5 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks To Your Blog in 2023

Easy Ways To Build Backlinks in 2022

Blogging itself is a great SEO strategy for site development when it brings quality backlinks and improved rankings. But if you have just launched a blog, the priority is to develop it, often by attracting backlinks. There is no single correct and most effective way on how to build backlinks to your blog. Still, in this article, we will look at the most exciting and simple techniques.

Create Useful Content

Useful content is content from which the reader can derive specific benefits—for example, some conclusions, practices, and interesting thoughts. Users want to share valuable content, so it is a very useful and natural way to get backlinks.

How to Do It

Fill your blog posts with facts and figures. Check what you publish and try to be the first to report on news and trends. Always ask yourself, “why does the reader need it?” and be sure to answer that question in the post. By the way, these tips apply not only to texts but also to any useful content: infographics, videos. For example, Neil Patel writes that video marketing works even more effectively than text blogging.

Stress Originality and Authenticity

If you want your blog to bring you more backlinks, you need to act smart. In other words, it should not look to the reader like a blog that is no better than any other. For example, a hundred different websites have already published information from it. Strive not only for formal uniqueness but for true originality.

How To Do It

Write about the company’s internal processes, interview experts, track events, and make predictions based on them. For example, to get dofollow links and fast SEO in 2021, content marketing company Adsy publishes tutorials. Speaking of authenticity means that you have to hold a corporate identity in addition to the original content. Determine what style you write in, how you address readers and potential clients, what you publish posts about. It will lead you to a website’s high authority and increase backlinks.

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Keep Track of Mentions About You

This is the easiest way on how to create backlinks to your blog. Because you don’t have to create them from scratch but rather use existing mentions. The technique is to find the webmasters that have linked to your content or talked about your brand. Then, you should ask them not only to name your blog but also to attach a link leading to a good page on your resource. So, users will be able to open and read this specific web page.

How to Do It

Of course, searching for mentions manually is long and inefficient (unless you have a tiny and niche blog). Still, you can set up Google so that you get an email every time the above name is mentioned online. The best way to address a webmaster is an individual approach. But if there are many mentions, there is nothing left but to automate the process.

Update Your Posts

When we talk about developing a blog, the first thing that comes to mind is creating new quality content. But as you improve your posts and move forward, you also have to think about what you’ve published before. For SEO and the website’s ranking, all articles must be impeccable. Suppose you realize it’s time to change your approach to keyword selection. Then create new lists not only for future posts but also for old ones.

How to Do It

Sometimes this means just updating a few points. Sometimes, it will take rewriting the whole thing. Also, update content in terms of data relevance too. Suppose you wrote an expert article about marketing a year ago, and now there are new techniques. Then it’s time to cover the same topic again, with fresh facts and methods.

Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great marketing strategy. The point is to create a post, but for a guest resource instead of your blog. In this post, you leave a backlink to your website and thus attract a new audience. Also, it increases your resource’s rating and visibility.

How to Do It

You can:

  • order guest blogging as a service from an agency;
  • engage in it entirely on your own;
  • hire a freelancer solely for a particular copy creation.

Regardless of which option you choose, aim for a platform in the top 5 search results. And the link that you want to place in the text must be relevant to the keyword and the topic.

That’s the whole list. You can try all or any of the techniques and analyze which one works best for your SEO.

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