflow becomes smooth and easy/efficient.

Cloud-based project management tools provide functions like workflow management, team collaboration, work item status tracking, centralized document management, improvised meetings, budget tracking, and bottleneck identification.

Now there are a lot of online platforms that are providing these services but it can be confusing to pick one out of many. We are here to make that task easy for you. If you are looking for a service that makes sure everything is working perfectly, we have just the right thing for you.

Zoho Projects:

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based software for project management currently helping more than 200,000 customers across the globe. It is completely capable of taking care of all the aspects of your projects, from planning to execution, everything is dealt with perfectly.

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It makes it easier for you to assign tasks to your team members, have seamless and effective communication with your team and clients, and be informed about all the updates of your projects. It provides you detailed reports of progression of work, project delivery, time tracking, etc.

It also provides a lot of primary features like Blueprints, Gantt Charts, and Time Charts. It also hosts a variety of integrations that include a host of in-house as well as third-party applications. It is currently among the best when it comes to integrations and this ensures that it fits perfectly with your current ecosystem of work. It provides a lot of solutions which we are about to discuss below.

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Key Solutions of Zoho Projects:

1- Construction:

Zoho Projects lets you bring out the best of your plans together and helps you in executing them \ effectively. It helps in establishing a system that always keeps you informed about your schedules and maintains perfect communication with your team, even when working remotely. The construction industry stands on timely plan execution and forms cracks if not done with care. Zoho Projects understands this and helps you achievesuccess with their comprehensive project management app.

2- Software Development:

The development of software is always a hard and tedious job but the management of software projects should never feel that way. Zoho Projects helps you convert all of your raw ideas into the best products in the market by making certain that there is no compromise on the quality so that it fits in accordance with all the demands and expectations of your client.

3- Education:

Zoho Projects lets you take the next step in education and makes sure that learning continues to evolve beyond just the classrooms. It provides handy features which help you with the management of your class remotely and they include tracking the progress of your students, holding virtual sessions, and real-time collaboration any time.

4- Real State:

Zoho Projects takes away all your worries helps you work on your deals with ease. It lets you eradicate all the problems so that you can effectively close deals and satisfy your clients. It coordinates your work in such a way that everything gets completed seamlessly and there is no delay or gap in communication.

5- Consulting Services:

Zoho Projects solves all of your business problems so that you can focus on finding the right solutions for your clients. It helps you in delivering solutions that are effective, efficient, and on time. It lays down communication lines for you that are clear and precise so that you are always in touch with all your stakeholders.

6- Marketing:

With Zoho Projects, introducing your ideas and innovations to the market becomes faster than ever. It helps you in planning all of your marketing activities and executing them without delays so that your calendar is always well kept and clean. It also provides you timely reminders to keep you on track.

7- Testing:

Zoho Projects makes sure that all of your projects are working flawlessly and are free of any kind of bugs and errors upon the time of shipping. It provides you detailed reports, takes automatic escalations and actions. It also provides you a solution that is fully capable of tracking any kind of issues in your project.

Why should you choose Zoho Projects?

You might be wondering what sets Zoho Projects apart from others. Below we are going to discuss the features Zoho Projects provides to its users.

Management of Tasks:

It helps you in more than one way when it comes to task management. It breaks down all of your projects into smaller units giving you enough room to focus on each part separately. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • Management of all of your issues
  • Addition of work items through universal add
  • Task views in different formats
  • Gantt chart to help you plan your projects more smoothly
  • Setting up dependencies between different tasks
  • Keeping track of recurring tasks
  • Giving reminders so that you never forget anything
  • Keeping track of all the critical tasks
  • Creating baselines for your projects
  • Dashboard with global reports for portfolio management
  • Summary of every resource spent on the projects


It helps you in customizing the layouts for your tasks and projects so that all of your project requirements are completed perfectly without any issues or errors. You can also save and then re-use these layouts at a later date if the need comes. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • Capturing crucial information about your projects by adding custom fields to your existing layout.
  • Prioritize your work by generating custom views that help you keep track of your work items and delayed projects
  • Add custom statuses to your tasks, projects, and the issues regarding your team so that everyone is always aware of how the work is progressing
  • You can save your time and energy by utilizing the pre-existing templates for tasks, lists, and projects.
  • It also allows you to map the domain of your company with its portal so that you can get direct access to the domain name
  • You can create tags for your projects which will make it a lot easier for you when you want to search for a particular task from the hundreds of other past projects.

Collaboration Between Teams:

It helps you in providing fast updates to all your team members by using the interactive feed where you can post comments about projects, tag fellow team members, and add attachments. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • Utilizing the status updates to mention teams, users, and roles
  • Create personal and individual chats to make collaboration more smooth
  • Availability of forums where members can post and discuss their ideas, queries, and problems
  • Creating, storing, organizing, and sharing all the project files with other team members with ease
  • Sending, receiving, and managing work items related to your project directly via email


It helps you in designing workflows that make the automation of your tasks and all the small work much easier. It helps you in selecting the best individuals for each job and can change the status of tasks, update the fields of tasks and update the teams through alerts. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • Creation of SLAs so in case of any escalation, every issue can be fixed as soon as possible
  • Set up rules for your team when they perform certain actions. These rules get triggered whenever a certain criterion is met
  • Create webhooks and configure your HTTP URLs so that you can attach them to particular business rules
  • Automate all the notifications that are to be sent to the assignee, users, and clients upon the modification of tasks or if any issue occurs.

