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Zomentum Review (2024): The Best Leading Sales Acceleration Platform

Zomentum Review 2024:

If you are running an IT business, you know the pain of selling IT services from a combination of different tools, from a CRM to a Proposal Builder to an e-signature tool, and the difficulties that come with managing them.
The IT Channel, known for building relationships, needs a cloud-based all-in-one sales platform that helps them tackle the complex world of MSP sales with its numerous touchpoints.

Zomentum is the first intelligent all-in-one sales platform built specifically for the IT channel.
Through this article, we will guide you on the basics of Zomentum, brief you about its core features, advantages, leading clients, and other helpful information to help you make an assessment. So without wasting any further time, let us dive right into the details!

Zomentum Introduction:

Zomentum is a Sales Acceleration platform designed exclusively for IT Channel Partners. Zomentum reduces the complexity of the sales process, eliminating numerous tools with one modern platform that mimics the way MSPs sell. Zomentum also allows the IT Partners to carry out assessments, convert deals, create proposals, evaluate reports, automate sales, and expand their business in an end-to-end platform.

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Zomentum combines the power of sales analytics, sales assessment, proposal builder, sales automation, and sales funnel management, all in a single platform. You can efficiently unite all the modules in a single account or select the modules you would like to use separately.

IT Solution Providers who use Zomentum see results. With Zomentum, you can create documents 70% faster, increase deal value by 600%, and convert 100% more often.

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Which businesses is Zomentum appropriate for?

Zomentum has been exclusively developed for all IT businesses including, MSPs, System Integrators, Technology Service Providers, IT solution providers, MSSPs, Cloud Service Providers, and VARs.

Core Features of Zomentum:

Zomentum helps IT Partners visualize their lead flow and convert opportunities faster. Let’s look at some core features offered by this platform.

1- Sales funnel management:

This module helps you visualize and manage the sales funnel. You can configure each stage of your sales pipeline to address your unique business needs with an intuitive drag and drop interface. You can track and note all contact information in a single place — calls, emails, events, and other essential activities based on assigned priority and status. Also, enable upselling and cross-selling. You can offer a top-standard customized lead follow-up process at any grade with extremely active segmentation, automation, analytics, and pipeline configuration.

2- Sales Assessment:

You can develop detailed network recommendations and assessments to identify potential gaps in your clients’ IT infrastructure health. Use predefined templates to create thorough recommendation reports that clearly show the value of your offerings and convince prospective customers to choose the solutions that your team is recommending.

3- Quotes and Proposals:

Drafting proposals and quotes can be time-consuming, and it’s frustrating when deals fall apart. With Zomentum, you can standardize your sales quotes and proposals with reusable templates that help save time and reduce errors. Customize your documents to include multiple pricing bundles, additional set-up costs, and discounts with your quotes. Zomentum sends documents in the form of real-time interactive microsites. Your team can edit these documents anytime and instantly see the changes. You can also attach videos to quotes and deliver a more personalized sales pitch. With this platform, you can forget about all the pricing-related errors and present complex proposals easily.

4- Sales Workflow Automation:

You can win opportunities on autopilot by using this tool. With Zomentum, you can conveniently create sales process-powered workflows that complement your business requirements. You can avoid recurring and unavoidable operations which consume your time and block up all of your calendars with the help of Zomentum. Zomentum’s trigger and action automation sequence simplifies the set-up process, even for highly intricate workflows. Now you will never have to forget a single sales step and can keep the complete sales process moving entirely smoothly.

5- Powerful Analytics:

You unlock the true revenue potential of your business with powerful analytics. With Zomentum, you can leverage comprehensive visualizations for answering the critical questions of industry. You can create appealing, user-friendly, and informative dashboards that allow you to measure win rates, close rates, and growth trajectory with just a few clicks.

6- QBR/vCIO reports:

You can also create a detailed and structured QBR to highlight how the current IT infrastructure is aligned with their business requirements. Zomentum provides built-in templates covering 100+ issues from 10 categories and visual icons such as health markers to denote assets and IT systems at risk. You can also present strategy and risk reports by choosing between three styles of representation based on your clients’ needs.

Why should I choose Zomentum?

You must be pondering to yourself all the features justified; why should I still choose Zomentum? Well, you think, and we provide you with the answers! Allow us to delineate the reasons for which you need to choose Zomentum.

1- Reduces Sales Complexity:

The prime reason for choosing Zomentum is that it decreases the complexity of the sales process, removing the need for various tools with a single advanced platform designed explicitly for their IT Partners.

2- Revolutionized Sales Process:

The second reason for selecting Zomentum as a sales acceleration platform is that it can revolutionize your sales process and its numerous steps into a simplistic workflow that assesses, designs, converts, automates, analyzes, and expands.

3- Comprehensive Approach:

With Zomentum, you wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing multiple MSP sales tools and using them across your businesses. Instead, you can benefit from all the advanced Sales Acceleration operations within a single platform that assists IT partners in visualizing the lead flow and convert the opportunities effectively.

