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How Do You “Recover” Your Peacock Tv Account’s Password in 2024

“Recover” Your Peacock Tv Account’s Password?

Have you ever wanted to sign up for peacock tv but you don’t know how to? Are you looking for a complete step-by-step guide on how to recover your Peacock account from which you’ve forgotten your password? Do you want to know the steps included in recovering your account password so you can get back to watching content on Peacock TV? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page, we will be showing you the exact steps you need to follow to get your account back, so if you’re looking for a way to get your account back so you can start watching peacock tv again… then we got you covered!

we will now simply learn how we can recover or reset our password if you’ve forgotten your Peacock TV account; let’s get started with the process of recovering your account password,

  • So First things first, simply make sure you have either downloaded or updated the Peacock TV application to the latest version; you can do this by heading over to your App Store in the search box, typing in Peacock TV, and if you see an update button right next to the app, tap on it in order to install the update to the latest version.
  • Once you’ve updated your Peacock TV application, I recently opened it. If you have not created an account before, you could simply tap on the get started button, and it would simply create a new account; now tap on the sign-in button, which you see on the top right corner of the screen if you do remember your credentials such as your e-mail and password correctly, you can enter them sign into your account and do much of things but if you forgot your password which I’m assuming you did forget it, what you have to do is which you see on the bottom left-hand corner you can see little text which says “forgot password” in this blue icon all you have to do is simply tap on this blue highlight text which is “forgot password.”
  • If you’ve forgotten the password, you want to make sure that you at least have access to the e-mail address which you use during the signup process on Peacock TV if you do not have the e-mail address you used during the time the process, you will not be able to access and get back access into that account so you can see it says tell us your e-mail to get help with the password So what we’re going to do is we’re going to simply go ahead and enter our e-mail address which we use to create an account on Peacock TV once you’ve entered your e-mail address make sure that is correct e-mail address because if it’s not correct peacock tv will send an e-mail verification link to a wrong e-mail address and also make sure that you have access to this particular e-mail address
  • Once you mention that, what I’m going to do is you can see this yellow button that says “send,” so you’re now going to tap on the send button basically, and it’s going to send a verification link to the e-mail address you want to go ahead and simply open up e-mail address as in this case you can log in your email on your phone or you could log in through your laptop or PC if you’re already using your phone, you can always use a single phone for the entire process,
  • All you have to do is you can see the mail that you have received from the Peacock team instantly, and you can see little mail. What you have to do is have this table top on this yellow button that says “reset password” Go ahead and tap on it as you tap on the reset password button; it’ll basically take you to a new page if Peacock is available in your region where the option is there to reset your password or even sign up, then you’ll be able to reset the password.
  • Enter your new password, reenter your new password confirm and save the changes, and then come back and then re-login to your account this is simply the way how you could very easily recover your Peacock previous password.
  • That’s it you’re done!

How To Sign Up And “Create An Account On Peacock TV”? 

If you’re new to Peacock and don’t know how to make an account on it, all you must do is follow the steps given down below, and you’ll be done in no time at all!  

We will show you the way how you can create a Peacock TV account

  • So first, simply make sure that you have downloaded and updated the Peacock to the latest version of the application you can do this by heading over to your App Store in the search box type in Peacock TV and go ahead and simply either download or update the app once you’ve updated the app
  • Open it up now we will simply wait until the app loads up fully so once you open up the Peacock TV app if you already do have an account tap on the sign in button on the top right corner of the screen however if you do not have an account tap on the option that says “get started” so all you have to do is tap on this get started button
  • To create an account we will simply go ahead and enter an e-mail address password and confirm our new password, again once you enter your respective e-mail address, password and so on… you have to simply tap on the button that says “start watching,” and as soon as you tap on the “start watching” button, they’re going to ask us to verify our e-mail addresses, so you will have to wait until this application sends you an email.
  • Now when you receive the email, go ahead and open it up and tap on the big button that says, “verify email” so as you can see, we’ve successfully now created an account. Now all we have to do is simply enter our first name, our last name, our birth year, our zip code, and then our agenda; once you enter your name, your birthday, your gender, and so on.
  • Now that you’ve completed the signup process all you have to do is go back to their home page and enter your credentials; these will be the email ID that you input and the password that you’ve set up for your account, and as soon as you tap on the start watching button, you might need to actually fill in all of the payment information to subscribe and get the premium membership but on people how it works is that you can also actually stream movies for free on the free version so by default you can see it says get a premium now you could go ahead and tap on the pickup line button in order to pick a certain time for yourself but if you want to continue using the free one tap on the cross icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can see now you’ve successfully created an account. Now we could just basically go ahead and go to our account page, and now you can see all our information, and this is basically how you can go ahead and create a Peacock TV account.
  • That’s it; you’re done!

