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How To Make A Good Youtube Video in 2024 (Grow Your Channel Fast)

Youtube is well known for its content creators and it’s no surprise that more and more people want to become content creators on youtube. Some of these people want to create content on youtube because of their passion for content creation. While others want to join youtube because of their payment methods and want to make good money through youtube.

So for those who want to start creating content on youtube, but are not able to simply because they are not aware of the youtube game and they don’t know where to start. Well, if this is the case with you, don’t worry, we have got you covered with this complete guide on where to start and how to start creating content and get the most out of your content.

This article will also be helpful for people who have already started creating content on youtube and are looking for ways to improve their content and improve their channels overall. In either case, you are in the right place, so without any further ado let’s begin!

Top Tips For Creating A Good Video 

Creating a good youtube video isn’t only about the content in your video. If your viewers can’t understand you because of bad audio quality, they are more likely to never come back on the channel. Simply that they will find another channel with a better method of content creation. Video marketing and production are two things that go side by side when it comes to content creation on YouTube.

If you’re looking for a reason why people aren’t viewing your video, despite your efforts in the content creation quality, there still might be many things you left untouched. Hence YouTube is not recommending your video even to viewers of your content category, for these exact reasons. We have compiled a series of tips and tricks you can use to make your video clickable and viewable at the same time. Which is the key to getting better coverage of your YouTube channel?

Research Tips: 

You should start improving by doing research and taking notes from the competitors you look up to. These can be both kinds of channels. That makes content related to your category and not to your category, focus on making good research by taking a look at the methods that they use to make their youtube video.

Display the content of their channel, to make their YouTube video likable, and shareable, and what indulged you into viewing it throughout, including what made you click the thumbnail and what keywords enabled it to show up.

All of this research is exceptionally important when it comes to creating a good YouTube video. Once you have enough knowledge about what the YouTube creators of your category are doing to make their content stand out, implement these tactics on your channel and watch it grow in numbers and quality.

Research And Find The Perfect Keywords

Keywords are the contents that people search for and what words make a video pop up on the search result page of a potential viewer. It is an SEO tactic that enables your video to show up once the consumers search for a specific keyword related to your video.

You can make assumptions about what people search for when looking for a video related to your type of content, quite easy right? Just do a bit of research on what type of searches are being made when youtube videos of your kind of content pop up which people open and view to solve a problem or be entertained or both.

If you want to see if you’re on the right track you can always start viewing the videos of your content competitors.Review their content overall and see if they answer the question appropriately or what type of tricks they use to keep their viewers engaged.

And when do they answer the question or how do they build up their argument to the answer or the climax of their videos. This will help you see and avail yourself of the opportunities to make your content more engaging and improve it in all the places where it needs improvement.

Pro tip:  

If you want to increase the odds of your video showing up when people look up your keyword, add a written copy of your video transcription to increase the chances of your video showing up on the search results page.

Giving Your Videos A Signature Tone? 

Your video should have a good and compelling theme, and as you’re creating your video, think about the theme or the tone of the video you’re setting and then make sure to stick with it, because if you change it, your audience will become disengaged from your video and this simple maneuver will break the connection between you and your audience.

Then the next thing remains with the audience, some will give your video a chance meanwhile others will find a new video to watch, which will keep them engaged throughout. You don’t want your video to come to this, you want your video to keep in charge of its targeted audience and its viewers.

When setting a tone for your videos, consider the lighting, the voiceover, the quality of your video, the audio, and the mood that compels your audience to keep viewing the video. Make sure that the tone of your video remains consistent and try not to make big changes to the theme of your channel once you decide what it is, or what works best with the viewers.

Write A Good Script! 

You wouldn’t want to start a speech without writing it or remembering it first because otherwise the whole point of making the speech might change midway, if not, the end moral of making the speech might, the same is the case with making a good and compelling YouTube video.

Just like you wouldn’t want to show up to a debating contest without having any arguments in mind, you wouldn’t want to start recording a video without having a script for your video.