4- Reduces Time, Delivers Value:

The chief objective of Zomentum is reducing the time usually spent by IT businesses professionals on their sales. They effectively deliver value to their IT Partners to further deliver value to their clients.

Zomentum Clients:

Zomentum is trusted by tons of top-rated MSPs all across the globe:

NeoTech Networks LLC
⦁ Demand ITS Inc
⦁ Compunet Technologies
⦁ CIO Landing

How may I get started with Zomentum?

To get started with Zomentum, schedule a live demo with one of Zomentum’s sales experts or reach out to them at

Integrations supported by Zomentum:

Zomentum is extremely powerful when used alone; however, its performance becomes even better when you combine it with other platforms. You can automatically push opportunities from Zomentum to your PSA after labeling them as ‘won.’ You can obtain real-time pricing and product configuration through local distributor integrations. Zomentum offers multiple integrations with multiple service providers. Let us give you a little peek into their integrations;

⦁ IT Sales Workflow Tools’ Integrations:

Zomentum offers integrations with all the renowned IT sales workflow tools like CRM, PSA, and payment gateways like ConnectBooster, AutoTask, ConnectWise, and Kaseya.

⦁ Content Catalog and IT distributor Integrations:

Zomentum can also easily integrate with all the famous IT and content catalog distributors like D&H, Etilize, Dicker Data, Ingram Micro, Synnex, and TechData.

⦁ Integrations with Marketing and Automation Tools:

Zomentum also provides integrations with marketing and automation tools that help you with the marketing campaigns and automation of repetitive tasks, respectively. The examples are Hubspot and Zapier.

⦁ Communication and Calendar Integrations:

Zomentum also supports communication and calendar platforms that save time and keep meetings and messages secure, like Gmail & Google Calendar and Outlook Email & Calendar.

You can have a look at their integrations page for more information regarding integrations.

Ranks and Awards of Zomentum:

CIO Applications rank Zomentum among the top ten sales technology consulting companies for transforming businesses by sales acceleration in 2020.

Zomentum has the honor to be awarded as the Best Market Opportunity by ASCII Group at the ASCII Success Summit organized in Ohio.

Perks of using Zomentum:

1- User-friendly:

Zomentum is highly user-friendly, cost-effective, and powerful. The prime perk is that this platform doesn’t charge any setup fees.

2- Free onboarding:

You can enjoy free onboarding with Zomentum. This platform also offers free template importing.

3- MSP sales software:

You can now stop switching between various tools and start using the advanced Zomentum sales platform for getting a 360° view of your customers and opportunities, all united by the power of automation, assessments, analytics, quotes, and proposals.

4- Remodeling the future of IT sales:

You can recreate your sales process and surprise your consumers with a frictionless experience that you have never witnessed before! It all begins with the world’s prime IT sales acceleration platform designed explicitly for MSPs.

5- Upselling and cross-selling:

With Zomentum, you can send a custom quote for one laptop, with your proposal going from $1000 to $6200+ as the clients are provided with the ability to alter the number of items ordered. It also enables the clients to upsell or add items. For example, if you’ve prepared a quote for a laptop, you can also add options like wireless combos, monitors, and docking stations, for clients to choose from.

6- Document templates:

Their document template has options to embed videos and add multi-stakeholder digital signatures. You can provide multiple pricing options to prospects, set product bundles, and upsell within a quote by allowing clients to manipulate quantities. You can also digitally sign documents and schedule and collect automatic recurring/one-time payments.

7- Exemplary Support:

Zomentum has a good support team that is responsive and eager to resolve any issues of its clients. It offers 24/5 Free Support.

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Pricing Information:

Now let us brief you about the pricing of this software. Zomentum offers four payment plans for its IT Partners, namely the launch, expansion, growth, and custom packages.

⦁ The Launch package, as the name indicates, is specifically for the small-scale and fast-growing businesses which need a sales accelerating platform,

⦁ The Expand Package is mainly designed for agility and is more appropriate for the businesses that are expanding. So that they can benefit from intelligent automation and obtain actionable insights, this package is currently the most popular.

⦁ The Growth Package is most suitable for the teams scaling and growing efficiently and scaling operations with unlimited workflow rules and reports.

⦁ The Custom Package allows you to customize a package according to your particular needs. You can arrange a call with their sales department to customize your package.

You can have a detailed look at the pricing of each package and the features being offered.

zomentum pricing

You can also contact them through their email:


Having read all about this revolutionary Sales Acceleration platform, you must be aching to try it! This article presented you with the introduction of Zomentum, a leading Sales Acceleration platform designed explicitly for IT Channel Partners. This platform offers various core features like sales funnel management, powerful analytics, sales workflow automation, proposal creation, etc. The prime reasons to choose this platform over the other available market are its reduced complexity, revolutionized sales processes, and comprehensive approach. If you are an IT channel partner, we’d highly recommend you to use this platform!

The pricing method of this platform is simple and highly affordable, with a range of packages to suit the needs of their clients. We’d highly suggest using this platform to everyone as it is worth a shot, and you can avail of the free trial to assess the features for yourself!

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