How To Delete Peacock’s Tv Account? 

Now let’s move on to the entire process of deleting your account from Peacock TV servers, this one is a bit lengthy but follow the steps down below and you’ll be done quickly!

let’s get started, now basically if you want to delete your Peacock account the simplest way is to simply switch to the free version and you will stop getting charged but let’s say that you want to actually remove your entire data on Peacock completely then it’s a little bit tricky because unlike Netflix unlike Prime Video and so on once when you cancel your subscription it’s not like your account is going to delete itself you have to request to their server in order to actually delete your account information so in order to do this we have given step by step details for you to follow, go ahead and read through the entire process and you’ll be done in a short period of time hopefully,

  • Open your browser remember your browser and not your application because basically, we must look through some of the “settings” so once you have done so, what you must do is,
  • First, you must go to the “Help Center” which would basically take you to “”.
  • Once you go to the Health Center you’ll see all these types of errors options there and just see what’s what this search for let’s go ahead and then type in delete account once you’re done and do it in the search button you’ll see all of the popular articles you have to select the first one which says how do I delete my Peacock account, but it’s not directly right over here you can see this how do I delete my Peacock account you can see for steps to delete your Peacock account “please view our privacy policy page by clicking here” what you have to do is you can still this little blue button which says here and it’s highlighted in blue so only have to do is start from that particular button in order to go ahead and request the division and they actually want us to read all of this NBC Universal privacy policy page so you have to look through all of this but if you actually Scroll down you’ll see all these drop down menus over here so you’ll see all this drop you have to go to the option which says your rights so just go ahead and select your rights and tap on this drop down menu once you do that you can see it says “depending on where you live you may have certain rights with respect to your information you have the right amount of discriminated against and so on”
  • But if we look at the bottom of the screen you have the option to actually go ahead and delete certain information as well, so if you’re a US resident what you can do is you can tap on either of the buttons over there so basically tackle the hero button and as soon as you tackle the hero button it depends on from where actually trying to delete your account as well, so you can see it says “I am making this request to you” you have to select the option which is “delete information” so you have to select “do not forget” actually to tap on this option.
  • Within the information, it says, “Warning If it requests the deletion, it may result in the deletion or enable you to do certain things” After that, you have to enter the state you are currently in, so go ahead and enter your state as well
  • After that, you have to go ahead and select the applicable branch here, which is the most important step; we have to actually select people on the list of all these brands we have just selected peacock once we want to delete our information from Peacock we’re going to enter our first name or last name our e-mail. We’re going to confirm our e-mail again, and we will verify this.
  • If you’re outside of the US you can also exercise your right outside of the US, you may actually e-mail Because privacy goes either way and so if you’re a resident outside of the US and you want to delete your pickup team information, you have to go to this e-mail address over here:
  •, and then you have to go ahead and request the deletion of your account this way so go ahead and request the deletion if you’re outside of the US, but if you’re a US resident again, just fill out this form and do not forget to actually select present information and the top of the submit button and that way your entire account and all of your data is actually going to be deleted from the people previous service, as well as the NBC Universal service and this, is at how you can delete your account entirely. It’s a little bit of a complicated process, but hopefully, we helped you get through it.


So to conclude, we have discussed several important steps that you should know when you’re creating an account on Peacock TV, we’ve also included the entire step-by-step guide on how to create an account on your peacock tv, and it won’t be one of the guides that only tell you what to do, by the end of this guide you’ll know what option does what and what purpose each option serves, we hope that we got you the information you were looking for, and we wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors!

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