You should begin by writing a script or hiring a professional that does this for you, so you wouldn’t have to.

If creating a script on your own, make sure that you keep your script simple and make sure you keep it easily understandable, don’t overcomplicate your script, and keep it in simple words, because when viewers are watching your video and a complex statement pops up in your video.

They are less likely to try to understand it and rewind your video, this is when you lose your chance of making a last able impression on the viewers, this is why you should always keep your videos in a light mood and keep it impressionable.

Equipment Tips: 

Don’t Buy New Stuff Just Yet!  

Creating a youtube video doesn’t demand much when it comes to equipment, although keep in mind that the equipment you have is average or close to average when starting, if you have good equipment then it’s good otherwise refrain from investing in good equipment until your channel gets somewhere.

Recent smartphones have high-quality microphones and cameras, and you can use them to get what you want at the start of your content-creating journey, if you want to invest in little gadgets like a cheap tripod stand, you can go for it, or even a cheap collar microphone to help you get started, you can also use a webcam that’s built into your laptop or purchase a cheap one from the market.

If you find that none of this equipment is doing it for you, renting good equipment is always an option, or if you don’t want to rent these gadgets then the last option is to buy it, make the right choice, and make the right choice will depend on some factors like.

What type of content you are creating, how much content you are planning to create in a given amount of time, and do you plan to create content in the long term, keep these factors in mind and make the right choice that’s best for you and your channel.

Always listen To Your Audio!  

Poor audio quality is what forms the impression at first, if the video is of high or even average quality, the lighting is done good, but the audio is amateur and not edited for sounding crispy, or if the mic is not of even average quality, so it supports you at your start, it won’t do for you. Your audience will try not to click on your video just because of this small detail.

So, for starters, give your audio a good in-depth test, listen to it for yourself, and then investigate if it should be edited or if you should change the microphone and buy a new one by making an investment, or if it falls into your budget.

It might be worth investing or not at the same time, but you will have to investigate the quality of your present microphone before you start to think about investing, because audio can be edited to sound good, try that if you want to make your audio sound clearer, smoother and crispier.

Set A Theme With Accurate Lighting! 

Lighting is the sole thing that adds a theme to your video and sets it apart from a poor-quality video, good lighting enables your video to look high quality and defines the theme or the tone of your video, this is what makes a video look aesthetic, and this is how you set your video apart from other low-quality videos.

You can choose to invest in good lighting for grasping your audience and keep them engaged throughout your video, but only do so if your budget allows, all you have to do is go to your local store or order some DIY lighting, if you don’t want to do so, then try to move around the existing lighting until it looks good, and go with it until you generate some profit.

Then you can go around and invest in some stuff you need, even if freshly starting, your video should look high quality and have a theme composed to it, or at least a tone already set for it, make sure you do so in your videos if possible.

Choose The Right Software!  

When composing a video, you should always have good tools at hand, when editing a video you should have a good set of tools you can use to make it like you pictured, this is where making the choice of downloading and buying a good video editing software comes in, and making a good choice matters because if you buy a software where the requirement of your video editing is not fulfilled.

You will have to buy new software, this is why you have to do extensive research on the software you are looking forward to buying, most people rely on popular software because they are popular for a reason. The reason being that they are fulfilling the needs of normal or average editors as well as professional editors who do extensive editing in long videos which require all kinds of editing tools.

A Catchy Intro & A Motivating Outro: 

Most fresh content creators are not satisfied with their own intro, which is why they keep on trying until they are, and doing this is actually the better way of content creation, once you get drawn in yourself, only then your audience gets drawn in and engaged with your video and this is why you should always want to create a compelling intro for your video.

Especially for today’s viewers, their attention span has gotten a lot shorter than before, in fact it is the lowest it has ever been which is why you should focus on creating your first five seconds as compelling as possible, this is a very important step when it comes to creating a compelling and a good quality YouTube video.