Management of Time:

It helps you in setting up task timers which you can start as soon you start working on the project and stop as soon as you have completed the project. It helps you in keeping track of the hours that you have worked on each project. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • It provides you timesheet where you can log and track all the time that your team has spent on each task
  • It lets you create invoices for time logs and recording of expenses related to your projects. This can help you generate estimates about your projects and send them to your clients.
  • It helps you in creating the perfect budget plan so that you can reduce your cost and get rid of all the budget overruns
  • The calendar allows you to track all the important activities of your projects from one place so that you can prepare yourself for the upcoming weeks.

Report and Charts:

It provides you basic and advanced reports for all your modules depending on their current priority, owner, completion percentage, or status. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • It provides you a detailed explanation and reports of your bugs and issues. So that you can tackle them more easily.
  • It gives you reports of timesheets so that you and your team have more awareness of the hours that are being split amongst them.
  • The project dashboard provides you a complete picture of how your projects are progressing. The dashboard allows you to obtain a lot of information in one place.
  • It helps you in forecasting your budget so that you have a rough estimation each time you take on a project
  • It helps you in calculating and comparing the plan in comparison to actual cost so that you can track any schedule deviations.

User Administration:

It helps you in managing the access and permission of individual users and teams that are working in the portal as well as your clients. Their roles are based on their influence on the project and each of them has their personal custom profiles. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • It lets you define the roles for each user which can later be mentioned using @ their role when interacting on a post, status, or comment.
  • It allows you to add your client as a user so they can see up close the progress and completion of their projects.
  • It helps you in utilizing your resources perfectly and splitting them evenly among your team members.
  • It helps you in calculating and comparing the planned hours in comparison to actual hours so that you can track deviations and adjust your plan accordingly.

Zoho Projects Integrations:

It provides the following integrations with other Zoho apps:

  • Zoho Sprints
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Desk
  • Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice
  • Zoho Cliq
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Zoho People
  • Zoho Flow

Zoho Projects Integrations and Add-ons with 3rd party applications:

It provides the following integrations with Add-ons:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Tasks
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Google Drive
  • Google Apps Marketplace
  • Microsoft Excel
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • GitHub
  • Gitea
  • GitLab
  • Bitbucket
  • iCal
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Zendesk
  • ServiceNow
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Gmail


It aids in importing all of your projects from Microsoft Projects to your Zoho Projects portal without running into any problems so that you don’t have to waste any time and start working on your projects without any delay. Besides this, it also offers other features such as:

  • Importing your projects from JIRA to the Zoho Projects portal
  • Migrating from the Basecamp to Zoho Projects using just a few clicks.

Apps and Devices:

You can use Zoho Projects on the following platforms:

  • Complete your projects by getting access to the Zoho portal/ logging into your Zoho Projects portal using any web browser of your choice
  • Utilize the Android and iOS applications to work remotely from anywhere at any time.


  • The pricing is pocket friendly and provides excellent value
  • Clean and easy UI experience
  • The setup is easy and can be easily navigated
  • Availability of multiple modes of communication within the app
  • Availability of deep configuration
  • Top-notch tools for tracking time


  • It does not come with pre-existing templates
  • No other particular cons have been noted as of yet

Try Zoho Projects For Free

Zoho Projects Pricing Plan: 

The pricing plan for Zoho Projects is as follows:

Type of Subscriptions:

There are basically three types of subscription plans that have monthly and yearly payment plans when it comes to Zoho Projects. You can further check them in detail here.

  • Free Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription where you don’t have to pay a single cent and can test out the capabilities of Zoho Projects. You can utilize it for 2 of your projects and can enjoy a limited number of features.

  • Premium Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription where you pay $5 per month for each user (or $4 per month if you pay annually) and can use the platform for your projects. You can enjoy several additional features like Blueprints, time tracking, and resource utilization along with the limited number of features that are available in the free plan. There’s a 10-day free trial for their paid editions which you can utilize to try this plan out!

  • Enterprise Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription where you pay $10 per month for each user (or $9 per month if you pay annually) and can use the platform for your projects. You can enjoy a lot of premium features along with free features that come included with this subscription. This plan too has a 10-day free trial option that can help you get a feel of the complete product.


After reading the whole review, you should have a better understanding of what Zoho Projects has to offer. A cloud-based project management platform can prove to be a great asset in your success as it always keeps you up-to-date on how your projects are progressing and if they are running into any problems and errors. This can help you make timely decisions that can save a lot of your time and money.

This will also help you and your team in reducing their stress and making the process of project completion smoother and faster. Therefore, we will suggest you give the free trial a shot and see how happy you are with the results that you get. From our experience, we are quite sure that once you see the results, you will most definitely convert to a paid customer.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to make a decision. We have tried our best to bring you all the necessary information related to Zoho Projects. Our team wishes you the best!

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