Now, assuming that you created a good video intro, which does its job and engages the audience to view your video, the next step here is to create a motivating outro, which essentially motivates your audience to take action, the action can be anything related to your video.

For example, if someone is selling a course they could say things like, “See you soon” or “I look forward to teaching you a thing or two about this topic”, these phrases set a tone of expectation, which motivates your audience to come and take a look at your course, if free or buy it if it is.

You will also have to make sure that you inspire the audience if this is the case, never leave your audience hanging at the end, say your goodbyes for the video, or clearly show them their next steps. You can also relate your video to another one of your videos.

And advise your audience to take a look at your other video to learn about that topic if you’re doing this it’s important that both videos should have a relation with one another, this can help your channel grow as you are using the traffic of one of your videos for another one of your videos, this is a good move to grow your channel faster.

How To Optimize And Upload Your  Video Smoothly?  

Upload Your Video In Minutes Rather Than Hours: 

Uploading your video on YouTube is simple, and straightforward because of youtube’s user-friendly interface. If you haven’t uploaded a video yet and you are not familiar with the dos and don’ts of uploading a video on YouTube, then follow the short steps given down below:

Creating A Channel For Yourself: 

If you don’t have a channel already created, then create a channel it’s simple and straightforward, this is the first step towards uploading a YouTube video. You must have a channel to follow the next steps.

Customize your channel: YouTube enables you to upload information about your channel, input all the information needed about your channel including the profile picture of your channel and of course the name of your channel. Make sure the name and profile of your channel are simple yet professional, as this is what will set your channel apart from other unprofessionally designed channels that users avoid watching.

 Uploading Your Video? 

The next step is also easy to do, all you have to do now is click on the video icon given at the top right corner of your channel page, next, you will see a pop-up dialogue box open, click on the option that says, “upload video”. Next, upload the video file you want to publish on YouTube.

If you don’t want to upload the video the normal way, where you have to locate the video and then choose it to upload it, you can also drag and drop the video in this box and YouTube will detect it and start to upload it on your channel.

Next, you will be asked to make a few decisions about your audience, add tags, add a thumbnail (more on this below), and add the title and the description of your video, once you’re done setting up your video, the video will be published on your channel and if you set it as “public” everyone will be able to view your video.

Attract Them With An Eye-Catching Thumbnail!  

Choosing an engaging thumbnail with positive and bright colors, or a theme according to your video is a very important step when it comes to uploading and making a thumbnail. This is important as it helps your video stand out from other videos when the viewer first glances at it.

This enables the viewer to get a positive vibe from your video which in turn helps you get more views, which is why if you have a dark theme with a video that is not on a dark topic, but the opposite. Then it will not get you the number of views you could have gotten with a light-themed thumbnail, an eye-catching thumbnail is always made of clear and crisp quality with a lighting theme related to the theme of your video along with bright colors to attract the audience.

Just make sure you choose the right visuals which don’t look absurd when the viewer looks at your video or what looks and suits best with your video, its title, and its genre of content.

Promote & Market Your Video On Other Platforms:

This is a very important step that most people don’t attempt at all, they think that if they added tags the viewers of the genre will come to them magically. This doesn’t happen often, it is very rare to see viewers pop up on your video without promoting it in the first place, especially for channels that are freshly starting, here are some things you can do to increase the viewers for your video and gather views from different platforms on your channel.

Use social media to your advantage!

Most of today’s social media platforms work best for this step, there are already so many people waiting on these platforms, just scrolling to be entertained, and in search of good content, you can use this to your advantage, post your video on these platforms and gather some views for yourself.

Keep in mind that asking for people to share your content is never a bad thing, people do share the content if it’s interesting and well made, but the most shared videos always have a good sense of humor in them, or they have something out of the ordinary in them.

What most people do is they post the hook to their video on these social media platforms and end the video in suspense, then they add the link to their video on YouTube and tell their audience to click on the link for the full video, this works well for people who know how to do it.

Posting the video on your website!

You could try adding this video to your website if you have one, if you can’t find a place for it on your website, try writing a blog post about the same topic as your video and then put your video in that blog post.

are analytics that important!

YouTube is a sophisticated platform with built-in analytics for its users, they have made it exceptionally easy for their users to view their total views, total watch time, click-through rates, traffic sources, viewer age, viewer gender, audience retention, and more.

You can use this data to your advantage, by analyzing this information you can also target your audience better than before. Also use this data to make a strategy for your next move, or for your content overall. More you can check out stuff like, what video people are engaging most with and what type of optimization you input on that video, how you titled that video, and how you described it, at the end of the day, all of this information becomes very significant and important to know, and this is possible right through YouTube’s built-in the analytics tool. This is the type of information that will enable you to improve in the long term so use it wisely.

Grow through optimization!

Keyword research is a major part of optimizing your videos, by optimizing your videos we mean that you set a short yet engaging title for your video, and you optimize it for YouTube’s search engine which helps your video get ranked in the top videos that appear when someone searches for the keyword that you had added when uploading the video. This is a very important step for improving your audience reach and doing this in every one of your videos will make your channel grow faster than if you didn’t apply this strategy.

You have two choices here if you want to rank your video on youtube’s search engine you can either make content that’s good for the users, which essentially means that you create content that’s attractive to the average user, or that it entertains or educates the user well.

Or you can choose to create content that sits well with youtube’s search engine, which will help you to gain the advantage of the YouTube algorithm and help you in gathering more views than usual, as at the end of the day you want people to see your content and implementing SEO on your YouTube videos is one of the many important steps you need to take. Optimization of your channel is a very important step when it comes to improving your channel and enhancing the reach of your channel.

Tube Buddy’s Andrew Kan tells us to create content that is of a specific niche or a specific category so that its easily searchable and to confirm that the right audience is finding this content,

“Many people spend time on broad terms that have so much competition they’re never going to show up for [in search],” he said. “If you show up on the race day, and you’re [not] a runner and you’ve practiced once, you can’t expect to win. So, by practicing, by understanding that being more specific helps you be more discoverable, it helps you win.”

Moreover, Jeremy West advises us to make sure that we are answering the question that people are looking for in our videos. and essentially provide them with what they’re looking for, he says

“Match that search intent with ‘how do I fix this blank’, and you sell that blank,” he said. “Instead of just talking about how good your widget is, be the answer to questions being asked And being the answer to those is one of the easiest ways for brands to start doing well in this environment and then from there beat that expectation. Provide things they’re not expecting. Have guests they wouldn’t expect to be on your program. And give more value than they can even believe.”

Being perfect doesn’t matter!

Being perfect is impossible when it comes to being a content creator, you can try, but you will not be able to keep the idea of being perfect or acting perfect for too long.

Which is why it’s recommended by most content creators to remain natural and put your own personality on the table, this way the people that like your content and way of making content will remain to like you and follow you throughout your content-creating journey.

Meanwhile, the people who simply don’t like your content or aren’t as interested in it will refrain from watching your videos. This will enable you to gain an organic audience, and there will be no element of surprise from your side. You will simply keep on creating and your viewers will keep on viewing but at the same time make sure you don’t get too personal with your audience as keeping them engaged is always the priority and you can ruin that by showing them anything unattractive from your side.


To conclude what we have advised so far, in order to make a YouTube video. You will have to do some analysis and then form your next strategy according to what comes out of that research. And in order to make a compelling and attractive video that gets good views, you will have to implement some important steps into your video.

If you want your channel to grow faster and grow easier, creating good content is always appreciated by the audience. And answering their question or giving your audience what they’re looking for in your video is what matters the most.

But make sure you utilize their attention and build a story around that answer to make it easily understandable and make them entertained at the same time. We hope that you got the answer to your question and we hope that you understood everything. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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